Michigan State pulls out 40-31 win over IU

EAST LANSING, Mich. — The spring in the Hoosiers’ step was building as Brian Lewerke’s pass to Darrell Stewart fell incomplete.

Tiawan Mullen, the scrappy freshman corner, was at the center of it, breaking up yet another pass. The 10 teammates surrounding him were jumping up and down on their way to the sideline, ready to hand off momentum to their counterparts with a 24-21 fourth-quarter lead on No. 25 Michigan State.

It seemed like everything was about to hit a crescendo Saturday as Whop Philyor zig-zagged up the field on a long punt return. Everything was finally breaking the Hoosiers’ way in a big game, on the road, versus a ranked opponent.

But a yellow flag plopped onto the field. A backslide toward what would become a 40-31 loss at Spartan Stadium started to unfold.

Philyor’s long return turned into 61 yards of opportunity lost. Instead of taking the ball deep in Michigan State territory, the Hoosiers took over at their own 11. A deep pass to Philyor sailed just a little long. Redshirt freshman Michael Penix Jr. was sacked for a loss of six.

A missed tackle on a punt, plus another penalty, gave the Spartans the ball at the IU 26, yardage Lewerke could easily cover. After a 10-yard touchdown to Matt Seybert, the Hoosiers were suddenly fighting uphill again.

The gap between the Hoosiers and a ranked opponent was finally closing. Then it was widening again.

“It’s hard facing a locker room knowing how hard they played, look them in the eye. A lot of tears in there, and there should be,” IU coach Tom Allen said postgame. “Because when you invest the way our guys invest, and work the way our guys work, it oughta hurt.”

IU (3-2, 0-2 Big Ten) did much to prove its merits on a big stage, all the way until the end. Penix, after sitting out two games with an undisclosed injury, completed 33-of-42 for 286 yards and three scores, including a school-record 20 straight completions. Penix’s final touchdown pass hit Philyor in stride from 11 yards out, tying the game at 31-all with exactly 2:00 remaining.

But the Spartans, allowed new life earlier in the game, had a response. Lewerke, who threw for 300 yards and three touchdowns, hit Stewart for a jump-ball 44 yards down the field. The senior quarterback then gained 30 yards on a run, down to the 1, allowing Michigan State the opportunity to drain clock for a go-ahead kick.

Yes, Penix was brilliant, reducing fears about his health following two long weeks of questions. Yes, Mullen was fearless, and freshman Matthew Bedford, who started at left tackle in place of senior Coy Cronk, didn’t look out of his element, either. Yes, the Hoosiers were close.

But they weren’t quite there.

“Losing a close game we felt we should have won, it’s going to hurt. Of course, it’s going to hurt real bad,” said Philyor, who topped last year’s 13-catch effort versus MSU with a 14-catch, 142-yard performance this time around.

“A few guys shed a tear, but that’s just because they left everything out on the field,” Philyor added. ‘They felt like they played to the maximum they could play. That’s always tough.”

Penix, Philyor, and the Hoosier offense were more successful versus the Michigan State defense than any unit this season. While it was bound to be difficult to run the ball versus a defense that was allowing 52 rushing yards per game, short throws out to Philyor in space stretched the Spartans horizontally. Stevie Scott got 66 yards on 18 carries himself.

Vertically, Penix showed his arm still has plenty of juice. Senior Donavan Hale, who finished with seven catches for 99 yards, was the recipient of a couple of bullets, including one where Penix rolled to his left and fired across the field to his right for a 28-yard gain. That set up a two-yard touchdown run for Penix on a boot, tying it up at 14-all in the second quarter.

In the fourth quarter, on a third-and-10, another bullet from Penix to Hale set up the game-tying touchdown to Philyor.

“That’s just what he does,” Hale said. “Injured or not, he’s able to make those plays.”

In the end, the Hoosiers scored 31 points on a defense that allowed 11 points per contest through the first four weeks.

There were just moments here or there where the Hoosiers couldn’t shut the Spartans down. Like the opportunistic drive Michigan State made before the end of the half, taking a 21-14 lead on a 26-yard toss from Lewerke to Stewart. Or the penalties the Hoosiers committed on special teams early in the fourth quarter. Or how Lewerke was tackled at the 1 with the Hoosiers unable to stop the clock.

The miscues hurt. But it’s not the end.

Allen was reminded postgame of the efforts of his young team: the return of Penix, the debut of Bedford, and the fearlessness of Mullen. His voice raised a bit as his emotions bubbled to the surface.

