IUWBB: Marchese to transfer from IU

Indiana sophomore forward Linsey Marchese announced Sunday she will transfer.

“After long talks with my family, constant prayer and a lot of thought, I have decided to transfer from Indiana University,” Marchese wrote in a post to Twitter. “I want to start by thanking everyone that I have met along the way for everything they have done for me.

“A big thanks to the coaches, staff and people behind the scenes for making me the person I am today.” 

Marchese played behind senior Kym Royster her first two seasons at IU. She played an average of 11.5 minutes per game in 2018-19, producing 1.4 points and 1.5 rebounds. The 6-foot-4 post converted 54.5 percent of her shots from the field.

While Marchese wasn’t overly productive points-wise, IU coach Teri Moren often credited her for physical play defensively in relief of the smaller Royster. Entering her junior season, Marchese would have been in competition with incoming freshman Mackenzie Holmes for more minutes.

Without Marchese, there will be even more of a burden on Holmes, Maine’s girls’ basketball player of the year, to anchor the low post for IU in her first season. The Hoosiers are adding 6-5 forward Arielle Wisne in the 2019 class, as well, but Wisne has stated in the past a desire to redshirt as a freshman.

Holmes averaged 30.1 points, 16.7 rebounds, and 3.9 blocks per game as a senior at Gorham High. On the other hand, Wisne posted averages of 6.2 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 1.8 blocks per contest for Horizon High in Thornton, Colo.

The frontcourt also includes 6-3 forward Aleksa Gulbe, but the Latvian has profiled more as a stretch 4. Jorie Allen from Bedford North Lawrence, also part of the ’19 recruiting class, stands 6-1.

“The memories will last forever as well as the friends/family I have made,” Marchese continued in her post. “The fans are something I will never forget and a big thanks to my teammates. Hoosier Nation will always be a part of great memories.”


  1. Lack of minutes on the floor is the key issue to all who transfer men and women, will Key stay. I wish Marchese all the best in her future. Allen could probably be used as a backup at the 5 although she will be undersized, more of a 4.

  2. This IU team has a serious lack in size with Marchese leaving although there is talent. Originally the thought was to red-shirt Wisne , would this now be changed.

  3. No red shirt for Wisne unless a euro, transfer, or another recruit falls out of the sky.
    Lack of minutes? Was this all Marchase decision? I would like to know where she thinks she is going to go? Lesser level conference of competition? Not a future pro prospect. Ability to score is needed at all positions.

  4. Oh T …

    Another one of your digs at a kid .

    Follow this kid and you will eat those words of not scoring .

    My bet is this kid already has over 30 offers from power 5 ..high mid ..

    I also bet ..IU staff did everything they could to keep 12..

    No matter how you look at it it’s a loss for IU ..

  5. Yes it is a loss for IU no longer have anyone with that kind of size and bulk that can body up against big 5’s as she did against the likes of Gustofson. Is Wisne another Williams, lets hope not.

  6. I hope linsey goes somewhere where she can be an impact player/program changer and uses common sense. As for wisne she will never see big minutes as a hoosier I can guarantee and I dont see chanel Wilson, k warthen, or lex Johnson either. Linsey is smart not to waste any more time on a program that doesnt develop raw talent…they dont have the time/ability? I cant think of a single player that got better under moren. Roysters stats improved because her minutes doubled and she wasnt consistent. Cahill and buss came in ready to play and gave a consistent effort for 4 years. But I dont know where I’ve ever seen a player really grow under moren. And where is fred with that contract extension? That kind of stuff will hurt recruiting dont you think?

    1. They wont redshirt wisne because that would be a waste of extra year of scholarship. She was the back up to the back up plan in case we didnt land any quality bigs. .which we did with holmes

  7. This is no surprise to me at all. Said all along this year that she should have been starting in Royster’s place. Bet you the farm that if that would have been the case, she would have stayed? This is really going to hurt us big time with our continual lack of size! Fan, I am as big a Marchese fan as you are but, think you are over stating all of these scholarships in the waiting for her. She will never be a big scorer but will always be physical and a good defensive player. The biggest problem I see is that Gulbe’s development will again be shortchanged because she will be forced to backup Holmes instead of concentrating on the 4 position. Marchese’s decision will now greatly effect our team at 2 positions, back up center and the 4. Gulbe’s improvement to become a strong stretch 4 depends on her not backing up the 5 position, this really sucks! Wisne as stated by Steve W has stated she preferred to red shirt. If she doesn’t and could give us 10 minutes a game as Marchese was early in the season, this all becomes a mute point. I certainly don’t blame Marchese for wanting to go somewhere she can get starters minutes. As I stated before, I thank the coaching staff for this for not starting her in front of Royster as they should have all year long, simple as that! I hope Linsey can go somewhere that she can experience what she deserves. I am really going to miss her. And SteveW, I think of Jory Allen as a 3, not by any stretch a 4. We have an undersized 4 in Wise and that hurt us at times this year against teams that had 6’ 3” and 6’ 4” girls at the 4. It becomes a huge defensive problem. Good luck Linsey!

