1. 24 minutes? Come on, man. You need to get these things down to about 8 minutes…or 10 minutes tops. It’s not like you’re Ferrall on the Bench.
    Appreciate the effort and all….but it’s just too long.
    Got through the overly long 1 minute intro and few early minutes….Couldn’t buy into the assessment that OSU is simply far and above the rest of the league….and then I subsequently tuned out.
    Sounded like more of the same IU apologist platform. Just a couple days after a full-out massacre and you guys don’t even mention what Allen’s “breakthrough” entails? Did breakthrough board the sunshine bus? Nothing changes in Bloomington…..

  2. In all of the hand-wringing over the “massive” loss to OSU, it is interesting that no one has mentioned the two critical plays that led to the 51 points that Ohio actually scored: 1) the blocked punt for a safety followed less than 2 minutes later by the TD following IU’s kick after the safety (9 points); and Ramsey’s 96 yard interception for a TD at the end of the 3rd quarter (7 points, but a 10-14 point swing on the scoreboard with IU at the OSU 4 yard line). So without these two plays, the score would have been 35-13 or 17. A normal L to a top 5 team. IU needs Penix at QB. He makes that much of a difference!

  3. Yup BP,
    Absolutely essential to upgrade the QB position and be able to maintain a higher level if IUFB is to make any progress towards respectability. MP an excellent first step, but have to have others coming behind him to maintain the higher level. JT where are you?

  4. Maybe, when IU plays big ten games every time IU scores the score should be recorded on the visitors side of scoreboard. When visitors score, record it on IU side of scoreboard. IU has tried everything else. My as well try this. Just say’n.

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