“We’re for real. We ain’t going nowhere. We’re young. They are the youngest team in the Big Ten. Period,” Allen said. “You just saw how they competed. We didn’t show up just to compete. We came to win.

“We were one play away from winning. … I’m proud of what we’re building and how we are building it.”


  1. Best game of the Allen era. I thought they would get blown out. I was totally wrong. They might have come a little short in the end but this game gives a lot of hope for the rest of the season. Penix was great.

  2. Only IU could end a game like that. Undisciplined, stupid, penalty ridden, pityful defense in the clutch, self destructive, incompetent and ultimately ‘LOOSIERS’.

    Among other things, Glass/”Checkers” (TA) need to steal a top ten OL position coach. This team couldn’t run against Butler.

      1. BP: Yeah, take it out on someone that makes legitimate observations. I’m ot the one that has lost 9 straight home games nor continue to add to the all-time losingest record of ANY team in the country, If I ran a team and couldn’t manufacture even a tiny running hole for one of 3 4☆ backs I’d expect to get fired. These kids play hard, but because of schemes they are constantly out of position on defense, like not containing the ‘edges’ for one.
        As for you, go back to your closet, put on your grad cap and flop the tassle. As for me being the ‘Looser’ I made more money on the Neb/OSU game (legally) than you make in a week!

  3. Teaser game. When game is on the line another example of big ten opponent is able to shift into higher gear to win game over IU.

  4. The narrative will be how valiantly we competed on the road against a top 25 team and the hope it gives for the rest of the season. But we blew so many golden opportunities to win that game that it’s a choke in my mind. Penalties, plays that were there that we failed to make, some horribly untimely overly conservative play calls by the coaching staff, and, of course, the swiss cheese defense rearing it’s head at the most inopportune times. If you want to turn around a program, that’s precisely the type of game you must find a way to win. It doesn’t matter that Penix looked excellent if it’s not a victory.

    1. I can see your points, but those are only the negative plays. There were also many very positive plays. Indiana Football is not there yet. But we are not far away either! Keep working hard! Best Rutgers and MD. 5-2 will be a great mid-season record!

  5. Okay, everybody will say Indiana played Michigan State close – and they did!!! But this was a game Indiana needed to win….considering that the offensive line was starting its fourth unit left tackle and Michigan State offense is not that great. This game reminded me (personally) of the Cam Cameron and Kevin Wilson era of football, where you had a decent offense but porous defense. I say it right now Kane Wommack is in over his head…..An the only thing I will say about the corner-back coach and the safeties coach is that they where the same doing the Kevin Wilson era and the defensive secondary played poorly than and they still are playing poorly. Tiawan Mullen is a freshman and he looked better than any of the other secondary players. An yes I saw the one mistake (penalty) but if it wasn’t for other plays he make the game might not have been this close. An coach Tom Allen clock management at the end of the first half and the end of the game was ridiculous…truly showing how inexperience (young) this staff. For Indiana to win six games they will have to beat Rutgers, Maryland and Purdue….This team is very similar to previous Indiana University football team…only with a hyperactive coach.

    1. Well 79 you’re 1/2 right Shelby was Wilson’s CB coach but Teegardin was not Wilson’s S’s position coach. That man was Noah Joseph. Now the co-DC at Rutgers. He was the co-DC at No. Texas before before Wilson brought him to Indiana.

  6. I feel like this game sums up the TA era. Tons of excitement and energy but when it comes time to execute just very undisciplined and stupid mistakes. Ever since Minny last year, I have no faith in our defense. I don’t care who the coordinator is. This team is fun to watch and Penix is awesome. I just have no faith in coaching or Glass.

  7. I hope one thing Allen and DeBoer learn from this game is you have a potent passing attack. You have a poor defense. You have to be aggressive offensively every single possession. Two or three possession were wasted today with attempts to run 3 straight and get a 1st down against that D. One of those was our next to last possession of the 1st half. Of course, they ended up driving right down to put another score on us. We did it at least once early in the 4th as well. There’s keeping them honest and there’s shooting yourself in the foot. Never expect this D to get a stop when it has to have it.

  8. The secondary was terrible today. Mullen looked great and broke up a number of big plays. Layne was getting picked on all day long.

    Way too many mental mistakes to beat a Top 25 team on the road.

    In other news, not feeling too bad about the OSU loss now. They’re killing it.

