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  1. Indiana is being competitive at the moment….handicap some by the play calling…its okay to pass on first down sometimes

  2. why is Andre Brown even playing?? Does not like to tackle and is very poor as a defensive/corner back skills are lacking??

  3. I think many of us have been too hard on Ramsey. This is why you leave coaching to coaches …instead of armchair quarterbacks. The young man is showing some real guts.

  4. We look legit in this game. Proud of the effort. I think Mike Hart has been a huge addition for coaching. This has been fun to watch

  5. the defense is getting frustrated waiting on play calling from the bench. Allen needs to hire a defensive cord

  6. I love the fight they’re showing, and they are not the least bit intimidated playing in the Big House.

    What’s going on with IU’s kicker? Two terrible kick-offs in a row put the defense in tough situations.

    Once we figure out what a tight end is and how to cover him, this defense might stop giving up those big gashing pass plays. But excellent red zone defense.

    IU79, I had the same thought. You can see IU’s defenders getting frantic waiting for the defensive calls.

    Ramsey having a good game, so I hope DeBord will turn him loose in second half.

  7. Mike Hart deserves that award for best assistant coach. His running backs are doing an excellent job. Let’s make sure we’re paying him enough to prevent him from getting poached by another school.

  8. Cheat shot by Stepaniak might have awaken a sleeping giant….can Indiana match the uptick in intensity.

  9. Is this going to be another second half where Indiana does not score any points??? what happens at halftime that kills the Indiana offense???

  10. B1G officiating is hard to overcome if you are the underdog. They missed a targeting hit by UM. The foul by our lineman wouldn’t be called if was Michigan. Come on officials.

  11. Go deep to start quarter 4 on third down 25 or 30+ yards. If intercepted = punt. Try to complete pass

  12. Going short on third and long. How many times? Get nothing. T.A. talked about going deep in radio show but hasn’t done it in two back to back situations second half. Then fake punt failure.

  13. Disappointed in Reese Taylor being utilized this whole season. Not sure how good or ready he is at college level yet.

  14. Too the well once to often on the pitch on 3 & 1 also. Would love to see something more imaginative.

  15. Strategy, no execution and low percentage of success. For IU no fumble recovery, giving up field position.

  16. can anyone explain the lack of production after halftime for Indiana?? Do not understand the taking of Stevie Scott out with 2:00 minutes left?? Truly Debord does not make halftime adjustments.

  17. Respectable loss. Win next week and the team is progressing. Lose and the team is just treading water. If only Big Ten wins are over Rutgers and a team without a head coach, can’t call progress.

  18. Great effort, but TA needs to get his players under control. Representing IU on national tv and you take cheap shots at opposing players, cost your team critical yards, and disqualify a key player for the first half of next weeks bucket game. That was disgusting.

  19. There have been many respectable losses throughout history/tradition of IU football . That’s the problem.
    Lack of second half scoring is inability to execute creative downfield pass game. That simple. (it would help open up running game and some short passes)

  20. IU battled hard but made far too many mistakes to beat a team like MI in the Big House. Proud of the effort, but IU’s offense was just too parochial to win this game.

    No way the refs are going to make calls against MI that would put them at risk of losing that game. Several times when MI’s O-linemen blatantly held IU’s defender during the second half, but no holding penalties were called.

    What the heck is wrong with IU’s kickoff? Gave MI great field position throughout the game.

    I watched that targeting call several times. It was not a cheep shot, and IU’s player did not “launch” into the MI player. He braced and delivery the blow. The MI player was not prepared to take the hit. I guess those are “targeting” calls now, but it was not a cheep shot. Stepaniak’s hit was cheep and was just really stupid. Those types of mistakes are what keeps IU from winning these types of games.

  21. They both were cheap shots. Jones led with his helmet and Stepaniak was just an idiot. Both should be held out next week. TA needs to work on controlling himself and his team.

  22. “Buck” Suhr on the Hoosier radio broadcast ….sure thought the IU player targeted.
    The earlier personal foul against Stepaniak really cost us…Took 15 yards off a big Stevie Scott run(we were getting down near their 20 yd line). Next play Ramsey gets sacked for a huge loss. The penalty on Stepaniak may have cost us the game….Huge momentum swing and took away field position and probable points.

    Don Fischer: “IU just needs to learn how to finish against these very good conference teams.”
    Buck Suhr: “It’s really not a problem with finishing…They’re just a lot better. We’re not there yet. But we can beat that team next week. That’s the one we have to win.”

    1. Meh. A couple guys took cheap shots. Same with Michigan but they were playing at home.

      Stepaniak needs his ass kicked. That was a pivotal call. It could have been the difference between a touchdown and a punt.


  23. Right, Brother Chet. TA will probably tell him how much he loves him anyway. Hope the lad from Mich. is OK.

  24. Close but no cigar just doesn’t cut it when you’re IU. Looks a lot like the last 3 or 4 losses to MI. At some point you have to pull one out. Tough to do when you can’t count on more than 3 points after half.

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