Boilers outlast Hoosiers 48-46

It was the way he tussled with De’Ron Davis, the way he tripped Romeo Langford and the way he otherwise played inside of a physical game between in-state rivals.

Matt Haarms was the object of Hoosier scorn on Tuesday night at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

An announced crowd of 17,222 in Bloomington showered the 7-foot-3 Purdue big man with boos each time he touched the ball. Indiana’s students took it a step further, directing a series of expletive-laden chants in Haarms’ direction during several stoppages in play.

Haarms, meanwhile, got the last laugh.

His tip-in over Juwan Morgan with 3.2 seconds remaining lifted the No. 15 Boilermakers to a 48-46 win over the Hoosiers, sending Indiana to its 11th loss in its past 12 games.

After the final buzzer, Haarms was a storm of emotion as he sprinted across the court to revel with his teammates in front of the visitors bench. He jumped to bump chests, shared a couple hugs and pounded his chest before the traditional postgame handshake line formed.

On the other end of the floor, the Hoosiers were understandably muted, wearing the same long faces that they’ve shown for much of the past month and a half.

Yet again inside this disastrous start to the 2019 calendar year, Indiana struggled to play well.

The good news, if such a thing exists? The Hoosiers played hard; a welcome development after their sloppy, purposeless performance on Saturday at Minnesota.

For more than 39 minutes, that was enough, as Indiana dragged Purdue down into the mud with it.

Ultimately, though, Haarms’ last-moment tip sealed yet another night of frustration for a Hoosier program on the skids.

“It’s tough,” Morgan said. “Any loss is tough, but especially it being my last time being able to play them at Assembly, it hurts a little more.”

For the first time since Assembly Hall opened in 1971, the Boilermakers have won three straight games in Bloomington. The series has been almost completely one-sided since 2014 — yet another frustrating fact for this struggling IU program to digest.

Right now, though, Indiana has bigger problems than Purdue.

The Hoosiers (13-13, 4-11) have won only once since Jan. 3. They’ve lost each of their past four home games and have failed to rediscover the confidence that carried them to a 12-2 season start.

Their offense remains almost completely broken, evidenced by a 27 percent shooting performance and the 17 turnovers scattered throughout the contest.

“I thought our team played well enough to win the game,” IU coach Archie Miller said. “It was an ugly game probably for both teams, but for us, again, we just have to stay with what we kind of talked about here the last 48 hours and especially the guys in that locker room have to understand that the sting is there, but the disposition and the mentality has to stay with what we were at tonight.”

Indeed, Indiana resembled a tough team on Tuesday.

It was apparent in the way Zach McRoberts, who returned from a foot injury for his first appearance since Jan. 30, stepped in front of a passing lane and dove to ensure IU stole a possession midway through the first half.

It was visible in the head-to-head matchup between Davis and Haarms in the paint, the two big men jostling for the upper hand and pushing each other in the process. They tangled on two separate occasions — the first ending with a double foul, and the second ending with a common foul and a technical on Purdue’s 7-foot-3 forward.

Haarms later earned boos when the front of his foot clipped Langford’s heel on a fastbreak late in the first half, sending both players tumbling to the court. It was a tough night for Langford, who scored nine of his team-high 14 points at the line and didn’t start the second half due to a sudden illness.

“My stomach just started hurting after halftime,” Langford said. “I felt like I was going to throw up.”

Vomit, he did. But Langford quickly returned to the court in the second half, refusing to let an illness sideline him in a game Indiana needed.

“Just proud of our effort level,” Miller said.” I was proud of our togetherness, and that’s the one thing that we have to hold on to right now as we continue to push through.”

Neither team owned more than a two-possession lead, going blow for blow until the final seconds.

Just as IU struggled on the offensive end, Purdue did, too. Carsen Edwards went 4-for-24 from the field and 0-for-10 from 3-point range, finishing with only nine points.

As a whole, Purdue shot only 31 percent for the game and made only 20 percent (6-for-30) of its 3-point tries, results that filled Indiana with pride.

“We just looked at film from last time and tried to do the things we struggled with when it came to Carson Edwards and Ryan Cline,” Langford said. “We worked on that for the past few days, and I think that was the reason that we were so disruptive this time on defense, because we had a great two days to prepare for them, and that showed today.”

After Nojel Eastern fouled Langford with 23 seconds left, the IU freshman made one of his two attempts to tie the game at 46-all.

The dagger came moments later, after Edwards’ fadeaway jumper from the elbow bounced off the iron. The ball hung in the air long enough for Haarms to get a hand on it, jumping over Morgan’s back and guiding it through the goal for the go-ahead score.

“A hundred percent, I thought I had position,” Morgan said.