  9. Didn’t see the game due to a huge family commitment. But in reviewing the stats, three issues appear obvious. #1. IU’s running game is weak. MSU had more than twice the rushing yards today. #2. IU’s defense needs a lot of work. This is problematic for a head coach who was a DC and mentored his replacement. Is it youth? Is it size? Is it speed? Not sure, but they need to prove they can stop a Big Ten team. #3. Penix has to play the remainder of the season if IU is to have a chance to get six wins. He has the potential to be a difference maker.

  10. PO, 70 some rushing yards by MSU where the QB running from the pocket as other than the first series the defense did a good job stopping the run. The score really was 31 – 34 as MSU’s final score came with no time and IU running a bizarre final play that turned into a fumble.

    The defense needs to improve and coach Kammack needs to learn to not open up the middle by not having a LB there when a team goes no back with a running QB. Our secondary isn’t performing well but Taylor and Riggins got hurt in practice this week. Tackling has improved and needs to keep improving. I have to wonder about coach Shelby as our corners only seem to understand man coverage. Our secondary and LBs don’t seem to know zone coverage and are not in the spot to read the QB’s eyes to get a break on the ball. The stunts aren’t very effective and not very inventive. Too many times our DEs are making contact with a OT instead of being widen out on passing downs to get a rush.

    The offense gained more yards and points against MSU than any team so far this year. Penix is the real deal and completed 20 passes in a row at one point 2 passes short of the B1G record. Our receivers caught the ball well and worked hard to get more yardage, even without much success. Penix made throws today that showed why he should be the starter and I hope he stays healthy the rest of the year as he is a real difference maker for IU’s offense. Whop had another great game against MSU and it is a shame IU scored with 2 minutes left on the game clock by scoring so quickly.

    I expect coach Allen will spend a lot more time on the defense this next two weeks trying to straighten things out. I just didn’t see MSU this year as a running team and would have focused on pass rush and coverage instead.

  11. I loved how Coach Allen ripped into Womack when IU gave up a third down conversion. The young leader of a young defense is learning some painful lessons. Youth be served; IU is very competitive and will be fine. This game was a much better barometer of IU’s team than its previous games. These guys are going to be real and will give MD, Rutgers, PU and perhaps NW and Neb runs for the money. Looking at how OSU annihilated Neb and PSU steamrolled MD, I think IU is much more competitive and capable than many on this site are oddly willing to acknowledge.

    On that note, I used to think IU had fans that were a cut above the rest, but I was foolishly mistaken. Looking at some of the nastiness and uncalled for personal attacks towards other submitters on this site saddens me. I’m all for opposing opinions and viewpoints, but whatever happened to basic sportsmanship and decency? Guess I blindly hope for something that unfortunately doesn’t exist these days.

  12. Thought it was interesting watching the differing dispositions d’Antonio (he changed it to Dantonio) and TA aka ‘Checkers’. MD had the expression of a mechanic doing a once over on a car while TA appeared as a 16 year old finding out dad was going to let him have the car for his hot date. Quiet, assured resolve due to solid preparation vs a cheerleader. It’s a sign of disarray, chaos, uncertainty. 16 penalties and another end of game loss. “Tally Ho”….

  13. Hmmm, as I recall, a rather famous former IU basketball coach was an extremely animated fellow court side. As is one Tom Izzo, pretty darn successful in his own right. But apparently that sort of enthusiasm and behavior is reserved for that sport and inappropriate/not fitting for football? Each and every coach is their own person and has their own personality. For what it’s worth, my high school football coach (a WA state legend who was my school’s head coach for over 40 years) was an animated, in your face coach. We all loved the hard a**. I was a four year, varsity collegiate athlete who had a coach with a stoic, stone faced disposition. Loved my sport (men’s crew, which was a varsity sport at my undergraduate college), but couldn’t stand my coach. So, to each their own.

  14. v13, I’ve watched highlights of the game since posting my comments last night and understand that the last TD was a fluke. But otherwise I didn’t see anything that would cause me to change my original assessment based on a review of the stats. IU has a weak running game and we’re wasting some excellent running back talent. Our defense must prove it can stop a Big Ten team, and it hasn’t done that yet. And Penix MUST play if IU is to have any chance of producing six wins this season. Yes, we showed signs of significant improvement, but we still make far too many stupid mistakes and penalties. As I thought more about it, it appears that we’re a young team that still does not know how to win close games against quality competition.

