Harris chooses UNC over Indiana

Indiana missed on one of the top remaining players in the 2019 recruiting cycle on Tuesday, seeing four-star combo guard Anthony Harris commit to North Carolina.

Harris’ decision is a disappointment for IU, which put on a full-court press in the Virginia native’s recruitment this month. Immediately after Virginia Tech released Harris from his National Letter of Intent following former coach Buzz Williams’ departure to Texas A&M, the Hoosiers rekindled their recruiting relationship.

IU hosted Harris for an official visit this weekend, but that wasn’t enough to hold off North Carolina. Harris went from Bloomington to Chapel Hill, N.C. for an official visit with the Tar Heels on Monday, and made his decision soon thereafter.

Harris is considered the 65th overall prospect and the No. 8 overall combo guard in the 2019 class, according to the 247 Sports Composite rankings.

Harris is the latest high school recruiting miss for IU’s coaching staff, which started off strong in the 2019 cycle only to struggle to fill holes in recent months.

Indiana coach Archie Miller opened the class with a commitment from three-star Cathedral guard Armaan Franklin, then followed by signing his second McDonald’s All-American in as many seasons, Center Grove forward Trayce Jackson-Davis. But the 2019 calendar year has included more misses than hits for Miller.

IU lost Keion Brooks to Kentucky last month. Already in April, the Hoosiers have whiffed on Harris and four-star guard Harlond Beverly, who signed with Miami last week.

Indiana remains in the running with two more highly-coveted prospects in McDonald’s All-American Trendon Watford and four-star shooting guard Lester Quinones. Of the two, only Quinones has arranged an official visit to Bloomington. He’s scheduled to visit campus later this week.

Butler grad transfer Joey Brunk, a 6-11 center, is the only player to commit to the Hoosiers this spring.


  1. Wow, big miss. They need Quinones. A backcourt of Durham, Phinisee and Devonte gets you the NIT. They need some help with the guard position.

    1. I disagree. Devonte, Rob P and Al, if each shoots 50% on FG, 40% on 3’s, and 75% on FT, 2/1 assists/TO, and intense defense then the sky is the limit. Armaan could be as good as the IN kid at MSU was last year. Everything depends on Jerome!

      1. Agreed. IU will have a potent trio of guards. With the big + being all 3 can play the point or the 2. Franklin is a valuable Frosh at the 2. I expect Al to really blossom as an experienced Junior.

  2. I U got in Late with him and from what I read on 247 recruiting Harris was already leaning to UNC.

  3. Yes, how about the times players lean towards IU and are swept away late by other schools. (Usually a high level school).

  4. Too bad. Harris is a quality defender. But I sure don’t take it as much of a negative. The sky doesn’t fall because an east coast kid decides to stay on the east coast. I look at the Brunk commitment way more valuable than the commitment from Fitzner was a season ago.

  5. IU Men’s Basketball has long since fallen from the ranks of the elite, so this news should be no surprise to anyone paying attention. We’re going to lose more recruiting battles than we win going up against elite BB programs like UNC, KY, KS, Duke, MSU, etc., run by elite coaches (those who’ve won National Championships) until either IU starts making it to the Sweet 16 and winning Big Ten Championships, or some of these elite coaches retire. Until then, Archie should continue to pursue the best players across the country and The Hoosier Nation should expect to see a lot more “whiffs.”

    1. Po,
      I honestly do not believe the average IUBB fan understands the amount of damage which has been done to the program over the last 25 years both internally and externally. It began with the deliberate mishandling of the RMK situation and continued through a series of terrible choices for not only the BBHC, but athletic department decisions as a whole. The entire problem rests at the feet of the IU administration which has been at fault throughout this ordeal.

      1. If only Kelvin Sampson was a little more discreet, there might be another banner hanging up in the hall.

        1. I don’t think it was in his dna. Let’s not forget he was brought in by a University President wanting to give him a 2nd chance after similar problems at Oklahoma.

  6. K.S. only went so far with Oklahoma in a not elite B.B. conference at the time. His teams always hit a ceiling less than NCAA title and always will. Yes, I know he had a final four appearance in 2002.

  7. If curses truly hang over IU then I’ll claim the same for being 5’9″, brown eyed with salt and pepper hair. Yup, figured that out.