  8. Hoosierfan, how can you includ Wilson in that statement when we have not seen her play one minute this year? More useless drivel from you again. You never seem to disappoint us in what you come up with. And you are saying that Cahill and Buss didn’t improve over the course of their career, ridiculous! If you don’t think Alexis Gassion and Jenn Anderson failed to improve over their careers at IU, you were not watching, my God man!

    1. They were consistent, I didnt really see anyone come a long way. Gassion, buss, Cahill all came into iu playing elite basketball so idk what to tell you. I’m just making a prediction about Wilson because it seems she cant stay healthy.

  9. Mikec.

    I like you and always said you know your stuff ..

    I promise ..gruantee You
    She has that many and from teams from the big ten as well …

    Also , betting she has visits lined up
    Peace to you Mike ..

    1. Too bad she can’t transfer to a big ten school without sitting out 2 years

  10. One other thing, just read a couple of days ago, there have so far been over 700 transfer requests going into next year, it is a way of life my friends…700….

    1. That isnt the number for d1 womens basketball. It hasnt even broke 300 yet..

  11. She will not have many so offers some of you guys are delusional man, playing time doesnt mean nothin if you dont work on your game, i ask again where was the tangible improvement?low post moves?mid range jumper?didn’t see any of that plus she’s really not great defensively, i would want a shot blocker if shes going to be 6’3 i hope she gets in the gym and works on her game offensively and becomes a halfway decent player because right now she just isnt

  12. For those of you so eager to cut Wilson short , wait till you see her game. We dont know who the pt will be , but eventually either her or Beeler will take possession of that spot thats all they have ever done. Wilson may be quicker than Beeler although Beeler is a better passer, whoever is on the inside better have good hands as Beeler fires bullet passes.

  13. Beeler is strong and played against excellent competition. Having said that neither Beeler or Wilson are high star players. Rather 3 stars at 90 for each per espn. Both are 5’6”. Glube needs to be a wing shooter only and be 3rd string at center even if that means putting one of your point gaurds at center. Holmes needs to play injury free and unless Wisne is a total bust can play a few minutes and foul and get a rebound or 2 like Marchase did. However, will a Eruo, transfer, or someone else come in for next year? When are college teams going to be able to make player trades?

  14. I wouldnt base anything on a 3 star rating, if you remember neither Buss nor I think Cahill was even in the top 100 by espn. We need to wait and see how it pans out. Regardless nice to see so much interest in the women in the off season, a long time till Nov. a lot can change.

      1. So, how come you disappear for months at a time when the news is almost all good but the minute something can be construed as negative you immediately show up?

        That’s disturbed.

        1. Agree 100% with your sentiment Chet.
          How can anybody say nothing for months at a time (while IU is winning its second NCAA game out of a program total of 3) and as soon as any player leaves, gleefully return to bash the coach?
          Wow … just… wow

          I personally feel really bad that LInsey left. She was really coming into her own at the end of the year, and always brought a high level of intelligence and toughness to the whole team.

          I didn’t saw this one coming.

  15. bomber.. slow down and take your time writing you are not making any sense …

    as I said to MikeC.. the kid has those many offers and more will be on its way .

    now are they all power 5.. I suspect not.
    once a kid gets into the portal colleges come after a kid that fits their needs so , the days of hunting for a fit is no longer needed . They come after their needs..

    if you paid attention through out the year and heard coach moren speak of Linsey after big games then you would know what you wrote is gibberish …

    in the years to come just google marchese during hoop season and check on her game. its that simple..

    I for one loved watching her play her brand of hoop and , will miss what she brought.

      1. That remark was uncalled for.
        Give it a rest, you’re wearing us all out.
        Linsey was a great team player and I hate to see her leave, but kids of today leave every day. You didn’t give Moren any credit when she picked up Patberg and Wise through transfers, did you? It’s just part of today’s game. I don’t particularly care for the idea of transfers, but they happen at almost every program.

    1. Sir ive seen plenty of her and basically you have a 6’3 post player who doesn’t have a jumper or post up game cant block shots doesn’t rebound particularly well either but other than that i dont know what im talking about you on the other didnt offer anything but a fan based assessment with no real analysis of her game but ill wait eagerly on you to provide some.lol

  16. Stars do matter. Percentages and there has to be a coach to coach them. There are reasons percentage wise that players have stars beside their name. Yes, there is flexibility to it. However, it is a strong guide. UCONN, ND, BAYLOR, etc

  17. South Carolina seems to be in high level recruits and transfer mode. What is going on there regarding recruiting? transfers?

