IUWBB: Grambling State snaps IU’s 16-game win streak

Indiana’s fourth-quarter rally wasn’t enough in a 65-62 loss Thursday to Grambling State at the Puerto Rico Classic.

The loss is the Hoosiers’ first of the year, snapping a 16-game winning streak that dated back to last season’s WNIT championship run. That was the nation’s longest active winning streak — until Grambling State (2-8) snapped it.

The Hoosiers (10-1) trailed by as many as 17 points in the second half, and 14 points in the fourth quarter, but the cream and crimson went on a 14-1 run to pull to within 61-60 with 2:37 left. A bucket from Bendu Yeaney gave IU a 62-61 lead just a minute later, but a 3-pointer from Ariel Williams put the Tigers back in the driver’s seat with 1:08 remaining.

IU missed its last five shots, including a 3 by junior Ali Patberg and a putback attempt by Yeaney with time expiring.

On the afternoon, Patberg led the Hoosiers with 21 points, while the sophomore Yeaney added 14, but they were IU’s only players in double figures. The Hoosiers shot 37 percent from the field, including a 4-of-17 effort from 3.

IU trailed at half for only the second time this year, having beaten Northern Illinois following a one-point halftime deficit. The Hoosiers were down 33-23 to Grambling State at the break.

After coming out of the first quarter tied 14-all, IU went up 21-17 on a Jaelynn Penn layup. But the Tigers went on a 16-2 run to end the first half, including back-to-back 3-pointers from Jazmin Boyd to go ahead 25-21.

Offensively, the Hoosiers sputtered, in part thanks to three offensive foul penalties in the second period. On one possession, the Hoosiers pulled down three offensive rebounds but missed on a fourth-chance opportunity, and Grambling State went the other way for a layup to make it 29-23 with 2:30 left in the first half.

Grambling State’s Shakyla Hill, who finished with 19 points, led all scorers with 15 at half, while her senior classmate, Boyd, was 3-of-6 from beyond the arc for 11 points. Boyd finished with 18.

In the third quarter, the Tigers came out firing once more, increasing their lead to 40-23. But Patberg hit a 3 to calm things for IU, and a 3-pointer from junior Brenna Wise cut the deficit to 48-42 with 1:15 left in the period.

It was 52-44 heading into the final 10 minutes, and the Tigers threatened to pull away again. They hit their first four shots to go up, 60-46, with 8:36 left in the game.

IU used the free throw line to pull closer, starting with a three-point play from Yeaney. During a 14-1 run, Patberg hit two pairs of free throws, and freshman Aleksa Gulbe hit another pair. Patberg’s 3 cut it to a one-point game, but that’s as close as the Hoosiers would get.

IU hit 18-of-25 from the free throw line Thursday. Grambling State was just 9-of-19. On the other hand, IU had more turnovers, 20, than Grambling State, 15.

IU will face South Dakota at 4 p.m. Friday to finish up play in Puerto Rico.


  1. IU played terribly for 3 quarters getting behind by 17 points at one time. They did make a huge comeback in the 4th quarter actually gaining the lead before giving it back. As I have stated time and time again, the turnovers finally got us. We had 20 in this game which wound up killing us. Even though Bendu Yeaney had a nice offensive game, I saw at least 5 turnovers she had if not more. Her ball handling and decision making is downright terrible at times and today it really hurt us. Now I know it sounds like I am on Bendu but, her defense in this game was awful also. She was supposedly guarding Boyd who was Grambling State’s best 3 point shooter but at times she wasn’t within 5 or 6 feet of her allowing her to hit threes at will. Our offensive execution at the end of the game was horrible with Patberg badly missing 2 three point shots, one being an air ball.
    Grambling St. had one win coming into this game losing their last 7 in a row? There is no way IU should have lost to this team! Some might call this a “trap game” with South Dakota next but, I don’t buy that. If IU is as good as some think we are, this game should have been put away early. Watching this game, I was not impressed with Grambling at all, but was very disappointed that IU didn’t seem to be ready to play! Again, this team has to tighten up their turnover situation, I have said it all year long but, with our schedule not being that strong, it didn’t matter? Now lets see what happens when we play a really good team? Go Hoosiers!!

  2. Grambling St. scored 22 points off of our 20 turnovers. We shot 37% from the floor which is probably our worst shooting percentage on the season. I believe Grambling St. shot 46% from the floor which would indicate how poor we played defensively.