    Brad, it’s obvious that you’re terribly frustrated with IU Football and feel the need to express that frustration by hacking at everything about IU Football. But you behave as if you’re a troll, and not a very clever troll at that. If you want to throw a temper tantrum to express your disappointment about IU Football, I suggest you use another site. I can’t imagine what you’re trying to achieve or who you’re trying to influence by posting such nakedly derisive comments in this forum. Perhaps you should move on.

    1. Podunker: Since you have just highlighted the same recurring problems I have pointed out, I don’t see your problem with my comments? As for general themes by many on this page regarding the great recruiting upgrade,…yes, it ‘has’ improved to a perceived 7th or 8th depending on which service is used, but for 2020 IU is listed as 11th or 12th, with the 2nd lowest per player rating followed by Rutgers, which just fired their coach. Tell you what ‘Podunker’, if we lose to Rutgers with a defensive line coach fill-in leading the way for homecoming in a couple of weeks, then yes, I won’t bother not only posting but even reading the sports page to see IU football score results. This program, while now finally getting some decent support from the AD has been an underperforming national joke for the entirety of its existance. THAT is what bothers me! Get people that know how to compete. Look what old Mac Brown did last week with NC. Do you, or anyone, think that IU could’ve been lining up for a 2 pount conversion to defeat Clemson?

  15. A lot of people are complaining about the run game. But DeBoer’s plan worked- use the 2 big receivers to block for Phylor and let Whop basically be a running back outside the hash marks. Yes IU couldn’t run between the tackles but the gameplan made that irrelevant. That was a first-rate solution to a huge problem. IU has finally stepped up and paid for an excellent OC. The only thing I didn’t get was Sampson James, a north-south, no-wiggle running back, running east and west. He got tackled behind the line of scrimmage both times. I know he’s IU’s highest-rated recruit and a guy who flipped from Ohio State. But he ain’t Tevin Coleman. They are trying to make him into something he’s not just to get him on the field. And Kane Wommack is kinda what you would expect from a 32-year-old Defensive Coordinator without a lot of experience. The defensive problems are the result of IU’s pay cheap and hope strategy. Fans have a right to complain about that. The best player on the field was Penix, the best defender was Taiwan Mullen and IU’s most athletic lineman was Bedford and they are all still freshmen.

    1. All good points.

      I also liked when it was apparent that the corner covering Hale was overmatched they kept feeding him the ball until MSU adjusted.

      Lots of quality young players on the Hoosier roster.

      That dropped pick six early in certainly weighed heavily on the outcome. IU simply must make those plays against the big boys.

      That was probably the fewest drops by IU receivers than I have seen in a long time.

      1. MSU is not a football “big boy” of the BigTen.

        IU: 6th grader
        Purdue: 7th grader
        MSU: early teenager
        Wisconsin: older teenager
        OSU, Michigan, PSU: big boy

        6th grader sometimes gives teenager a scare…but never scares the true “big boys” of the conference. Not really fair how the 6th grader must have all three big boys in his conference division.

        Good on the Hoosiers for giving MSU a bit of a scare. At the end of the day, it’s 3 cupcake wins and 2 conference losses.

        Penix is certainly an upgrade throwing the ball. Hopefully he’ll calm down and not overthrow his receivers going forward.

        I still wonder about how well this team will sustain….Nothing ahead is easy and the robust enthusiasm can wear down quickly if a “big boy” pushes us around anywhere near the OSU beatdown.

        1. Absolutely right.

          After going 31-42 with 3 TDs and no picks, including 20 in a row, overthrowing a 45 yard pass on the run by three inches was a pure freshman move. Maybe a slight upgrade but, based on a performance like that, we can’t expect much better in the future. He should be more seasoned by this point.

          Freshmen! What are you gonna do?

          1. MSU … not bad for an early teenager (sorry H4H). I need more coffee although I knew early teenagers that were still in the 7th grade. They became SEC recruits.

  16. The very best players IU has are young but I don’t like that the young ones last year that showed promise are now just doing average work. Head should be excelling but I don’t see them putting in a good position to excel in the pass rush. Miller should be playing more along with Mullen, I also want to see more of C. Jones. Wommack needs to get play makers on the field and quit weighing them down with assignments instead of reads that let them make plays. OSU’s defense is different this year because the players have been cut loose without forgetting to cover the responsibilities.