  18. T, Steve W is right about Buss and Cahill, both were 3 stars.. there is way to much put into who is a 3, 4 or 5 star. It is all just pure speculation? After all these years I am still trying to figure out what Moren has done to hossierfan’s daughter for all of this hate he directs at her? Good grief Hoosierfan, about 30# of women’s basketball players suffer ACL injuries during their career and you contend Wilson is injury prone, what the hell? She suffered an ACL her senior year and that makes her a bust? And you may be right about Patberg being the point guard next year but, it will be because Moren will be playing her out of position.? As I have stated, she is really a 2 guard. If both Beeler and Wilson are both healthy one of them should be playing the point and Patberg the 2.

  19. T, I have been wondering the same thing about South Carolina, players are leaving that high quality program at an alarming rate! Hey Hoosierfan, keep ripping Moren but, players are jumping Dawn Staley’s ship like Crazy? What’s up there?

  20. Disagree. Stars matter. That’s why coaches try their best to recruit them. Of course teams are not going to have all 5 star players. Yes, Buss and Cahill were a pair along with T. Moren in that self actualized situation as was Larry Bird at Indiana State.

  21. If stars beside a player name are pure speculation and dismissive then IU and others should go out and recruit a bunch of 1 star players (if there is such a thing) or no stars players.

    1. I saw a 2 star prospect nation and (unranked on Espn) on the leader boards nationally for assist/to ratio the last 2 seasons..I guess we shouldnt even look at a player if dan Olson doesn’t do a scout??

  22. Mike, you aren’t going to “figure out” what moren did to “my daughter” because I dont have any children..as I have stated before.. I get it’s hard for you to understand how anyone could be critical of such an accomplished coach…And I told you they are obsessed with star ratings, that’s the standard for how we recruit, and once they get here it determines the pecking order..they arent worried about fit or anything else..rating and stars. And dawn Staley is going to have transfers considering teams like SC over recruit at just about every position as opposed to IU which hasnt even used all the available scholarships since moren arrived…quite a different situation. Funny for every team you mention I can find a team that hasnt had transfers in years.

    1. hoosier***041931 – You haven’t given any examples of teams who haven’t had a transfer in years.

      So are you going to give any or are you just blowing steam?
      Can you name a team that has been to the NCAA tournament in the last four years that also hasn’t had a transfer in that same period of time?

      1. Yes I could. Cant you guys do some research? Hell, I heard them say on tv that creighton hadnt had a transfer in like 8 seasons.. and mike, I don’t have children..I’ll repeat it as much as you need me to..

      2. Well those are some high standards to set considering moren hasnt had a single season without multiple transfers and has had one single player that she recruited go for 4 years..and lost an entire recruiting class. And has only made the tournament 2 times while at iu. But a p5 team that made the tourney last 4 years without having a transfer would be Florida State.. plenty transferred in but not many seem to transfer out under coach sue semaru. Maybe we should model our program after that and not after Georgia tech..

          1. Hmm…
            1 transfer this year from IU and 4 transfers from Georgia Tech…
            We are closer to Florida State’s number than Georgia Tech’s in your comparison…

        1. Sweet Sixteen teams with at least 1 transfer:
          Baylor, UConn, Louisville, Mississippi St., South Carolina, and Texas A&M.
          (Hmm, that’s three out of the four Final Four teams)

          Big Ten teams with at least 1 transfer:
          IU, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Penn State, and Rutgers
          (half of the Conference)

          It certainly doesn’t seem like having a player transfer this year is unique to IU or is only happening to bad schools.
          Transfers happen. Stop making it seem like only bad teams have players transfer.

  23. Yep Hoosierfan, that’s my point, you continue to talk like a parent who has a daughter that has been wronged by Moren? Your criticism of our coach is hard to understand when the program has been as successful as it has been in the years since she showed up? Maybe you failed to mow her lawn when you were supposed to and she fired you, who knows? All most real Hoosier fans know is that she continues to win and bring quality recruits into the program and that is what we want. Seems like you are the only person on this website that has an issue with her, I guess we could construe that the problem is you, not her?

    1. This is the Golden Era of IU women’s basketball. They may not be making it to Final Fours yet but it’s the best women’s basketball the Hoosiers have ever seen.

  24. I wish the very best for Linsey as she blazes her own trail.
    A word to the wise…….. don’t piss with the skunks.
    The most successful season in IUWBB history begins soon.

  25. bvance, good to see you on here again, hope your winter was enjoyable if that is possible? Winter normally sucks once women’s basketball season is over.

    1. I am doing alright. Just glad the winter is over. Hope all is good with you and yours up north.

  26. Swartzie– I agree as I have said the last two years first the NIT then NCAA WIN, next season the sky’s the limit. Onward and Upward. How about that Hoosierfan whats wrong with a coach that keeps winning and improving the program, seems to me there is development in the players otherwise they wouldnt be winning and moving forward like they are.

  27. Steve. I thought stars and (awards) don’t mean anything. Well, they do.
    Dewolf 5’7” guard led her team to state championship. Holmes team got beat earlier in tournament.
    Both, had impressive stats.
    I think Holmes will be really good. One concern I have always wondered about is I never noticed any elite programs in her recruiting process though T. Moren signed her fairly early.