  3. IU ladies no offensive fluidity something that Buss could often take over and successfully force. IU ladies choked playing not to lose vs. win. IU ladies terrible and coaching not good. Over and over ladies dribble and commit getting themselves in trouble and turning ball over. IU ladies in this game were unsure what to do on offense an poor on defense.
    IU ladies had two chances last two possessions and Patberg wasn’t even close. I would have liked to see Glube take the three shots myself. She can shoot the ball. Problems inside and rebounding. J. Penn is currently very disappointing though dinged but she really needs to play well. IU ladies need to work as a team to help each other and that was definitely missing. One game does not a season make.

  4. Wow this is the same Grambling team that lost to Kansas by 31 UT Arlington by 24 very disappointing im off this team until they actually be some good teams cuz this takes the glow off this team to lose to a team, while they are picked 1st in the SWAC….its a SWAC team!!!very concerning

  5. In my opinion the coaching staff did not have the team ready for Grambling, they were flatter than a pancake,, has Moren never heard of some full or 3/4 court pressure. Bad decisions by both Yeaney and Patberg throughout the game plus the fact no one could hit the broad side of a barn. This IU team seemed to be somewhere out in the “twilight zone”, no way this should have been a loss against this team and then again we should have lost by much more we played that badly. To top it all off Penn re-injuries her ankle. Im sure the coaching staff wont sleep tonight. Now we have a truly tougher team tomorrow , will we bounce back , IM not so sure.

  6. South Dakota scored 29 in the first quarter against Grambling, had a huge lead at one point 53-29 but Gram. did make a run to make it interesting only losing by 14.

  7. Agree , Poor coaching and who scouted Grambling? I think it was J.C. However, Grambling got confidence and comfortable and IU lost confidence. Therefore, Grambling made shots and IU missed shots, got frustrated, and turne ball over. Well, loss takes pressure off and may bring IU ladies back in the gym.

  8. IM pretty sure It was the game plan by J. C. Pretty sure game plan tomorrow will be G.B. ‘s turn. Made me sick they allowed Gramb. to walk the ball up the court like that every time, obviously was their game plan to slow IU down. If you cant score thats how the game can be played.

  9. Yes, I noticed the continued walking ball up court. Made it half court game slowing it down. Took IU out of their game. Frustration set in.

  10. We gave up 65 points to a team averaging 52 on the season. Shows you how poorly we played defensively. I agree with Steve W about the coaching staff not having this team ready to play. But, again, some of the blame has to fall on the players, you should have enough pride to go out and play as hard as you can! The lack of defensive pleasure on the ball and open shooters is what really pissed me off! They had 2 players that were really good offensively and we let them go off on us. We knew this coming in and let them take us to task! Both of those players scored at will and Boyd was open all night, it’s like Bendu didn’t know she was their best 3 point shooter? That goes back to scouting but, if the players are informed about those 2 players and they still kill us, that falls on the players! South Dakota will be a load to handle. Lets see if we are up to the task tomorrow! Go Hoosiers!

  11. We played a very poor game in many areas and got what we earned…. a loss.
    It’s a new day and a great opportunity awaits. Hardship most often teaches the best lessons.

    1. Exactly. These are not new problems but they have been getting away with them because they managed to win games despite the high turnover rate.

      Now, they understand that a team with much less talent can beat them if they fail to address their shortcomings.

      It has become real.

  12. Chet, the turnover situation has been a concern to coach Moren all year long. She has mentioned it more than once in her post game press conferences. It basically has not been a problem because of the weak schedule. I have been saying all year long that this could be a real problem when we finally play a strong team, well, it became a real problem yesterday against a poor team when we shot so poorly from the field. Our strong shooting, basically around 50% on the season has negated the high turnover rate. We absolutely have to resolve this issue if we are to become a really good team this year. Turning the ball over at the rate we do is not something, as you say over thinking. Some stats to look at; Ali Patberg who is our main ball handler has 57 assists and 33 turnovers. She needs to be more efficient than that. even though she is the point guard with the ball in her hand the most, her assist to turnover ratio need to be much better than almost 2 to 1. Bendu Yeaney has 28 assists to 31 turnovers which is terrible! This needs to improve, these are the 2 players that handle the ball more than anyone else along with Jaylynn Penn. She has 16 assists and 36 turnovers. Chet, explain to me why this is not going to be a problem looking forward. The competition is going to get better and we have to resolve the to problem! Grace Berger has the best assist to turnover ratio on the team with 24 assists and only 14 turnovers.
    Chet, this is not over thinking, it is going to become a huge issue if i9t doesn’t improve when the schedule stiffens! The turnover problem has not been one game as you state, it is a reoccurring theme as the stats show. We must get better.
    The team’s assists are 150 on the season against 186 turnovers. Good teams have at least a 2 to 1 assist to turnover ratio. Anyone who has any knowledge of basketball knows this. Don’t let our good record sway you, as the schedule gets into the conference where the competition gets stronger this problem will rare it’s ugly head, just sayin…….