It was no matter.

Indiana came close — it was tougher and more focused than it had been merely three days earlier. Now it has to prove that this effort was no fluke.

“The team that took the floor tonight had a great disposition,” Miller said. “And that’s the thing that needs to stay.”


  1. This, like all big games, was won by guard play. Purdue has better guards. Cline & Edwards >> Green + Durham + Phinisee.

    I liked our grit. I liked our fight. I liked our crowd. I liked our rebounding.

    We just can’t shoot. Basketball is prettier when shots go in.

    1. Good equation…Like this one more:

      Cline & Edwards + Green <<< Durham + Phinisee

      Conclusion: Some things are actually cumulatively less via addition. Do your recall VJ III…..a.k.a. "The Chosen One?"

  2. Cannot fault the effort. IU played very hard. Edwards had a bad game or it probably would not have been close. IU does have very poor offensive guard play, but we all know the problems are everywhere on this team. Very hard to find silver linings when it looks like Brooks may sign with Kentucky.

  3. The losing play was Morgan dribbling it out of bounds up 1 with 48 sec. to play.

    Second thing that happens is Edwards drives from top of the key to the bucket w/o any resistance with no help from a clueless Justin Smith. Down 1.

    Then Romeo ties it & the next FT went everywhere but in, although it wouldn’t have mattered.

    Haarms jumps over everybody & knocks one off his palm, hard off the board & into the hole. Down 2. Lucky.

    Third error was the out of bounds play. Turns out the “play” was hoping the baseline defender runs over Smith, which didn’t happen. In fact nothing really happens afterward except Purdue allows the guy (Smith…because how’s he going to beat you?) they wanted to get it, gets it, and just runs up the floor to have Morgan shoot a 35 ft. 3 from a very bad angle. If it were me I would’ve had my 3 best shooters on the floor, inbounded the ball from my best passer to mid court to my most athletic guy (Morgan) by letting him just go get it, run 2 shooters off of him from the backcourt in a criss-cross on the inbound pass, one streaking toward & off of a high ball screen set by 1 of those shooters & then have Morgan make a read to pass it to the guy most open. The inbounder has no hope of having an impact with 3.2 to go. Oh, my 3 shooters? Durham, Green & Romeo, all 3 quick enough to execute. Instead we had only 1 guy in position to even take a shot!

    It just blows me away that coaches have to draw up these kinds of plays at the ends of games. It certainly appeared this “play” was never run before.

    In summary, 3 bad plays & 1 lucky one in the final 48 sec. All 4 went against us. It’s been that kind of season.

  4. ^^^Agree with all of that….Smith not stepping in to take a charge from Edwards was mind-blowing aloofness. Morgan should have used his backside to push Haarms 10 feet from the basket. The worst that happens is Haarms gets a pair of free throws….
    Many of our guys just possess very little basketball commonsense in critical situations.

  5. Also, I believe the fan base is just tired of false hope. In the last 11 years, we have gone to the tourney 4 times. During that time, 2 bowl games for football. Football and Basketball closer than we want to admit. Good teams find ways to win and bad teams find ways to lose.

  6. To much emphasis on last play. Be up 5 to prevent situation and tip in is irrelevant as far as win lose. It was plays before then that caused IU loss and Purdue win.

    1. Could’ve been up 4 or 5 if Morgan doesn’t dribble the ball out of bounds & had we not allowed Edwards to drive in for a basically uncontested layup.

  7. Did anyone notice the “drastic” changes last night?? Sure looked like the same old crap to me. Edwards had a horrific game and we still get beat. AT HOME! BY PURDUE! If Edwards has just a decent game we get killed, yet again.

    We call time out to run a play and kick the ball out of bounds. Did that look remarkably similar to the Ohio State out of bounds play?? (After two time outs). Purdue calls time out and gets an easy lay up.

    No way a decent coach loses 11 out of 12. No way. Blame Green and Smith all you want, but the real blame lays with Archie. He is the only one making millions. Indiana basketball is in deep trouble, and not just for this year.

  8. We are witnessing the ruination of a brand; “Hoosier Basketball”.

    Our crowd’s greatest contribution now is being allowed to openly insult an opposing player “F***k you Haarms” without anyone telling them to stop.

    We’ve gone far, far, far, far downhill, and our joy is that our team ‘tried hard’ (as though that is something we should be thankful for).

    Yes, I’ve posted earlier on this site that I like Haarms, and I do think that opposing players should be treated with respect (meaning, not profanities).

    A sad day for what used to be Assembly Hall.

    1. Agreed wholeheartedly. Archie should’ve gone over & told the students to zip it. He’s no Coach K, but remember when the Duke kids chanted “Over-rated” at Langford & he told them zip it?

