IUWBB: Michigan City’s Noveroske commits to IU for ’19

As a 6-foot-5 post in the Hoosiers’ backyard, Michigan City’s Hannah Noveroske certainly wasn’t someone Indiana was going to ignore.

The Hoosiers just didn’t think they would have room.

Already with commitments from Makenzie Holmes and Arrielle Wisne for 2019, and with Linsey Marchese slated for two more years, IU recruited Noveroske but didn’t have a scholarship open. Noveroske committed to Xavier, recruited by assistant Mark Stephens, a former coach of her AAU program, the Indy Lady Gym Rats.

But things change. Brian Neal left as Xavier’s head coach in March. Stephens left, too. IU lost Marchese to a transfer. Noveroske then decided to reopen her recruitment.

The twists and turns of Noveroske’s journey led to a visit at IU this past Tuesday, where both sides found their match. On Friday, Noveroske signed with IU.

“The campus is beautiful, and the academics are very strong in the medical field, that made me really happy,” Noveroske said. “I know I’d be in good hands there and the coaches are amazing. They know what they want for the future and they know they want to build a team to go further in the NCAA tournament.”

The Hoosiers not only deepen their front court, but they do it with another in-state talent. Along with Warren Central’s Shaila Beeler and Bedford North Lawrence’s Jorie Allen, the Hoosiers now have three Indiana All-Stars in the 2019 class.

Noveroske is already familiar with Beeler and Allen, because they are also products of the Indy Lady Gym Rats AAU program. Vincennes Rivet’s Grace Waggoner, who will join the Hoosiers as a preferred walk-on, played for the Gym Rats, as well.

That program is led by James Banks, whose daughter is IU assistant Janese Constantine.

“I think they are getting one of the best big players in the state that can really add some value on the interior once she learns how to play in college, getting in the shape collegiately she needs to be in,” Banks said. “I think they are getting a diamond in the rough here.”

Noveroske suffered an ACL injury her junior year, a day after she accepted Xavier’s scholarship offer. The injury cut into her senior season of volleyball, but Noveroske didn’t miss a beat on the basketball court. She averaged 21.9 points, 12.2 rebounds, and 5.5 blocks per game for a 20-5 Michigan City squad in ’18-19.

Now the Hoosiers should have multiple freshman posts vying for minutes in 2019-20. Holmes, the player of the year in Maine, produced 30.1 points, 16.7 rebounds, and 3.9 blocks per contest for Gorham High. Wisne, from Thornton, Colo., will probably need more time to develop (6.2 ppg, 6.6 rpg, 1.8 bpg). 

However things shake out in the front court, the roster as a whole is starting to take on more of an in-state flavor. IU coach Teri Moren has long stated a desire to get the state’s recruits in cream and crimson. With the addition of 2015 Miss Basketball Ali Patberg as a transfer two years ago, and the addition of four in-state freshmen in 2019, the Hoosiers have built some momentum in that regard.

“I’d like to see our better kids staying home,” Banks said, “and hopefully this is trending in the right direction for IU with that.”

In recent years, there has always been a name for IU women’s basketball fans to watch during the Indiana-Kentucky All-Star series. Three years ago, it was Heritage Christian’s Darby Foresman. The next two summers, it was Jaelynn Penn and Grace Berger ready to flip allegiances after one more ride with the Bluegrass.

But after Indiana’s add of Noveroske to its 2019 class, the Indiana All-Star team will have even more meaning this June. Noveroske expects it to be a great experience playing with Beeler and Allen before joining the Hoosiers for summer workouts.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun, spending those days with those girls pretty much 24-7, except when we go to sleep,” Noveroske said. “I’ll be playing basketball and practicing with them like we are in college, which will be exciting.”

She will be proud to represent Indiana this summer, but getting Noveroske’s family onboard with IU might be a little harder.

They are Purdue fans.

“They were all like ‘Hannah, we are going to cheer for you, but we don’t know about IU,'” Noveroske said. “I already know they will be coming to the games. They will have to turn around some day.”


  1. Absolutely tremendous news for IU basketball. Several website regulars have been harping over the last couple of years for us to recruit some size and this looks like a great get. Along with Holmes, Hannah really fills out our front court! As I have stated before, you really have to love the job that Moren and her staff have been doing in their recruiting the last 3 or 4 years. All kinds of 5 star recruits and some great size, what more could you want. Since this is a real positive for the program I surly don’t expect a post from our friend Hoosierfan…….:-)

  2. Think about how creative in creating their own opportunities in recruiting plus coaching that T. Moren and staff have implemented to raise level of play for IU ladies. IU ladies are getting some competitive bigs in middle. IU ladies need that really good deadly shooting taller wing as maybe that could be Glube, Allen G/F, Holmes C/F when they are on the court to go along with Wise.

  3. She will make a nice practice player. Needs to get in better shape. Offers first time around were Xavier, cal state Bakersfield, and western Michigan. All our in state kids come from coach banks aau program Coincidentally. I dont know of shs really a p5 player but we will see

  4. MikeC
    You should have known Hoosiernotfan would find something terribly negative to say about a high school Senior anxious to be a Hoosier.
    I’m personally thrilled she’s coming here, and happy Coach Constatine is opening up an Indiana pipeline.
    Hoosiernotfan has United all of us true IUfans, have to give him credit for that.
    GO IU !

