Green, Durham, Smith withdraw from draft

Devonte Green, Al Durham and Justin Smith have all withdrawn from the NBA Draft and plan to return to school, Indiana announced Wednesday.

By declaring for the draft last month, the trio took advantage of a player-friendly rule that allows for direct feedback and assessments from NBA decision makers. Declaring for early entry is the only way for players to work out for teams and receive those direct reports, and in recent years, a series of rule changes have encouraged college prospects to seek those interactions.

Green, Durham and Smith were each expected to return to Indiana. Romeo Langford, a potential lottery pick who also declared for the draft last month, announced Monday that he will remain in the draft pool and pursue an NBA career.

The Hoosiers have two open scholarships for next season.


  1. As expected. The real question is how much will the game of any of the three profit from the nba feedback and will it show on the floor this coming season?

    1. Each will be a better player for the experience. But you may not directly notice what they gained.

  2. Hopefully the feedback these guys received from the NBA experts is consistent with what they’ve heard from their IU coaches. If that’s the case, going through the evaluation process should improve their focus and I prove their individual performance.

  3. It will have negative to 0 impact on most players who do this. Not just IU players but most COLLEGE players who do this. It is a bunch of feel good head games. The college game is different than NBA. Just another disservice by NBA for their own PR benefit rather than the college game.

    1. I don’t know t,
      How would we rate Juwan’s performance looking at his Junior versus Senior years?

  4. This is an absolute non story. We all knew they were coming back, now we need to see if any of the 3 will have the consistency to truly effect this team in a positive way? Inconsistency has been the middle name of all 3 players! It remains to be seen what kind of legacy they will leave? Go Hoosiers!

  5. Some people get all twisted about this and I see it as a labeling issue.

    Take out any reference to the draft. Call it something like ‘The NBA/College Elite Skills and Evaluation Camp’.

    Then do everything else exactly the same. No one would care.

  6. That would be….CESEC. Kind of boring. How about….Skills Highlight & Intervention Training…?

  7. This story is a joke. Those three players will never play in the NBA, in fact, they should be fighting for playing time at IU, if IU had a better core of players. Seems that any college player can go through this exercise. That being said, maybe they work on their shortcomings and provide more positive play at IU this coming season.

    1. Pretty site that was their plan going in.

      I always benefited greatly by having the opportunity to learn from coaches with differing philosophies.

      Most people do.

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