  13. Besides the turnover problems which must be corrected our defense is not up to snuff and also must be improved. These issues must be improved today or we will lose our second game today, pure and simple.

  14. IU ladies make good plays on offense once in awhile. However, there is to much non meaningful movement and standing around which has been negated by good shooting until yesterday. IU ladies seem like they don’t know the offense and are unsure of themselves in running it with confidence win they are not shooting at a high rate% if they are actually suppose to be running an offense. Yesterday, it didn’t look like it. No take charge player (Patberg disappointedly tried) and it looked like no one at times wanted to take a shot or take charge. Shots were way off. Soft on inside and while Grambling not that good got after it. IU defense was giving way to much room for Grambling ladies to make shots. Plus with so called depth why didn’t IU ladies go into three quarters length full court press maybe at 5 minute mark??? Kia Warthen May have helped. She got Grambling to turn ball over on her only chance.

  15. Anyway, the better team won yesterday regardless of talent level. First loss since beginning of NIT last year even though NIT were home games. IU ladies have to generate away from home energy and avoid being a flat tire.

  16. With the loss IU took a big drop in the RPI which is no real surprise, thought they might have dropped more- RPI-27 SOS- 129.

  17. Early on in the game it was noted that Wise tried to take charges but they werent being called. I recall at least twice she took charges but no call, calls that in all other games before P. R. were being called so maybe they quit trying to take them.

  18. One other observation. Although I don’t think it cost us the game, where did they get these officials. In our first game which we won, I thought the officials were terrible both ways. It seems like they have to have a conference after every other call? I just watched the end of the Loyola Marymount-Grambling game and the officials had no idea what was going on? At the very end of the game, Grambling had scored on an offensive rebound to take the lead and were fouled for the “and one”. With 1.8 on the clock, Grambling was getting ready to shoot the free throw and the officials would not allow a substitution for Marymount? She made them wait until the free throw was missed and Marymount called a time out? Don’t understand that. They have to let the substitution in before the free throw since it is one shot, no idea what is going on there. And again at the end of the game there were 2 conferences on 2 calls in the last seconds of the game and neither was for a review, unbelievable?

  19. Well, it’s P.R. Don’t expect it to be the same as in USA basketball. Watched first half of SD game. Doesn’t B.Y. like J.P. as J.P. Was set for a 3 ball. Instead B.Y. dribbled into trouble losing ball. Excellent spacing by SD always very aware of taking 3. IU has no 3 threat and trying to force inside one shot or turn over and out. So disappointed with J.P. She is non existent. Where is her 3 ball and scoring???? (I realize she is ankle dinged some).

  20. Patberg is trying to be effective but defense answers her into some frustration. Tyra Buss she is not. Tyra Buss near 40 minutes a game for four years leaving her guts on the floor and remarkably injury free. A player coach on the floor. What a undersized competitive athlete she was. Just great.

  21. Second half was best defensive effort of the season for IU, what Moren has been trying to get all season. Im very impressed with S.D. all 5 players can score from deep or anywhere cannot leave them open. For those that dont know S. D. is also # 1 in mid-majors . Big win for our IU women-Go Hoosiers.

  22. Second half as Steve W said was our best play of the season! Good to see the ladies come back after a dreadful effort against Grambling. Glad to see Gulbe come back later in the game after ankle injury. Didn’t look good when she needed so much help getting off the floor. We really need her this year, she gives us a threat offensively that is tall and versatile inside and outside. Her shot blocking ability is something we haven’t had in a while. When she was going off the floor, I thought oh no, here we go again? But, all in all, a pretty good effort to pull away late against a quality team. On the pregame show, Moren took responsibility for her not having the team mentally ready for Grambling. Can’t wait for conference play to see how good we really are. Go Hoosiers!

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