1. Let’s be honest guys the only player on iu’s roster that belonged on the floor with duke was Romeo Langford. We can say that iu hasnt gelled together all we want but it was obvious phinissee morgan and everyone else but romeo are second tier players. Nothing bad about that it is just the reality. Couple that with the fact duke has the winningest coach in college basketball history and you get a 20 point loss that was not as close as the score . Until you remove Fred Glass the athletic dept will have a ceiling . I used to think it was Crean with the ceiling which was partly correct .Having spent a lot of time around the athletic administration i have formed my opinion with things i have seen and FG needs to go along with a lot of his admins . He will continue to hold the athletic dept back. Watch and see. Waste your time and effort on a program that can only go so high

    1. blm,
      We’ve got to be honest, can’t do anything about the athletic department as long as the Trustees and Administration tolerate such mediocrity. The house cleaning starts at the Trustees and you work your way down from there.

    2. blm- you are no judge of basketball talent! Juwan is a top level power forward, 4, in college basketball. Watch the season and learn. But as IU’s only top level Big, he cannot do it all on his own against Duke’s 4 great Bigs. DeRon and Justin need to play much better! DeRon’s issues are physical and conditioning; Justin’s are mental and mental! Give Juwan some help! Evan is not a Big, but he can shoot.

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