  17. Tom Allen and Tom Crean missed their calling…They should have teamed up to run a daycare center for all the college athletes now having kids….Their over-the-top animated fits and theatrical outburst of excitement over miniscule achievements could even exhaust 20 toddler brats bouncing off walls.
    Toddlers: “Holy bouncy ball, let’s take another nap…These two clowns are too goo-goo gaa-gaa much! Anyone see the Benadryl?”

  18. Mullin
    Fr LT (forget his name)
    Westbrook/Hale (great blocking)
    + Competent OC
    Probably forgot someone but point being I can’t remember the last time against a ranked opponent that IU had that many giving solid performance W or L.
    Really puzzled a good pass blocking OL can’t generate enough blocking energy to add an extra yard for every rushing attempt. Back 7 on D always appear to be a 1/4 step slow. Athlete problem or scheme. D to complicated and players thinking instead of reacting? Overall team speed? Disconnect somewhere.
    Gotta believe Coach Allen is gonna give DeBoer the greenlight today to stand on the gas with both feet so he and Kane can hole up together to figure out how to smooth out the rough edges and splintered surfaces of the D during the bye extra time. I myself really like Coach Allen’s enthusiasm-energy-exuberance-Passion. That passion and Allen’s people skills with Wommack’s respect for Allen along with his own pride and ego tells me they get this D functioning so it’s no longer considered a team weakness.

  19. Lumping Coach Allen in the ranks of Tom Crean is both misguided and wrong. Yes, perhaps they are equals in terms of side line/court histrionics. However, Allen is not an arrogant individual who has gone out of his way to alienate the preparatory ranks of Indiana the way Crean did. I seem to recall the poster of those remarks waxing poetic about Coach Kevin Wilson. Tom Allen has put together back to back recruiting classes that are better than those Wilson put together. Allen is a good man who clearly wins the favor of the young men and the families he recruits. Allen has also owned his faults, and has been willing to make changes. Witness this year’s new hires of O and D Coordinators. Judge him all you want based on his game day personality. I predict that in due course his overall body of work will be the best of any IU football coach since Bill Mallory. BTW, were you a big fan of Knight’s foul-laced court side tyrannical outbursts? Or were his antics acceptable because of his winning record and championships? If Allen is a Toddler, Knight was pure infant.

    Funny how you list PU as a grade above IU. Do my eyes deceive me, or is PU currently at 1-3, with a home loss to Minnesota? PU also travels to Happy Valley on Sat, so will probably come out 1-4, and equal IU’s 0-2 Big10 record. Yes, the injury bug has bitten PU. Same is true for IU: see Mr. Cronk and Mr. Penix.

    1. You guys have learned to have very low bars…Overall, Tom Allen is 4-16 in conference play. 4/20 = .20 conference win percentage.

      The “signature win”….the defining “hump” to get over….the “breakthrough” all remain put aside. We are the world champions of moral victories…and blue ribbons for holding our own. I get it…It’s now our Rose Bowl appearance when we go on the road to face a “teenager” of the BigTen East and hold our own.

      What do I think? I think you all own Back-to-Back Sweet 16 t-shirts….and “Hoosier Rising” videos. I think these very average standards gilded into massive achievements was a football disease allowed to infect our basketball program.
      Allen’s a smart and perceptive man. He surely noticed how well goofball antics mimicking a television evangelist could work. Our AD already proved his love for show more than substance with the departed “We’re Back” coach.
      Heck, Allen had to figure if drowning the microphones with dizzying jargon, demonstration of dexterity with Dasani bottle caps, bringing out the deepened voice of expertise at a podium, performing sideline vaudevillian acts to prove you’re happier than ‘Happy’ whistling wow he works with Snow White watching, and selling any and every decent play made on the field as if a Beverly Hillbilly just struck oil on a recovered fumble…..could bamboozle gullible fans for 9 years over at Assembly, then why in the hell shouldn’t it be the standard for me?

      Meanwhile……Cheetos Bowls and Sweet 16 Soda. It’s all worth millions upon millions in the new world of IU Athletics. Please never put Bob Knight’s name anywhere near Coach Allen …or dumbledorf of Marquette.

      Please….please, oh, dear gods of sport resting in truly storied eternal achievements, let them know again….Let them rip to shreds the silly t-shirts of “We’re Back!” ..to find the true path back and somehow see again what swagger looks like.

      1. Beat Purdue….Purdue this…Purdue that…Purdue dumpster fire…Brohm this …Brohm that….Purdue lost…Purdue hasn’t played anyone.

