IUWBB: Notre Dame’s Patterson to transfer to IU

With Ali Patberg, Indiana turned an ex-Notre Dame reserve into an All-Big Ten player.

With Danielle Patterson, the Hoosiers will have another opportunity to repeat that formula.

IU announced the addition of the 6-foot-2 transfer on Friday. While Patterson may have averaged 2.9 points in 10.6 minutes per game in the ’18-19 season, the sophomore forward was a McDonald’s All-American out of The Mary Louis Academy in Queens, N.Y. She was espnW’s No. 5 small forward in the country for the 2017 class.

Patterson’s transfer was somewhat of a surprise in South Bend. With five players drafted into the WNBA this spring, there was going to be opportunity for Patterson to seize more of a prominent role in 2019-20. In fact, she was recently named the program’s most improved player and Notre Dame coach Muffet McGraw said Patterson was “just scratching the surface of her potential.”

However, discussing her decision to transfer with the South Bend Tribune in April, Patterson said she wanted to reach that potential somewhere else.

“I thought (transferring) would be the best option for me and my development and what I want to do after college, because I want to play professionally,” Patterson told The Tribune.

Keith Gilchrist, her AAU coach with the New Jersey Sparks organization, said Patterson has long tried to model her game after women’s basketball great Candace Parker. Patterson can score at all three levels, and her length and athleticism gives her the ability to switch one through four on the defensive end.

She had offers from the most elite programs in the country coming out of high school, aside from UConn and Baylor.

“She loved Notre Dame, she loved the school, loved everything about the team and Coach Muffet McGraw,” Gilchrist said. “But as a competitor, you want to feel like you are a part of something. I think she wants to grow her game and she has to be on the floor to do that.”

Of course, the Hoosiers now have a history of successfully integrating a Notre Dame transfer into their lineup. Patberg, the Columbus North alum and 2015 Indiana Miss Basketball, struggled through two years of injury and illness in South Bend and sat out the 2017-18 season in Bloomington. She went on to become a second team All-Big Ten point guard for the Hoosiers, averaging 15.8 points and 4.8 assists per game.

Patterson and Patberg never suited up together, but they do have a relationship. Patberg was one of Patterson’s hosts during recruiting visits to Notre Dame. Patberg also helped host Patterson at IU as she went through the transfer process.

If Patberg is eventually granted a sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA, as the Hoosiers hope, the former Notre Dame point guard and forward could play together in ’20-21. That season, the Hoosiers will need a replacement for Brenna Wise at the four, and they will have fourth-year players in Jaelynn Penn and Bendu Yeaney on the wings.

“I am very happy Danielle chose to continue her collegiate career at Indiana,” IU coach Teri Moren said in a statement. “She is a high-caliber player who has great versatility and has the ability to score inside and out.”


  1. Now this is a kid to be excited about.. noveroske and wisne just got demoted

    1. Ms Patterson will have to sit out for 1 year. Noveroske and Wisner will be playing next season. No demotion! Plenty of competition when the time is ripe!

  2. Patterson will set out next season. Will play 2020-2021 season.
    One of T.Moren former players (not IU) made statement on Patterson Facebook referring to T. Moren “she was my coach and you will love playing for her.”
    Perfect for Bedford girl.
    Hopefully, attitude will be there in that this is big time, very smart both; athletically and academically, classy, athletic parents, very confident with very high expectations and goals of winning on the court and off court. IU ladies basketball took another this time giant leap of confidence and winning level. Depth continues to grow and Noveroski will be a huge part of that. Yes, Gulbe will play.

  3. Things just keep getting better and better for IU in the recruiting department! Moren and staff doing an incredible job of bringing quality players to the program. A McDonalds All-American, we normally don’t get a lot of those. The roster keeps getting better and better with high quality players abound wanting to play for coach Moren. Patterson got very little chance at Notre Dame because of their quality depth. This adds more coveted size to our roster although she will have to set out next year. Go Hoosiers!

  4. Its a great move for IU curious one for Patterson becuz she would have played alot maybe even started for Notre Dame but if she sees herself as a Candice Parker type then i understand Shepherd and Turner basically played from the elbow in for Notre Dame so if she sees her skills as more diverse then i say go for it and lets see what happens

  5. Great news, players who are now wanting to come to IU that was unheard of in the past. So is Moren in the last year of her contract. If so we will find out if IU and the AD really give a hoot about womens basketball and do what it takes to keep her. There are plenty of other programs who will offer what she deserves.

    1. Yes! Come on AD Glass step up to a big long term contract for Coach Moren plus more $ for her staff!

  6. I am sure Hoosierfan#&$%@ will come on any second praising Coach Moren and explaining why these transfers reveal a real problem with the Notre Dame program.

    Otherwise, he comes off as a clownish hypocrite.

    1. Chet,
      Hoosiernotfan just caused hell to freeze over.
      Read the first comment after the article.
      AD Glass gave Coach Jack an extension. What’s the hang up on Coach Moren I wonder?
      With KY-IU high school all star games coming up, life @ IUWBB is great right now.

      1. Meh. He said she was a good recruit.

        No mention of Coach Moren and no mention of transfers being an issue at ND.

        Same ‘ol same ‘ol.

  7. By the way: ex player (not IU player) who stated she played for T.Moren and Danielle Patterson will love playing for her did play in WNBA and is now a coach herself.
    IU athletic department and Glass better realize what they have and do what is necessary to keep T. Moren reasonably happy.
    Quite frankly, IU ladies basketball is one of the top sports programs moving in the right direction. IU and Glass should not stymie that in any way and really get behind program with coaching contracts (Glass did demonstrate that when IU hosted NIT games).

  8. Nice pick up for the Hoosiers. Makes for great competition at the 4 spot with Gulbe and Allen after Wise is gone. Last season as a freshman Gulbe led the team in blocked shots, was 2nd in ft% at .854, was 3rd in 3pt % at .364 and 3rd in offensive rebounds. She averaged 17 minutes per game and played a lot of those minutes out of her normal position. By the time Patterson is playing we will have the deepest front court in the Big10.

  9. It looks as though Hoosiers women’s basketball is going to be one of the best teams in the Big Ten Conference throughout the next two maybe three years. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hoosiers didn’t finish either tied with Maryland at the very top of the conference standings or possibly maybe even taking the top spot and standing alone all by themselves beginning this coming season onwards.

    I’d bet that Gulbe’s eventually going to become one of the best players in the Big Ten Conference by the start of her Junior year because she’s honestly alot better than anyone really knows and hasn’t even begun to reach her peak level of play as of yet but look out folks cause she’s destined to become a legitimately bonafide future basketball star and not only just in the Big Ten Conference but also throughout the whole entire nation too.

  10. Hopefully what we see is what we get. When Miller left IU went out and picked up the best up and coming coach out there. When it came to the wnit Glass decided to host the entire thing and Im hoping the fact 13007 that showed for the championship means something . Hopefully he will do whats right to keep the IUWBB program headed toward top-notch status.

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