1. I’m’ expecting’ great things from Penix…along with a lot more ‘spread’ formations. Hopefully he can ‘deliver’ the goods. Should have really never been any ‘laboring’ on this decision. Time to ‘cut the cord’ and see what the kid can do. Maybe the ‘birth’ of a new era in IU Football? This was really my prediction weeks ago

  2. Their grades for each unit.
    QB: B
    RB: A-
    WR/TE: B
    OL: B/C
    DL: B/C+
    LB: B
    DB: A-

    Not any huge discrepancies with their assessments. QB I would grade a “C” because Penix is an unknown. Appears to have a great deal of potential, but until he proves it consistently I believe a C is a fair grade going into the season. If he is everything we hope he is his mid season grade could skyrocket.

    Both OL and DL are a solid C.

    Now those with high grades need to go out and prove their worthy of their high marks, and those with average grades can improve.

    1. They’re going to struggle some up front, especially if they have any injuries. The starting O line is okay, but there’s a drop off that’s pretty steep. D line is much the same. It’s definitely an area of big concern.

  3. If these grades hold up then we can expect a winning season. I have hopes several positions will earn higher grades if taken at the end of this season.

  4. With more spread formations?if you operate out of the shotgun with 11 personnel (1 TE 1 RB)isnt that the spread?which is what they ran last year, i honesty have to question whether some of you even watch football, i mean really watch it come on fellas

    1. BB,
      Anyone can line up in a “spread” formation, but can you actually run or execute the spread or any other design? For any play to be successful there has to be the talent on the field to execute it. I agree with H4H on MP, and have been calling for putting MP on the field since before the season began, last year! Let’s get this kid on the field and find out what he can do. This has been my point of contention over many issues regarding the IU offense. How are we going to know the capabilities if we don’t have the necessary talent on the field to run it?

      If MP possess the amount of talent we all HOPE he does, then it really doesn’t matter what formation you line up in, it will be much more effective.

  5. It was a joke, Joe Snarly. Did you open the link/photo? Penix is delivering. The patient is in the formation ….Oh, well…Sometimes it’s just a tough crowd. Better a tough crowd than no crowd at all, said IU Football.

    I honesty have to question whether some of you even possess a sense of humor…Then again, maybe whatever ounce you once had was relinquished to the follies of being an IU Football “watcher.”

  6. Recently, (last two seasons) IU played 12 games each season winning 5 each season. 10 divided by 24 = a current baseline grade of .41666%. So, in November (adjustments can be made for bowl game/s thru January if that takes place). After all the pre season discussion, IU football will complete class/schedule and same math can be used to measure outcome 2019/January 2020. (improvement+grade).

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