      Per my understanding it is a T if a coach grabs the mic to say anything. That rule was instituted post-Knight. I remember him doing it on at least 3 occasions, 1 time @ Penn State!

      1. There is room between the poor use of vulgarity from an immature frat-rat pack of IU fans…(which in my mind is far from immeasurably less classy than the snarky and mean-spirited crap Purdon’t fans chanted at Romeo….”OVERRATED!”) and “liking” Haarms.

        Haarms was playing dirty and seeking to incite the entire night. Morgan should have never allowed the Netherlands version of Ivan Drago to have his immature actions, emotions and game get in the way of taking him to school. Morgan should have also put his ass into him and pushed him eight feet from the basket so there was no chance at his lucky mitt smacking the ball in the vicinity of the backboard.

        Haarms game epitomizes the Turdue Way. Snarky. Immature. Gullible….and zero art for the game. It was our lack of maturity which allowed him to get into our head. We should have pounded it at him over…and over…and over until his Backstreet Boy hairdo exploded.

  9. Look around, that language is used conversationally by 6th grade Sunday school kids. It’s an abomination, I hate it desperately but I hold no power to stop it except for my own Grandkids and the kids in my 6th grade Sunday school class. Neither would RMK coaching at AH with the IU fans in this timeline. Sad, sad and sad.

  10. Last night when the camera was on him, Archie looked like he was stuck in a nightmare. I’m not sure he ever expected things to go this badly, and I’m even less sure he has a clue how to remedy the problems that plaque this team. I do agree that they had a lot more fight in them last night, but how could they not while playing on their home court.

    I fear that many others, especially recruits will agree with chuck81’s comment above will when he wrote, “No way a decent coach loses 11 out of 12. No way. ……….. but the real blame lays with Archie. ……… Indiana basketball is in deep trouble, and not just for this year.” The way this team has played over the last six weeks has got to affect Archie’s reputation and his ability to recruit the type of talent necessary to turn the program around. Would talented players want to play for Archie or would they want to play for IU? Neither has shown much of an appeal recently.

    1. Hey, great job there Po. Repeating Chuck81 just incase some potential recruit missed it the first time. Hell of a job.

  11. Yes, I was….Thank you. Verdell Jones III…a.k.a. “The Chosen One” …a.k.a. “Mr. Big Assist (Because he didn’t want to be the guy who missed the last second shot against Kentucky) Erases 1000 Turnovers.” Yes, that Verdell. The guy Crean wouldn’t bench in favor of Hulls until, by happenstance, Verdell gets a sprained ankle and Hulls proves to run the team far more skillfully.

    Dakich last night: “Tom Crean is still the coach of Indiana if OG doesn’t get injured.”

    Dan, Dan…Dan, you just don’t understand. Tom Crean is never going to coach OG if Verdell doesn’t crap himself and throw the hot potato to Watford against Kentucky. A symbolic win of mega proportions…(“HOOSIER RISING,” DVD BABY! Tom Crean on the cover! Get yours today!) courtesy of the ‘Chosen One’ gets the buffoon all the time he needs at Indiana.

    GET YOURS TODAY! (Note: the link directing where to purchase the Hoosier Rising DVD now says “problem loading page”…I would direct all inquiries to Dustin Dopirak)

  12. Sort of hilarious….Tom Crean is still coaching basketball. The company that produced the ‘Hoosier Rising’ DVD has a webpage still “under construction”…. six years after the making of the greatest account of IU basketball history EVER TOLD!

    IU Basketball: Under Construction. Turns out the last contractor used really cheap concrete and crumbling bits were found in the 30 million dollar parking garage.

  13. Jeff H spoke for me. I agree, we are all tired of bad basketball and bad football. I get so excited every season to be let down. In basketball I think it shows in attendance at times and the chants are a result as well. I’m afraid we have lost K Brooks and he was a lock. Sad days, but I am buying season football tickets for the 21st year next week lol. I wish I was more of a soccer fan!

  14. I was curious, so courtesy of Wikipedia….

    “With a depleted roster and damaged recruiting lure, Crean’s first three seasons saw consecutive losing records of 6–25 (the worst in school history), 10-21, and 12-20. However, during this period Crean’s recruiting classes progressively improved, most notably with the signing of five-star recruit and McDonald’s All-American Cody Zeller, an Indiana native. Zeller was the highest ranked recruit to join the Indiana program since the Sampson era.”

    It would appear that we are 1 yr. ahead of where we were 2 yrs. into the Crean era.

    I will be interfacing with some folks close to the program this weekend. I’m anxious to hear their insider perspectives of what is really amiss in that locker room.

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