  8. I agree, think. Most Hoosier fans don’t understand because they don’t have the perspective that older guys like me have. I’ve been a rabid IU fan since 1966 and have paid close attention ever since. But if you’re in your twenties, thirties, or early forties, you just don’t have the perspective because you weren’t around back in the glory days. The net result has been to pacify IU’s students and alumni over the last 30 years. Or at least greatly reduce the level of interest/enthusiasm for IU Athletics, even men’s basketball. I can remember being in college back in the late 70’s and having someone offer me $150 for my ticket to the IU – UNC game (I kept my ticket and watched a game between two of the best teams in college basketball). $150 back in the late 70’s was a huge sum, but that’s how exciting those IU games were back then. Has IU played a game in the last five years where someone was willing to pay $150 for a seat? I doubt it.

    To me, it all started with the mindset that IU was “a basketball school.” What a stupid and irresponsible philosophy. Talk about creating a self-fulfilling prophecy! Football revenue has determined a school’s athletic budget for about 100 years, and IU’s administrators were spoiled and became lazy because Bob Knight had great success. Furthermore, they didn’t have to pay him top dollar for most of his tenure at IU, so they were getting a great deal. And they didn’t have to invest or break a sweat to build IU football because for years the IU faithful were satisfied as long as Bobby’s teams were winning. Well, that moronic philosophy finally caught up to the Hoosier Nation, and now we’re paying the price with a football program approaching its 12th consecutive losing season and a very mediocre basketball program. But is there any evidence that Fred Glass learned anything from the past? Given that he’s hired two un-proven Coordinators to be IU’s head football coach since he took the AD job, and that both men have been the lowest or second lowest paid football coaches in the Big Ten, it looks like Fred’s content to keep the same strategy that his last ten predecessors applied.

    1. 6-6 is not a losing season! So you include the bowl game loss. Tom Allen is 5-7 for his first 2 years. I like his team’s fight. He is making good choices: new OC, DC, with him as the HC. I expect year 3 to be his breakthrough. Archie is approaching his 3rd year. I expect it to be his breakthrough. I have watched IU sports since 1957. I like our total sports programs. Glass is not great, but not bad. I am concerned that Purdue is rolling in basketball and football.

      1. BP,
        I agree 6-6 is not a losing season, but it is not a winning season either. Despite major disadvantages in terms of woefully inept university administration, both IUFB & BB are poised to do well. Had the injury bug not bitten the BB team and the FB team had a QB, both would have experienced break out seasons this year. I do think break out seasons are possible for both programs in the coming year. The real issue is why has it taken so many years to get to just this point?

  9. Think. IU fb an B.B. is not at “this point.” Only make believe. Haven’t won much of anything to this point in this era. Excuses and reasons are characterized by a malnourished starved fan base. We will see regarding the immediate or near future.

    1. t,
      I can’t rule out one or both programs having break out seasons this next year at this point. There are too many variables a play right now. We don’t know the QB direction for the FB team and there are still a couple scholarships yet to be filled on the BB team. Only thing we can look at is past performance. Last year IUFB was a QB away from a possible winning season. The BB team suffered more injuries and ailments than I think I have ever seen afflict one team in a single season. Had they been healthy could they have brought home another championship? I doubt it. Could they have made a deep run into the tournament? If healthy all year long, probably. How deep a run would be anyone’s guess. My guess would have been Sweet 16 or Elite 8, I think the loss of Jerome and Race made that much difference.

  10. If you “play 13” games in a season and lose seven of them, that’s a losing season. Bowl games are a part of a team’s season, they’re part of a team’s record, the coach’s record. They’re included in the official stats. So let’s not ignore the facts, try to parse them or act like IU hasn’t had 11 consecutive losing seasons. But if you prefer I state it another way, IU Football has not produced a winning season in eleven years. As they say, “it’s the same difference.”

    Today we learned that Clemson will pay their head football coach $93 million over the next ten years to coach its football program. I’m not sure, but I believe that exceeds IU’s total COACHING compensation budget for all varsity sports, for both men’s and women’s athletics, over the same period of time. How important is a winning football program to a University’s Athletic budget? I know, it doesn’t matter because “IU is a basketball school.” RIGHT!