  28. I always thought T. Moren has moved IU ladies onward and upward since her hiring at IU. Think about where the program was. She had to pull it out of a ditch and repair damage. T. Moren has it driving on the road again. She has to develop a couple really good taller wings to go along with Holmes and what is already coming in and is already there plus continue to recruit high quality players. (The big ten is not that great of a top team conference).

  29. Rhett needs to get out there and find that 6’4″-6 ‘ 5″ ringer that can help make this program a contender.

  30. Over 15 years ago when my oldest daughter played D-1 college soccer, I was told by her head coach that over 70% of freshman on a D-1 soccer scholarship (full or partial) will quit (retire) or transfer after their sophomore year. I don’t remember the numbers, but an even higher percentage quit after their Junior year. Not sure if those stats are similar today, or if they’re similar for women’s college basketball, but giving up competitive athletics or transferring to another school is very common in women’s college athletics. In my daughter’s case, back injuries (she was a goal-keeper) caused her to retire from the sport, and she never played soccer again.

    My guess is that the percentage of women in college basketball who quit or transfer is lower than in soccer, but probably still significant.

    1. IU used to have a real bad problem with having people transferring and leaving the team when they were coached by Coach Jack (who hoosier***bunch of numbers was lauding a few short weeks ago).
      There were multiple years when two or three players would leave the team, often in the middle of the season. Several times we would start out the season with 12 to 14 people on the team, but would end with less than ten.
      I still get nervous when I see a player in street clothes without an obvious injury because that was usually a precursor to someone disappearing from the bench in a few weeks.

  31. BTW, the “way to early top 25” has been released and IU is the next team mentioned after the # 25 team. I guess that is a good thing? I also read this morning that Sydney Parrish has committed to Oregon. We were mentioned as a team that she was considering but, we were never in the running after I read where she stated that she wanted to go to a school that would contend for a national championship, we are a long way from that. Go Hoosiers!

    1. Yes I saw that yesterday. Oregon at #1. Our record last season against the early top 25 was 5 – 5. I think Maryland is the favorite in the B10 next season but it should be a battle after that with IU right in the mix.

  32. Well, sad to say but IU ladies basketball is taking its place with the rest of big ten teams battling in a not that strong of a top team conference. Yes, there is Maryland, Rutgers, and maybe Ohio State. Purdue national championship is long past. Iowa gets clobbered in March Madness tournament.
    T. Moren, Buss and IU ladies have gotten IU ladies up to a level of respectful (no chance) consideration of landing the monster Indiana girls recruit. So IU ladies will continue undersized lacking enough tall really elite high level players to become an elite program. Therefore, IU ladies will struggle to win big ten, though may win the less than not that tough of a conference. Yes, a player wants to have a chance to win a national championship. What is wrong with building your own national championship team? There is just something not right about someplace like Oregon to come to central Indiana and take an elite recruit. What is in Oregon anyway over Bloomington, Indiana? I know that a lady player’s life is spent in class and a basketball gym including on the road. If IU ladies had a couple elite bigs besides Holmes (not sure how elite she is against college competition) that I keep saying is needed, would that have made a difference in Sidney decision? Currently, IU ladies are just one of the teams approximately in the top 26 to 100 teams in college ladies basketball. Other words pretty much solid a little above average. All this being said I felt there was pretty much 0 chance of Parrish coming to IU. Not good news for IU and big ten ladies basketball.

    1. Iowa made it to the elite 8 of the NCAA tournament. If you consider that getting clobbered in the March madness tournament you certainly have a different perspective than most.

    2. “What is in Oregon anyway over Bloomington…”

      That’s hilarious.

      Bloomington is a nice little city in Indiana. It’s really cute and holds a special place in my heart.

      You have obviously never been to Eugene, Oregon. Beautiful mountains. An hour from the coast. Snow skiing in the winter, water skiing in the summer. Athletic facilities underwritten by Nike’s bottomless wallet. They can afford to do whatever they choose to do.

      I’m surprised it has taken this long for Oregon to be a national presence in sports across the board. I expect that they will only get richer, athletically, in the near future.

  33. T. Moren and staff are one of those that have to work really hard to be creative in recruiting….. Buss and Cahill worked out well. Then, Patberg, Wise, Glube, and even Holmes (did not see any elite program interest)…these girls will fight hard and undersized are examples at college level. They have to work so much harder to win than the so called elite teams who can continue to raise their level of play to win against a program like or similar to IU ladies.

  34. Thanks for the heads up on the “way too early” rankings. I had been looking every day for it but then got way too busy the last couple of days to even look. Havent looked at it just yet but #26 is not a bad starting point considering we were not even placed with any points at all in the final rankings by the major polls. So that does show the expectancy of IU for the coming season.

