NOTES: Field goal a good call for Allen, IU

Tom Allen had a decision to make.

With two minutes and 37 seconds remaining in Saturday’s win over Maryland, he called time out to talk it over.

Trailing by a point and facing fourth-and-one at the Terps’ 24-yard line, the Hoosiers had options.

They could’ve sent the offense back with instructions for a hard count, trying to draw Maryland’s defense offsides. Then again, Indiana tried exactly that in its Oct. 20 loss to Penn State when a miscommunication led to a ball that shouldn’t have been snapped, blowing IU’s opportunity to claim points on fourth down.

“You know what?” Allen said. “I learned my lesson on that one. I wasn’t going to put ourselves in that position at all.”

The Hoosiers also could’ve simply tried to run a play and kept the drive going. Then again, Allen seems to trust kicker Logan Justus inside of 45 yards, and facing a 42-yard try with the game on the line, the IU coach decided to put the game on Justus’ foot rather than prolonging the drive.

“It was discussed and I said, ‘No, we’re not doing it, we’re kicking the field goal,'” Allen said. “And that’s what we did. I wanted to run as much of the clock off as we could. That’s why we the took the time out there. Because I knew they were going to get the ball. I was expecting us to make it.”

Justus delivered, giving the Hoosiers what qualifies as their first game-winning kick since Griffin Oakes downed Michigan State in overtime with a 20-yarder on Oct. 1, 2016.

“I was just ready,” Justus said. “Whenever they called my name, I was ready to go.”

Justus also knocked in a 23-yard field goal and is now 13-for-15 on the season.

None more significant than the one that put the Hoosiers on top for good against Maryland.

“We just needed points,” IU quarterback Peyton Ramsey said. “… We would’ve gone for it, but I think we have that much trust in Logan.”

Great Scott
Indiana freshman running back Stevie Scott continued his assault on the record books on Saturday.

Scott carried the ball 19 times for 103 yards and a touchdown, his eighth of the season to surpass the previous freshman record set by BenJarvus Green-Ellis in 2003.

It was Scott’s fourth 100-yard rushing game of the season, tying him with Green-Ellis for the second-most by a true freshman in program history behind only Anthony Thompson’s five in 1986.

With 894 rushing yards on the season, the Syracuse, N.Y., native moved past Thompson for the third-most rushing yards by a true freshman. Green-Ellis is second with 938 yards, while Mike Harkrader is first with 1,003 yards in 1976.

Raising the Roof
Linebacker Reakwon Jones missed his first game of the season after suffering an unspecified injury on Oct. 26 at Minnesota. In his place, IU started TD Roof, who missed time recently with his own injury issues.

Roof finished with a game- and career-high 10 tackles, including a personal-best eight solo stops, along with a tackle for loss.

“It was a big loss losing Reakwon now,” Allen said. “He runs our whole defense. So having TD back was big.”

Player of the game
Peyton Ramsey, Indiana, quarterback

Ramsey looked downfield and gave life to Indiana’s offense, completing 16 of his 28 throws for 243 yards and two touchdowns with one interception.

He also dashed through Maryland’s defense for IU’s first score of the day, racing 35 yards to the end zone. It was Ramsey’s fifth career game with at least one rushing and passing touchdown. Three of those occasions have come this year.

With 27 career passing touchdowns, Ramsey moved into a ninth-place tie with Dave Schnell (1986-89) on the IU career passing touchdowns list. With 17 passing touchdowns on the season, Ramsey moved into a seventh-place tie with Antwaan Randle El (1999) and Ben Chappell (2009) for most passing touchdowns in a season.


  1. There were several good well thought out decisions made before and during the game instead of the host of bad 1’s offered up in so many games this season. The 1st was the KO strategy. KO’s harder to handle allows pursuit to get closer to the player receiving the ball. + trying to kick away from their good return man. The 2nd was play calling for PR to throw the ball downfield. Something he is capable of executing with success. 3rd was staying committed to the run. Although the 3 running plays just prior to the winning FG(perfect time for that flea flicker)again showed DeBord’s prone for lack of aggressiveness. 4th was Allen’s decision for pass coverage to keep everything in front of them. Kept over the top passes from being big plays for Canada (albeit his starting QB was a poor passer). Not to mention offered much needed run support against their RB speed. 5th the flea flicker didn’t work but at least so good to see some imagination and twists added to make opposing DC’s plan for an unexpected. Good to see deep tangible adjustments are being made in the approach to game planning. Meatchicken is going to be thinking more about the Bucks this week than IU. Stranger things have happened like PUke whipping OSU. POTMFB

    1. HC,
      It would be great if UM were thinking more about OSU than IU, but I doubt it. Their QB has hit his grove since the ND meltdown and they are playing as good as anyone in the country. QB came from an SEC mentality where you can’t take any divisional or conference opponent lightly even if the record says otherwise. I don’t see Patterson taking the game off, maybe his teammates, but not him.