        Goodness…It used to just sort of be a given that the envious West Lafayette-to-have-a-banner crowd to the north weren’t worth the breath of fresh oxygen or free advertising (they’re less relevant than criticism deserves…That’s what my Hoosier ancestors taught me, anyhow). Generally, when one sees a pile of dog dump they won’t make it a topic of conversation for its artistic formation resting in the grass. Crap is generally accepted as crap…The odor it puts out is accepted as PeeeeU. A Boilermaker is just a bodily function…Toilet Tissue isn’t used for banner cloth. Get over the Peeee U! and please don’t discuss it around the cloth of banners.

        And all kidding aside, shouldn’t we just be a little bit more secure in ourselves than to find the bottom of sports achievement barrel to claim we beat in a spitball fight? I think we’ve had this discussion…Swagger. Act like we’ve been there before…BECAUSE WE HAVE!

    2. Lumping Coach Allen in the ranks of Tom Crean is both misguided and wrong.

      Misguided …? Wrong? Allen will need to “breakthrough” before it’s misguided or wrong. Hell, don’t breakthrough…just turn a little corner and we’ll happily give him nine years….I’m fine with it. We could have a lot worse for a coach, I suppose. Then again, Dan Dakich doesn’t even coach football.
      We’ve learned to accept the table scraps..and then pay millions for a dingy plate of results. It’s not like we’re at a point in our football evolution to lure a proven “big boy” head coach (even one in the sunset of a career).

      I’ve begun to look at IU Football the same as buying a lottery ticket….The chances of a winning numbers and turning IU Football around are about the same. Get a ticket due to occasional interest when the pot gets larger(you just never know….though you do know)….Watch IU Football when the opponent gets larger(you just never know…though you do know).

  20. Oh, now I get it. After reviewing previous comments, Brad suddenly pops up here as IU Football’s harshest critic because he lost money on the game! Did that last second MSU TD cause you a “bad beat” Brad? Did that last MSU TD cause you to lose money on the game? Your harsh criticism didn’t make sense at first. Why would someone with such utter contempt for IU Football take the time to even visit this site let alone express such utter contempt for IU Football if they have such disdain for IU Football? Your comments above read as if posted by a troll. Obviously you’re not a fan, so it appears that you’re just a gambler who is pissed off because you lost money on the game.

  21. Penix showed why he is the starter and now is up to 69.6 % completion with 2 INT out of 102 Att to go with 6TD passes

    Ramsey is at 74.3% comp rate with 2 INTs out of 74 Att to go with 5 TD passes

    Together IU has 70.2% comp rate and 1520 yards in 5 games.

    We are back to having an exciting offense that should bring in some higher rated recruits on offense. I hope we see this trend in the 2020 class especially with the OL.

    The offense gained 70 yards rushing against a defense that led the nation in defense giving up just 52 yds a game rushing.

    Our defense isn’t where it needs to be but it isn’t the dumpster fire many posters think as it rates in the middle of the B1G and top 40 in the country sitting at 36.

    Life is looking up for IUFB and I hope we see results this year. This is the year to knock off a couple of the big boys and show IU is on the move up.

    1. Those completions that Penix threw, were also perfect passes. Balls thrown right in stride, shoulder height and in the breadbasket. Had just the right amount of mustard on it to get it there quickly, but not too hard. That pass to Hale for the TD was perfect: the only place he could have caught it one-on-one and staying in bounds.

      Ramsey throws a ton of short passes, but even though he gets credit for completions, many of those passes are off target, causing the receiver to come back, stop their stride, or reach off-balanced. It’s the difference between 1 – 2 yards and 4-6 yards on those bubble screens. He tends to “float” those passes too, giving an extra split second or two for the defenders to regain their position and swarm to the receiver.

      I love Penix. Seems like he’s in total command in the pocket. It’s going to be a lot of fun watching him play. Hard for me to believe that there really was any intention of considering anyone starting over him if healthy.

  22. Just about everyone “trolls” on here in some fashion….Bragging on your own ass is a form of trolling. Also, forever commenting on the shortcomings of the AD is trolling.
    I find it hard to believe Podunker has forgotten the numerous shots he’s taken at Fred Glass….(guilty as charged on my part as well…but I don’t play the “perfect fan” card).