  35. Yes it is too bad Parrish is going to #1 oregon, but you may remember the previous post I made of her saying that she wanted to go where she could win a national championship and thats why I posted it, to let us know we had no chance with her. So the bold honest truth is IU has not gained enough respect to haul one of the true elite players in the country, although I still believe Holmes will prove to be a big plus for IU.

    1. It was always between Oregon and Maryland..we were included to show love to the home team since moren offered early and recruited her hard

  36. I agree about showing love and respect for home team as we have gotten in football and now men’s basketball sometimes.

  37. Good grief T, you ask what is in Oregon that is not in Bloomington, Duh? A potential National Championship contender in women’s basketball, that’s what? What more can you say?

  38. Creme has Mich. St at #13 and says they will challenge Maryland for the big ten. I wouldnt short change IU as far as challenging either.

  39. It pains me a lot to say it, but I think losing Linsey is going to hurt us a LOT next year.
    Not sure we should be considered in the top 25 right now.
    Really tough for a freshman to come in and immediately contribute, especially at the post.
    Am I thinking straight Mike C?
    It just seems to me that big girls in the post take a while to develop when compared to a guard or even a forward.

  40. The NCAA has an interesting study looking at the number of transfers each year going back to 2004 by sport. Some interesting trends for those who want to say that we have a problem with “high” numbers of transfer from IU. I am only going back ten years though. I am giving the total number of transfers each year from the study, what percentage of players that is, and what the average number of players transferring per team would be given that there are 351 D1 women’s basketball teams according to the NCAA’s count.
    2004 – 782 transfers (17.4%), 2.23 players per team
    2005 – 762 transfers (16.9%), 2.17 players per team
    2006 – 720 transfers (15.7%), 2.05 players per team
    2007 – 753 transfers (16.2%), 2.15 players per team
    2008 – 775 transfers (16.6%), 2.20 players per team
    2009 – 780 transfers (16.5%), 2.22 players per team
    2010 – 796 transfers (16.8%), 2.27 players per team
    2011 – 793 transfers (16.9%), 2.26 players per team
    2012 – 753 transfers (15.9%), 2.14 players per team
    2013 – 755 transfers (15.9%), 2.15 players per team
    2014 – 783 transfers (16.5%), 2.23 players per team
    2015 – 829 transfers (17.4%), 2.36 players per team
    2016 – 885 transfers (18.4%), 2.52 players per team
    2017 – 887 transfers (18.5%), 2.53 players per team

    So it seems like in the last two years we have been under that average, and the two years before that we were over the average. But from the numbers, it would seem that as long as we are not routinely having more than two players transfer per year, we would be under the statistical average for the sport.
    So while some of the transfers will hurt (I agree with those who say we will miss Marchese next year, I really enjoyed the grit she showed out on the court), the amount of transfers we have had the last two years are not alarming no matter what a certain self-labeled Hoosier “fan” may say.

  41. Bvance, great job in your research. Only a school teacher could be so precise:-). To go along with what you are articulating to, our transfer rate is no higher than anyone else’s despite what our hoosierguy friend says. He just can’t help himself. Good stuff my friend!

  42. Forget about Rayshaya Kyle 6’6” Marion High School as Purdue had pretty much a lock on her for 2020.

    1. hoosierfan I’ll say this, you are creative. A talent that doesn’t add anything to the facts. Which is why I’ve seen no one bite on your renderings.

  43. If you are saying Lindsey Marchase at Kent State will be a better fit you are correct. Lower level of competition.

    1. It’s not okay to bash the coaching staff but shots at kids are cool? Who’s the fake fan? You are exactly the type of fan Hoosier nation doesnt need. Enjoy your kool aid.

  44. Fan, if Linsey is in fact going to Kent St., it really makes me wonder if she had as many offers as you claim from all of those prominent programs? As competitive as she is, this would really surprise me? I doubted your claim then and I surely doubt it now if this is true. I would certainly think she would have picked a more competitive conference to compete in than Kent States? If that is where she wants to go, good for her but, with your claim of 30 or more power conference offerings, I guess I expected a better, more competitive choice? Anyway, I certainly wish Linsey a ton of love and lots of luck. She was still a favorite of mine and I hated to see her go. Go Hoosiers!!

  45. MikeC….

    Final count .. 58 colleges … 4 big tens .. 3 Sec … Numerous Mid Majors across the country and of course higher DII..

    IU did everything in their power to keep 12 at IU .. Very shocked she made this decision.. Never saw it coming .. ( crazy to me they didn’t )

    I believe Starkey recruited her while at IU … A player feels and catches a vibe … a fit that resides in the player … can have a billion offers but that feel is the feel…. if you’ve never been recruited wont ever understand that feel… just like if you’ve never played at a high level .. never will understand the feel of game day .. the feel while the Anthem is being played right before a game… the feel right when you step on the court or field… ( not many get this feeling ) i call it .. feeling the feel..

    so , people can have their opinions on 12 .. but if you follow and watched her play .. you will come back with ( MikeC ) evaluations of the 2 years.. thats if you know and understand hoop..

