1. With the IU roster which is looking more like a MASH unit than anything else, this is a large and growing concern. Biggest issue I see is, how long are all these guys going to be out? Unless someone has a better perspective, the weirdest thing I see is most of the injuries do not appear to be a S&C problem. ZM and having to use DD too much too early maybe the exceptions, but two in game injuries last night, and two more probable practice injuries have the casualties mounting. Not sure how you coach around that, Archie has a very aggressive approach and you can’t do that unless you practice that way too.

    Only thing I can see is there is a lot of talent on the roster so “next man up,” needs to apply. CM and JF are going to have to step it up big time. Still need more from JS, and will need DA to literally become a veteran player before his time. Which he appears to be trying to do. Can’t say enough about JM manning up as a senior leader should do to carry a short bench on his shoulders. Looks like still a problem with lessor teams getting hot from outside, handling it better, but still a problem.

    All in all, if could ever get healthy, this will be a beast of a team. Maybe come March?

  2. If we’re down to four guys, I’ll take it joyfully ….compared to watching ‘Squat ‘n’ Clap’ on the sideline signaling Chuck Martin to unleash the cue cards.

    Take care of that cold, Mr. Mike ‘The Mic’ Miller.

    We’re all being a bit greedy….Considering we have three freshmen currently operating in our backcourt (Romeo ‘Summer Breezy’ Langford, Damezi ‘Freeze Me’ Anderson, and Rob ‘Maple Queasy’ Phinisee), growing pains expected.

  3. Georgia State rips the Georgia Bulldogs 91-67.

    To be fair, apparently Georgia State is the premier D1 program in the state.

    Who knew?

  4. What is Romeo’s status? I heard that there were possible fears of his nose being broken. Of course, I hope that is not the case! Will Romeo have to wear a mask (I hope not!)

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