Report: Schilling to leave Indiana #iubb

Indiana men’s basketball assistant coach Ed Schilling is reportedly leaving Bloomington to pursue other job opportunities.

First reported by Jeff Rabjohns of, IU did not release an official statement on Wednesday night.

Schilling spent four years under Steve Alford at UCLA prior to joining new coach Archie Miller two years ago. The Lebanon native has previously worked as a head coach at Wright State, as well as an assistant at UMass, Memphis and with the New Jersey Nets. Schilling was a high school head coach at Western Boone, Logansport and Park Tudor, where he coached former Hoosier Yogi Ferrell.


  1. perhaps contacting Calbert Cheaney about an asst coaching position?? he currently coaching in the NBA-G developmental league and what better way to develop players than hire an Asst. coach that’s been doing just IU Ties. I read a criticism about Kids don’t care about “ties”. Why then did Michigan go get Juwan Howard and Memphis get Penny Hardaway… Justa thought about bringing Calbert back home and he always wanted to be a coach.

  2. Lack of success and poor recruiting this year, someone was going to have to walk the plank and take some of the blame for the poor results. Don’t get your hopes up for a high profile replacement for Shilling. The I U program is still trying to find some direction, just look at all of the offers being made, looks a lot like the prior years recruiting efforts, offer a bunch of players and hope to land a few players. Archie is in territory new to him, like his first chance to attend a NBA Draft.

  3. I U im not sure the “Keion Brooks Miss” was a miss..Brooks may have sent a message about his true intentions when he transferred from Ft Wayne School to LA Lumiere to get MORE national attention. Trendan Watford may have been a miss but many younger siblings don’t necessarily like following them to same school. …there’s more here than just recruiting misses .

    1. High profile sibings rarely follow in the footsteps of their older brother. The Plumlees were an exception but they moved to Asheville, NC, with Duke in their sights.

      For every legacy signing you have a dozen forging their own path. Just ask the Gordons.

  4. Yes, and I believe three brothers from Washington, IN decided to play basketball for three different schools. We can talk about recruiting hits and misses (Archie’s had both) all day long but the only thing that matters is wins and losses, and in Archie’s first two seasons, there have been too many of one and too few of the other.

    I noticed that in Shilling’s gracious parting comments, he did not thank Archie. He thanked everyone but Archie. Regardless of what went down, Shilling’s departure is an opportunity to improve his staff. What specifically Archie feels needs to be improved is anyone’s guess, but I’ll bet recruiting is on the short list. Teaching players how to make free throws might also be very valuable.

  5. Brooks and Watford were huge losses. Let not kid ourselves. But it wasn’t just those two. Archie swung and missed on way too many recruits. He must be feeling the heat, because the next recruiting class will most likely determine his future at IU.

    1. No. Not enough money, not enough control, not a big enough job. Randy was a top flight NBA Coach!

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