    These last two years this WBB board… 12 has been the most talked about player on the team ..
    ( tells you something )

    T.. have to say followed majority of your post for all sports on this site… it’s pretty much negative ..
    but , that support of moren… ( thats special … huh ? )

    MikeC .. knows his stuff… hoosierfan … somehow knows this program and is not a billion % wrong..
    like i said… some dig 12’s game and some dont…

    keep an eye on her… she will be a beast and a scorer ..

    Peace out to all… am a flasher fan….

    1. Happy trails FAN! Please come and visit with updates . I will follow Linsey on her new journey and wish her the best.

  46. LM should show as a lot better player and scorer at Kent State. Yes, LM maybe could have played a little more however, at IU level of competition LM as a sophomore gave almost 0 scoring threat when she did play. Often, she wasn’t even close to score. KR with all her shortcomings did score a little and would make a play here and there. So T. Moren relegated LM to physical leverage defensively against other teams big ten level centers. LM was a high school 3 star. She could have been a valuable sub for IU ladies and made that name for herself. She could have improved her game against higher competition. She simply admitted to herself she wasn’t quite good enough offensively. On the men’s side under BK there were many players that were an important sixth man. So LM if she chooses Kent State she simply will play against lesser competition. It has 0 to do with coaching.

  47. ( LM should show as a lot better player and scorer at Kent State. ) believe that’s from a coach ..

    sounds like a very good decision by 12…

  48. Against lower talented competition. Currently, nothing shown. Speculation. It will play out over a couple years.

  49. It’s funny how people are bashing kent state saying they play inferior competition..bashing kids and the programs they chose on their way out the door to somehow cover their ass if the player shows out at their next school. I remember 2 years ago Kent was in a noncon turney in vegas with Stanford, ohio state, FGCU, gonzaga, belmont ect. The MAC is a very competitive MM conference and starkey has done a lot with inferior talent, so obviously with a talented B1G caliber player we will see even more improvement. I don’t even know if IU could beat starkeys team since we couldn’t beat grambling st. outside of the comfort of SSAH. also… theres another player that left IUWBB playing almost 0 minutes and ended up playing 20+ mpg, shooting 40% behind the arc… making the NCAA tourney four straight years and not one player transferred from their team the whole time….can you believe that???

      1. Haha, I love that all you reply with is insults because you have literally nothing meaningful to add. That’s why I typically dont acknowledge you.

  50. Congrats to Linsey. Kent State has a fine WBB program and is coming off a 20 win WNIT season. The MAC is a very good league and improving. Last season the MAC ended up ranked #7 slightly behind the Big East. By comparison the SEC ended up ranked #5 with the BIG10 at #4.
    The worst part of all of this is that Linsey has to sit out a season. Can anyone explain why Jessica Shepard didn’t have to sit out when she transferred from Nebraska to Notre Dame?

    1. Because its poor pitiful Notre dame. Teams like that always tend to get “lucky”

  51. If its true that LM is going to Kent St. then I wish her all the best and IU will miss her defense. But enough of the past Im moving to the future. Moren talked about Holmes saying she will most likely improve and she has. As a junior Mac was not at a 5 star status , but anyone who was interested enough to watch club team you could see the improvement from her junior to senior years. Moving to the big ten she will need to adapt and improve even more and I suspect she will.

  52. I just read this on ESPN:

    SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Notre Dame might lose another scholarship player after Danielle Patterson announced her intention to transfer.
    Patterson was one of six scholarship players coach Muffet McGraw figured to use in rebuilding her lineup after each member of the starting five from last season was among the first 19 picks of the WNBA draft. Patterson, a 6-foot-3 sophomore forward from New York, announced her intention to enter the NCAA transfer portal on her Twitter account.

    Very interesting.

  53. IU ladies at their level are still undersized with (not just bigs but talenedbigs) talented bigs. Until this issue is successfully addressed it is going to be very difficult to advance any further than where they are now consistently….from a 25 to 50 or 60 ranked team.

  54. Swartzie. Why don’t college let’s say have trade deadlines? Teams can trade players right in the middle of season. That way players who are unhappy can find another team and teams could try to make themselves better by tournament time. Quite frankly in both men’s and women’s sports I am getting tired of all the transferring. If this what has become a soap opera gets any more transferring rather than players sticking thru what they committed to I to am going to take my ball and go home. I am tired of all the reasons. If you want to play more then get better as in good enough you have to be played.
    Having said all that a player like Patterson may or may not help IU ladies. She could be an attitude problem.

    1. I would be tired of transfers too if 2x as many players have left than have used 4 years at iu

      1. Let’s look at who has actually transferred versus who has graduated from the program over Moren’s tenure…
        Transfers Graduated
        Lindsay M. Grace W.
        Kym R.
        Bre W. Tyra B.
        Amanda C.
        Darby F. Amber D.
        Ria G. Karlee M.
        Tia E. Tyshee T.
        Alexis G.
        Jenn A.
        Jess W. Lyndsay L.
        Larryn B. Andrea M.
        Taylor A. Liz S.
        Maura M.
        Total Transfers: 9
        Total Graduated: 12

        Players who left the program, but did not transfer: Danielle Williams, Nicole Bell (could not continue career due to injuries), Kaila Hulls, Claire Jukabicek, and Laiken Wairau.

