1. Don’t be surprised if Mike Hart bolts. If a shoulder separation is ‘week to week’, then Penix is wtw. This embarrassment put a capstone on what we suspected in games 1 and 2. Anything less than bringing in a proven winning coach (recruiting, staff etc) by the AD, even for 2-3 years to stop the bleeding isn’t acceptable. Kansas and UNC couldn’t take it anymore….well, we can’t either.

    1. Okay, I gotta ask. What was it you ‘suspected’ after the 52-0 shutout?

      I mean, they were stomped today. They were never in the game. But claiming this put a ‘capstone’ on what you ‘suspected’ after a 52-0 shutout is a little hard to believe.

      1. I don’t know about ‘capstones’….
        I think OSU made us more a headstone. They carved up the field per usual with more explosive precision than a local limestone “cutter.” No “Breaking Away” movie…or popcorn and movie after a weekend of dominant hoops in Bloomington. Just more headstones and plenty of breaking away OSU running backs.
        Memorial Stadium is once again turned giant grave marker by the football and turf cutter craftsmen of Ohio…Season after season a different Hoosier Football team receives a new “died” date…..all courtesy Buckeye Football.

      2. Well Chet, since you asked. Can’t run against BSU and directional Illinois. This was the ugly realization, only this time we also learned that pass protection against a league foe is porous + tackling is still questionable. As for coaching tenures, either you can or can’t. (Other posts) Don’t even invoke Ara Parseghian or Notre Dame as some kind of comparison to Allen or the IU program. Ara was hired by ND after he won the BIG and defeated the Irish. Holtz walked away because ND wouldn’t ammend their academic standards. This is just the latest edition of failure on a grand scale. This thing is about to spiral out of control, …. BEFORE season’s end. As for capstones, it’s the one on top of this reeling program. Fini.

    2. As far as UNC and Kansas not being able to ‘take it anymore’. Sure, they both fired their coaches…after they coach there eight seasons apiece.

      That’s 2 seasons less than Notre Dame couldn’t take it anymore with Ara Parseghian.

      It’s three seasons more than South Carolina ‘couldn’t take it anymore’ with Lou Holtz.

      Gimme a break.

    3. Mike tried to bolt last year. It is a natural aspiration to work your way up to a power school or a head coach.

  2. ScoopTalk guys always look so jovial after our football team experiences a beatdown….This is why we should have never fired Wilson. Wilson would have gone up there and personally wiped those smiles off.
    And for every couple HT reporters having fun with our ineptitude, a multiplier of a thousand occurs across the land. How do you end the national farce that is IU Football?
    Is the mockery eternal karma or some sort of Establishment payback for all the years Knight teams garnered national attention as he treated the press/reporters like they were pigeon droppings?

    Knight held his players and his teams accountable. He could wear the chip on the shoulder because beatdowns were simply unacceptable. Wilson was attempting to do the same….You have to hold your teams accountable win or lose…or you simply become the brunt of every cynical joke.

    It’s sad…Mocking the football program is almost more a part of our identity than football itself. And that’s why it really hurt to bring a clown to our basketball program and keep him for almost a decade ….Football had already owned that side of the street. Cue cards was its address.

  3. Do all the “Mikes” of the world live on Scoop….? Then again, social media was invented for all the “Mikes,” I suppose. Somehow, everyone needs to be on that football field…..even if it’s a lonely a field as Bloomington.

    Call me biased…but at least we have a beautiful movie like “Breaking Away” to be proud. It’s the medicine that takes me back to the place in the heart I long….But that’s just me. I love the simple things and always thought to know better a vehicle for such things existed where many a greedy heart discounted or ignored. Such a quest an entire life to “break away” the troubles that were never troubles….and the toils never toils. Wisdom left me at the altar.

  4. It’s Sunday, now that I am over the initial shock of of how badly Indiana looked against Ohio State, I am looking for a silver lining….Lets face it our football record (2 wins and 1 lost) is exactly where most of the Indiana fans expected it to be. Now that we have faced the top team (BIG DOG – which really no fan expected us to win this game this year) of the conference, lets hope that this team can bounce back and “WIN” some of the games we think or hope they can win (Michigan State, Purdue, Nebraska and Maryland) to make a “BOWL”appearance/game. Yes, we know about the poor tackling and the inability to run the ball but both of these problems are very fixable an hopefully this staff can fix them. If Indiana can win 3 (three) of the next 4 (four) games which are very do-able (IMO) fan excitement and enthusiasm would return to Memorial stadium.