      Hopefully IU can make a good showing at the Big House and come relatively healthy, especially on offense. Going up against the #1 D in the country with UM, and we know what the then #4 (Iowa) defense did to the IU offense. Big thing is to come out of the game ready for PU, and hopefully that 6th win. It would be nice to get a win at Ann Arbor, but I suspect home cooking will prevail again. Still haven’t forgot the interception play a few years ago.

      1. QB came from an SEC mentality where you can’t take any divisional or conference opponent lightly even if the record says otherwise.

        You’re starting to crack me up….Now, even the human tendencies and mindsets are superior in the SEC. Hilarious. Guess what? The kid doesn’t have those qualities because he took himself lightly by believing he couldn’t get a starting job in the “superior” SEC.

        And I’m still laughing over your many references to Ramsey’s jump balls throws. At least the kid has some balls. Air is heavier in cold weather. The ball is harder and more difficult to grip(e.g. Deflategate). I was amazed Ramsey could throw it 45 yards in the thirty degree temps…..

        Penix has the bigger arm…no doubt. But his frail body was not ready for any combination run/pass game against the Murderer’s Row of the BigTen East while playing in cold temps. How many Maryland players were injured yesterday? Five? Six? They may be building SEC speed, but it makes one wonder about body types/Southern recruiting/toughness and ability to endure temps where one needs a sweater.

  2. I will say it again, PR is a good and tough kid. It is a crying shame he doesn’t have a B1G caliber arm to go with the rest of the package. He does his best, but you can only do so much with what nature has given you. Know he has tried everything he can to enhance his skill and talent set, but everyone has their limitations. He will make a great coach somewhere if he chooses to follow that path. Then again, who knows, maybe the S&C program will yet deliver another 10-20 yards downfield distance from his arm.

    1. Obviously you missed the pinpoint passes down the field he threw yesterday to Hale, Ty and Westbrook. I remember only 1 being your ‘jump ball’. Your bias is not lining up with the facts.

      1. Ramsey threw accurate passes but they had a lot of air underneath them. Nothing wrong with that- let your big body receivers go up and get the ball. Wish they would have figured that out in game 2 or 3 instead of game 10.

  3. It always looks a little better with a win. Agree with HC comments. Michigan can go ahead and look past IU a little and still win. If IU would win it would be a bigger upset than Purdue beating OSU due to the way Michigan is now playing.

  4. TA is at IU for the long haul. He has to work out a few things. TA is not going anywhere. One or two more wins per season is all he needs. Over is a plus. Under is acceptable once in awhile. Projection for next 20 years. QB of quality little better than PR is necessary.

    1. Agreed with the fact that TA isn’t going anywhere any time soon. As up and down as this season has been, I’m still behind him 100% Maybe it’s just my Hoosiers blinders but I truly believe he is the man for the job. Good days for Indiana University football are ahead!

  5. Hey, Petrino is available. He is ‘proven’.

    You are guaranteed a scandal and your program will be left in tatters but what the heck?

    1. Expect UofL to offer Monopoly money to Brohm (on top of that $17 million dollar buyout).

      It will be interesting to see how Purdue responds.

      1. I had a feeling Petrino would be getting canned sooner than later. It only makes sense that Louisville will make a strong run at their prodigal son in Brohm. Money might be an issue IMO. That Papa John’s money is gone and that buyout for Purdue isn’t chump change. I’m sure they’re not broke but they might have to get creative in coming up with the dough.

        I know he’s a Louisville guy but it’s a lateral move IMO. The B1G West is probably easier to win than the ACC Atlantic (Clemson). Not to mention the fact that he has a very strong recruiting class at the moment but he will probably take half of them home with him.

  6. You have to believe Purdue will make a move to try to keep Brohm. It won’t be easy or inexpensive for the Cardinals to get him. I mean, no matter how good he is, how much is a football coach worth?

    1. It’ll be very easy. They already understand expensive. They wouldn’t have sacked up Petrino’s dust if they didn’t. This maybe the easiest hire they’ve ever made. They’re not going to let pUKe stay ahead.

  7. Horse Race but not the Kentucky Derby. Rather, just another stroll in the park on a Saturday afternoon. Place your bet at the window on Cardinal Brohm.

  8. If IU defense does not learn to tackle better, Coach Allen’s defensive coordinator reputation will be history!! If he Beats Purdue he will have security for life!

  9. BP, I agree with the first half of your comment above. As for the second half of that comment, Wilson beat Purdue four consecutive times and it did not protect him from Fred Glass.

    1. Only 1 bowl game. No one has ever accused Coach Allen of not caring about the physical condition of his players. Allen’s phrase: “ love each other” is the real deal!

  10. Michael “Jordan” Penix is going to make this coaching staff look a whole lot more competent next season. And if Beau Robbins can provide a pass rush, maybe, just maybe, some actual breakthrough wins will be in store.

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