  5. Hoosierfan, You will see what kind of player that Gulbe can be now that she can concentrate on her natural position which is the 4. Being played at center last year to back up Royster waisted her talent! Yes Chet, you got it right with the troll comment. Somebody on here said the other day that all that so called Hoosierfan can say is baaaaaad stuff. It blows my mind that a so-called “Hoosierfan” can bloviate is negative thoughts, as was stated, never a positive? Hoosierfan is the only one on here that continues to knock the program, over and over and over again…………As is always stated, with fans like this, who needs……..Oh well, you get the picture REAL Hoosier fans!

  6. What a nice stroke of luck for the hoosiers. I already had the IU contending for big ten without the new girl , now even more so, sounds like the girl can play. As for hoosierfan we all know even if IU won the ncaa we would still be hearing negativity from that source.

  7. This is an excellent recruit and Coach Moren really needed some size. Now she has it. First Patberg now Noveroske and Allen! I love the Hoosier girls! But the KY ladies are awesome as well! This could be a great season for the Lady Hoosiers!

  8. Hard work recruiting in-state talent pays dividends now and even more so in future recruiting.

  9. Good pick-up realizing that you need to add some depth if Noveroske loses a little weight and turns it into muscle she could earn some minutes next year and Holmes looks like a future star i like what they’re doin

  10. So Noverroske needs some development?
    Marchese transfers. Where did she go?
    Is this a roughly even swap?
    Sorry, been in Europe last three weeks and these sights are blocked.

    1. In no way is an out of shape, incoming freshman an even swap for a ranked recruit that played 2 B1G seasons. With lots of work she could be an impact player but at it is now she will ride the bench. I think waggoner has a better chance to see the floor as a walk on. This girl had coach banks (gym rats) in her ear feeding her ego clearly if she thinks shes gonna get minutes in the next 2 years

  11. Even swap currently. After watching Marchase play some Nerveroski may have more upside scoring potential as she develops her body.

  12. Good pick up by the staff. Could evolve into a Jen Anderson type player if she is willing to work hard on her fitness level. I watched video on her and she has good touch and can shoot from distance. A diamond in the rough for sure.

  13. Be aware fellow posters, our boy Hoosierfan is at it again spewing his expertise……..as usual never anything positive about all things IU.

  14. There is a game up on youtube mich. city vs lake central. I have to admit I wasnt overly impressed with Noveroski. She is big and bulky similar to Marchese. She basically plays as a rim protector playing inside. I need to cut her some slack here , she did have the acl as a junior and this game was fairly early in her senior season. She is wearing a brace on her right knee and support on her left knee and slow up the court. Still her stats will say something and you cant teach size, but there is some work to do at the college level. Shes not athletic, was out jumped at every tip, at least her team didnt get the ball. As has been said she will need to get in better shape for the college game.

    1. Hey H********n041931, this is how you make an objective critique of moves made by the program.
      Every word doesn’t have to be glowing praise, but the comments aren’t an attack either.
      If you want people to take what you say seriously, you should probably stop acting like Coach Moren stole your lunch money as a kid.

  15. I think Noveroske will be able to put in the work to become Marchese’s replacement.
    Will she come in as strong as a player that Marchese left as?
    Most likely not, but we would not expect most freshmen to come in as strong as a junior would be.
    But it is completely unsurprising to see H********n041931 knocking her and then making snide comments about the connection that Coach Constantine has with the AAU team our in-state recruits play on.
    Its called recruiting. It is done through connections you have with other coaches at the high school level. Early complaints against Moren was that she wasn’t recruiting Indiana kids hard enough.
    Now you complain that she is using her assistant’s connections to AAU teams to bring people in.

    Anyways, good job to Moren and her staff for finding a new player for the team and I look forward to seeing Noveroske play for IU for the next several years.

  16. I could be wrong but I don’t think Noveroske is not a star rated player. Maybe higher rated volleyball player. However, she can leverage other girls and grab a rebound. She could score a bucket or two as a backup
    IU ladies have not gotten the elite post players. T. Moren and staff are taking risks on a couple of tall lower rated post players (not counting Holmes as a risk) out of necessity. If one or both and maybe another big comes in T. Moren and staff have their work cut out for them in player development of these players. It could be a testament to T. Moren and staff and thinking it will be more effective than DW. It is also up to the players themselves. LM was getting better while developing and improving. She wasn’t scoring much and really not that close in that area. She has two more years left. T. Moren and staff along with Marchase put 2 years of effort in her development to take that development elsewhere.

  17. Im sure the coaching staff has some visions of using both Holmes and Noveroski on the floor at the same time when called for.

  18. A couple more stats on Noveroski , career pts leader at her school. Also the game I mentioned I watched she had 29 pts and 18 reb. although she got 20 of her pts in the fourth qtr of the double overtime game.

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