  5. IU79- All of what you said may be true, but we’ve been sold “breakthrough” since Allen took the reins. Chickensnot Bowls are not signature “breakthrough” moments or breakthrough seasons. Breakthrough entails beating one or two top players in our conference…It should even mean achieving such a task on the opponent’s turf rather than the comforts of our home.
    We are no closer to breakthrough or looking like we belong in this conference. Making all of this a positive spin job because it could result in one of those bottom-feeding meaningless bowls is the same old IU. I don’t believe Glass or Allen were selling us that angle…..nor do I think it’s sincere to act like we are still on track for what was presented or where this program was aimed. There is no sliver lining in deceptions(whether deceiving yourself or the fan base)….It’s a plastic lining and that’s why it’s IU Football.

  6. I agree withIU79. OSU was the exception this year. MSU lost to a horrible Arizona State team, PU got crushed by an overrated TCU team, Michigan is very weak and Maryland hasn’t played anybody and they got humiliated. I think we lose maybe one more game and run the table to a New Years bowl and shock the world.

    The Bucknuts just caught us without our star QB or we would have taken them down to the wire.

  7. Purdue was exposed last week when the team they lost to the week prior was bounced 77-6 in their next game.

    Talk about regression.

    IU played without their starting quarterback and got hammered. It is what it is. It didn’t really prove anything other than OSU is very good. There are plenty of teams in the Big Ten loaded with question marks right now. The health of Penix is certainly a big key.

    Looking at the conference results so far, his season could still go either way.

  8. Huge breakthrough is in the making this season for Coach Allen’s Fightin Hoosiers. They will come back strong and put a major whuppin on UCONN and then at least a two TD win in East Lansing before a much deserved bye week.

    1. Hope so. I certainly think it is a possibility.

      The results around the league so far are encouraging for the Hoosiers. Need to get Penix back and hope they can put the OSU game behind them. While strange things happen, it is hard to see the Buckeyes losing a conference game at this point.

      I am still of the opinion that this can be a successful season for IU.

  9. Celebrating the losses of our Big Ten rivals, while providing some measure of comfort, will not improve the quality of IU’s performances. Maryland beat the #21 ranked Syracuse and was leading the nation is offense until yesterday. When was the last time IU beat a ranked team or had the #1 scoring offense in the nation? ASU is 3 – 0 and hardly a “horrible” team, and they’ve beaten MSU two years in a row. Michigan showed weakness against Army, but Army and Navy are awkward teams to play. I agree that Purdue appears to have regressed, but TCU has been a prominent FB program for a decade now. Can IU beat Purdue, MSU and Michigan this year? Yes, I believe they can. But they won’t beat any of those teams if they continue to play like they did yesterday. Tackling is tackling, and blocking is blocking. Catching passes and punting is the same no matter who you play. Yes, OSU may be one of the three best teams in the country, but that does not excuse IU’s bad performance and ridiculous mistakes made during yesterday’s game. The bottom line is, IU has not passed the “eye test” yet. And if they hope to win six, they’d better improve in several key areas real fast.

    I guess my take is that IU is capable of beating every team that remains on their schedule this season. But they can also lose to every one of those teams. My question is, do the players know what they have to do in order to become winners?

  10. Don’t take UConn lightly the last time they played in Bloomington they left town with a win(During the Lynch coaching). HfH was correct with Penix being able to go through the Big Ten season, Penix might be brittle like a piece of fine china ware. The coaching needs to get Tuttle ready we know the limitations of Ramsey and the QB that needs to be ready is Tuttle and don’t wait it too late to prepare him. Florida and Ky lost their QB’s for the season and Purdue has their QB with concussion problems.

  11. UConn at home couldn’t beat Illinois who lost to E Mich yesterday l. I already have the dub for IU in the books for Saturday.

    There are only 3 good teams in the B10 this year and we only face one of them (Penn St) the rest of the season.

    Everyone else we face are beatable and I see nothing preventing us from grabbing the dub’s.

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