        Not quite the figure you stated, but hey, we know that you aren’t ***actually*** a fan of the program no matter what you use as you name and you only care about taking as many shots as possible at it.

        1. Bah…
          Formatting didn’t stay….
          So I will just make a list of each.

          Transfers: Lindsay M., Bre W., Ria G., Darby F., TIa E., Jess W., Larryn B., Taylor A., and Maura M.
          Total: 9 transfers

          Graduates: Grace W., Kym R., Tyra B., Amanda C., Amber D., Karlee M., Tyshee T., Alexis G., Jenn A., Lindsay L., Andrea M., and Liz S.
          Total: 12

          1. To the best of my knowledge Darby F & Tia E did not transfer ……. they just left the program and stayed enrolled at IU. They quit.

          2. Grad transfers are definitely still transfers. Danielle w, tia E, and l leikem grad transferred. Larryn b. Maura m, Taylor a, ria g, linsey m, bre w and and jess w transferred. Darby, laken, lizzy p, kaila hills, claire j and Victoria k quit. Liz stratman tried to transfer back to butler but coach moren blocked her waiver because she was mad that iu paid for her surgery and she thought she was gonna have liz and was blindsided by her transfer request. So tyshee and grace were here 2 years, amber for 1. So only players to play for teri for 4 years were amanda, tyra, and kym. Data can be skewed however you want but quitting the team needs to be acknowledged regardless of whether you think it should count towards transfers cause that’s alot of kids that decide they dont even want to play ball anymore. Coach lost her an entire recruiting class..

          3. Hoosy, you are such a troll. You’re good for laughs but no one on the Scoop takes you seriously.

            Really. No one. You are no doubt used to that. Probably a recurring theme for you.

            If you could read the responses you would know that.

            Back to West Laffy for you, troll boy.

  55. Scwartzie – you are right on Darby. I had assumed that she transferred after her freshman year.
    I did double check on Tia Elbert – she was a grad transfer to Fresno State this past season.

  56. 17 have left the program. And liz stratmans waiver wasn’t the only one moren (tried) to deny. Maybe hoosier sports report would be interested in that story. It’s a good one.

    1. Pray tell what school Danielle Williams transferred to play basketball at.
      Tyshee transferred here and played for her eligible years. Same thing with Amber.
      Liz S. also played for all of her eligible years.

      041931, you are right that data can be skewed.
      And you are great at that. Now please go spread your hatred somewhere else.

      1. Williams’ at UTA. believe she got hurt again. Here is a box score since I’m lying https://utamavs.com/boxscore.aspx?id=6991&path=wbball

        Stratman applied for a clock extension and was denied by moren. Why would she take an international trip with butler wbb after she left IU? Ask her. I know liz wouldn’t mind telling anyone curious about her iuwbb experience. Like the infamous practice were nobody was allowed water because they “didnt deserve it” and many other things that caused an internal investigation into the program. And then this last year trying to deny another players clock extension… ironically at the same time shes trying to get one for ali patberg

  57. The bottom line hoosierfan is that the program is going through its most successful period in its history of women’s college basketball since Moren has been here! There is no denying that! You can whine and cry all you want about players leaving for whatever reason but, the program has improved ever since Moren came on board, the record has greatly improved, the recruiting is at an all time high and attendance is up as a result. Go ahead and keep whining about these poor players who you think are being mistreated, blah, blah, blah. What does any major school want? Success in winning and drawing great players and people coming to watch, check all of those boxes! Yes hoosierfan, things really suck here……OMG!! You are becoming so very tiresome!

    1. So you dont think its inappropriate for t(raci) and chet to be on here bashing players when they decide to leave. These kids leaving are going to tell their AAU coches ect what they dealt with here. Eventually it’s going to hurt recruiting. Like denying waivers of kids that used to play for you to try and ensure they dont get to play d1 basketball under scholarship. Word spreads. We are only a few years off of a Georgia Tech situation and you all will be so blindsided. Maybe we can hire machelle as an assistant since her and teri and Traci are so close.

      1. Wonder why our transfer numbers are down the last two years then and why we are only slightly above the national average of transfers over her five years at IU if the situation is so dire?
        And I am curious as to why transfers away from IU should count against us while players that transferred here do not count towards players staying with the program.
        And why should Graduate transfers count against IU?
        If a school does not have a graduate program that a student wants/needs and they go elsewhere, that is an academic issue, not an athletic one.
        And how do you know about an internal investigation that has not been reported in any papers that I can find? Same thing about this “water-less practice.”
        Is this more of your “insider” knowledge? I do not trust things random people say on the internet when they have only their word for it.