    So let’s go a bit easy on Brad….If he’s a troll, let him troll. It’s not like Hoosier fans haven’t demonstrated zombie-like states in apologizing for very mediocre past coaches in hoops…and decades of beyond bad coaches and results in football. Trolls offer a bit of shock treatment for some who just live on Scoop as if in a zombie pollyanna retirement home of contentment and resignation…Resignation and chest-pounding far beyond rose-colored glasses is far worse than a troll; it threatens to turn us into a mirror image of the stink bomb program a hundred or so miles to the north…so many love to mention as our inferior.

  23. At least Scoop still doesn’t charge for content…I don’t think I could afford the internet highway if there were troll booths.

    My hopes for IU Athletics transformation…modeled on what I always believed my alma mater to represent:

    a. Accountability. Hold to your own measures of performance stated in early missions. Don’t sweep proclamations and goals under a rug once you’ve realized they aren’t coming to fruition.
    b. Fairness.
    c. Humility. Don’t talk down to kids who mess up. Don’t label them as wreckers or spout off of their failures. We were all young once …made mistakes and still make mistakes.
    d. Preserving the concept of ‘Student’ Athlete. Let’s know it is our strength to keep “student” in front of sports when so many are abandoning the principles simply because such things are rarely enforced or considered to be breaking of rules.
    e. Liberal principles. A desire to not narrowly define ourselves by only adopting one ideology or chosen point of view (e.g. Being a “good” anything doesn’t know any particular religion).
    f. Hope. Try to make a struggling student athlete believe they can do better…rather than simply drastically lowering bars so they serve our purposes.

    Holding onto any of the above principles will always make us an underdog sort of speak…but we’ll all sleep better and..maybe even “troll” less by adhering to those things so often not measured but serve as the true strong shoulders and feelings of sincere pride in our institution.

  24. Internet commenting breeds lots of contempt and unchecked emotions. I’ve been there for sure. People tend to think of themselves as the ideal fan, which coincidentally, always perfectly aligns with their views. It’s interesting in that there is so much fighting and arguing about things which we essentially have no control over. Unless one of you is ready to write a 7 figure check to the Varsity Club.

    Re: Football, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to deal with being an IU Football fan. It’s easy to criticize the program, because even if it is on the right track, there is so much ground to make up. The odds are against it. Fans get sick of losing. We get tired of being close enough, but not good enough. Coming here to vent with other people who waste 3 hrs on Saturday to watch another beating feels cathartic.

    I appreciate the diversity of opinions here re: the football program. I’m glad there are people who are skeptical until reality reflects otherwise, and am grateful that we have a guy like V13 here, who has real expertise, and provides a calm, insightful navigation of the potential future of our program. But for those who are spent, as long as it doesn’t get personal, what’s the problem with someone expressing frustration? Again, I’ve been guilty of personalizing things, but trying my best not to go there anymore.

    Even with Saturday’s loss, there are many projections out there that have Indiana winning 7 – 8 games. Count me in the skeptics column, but I’m curious to see it shake out. I’ll continue to tune in and watch the season unfold.

    1. Chgo. Trib. today says IU wins two more this year, so I guess there’s projections and then there’s projections. And who would bother to troll an IUFB site (which is probably read by twenty people on a good day)? Right now I’d say the odds of IU winning six are about 50:50, and only that good because Neb. and NU appear to be very beatable, so IUFB might have a chance to overcome a very-likely-still-in-the-cards loss (because IUFB is IUFB and TA still appears to be TA) to Pee-yew, Mary, or Rutgers.

  25. Wonderfully said, Double Down. Thank goodness for your honesty and your ability to maintain a sense of humor and perspective. And definitely thank goodness for V13 …I would add some other names and great minds who I miss a lot (Geoff, JPat, Tsao, Punjab, Seahawk Tom to name a few…Rest in peace, Aruss and Tsao).

    Scoop/HSR has great journalists (past and present) ….and we’re lucky to have this place.

  26. Criticizing the coaching staff for a bad performance, or recognizing a team’s deficiencies is perfectly acceptable. But to watch Saturday’s game (which I’ve now done) and not recognize the improvements and progress that have been made, is silly. Compare Saturday’s game at MSU (Homecoming game at that) to last year’s game in Bloomington. If you can’t see the improvement IU has made over the last year, you’re blind. Yes, the outcome was the same and IU still has a lot of room for improvement, but IU has made significant progress.

    Penix is a star in the making. If he stays healthy, he’s going to make the difference in a lot of Big Ten games. We have to remember that his performance against MSU came after not playing for two weeks. And when was the last time an IU QB completed 20 consecutive passes?

