Little 500: Teter take women’s race

Teter claimed its fourth Little 500 women’s title on Friday.

Ski went to the lead early in the race, opening up a bit of a gap by Lap 20. In the next few laps, they broke away from most of the field with Delta Gamma and Teter. Those three teams had a lap lead on the rest of the field 80 laps in.

A little more than midway through the race, Ski’s lead was as many as 20 seconds over Delta Gamma. But DG was able to gradually cut down on the difference, and Ski had the white jersey on its tail, every exchange making the difference.

Alpha Chi Omega made a play to get back into the top four with eight laps remaining, but Ski had a nice exchange a couple laps later to get back a healthy lead. They had a four-second advantage with four laps remaining.

With three laps left, Ski exchanged to put Delta Gamma and Teter back out front. But after an early explosion by Ski with 99 laps in, Teter and Delta Gamma went out front in the final one.

Teter then exploded for the win at 1:23:47. Delta Gamma was second and Ski finished third.