        1. Those close to the program know all about it. What reason do you think I have to lie? Have you ever heard the saying “where theres smoke, theres fire” im sure plenty of former players would have something to say if you really wanted to know…but you don’t and that’s obvious. haha do you think we will have any more leave this year? Warthen?

          1. “Those close to the program” – I know several people who spend a lot of time around the players and they do not tell me these stories…
            These stories only come from you.

        1. You did it on this thread..t was claiming that the only reason that linsey would “show” as a good player would be against the “inferior” competition of the MAC and you said “imagine the star should would be in DIII” was that a compliment?

          1. Show me where I said ‘only’. While you edit the posts of others to fit your hate we all know you have no affinity for the truth. It was a factual statement, troll boy.

            The same would have been true for Isiah Thomas.

            You are slow on the uptake and dishonest. Every person on the Scoop knows it.

            Back to West Laffy for you, troll boy.

          2. Do you know how to read? Don’t answer as I already can see your reading comprehension needs work. Now I’ll go back to (west laffy) AKA ignoring morons who dont know how to read.

  58. BTW, for those interested, I just read a really great article in the Daily student newspaper about Kym Roster. If you are interested, go to (idsnews.com) and read it, very nice. It also explains why Kym’s parents were not able to walk her out onto the floor during the pre-game ceremonies on senior night. Really good read for IU women’s basketball fans. Go Hoosiers!!

        1. Tremendous article.
          Also, it pointed out how most of the transfers from IU came during Moren’s first recruiting class, which was done very quckly under tough circumstances.

          1. I never really understood why someone blames a new coach for players recruited by the old coach transferring. I mean there is a reason why the NCAA allows recruits to decommit from a program without penalty when there is a coaching change.
            Those players recruited by the old coach may not like the system of the new coach, their coaching style, etc.

  59. Saying a player is going to show better against lower level of competition is not a put down on that player. It makes rational reasoning sense. IU ladies and players have their own examples.

    1. It’s not a compliment. No matter what you want to pretend like you mean. As I stated before if we were in the MAC last season we probably wouldn’t have made the tourney.

      1. H*********041931, If we were in the MAC last season our strength of schedule would have been much lower due to the conference schedule being weaker, and that would have likely made the difference in whether or not we made it into the tournament.
        So I am not sure what that proves.

        All of us on here have had complaints about decisions made by the coach or how the team has played at times, but we also celebrate their successes and achievements.
        You, however, will be silent for weeks when the team is doing well, saying nothing – but will pop back up like a pimple before a big date whenever the team stumbles.
        You seem to take joy in their struggles. You seem to get energized when bad things happen to them.
        You jump on our loss to Grambling State, but ignore our wins over UCLA (3rd round of NCAA tournament), South Dakota (8 seed in NCAA tournament), Butler (3rd round of WNIT), and Missouri State (3rd round of NCAA tournament) in the non-conference schedule.
        So why do people distrust nearly everything you say?
        Because you are so biased in your opinion of this program that you would ignore 4 quality wins to bring up a single bad loss. You only want to focus on the negatives and never on the positives.

        Maybe people would take you seriously if you acted like someone who was actually a fan instead of like someone who views Coach Moren as their nemesis.

        1. I’ll guess hoosierfan041931 is somehow hooked up with Liz Stratman.
          I like Liz Stratman’s faith and wish her well in life. I really do.
          But I can see why Teri Moren likely wasn’t happy with her.
          Liz played at Marquette (one semester), Butler two years, transferred to IU (where she never played), then wanted to go back home to Butler to finish her career.
          Liz got a free surgery and an IU degree while never playing a minute here.
          if Teri did indeed try to block her third transfer back to Butler, who can blame her?

  60. bvance – thanks for the link, still bouncing a bit but did let me read the article, good read.

  61. Hoosierfan says, “What reason would I have to lie?”. Well, because of your hatred of our coach, you would say anything to berate her, we all know that! As I previously stated, so far under Moren, the most success our program has EVER experienced!

  62. How cool is this.

    DES MOINES, Iowa — An Iowa philanthropist has given $5 million to the Drake University women’s basketball program in what the school said is the largest non-capital gift of its kind.
    Drake announced the gift Monday from Suzie Glazer Burt, a member of the university’s board of trustees. In a statement, Glazer Burt complimented coach Jennie Baranczyk and the basketball program, saying “when women empower women, there is no limit to the impact we can make in the lives of these incredible student-athletes.”
    Drake didn’t release specifics about how the gift would be used but said some would endow the head-coaching position and some would enhance support for students.

    1. That is awesome! Women’s programs have historically been underfunded compared to their male counterparts, so it is nice to see someone who is focusing on a women’s program.

  63. Bvance, keep coming on strong brother, love it!! This site is better when you are giving us much needed information:-) You, Steve W an Scwartzie always have valuable information we don’t get elsewhere!

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