1. Maybe take some assistants to orlando and learn the baylor style of offense from ucf thats very different from what anyone is doin in the big ten because they spread you out really wide and throw it deep plus they average 200 yards rushing also

    1. For that to happen DeBord would need to commit to full time fishing. He could not accept the premise that a newer more successful offensive system is better. Hell he couldn’t even develop offensive packages to highlight the offensive skills of Reese Taylor. Yet he’s not a Woody Hayes. Big Scottie should have carried the ball yesterday 30+ times. He had the PUke D’s tongues hanging down to their collarbones and DeBord didn’t take advantage. The real problem is he’d in the same situations in the future repeat it over and over. No hope till he is gone. IU bringing the Baylor offense to the B1G would be reminiscent of Joe Tiller’s arriving.

  2. “UNDERWHELMING” that correctly sums up this season. I remember at the beginning of this season Mike DeBord advise that this years offense would be a lot easier to prepare and better because all of his quarterbacks had the same style of play that he (Mike DeBord) would not have to put in a different package/offense for a different style quarterback (ie Richard Lagow). What we saw offensive wise was a offensive cord and head coach go totally conservative offensively (maybe to help the defense, maybe related to Peyton Ramsey arms, etc.). Mike Debord is set in his ways of running a offense, he ran the same offense at Tennessee with far more superior talent.

  3. Debord comes to work and not earns but gets his pay. He has a lesson plan and basically says go get Emma.

  4. If you believe we are clogged up due to DeBord, I would ‘thinkaboutit’ before getting the coaching enema.

    You all hated dink and dunk on the football field. You hated conservative approaches and not going for the big play. Odd…because when it comes to coaching changes, that’s exactly your formula.
    You want to dink and dunk around with coordinators. To truly go downfield and breathe excitement back into Hoosier Football, it’s going to take more than the short game hiring of new coordinators. Go big …or go home.
    It’s time for IU Football to move out of the generic cycle of head coaches and find a head coach with a true brand behind his name. Uncoordinated moves with coordinators isn’t the medicine to lure big time recruits to a program that regularly wins 2 of its 9 conference games. Dunk and dink assistant coaching moves will move nothing. It will move the chains enough for more futile clinking, but it will not remove the chains securely locked to our image of a content loser.

  5. brownbomber?….enemas?…..Scoop talk? …The repeated dropping of a ‘t’? Is this a sports blog …or a site to deal with bowel disorders.

    Remember when a few Scoopers used to refer to 4guards as 4tickturds? …Was it Clarion who coined the 4tickturds nickname? What a gas! Still gives me a chuckle. I miss 4guards. He was a laxative for censorship.

  6. At IU we play footbowel….We think it’s a ‘Rock’ we honor but it’s actually our own metaphoric foot stuck up our constipated end zone.

  7. I’ll need to consult ‘thinkaboutit’ for verification, but I do believe fans of the SEC actually pronounce it “footbowel.”

  8. We’ll see Price in a argyle v-neck vest from Osterman’s of Ireland Menswear …and Miller letting his hair down in a leather Harley jacket before we witness winning football at Memorial. I guarantee it.

  9. Tom Allen isn’t going anywhere

    I wouldn’t be so certain….More of the same simply means IU Football “isn’t going anywhere.” He’s a fine example of a decent man in love with Indiana job, but he just doesn’t seem to have the ‘it factor’ to attract a level of recruit to attain the elusive ‘breakthrough’ season.

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