    Oh how I would love to have been able to read the thoughts going through the brain of Fred Glass when he was first made aware of that news.

    1. Po,
      I saw that little deal Clemson worked out as well. I think those folks have learned what Alabama has learned. It is hard to get to such an elite level and you had better do what is necessary to say there. The one thing I do know is that while this seems like a large sum to pay out, it pales in comparison to the return on investment they are getting. Know that from being forced to watch Alabama up close and personal, reap the massive benefits from success on the FB field.

      The problem for IU athletics has been and continues to be Hoosier Nation. Until the apathy is shaken off and those who can vote in Indiana hold the Governor accountable for Trustee selections, and the alumni make better choices in who they elect, things will stay the same. All our pontificating in the world will not change the situation.

  11. think, the first step in trying to correct a problem is to identify it, which requires speaking out, communicating, registering a complaint. We need more people to speak out and complain that they’re not satisfied with the way IU’s Athletic Department is being run. We’re not satisfied with the results being produced. Folks in Indiana are generally polite people and don’t want to raise a fuss, so they tend to register their disdain by not showing up to games, by not donating money to the University, and by turning their backs. That needs to change. People need to write letters, emails, and make phone calls to Glass, McRobbie and the Trustees and let them know that they’re not happy.

    I mean watching this year’s NFL Draft has to be depressing to any Hoosier fan who still cares! We haven’t had one player drafted in the first four and a half rounds of this year’s draft, while almost every other Big Ten team has had many players drafted. Every time ESPN shows a short clip of a Big Ten player’s highlights, that player’s beating some guy in an IU jersey. If you’re a coach for another team competing against IU for a talented HS player, all you have to do is ask that kid two questions. 1) Is it your goal to play in the NFL? If he says “yes,” then the second question is, “my school had X players drafted in the first four rounds of last year’s draft, how many IU players got drafted? Then you give the kid the answer and let him draw the obvious conclusions.

    Glass, McRobbie and IU’s Trustees have failed in supporting IU Athletics. They need to be replaced with people with vision and passion.

  12. Sorry HC, but have you ever thought you and like-minded Hoosiers might be part of the problem? Your dismissive responses give the impression that you’re satisfied or content with how IU’s top administrators have managed IU’s top-two revenue producing sports? Do you enjoy losing football seasons and watching mediocre basketball teams? Or are you one of those Hoosier fans satisfied that IU is successful in some non-revenue producing sport? “Ya hoo! IU baseball is ranked in the top 25 this week!”

    Funny, you’ll post a continuous string of comments criticizing an Offensive Coordinator or a Running Backs coach (wrong on that one) you don’t respect, but you dismiss comments pointing out the real source of IU Athletic’s problem. You major in minors, as if our former OC was the primary reason IU produced the last two losing seasons. You’ll constantly tell us with great certainty that IU has all the money it needs to compensate football coaches, but never explain why IU’s football coaches have been and remain some of the lowest paid football coaches in the Big Ten. If Glass has always had the money, HC, why hasn’t he been spending it to hire or retain coaches who can produce winning football seasons?

    I’ll tell you what’s “so lame, so boring,” HC. It’s watching IU Football produce 11 consecutive losing seasons. It’s traveling half way across the country to watch an IU home game against a top-five ranked opponant in a small capacity stadium that is half empty at the start of the second half. It’s watching our once elite Basketball program struggle to produce a winning record three years in a row. It’s “so lame, so boring” listening to our well-paid AD repeat his driveling responses to soft questions asked by hand-picked media representatives that never ask him any hard questions about why IU has failed to produce a winning football season on his watch.

  13. One IU player drafted in this year’s NFL draft! Schools like Old Dominion and Northern Illinois had more players drafted than IU. We can only hope that this will be the low point and that future NFL drafts will include a lot more IU players.

  14. That puts IU in the middle of the Big Ten pack. Six teams had more than one player selected.

    So, you say this is a really important benchmark. You also say Purdue is running circles around the Hoosiers.

    Then, how come the Boils had zero players selected?

  15. Po cherry picks the details for his slant as he has no ability to see all the landscape in the big picture.
    I will admit this his teary-eyed rants keep my garden watered.

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