1. It always seems that IU gets a front heavy conference schedule. We start off with OSU, and now MSU. It would be nice if they could start with a Rutgers, Maryland, or Illinois, before having to face the meat of the schedule.

    MSU lost to ASU, but it wasn’t because ASU played conservatively and played it close the vest. ASU had less than 150 yards of total offense, and half of that was on their final drive where an MSU DB fell resulting in a wideopen receiver. Other than that ASU was completely shut down. The Big Ten Live broadcast yesterday evening stated that MSU had over 400 yards of offense, but shot themselves in the foot when they got inside the redzone, and then having their kicker miss three field goals.

    I don’t believe IU has the ability to win playing conservatively, and employing a control the clock offensive scheme. IU needs to score, and score quickly, and create enough disruption that causes the MSU offense to self destruct.

    Scoring on their defense is not going to be easy, and having to replace Cronk isn’t going to help. Their DL is good. It is the same group that was pushing the IU OL back last year, not allowing the running game to get going, and constantly pressuring Ramsey.

  2. Don’t see Penix playing Saturday. Interesting that he was a game time decision the last two weeks, but now is finally going to be allowed to throw in practice this week. How could he have been a game time decision if he hadn’t been throwing in practice? TA has been just trying to get opponents to spend time preparing for two QB’s.

    The big question is whether Penix can throw hard and far. If he can’t, Ramsey, with his accuracy, probably gives us a better shot at competing than Penix, especially in an away B1G stadium.

    Do we have any doctors or trainers out there that can elaborate on what type of shoulder injury a player would have if they were seen with ice on the back of the shoulder as was reported about Penix in another article? That doesn’t sound like the rotator cup or a shoulder separation to me, but then what do I know as I have no medical training.

    The video of the last play Penix played and threw the ball that surfaced on the internet last week made it look as if he hurt his arm throwing the short TD pass to Hendershot. Did anyone who re-watched the EI game see anything happen to Penix prior to that play which might have caused his injury? Not good if such a simple short throw could cause a shoulder or arm injury.

    The game Saturday will not be a shootout and will be won or lost by the defense in my opinion. We have to hope MSU will be lackadaisical and sloppy and turn the ball over. If MSU is focused and sharp, I don’t see IU having a chance to win the game, although it sure would help if Ramsey could somehow hit one or two of his wide receivers in stride when they manage to get behind the MSU secondary.

  3. R67,
    No med training here, just aches and pains experience. Wondering if might be some type of inflammation pressing on nerve or something. Would love to hear some speculation from the med folks posting. If remember correctly, saw a blurb somewhere saying he felt deadness in the arm. The posting and me may be both wrong, so don’t read much into it.

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