    As for the defense, our new, young AD’s honeymoon is over. IU’s defense has not shown that it can stop Big Ten teams when it needs to. And our defensive players are still not making key plays when they have a chance to secure the win. That dropped INT would have been a pick six and given IU the upset win. Dropping it was all too typical of another missed opportunity.

    1. I believe on one of the scoreboard shows they stated that Penix was 2 completions short of the Big Ten record.

  27. DD, the people who post comments on this site still care about IU Football. But they are an infinitesimal minority of the Hoosier Nation. The vast majority of the Hoosier Nation and/or the population of Central and Southern Indiana have been in a long period of hibernation when it comes to IU FB. I could not watch Saturday’s game because of a major family commitment being held in Indiana. 40 people were involved. 32 of those people are IU Alumni and everyone present had spent significant time growing up in Indiana. Not one person expressed any interest in Saturday’s game. There was a large TV available in this picnic-type atmosphere, but other than myself, no one cared enough about the game to ask that it be turned on. I tried to stir up some interest so that the host would turn the game on, but that idea was met with something approaching hostility. “Why ruin a beautiful afternoon” someone said. A women responded, “Oh God, don’t turn that on, it would be depressing.” I asked about a dozen IU alumni a few questions about IU Football. None of them have been to a FB game in Bloomington for over a decade, but all of them go to at least one BB game in Bloomington every year, and some have BB season tickets. The only FB game most of those folks watch on TV is the IU/Purdue game. None of the people I spoke with about IU FB could name IU’s head FB coach to save their lives! Now my little survey was far from scientific, but the responses I got to my questions were all too typical of the many IU Alumni I interact with on a regular basis. They are totally checked out and divested of IU Football. Most gave up caring about IU Football, if they ever cared at all, decades ago. Until something special happens to change that collective disregard, IU FB is going to have a hard time getting the financial support it needs to build and sustain a winning FB program. Maybe the ultimate problem with IU Football is us!

    1. Interesting when you cast shade on southern Indiana when central and northern (state of) Indiana fans fall far more into the Purdue/Notre Dame camp or, God forbid, some Chicago team. You rarely see a Purdue or ND sticker or banner in the southern end of the state. They are all over in the north.

      Southern Indiana is IU country.

  28. Chet is sort of right….It takes a rare gem of a person from Northern…or Northwest Indiana to open their eyes to Bloomington. I do think it’s sort of interesting on how many of our children (“our” as in Scoop contributors who have hinted about kids and their college choices ) chose to go elsewhere. I guess some of that could be proximity(many alumni have long ago left the state and raised families far away from Bloomington)?
    My kid wanted a different experience from IU though most friends from high school were all headed to Bloomington….I didn’t want my child to go to IU if it wasn’t in the heart…It would have saved us thousands upon thousands of dollars over the private out-of-state school decided upon.
    Now I’ll be heading to the grave with ParentPlus loans only cleared off the books with my death. But I have no regrets…..just terrible credit and zero shot at comfortable retirement.
    IU is a great school and a beautiful place. I think it fit my time in life…but everyone finds their own fit and, hopefully, most searching out their destinations where they really leave home for the first time in life find the challenges and new experiences which serve their own dream and their own fit.

    1. Harv, I have a question. The only reason I ask is that you have always been kinda vague on the issue in the past. It, in no way, has any bearing on your loyalty, or whatever, as an IU fan. I honestly believe you bleed cream and crimson. You likely feel more anguish after losses than do I. It is just curiosity and, honestly, I don’t expect an answer. Which is fine.

      Are you an IU alumni?

        1. I’m actually an aluminum….(spent way too much time at college with a beer can).

          Chet- Don’t mean to be evasive…but I sort of prefer postponing details. I did attend IU. Your experiences always sound more interesting.

  29. The family event I attended Saturday was held about as far south as you can get and still be in Indiana. The people attending the event were from all over the state and from out of state (like myself).

    Don’t get me wrong, these people all love IU and cherish their memories of being students there. They love IU BB, but they could care less about IU FB and pay absolutely no attention to it. One women’s husband is a Louisville alumni and avid fan of everything Louisville. He asked me, “Is this typical of IU alumni?” I responded, “Unfortunately, yes, and the current student body, too.”

    Someone once said, “the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”

    1. I guess it is all about the sampling you take. I grew up around avid IUFB fans. At the same time, as adults, many of them cheer for UofL.

      I don’t get it either.

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