1. If the 34 to 31 score analysis is going to be presented then a more accurate score analysis would be 38 to 31. MSU could have scored a td instead of playing for a fg.

  2. t, MSU made the decision not for the TD as they could have tried anyway. They were afraid of a mistake and only having one shot at a FG if they tried for the TD and didn’t get it. To the point, the score was 40-31 when the game ended.

    This game showed me IU, especially the offense, would fight against B1G teams. Penix has shown himself to be a special QB now IU needs to show they know Mullen is a special player too.

    1. They didn’t try to score a touchdown because they wanted to take the clock down as far as possible before attempting a chip shot field goal. They didn’t want to give the ball back to IU and and Penix and risk giving up a big play, something IU had come close on several times in the second half. The issue was the clock and keeping possession and not giving the ball back. It wasn’t about not making a mistake.

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