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  1. Purdue 4 an4 in big ten.
    IU 2 and 6 in big ten.
    Can IU intercept Purdue quarterback a couple times today?

    1. If they played in the same division of the BigTen, the conference record comparison might mean something. Otherwise, it’s pointless.

      Sure, Purdue went outside their division and defeated OSU (in West Lafayette)….But they don’t have the Murderer’s Row of all three (Michigan, PSU, OSU) nor the necessity to endure and stay positive while trying to turn corners in a program with such teams always looming and testing your ability to withstand attrition.

      Touch down Hoosiers!

  2. Horrific play calling and execution. This time 3 plays to make 3 yards in Purdue territory. Lack of patience and bailed out.

  3. Ramsey is a trick thrower. Offense can’t catch his balls nor defense can keep from interfering because the balls are poorly thrown.
    How about making Scott star of game by giving him the ball more and put RT in running and pass plays also to help Scott.

  4. Why are they letting Rondale Moore beat them!?!?! The one guy you truly have to account for and they’re not!

  5. IU dinks and dunks in several plays vs Purdue going downfield in one play.
    Scott running vs Purdue passing?

  6. Well, Peyton Ramsey lack of arm strength is on major display…so is Mike Debord horrible play calling. Indiana stop Purdue on a 4th and 1 and Indiana goes three and out. And all these dinks and dunk passes when Stevie Scott is running the ball so well.

  7. IU still in it. Half 2: Run Scott, pass downfield, and where is Reese Taylor or is he just not that good.

  8. Will Mike Debord make the proper adjustments at half time or will Indiana loss the Bucket game again? Are will this be another game where Indiana does not score any points after halftime. The defense has played a fairly good game.

  9. Typical…cality set up for half 2 to define IU season once again…unless IU goes downfield (so far only penalties success and that can’t be relied on all game) and run Scott and where is Reese Taylor. Put him somewhere on field and get him the ball three times.

    The last 40 or 50 years OSU vs Mich I many times have watched supposedly underdog win game.

  10. Let’s see every time you put Mike Majette or Reese Taylor in the backfield it is a pass play?? If Purdue scores after this stall again at the 30 yard line, this game is over.

  11. GAME OVER!!!! Rondale Moore the one player you needed to stop IU defense could not!! Why wouldn’t you just assign your best cornerback on Rondale Moore and leave it at that…no way a safety can stay with Rondale Moore. Today I learned who the best coach was between Tom Allen and Jeff Brohm!! Jeff Brohm took Darrell Hazell recruits and kicked Indiana rear end!! Indiana had won the Bucket for four years in a row with KEVIN WILSON and Kevin Wilson recruits…You can say these are Kevin Wilson recruits, but would Kevin Wilson have lost these games to Purdue. Granted Kevin Wilson had a better offensive cord!!

  12. Game over 3:43 third quarter. Defense starting to get pounded a little now.
    Over course of game it takes a toll when IU offense has to work hard and struggle for a td or even a field goal due to lack of pass game and Scott needs some help. Purdue or any decent opponent is just so much more effective on offense.
    Purdue isn’t done scoring and IU has scored their 7/td in half number 1.

  13. IU has offensive coordinator who is equivalent to one coming out of retirement and looks forward to eating breakfast at Bob Evans with player/s.

    1. And yes, he loves the 10% off. Debord’s play calling is beyond bad. Plays take too long to develop. Walker should be in backfield with Scott and drop a wideout. Defense wears out because offense can’t stay on field. It’s gonna be a loooong cooolld winter….no bowl, 4 win season, btb losses to Brohm, recruiting, fan support, apathy etc. Maybe the worst 2nd half offense I’ve seen at this level. What is their average second half offensive output per game? 5 or 6 points? Hate to say it but TA is the CEO and he likely needs to go.

  14. The announcer said it best, Jeff Brohm has this game won….He knows Indiana does not have enough explosive plays to come back….Blame it on Mike Debord, Tom Allen or Peyton Ramsey Indiana had a whole year to develop an some explosive plays on offense and NOTHING!! all that talk in the spring and summer about how much faster and stronger each player was, went for NOTHING!!

  15. And defense tired. And after game coach: Disappointed for sure. Players worked hard and didn’t give up. P.R. did good job taking care of ball. Needed more turnovers. Got a lot of young guys that are going to continue to develop. Really proud of the way we competed. Wanted the extra practice by going to bowl game. We will hit recruiting trail and spring ball we will go at it P.R. will continue to develop his arm. Thanks Don.

    Is 27 a player with special needs?

  16. Purdue’s last 4 year recruiting average: 67 IU? 54……so tell me again how recruiting and not coaching is the issue?

    1. Purdue last 5 recruiting classes in the BIG TEN according to — 2013 -13th, 2014-13th, 2015-14th, 2016-14th and 2017-15th. Is that a higher ranking than Indiana the last 5 years.

  17. I was wrong IU scores td in each half.
    However, the pattern; last year IU falls behind and got somewhat dominated. IU scored after game pretty much unwinnable for somewhat respectable score.
    2018. IU falls behind. Not dominated quite as much but lack of offense and IU scores after falling behind by 14 to again make a 7 point game. Then Purdue on the march. Purdue sends Brohm to Louisville and he leaves Purdue the Old Oaken bucket as gone away gift.

  18. Just sad but shows how far behind we truly are in competing in this conference. Oh well, typical end of football season. Everything to play for but this is the effort we got. Inept offense and poor tackling with stupid penalties. Now watch the recruits back out for the completion of the season.

  19. 2 years straight losing record.
    2 years straight
    no Bucket.
    2 years straight
    no Bowl.
    2 years straight
    of MD ineptness.
    Swirling, swirling, flush, glup glup.
    AD Glass, the ball is in your court.

  20. Didn’t Markell Jones beast Indiana last year?? Did Jeff Brohm out coach Tom Allen today?? Jeff Brohm knew the Indiana offense had no answer or comeback potential midway thru the third quarter with a two touchdown lead so he MILK the clock out. Indiana scores a late touchdown to make the score respectable. As I said originally if Mike Debord was that good of an offensive cord Tennessee would not have let him go. Indiana lost 6 of their last 7 ball games….WOW!!

  21. Indiana wins TWO conference games against RUTGERS and MARYLAND (no head coach) , both programs had external problems within their programs.

  22. I think Glass should go. The one time we had momentum and he does a quick hire of Allen. He should have kept him as interim HC and Defensive Coord and hired a Proven HC. I don’t think we would be in this mess right now.

  23. Well Tom Allengot Indiana to “FINISH”…..they are finished for the year!!! no bowl and no winning season.

  24. I’m surprised we didn’t give up a pick six with the endless passes to the sideline for 2 yards.

    No discipline. Some of the biggest plays of this game occurred after the whistle. Just stupid, undisciplined clownishness.

    The Hoosier had to pull some real boneheaded stunts to give this game away.

    I’m guessing they lost a couple thousand disgusted season ticket holders today. We know that they will just rearrange the deck chairs again. Coach Allen is going nowhere. Debord will probably make a retirement announcement very soon…too late.

    Wash, rinse, repeat.

    Does Brohm wait until after the Depends Bowl to announce he is leaving?

  25. How does Fred Glass still have his job tomorrow? 11 consecutive years without a winning season in football? Is there another Power-five conference A.D. who has overseen such a train wreck? It is pathetic and embarrassing that IU’s Board of Trustees and McRobbie keep him on. Indiana University simply has weak leadership, and the Hoosier Nation behaves like it has a collective case of battered spouse syndrome.

  26. How does Fred Glass still have his job tomorrow?

    I said it years ago…Glass & Crean arrived as a set. They should have departed as a set. But how do you fire Fred now…? He hired our latest basketball coach. Most think Archie is the greatest thing since Sean. Aren’t you the guy always bragging on Sean and defending Sean?

    Even if you considered the programs(men’s hoops and football) as equally important, then Fred has hit one home run with Archie Miller and struck out twice(Wilson and Allen). He’s Schwarber…..for now.

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