Hunter gets work in at Hoosier Hysteria

For Indiana’s Jerome Hunter, Saturday’s Hoosier Hysteria scrimmage was what you could call a second first.

Last year, the 6-foot-7 forward debuted for IU fans during the annual event, getting up a few shots, giving everyone a glimpse of his potential. But that’s all the court time he would get in front of Hoosier Nation, sidelined by a lower leg condition for the rest of the year.

So Hunter’s second crack at Hoosier Hysteria was another first in a long road back. Again, he was introduced to an enthusiastic crowd, surrounded by pyrotechnics. Then he showed off the offensive versatility that has so many enthused about his potential. He banked a runner off the glass. His second make was off the backboard, as well, this time off a turnaround jumper in the post.

Those four points were a welcome restart to the redshirt freshman’s career, capping a week where he participated in every practice by playing every second of a 10-minute, intrasquad scrimmage. His “cream” team won, 15-9.

“It’s been a long time,” Hunter said. “Last year was the last time I stepped on this court. This year was the first time I stepped on it again. I mean, happy to be back out there.”

From a team perspective, it would be hard to take too much from the scrimmage. Two pivotal seniors, De’Ron Davis and Devonte Green, and their sophomore point guard, Rob Phinisee, did not leave the bench. They sat for precautionary reasons, according to a spokesperson.

But, individually, Hunter was one of a few encouraging first-glimpses. Junior Al Durham, recently named a team captain, got the cream squad started with a 3. He scored five points.

Freshman forward Trayce Jackson-Davis, who won the dunk contest with a through-the-legs, one-handed slam, had a couple of putback scores — one a dunk. He also blocked a shot by redshirt junior forward Joey Brunk.

“Trayce is very athletic,” Hunter said. “He just knows where the ball is going to be when it comes off the rim. He just knows how to get a dunk any time he wants it.”

Just having Hunter running up and down the floor — participating in the skills and 3-point competitions, for good measure — was a good thing for the Hoosiers.

After the scrimmage, Hunter said he felt good conditioning-wise.

“This week was a really good week for me … but it’s an every day thing,” Hunter said. “So I’m just going to try and take it day-by-day.”

IU women have ‘more to do’

When IU women’s basketball coach Teri Moren took the stage to address the Assembly Hall crowd, she could point to some successes from her previous five years.

Moren mentioned the two NCAA appearances, along with a pair of first-round wins. She literally pointed to the 2018 WNIT championship banner in the rafters.

But with a myriad of pieces returning from last year’s NCAA tournament squad, Moren was clear on something: she expects more this season.

“I’m really, really proud and humbled by the things we’ve been able to accomplish to this point,” Moren said. “But I’ve got to be honest, we still have more to do, and we have players to do it with.”

The women’s program does not lack depth or experience. The Hoosiers return their top four scorers, including redshirt junior Ali Patberg, junior Jaelynn Penn, and senior Brenna Wise. It’s uncertain whether junior Bendu Yeaney, recovering from an Achilles injury suffered in the NCAA tournament, will be available at the start of the season, but she didn’t appear at all hobbled as she came down the ramp for intros.

At the end of her time on the stage, Moren appealed to the crowd.

“You guys matter,” Moren said. “We’re grateful for you guys. Please continue to come out. And I’m just going to say this: Please, when we are winning, be with us. And when we are falling short, stay with us. Right? Stay with us.”

Patberg combined with Brunk to win the skills competition, while the team of Penn and Durham took the 3-point contest.

Cheaney honored

IU great Calbert Cheaney, the 1993 National Player of the Year and the all-time leading scorer for the Hoosiers and the Big Ten, was honored during Saturday’s festivities for his upcoming enshrinement into the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame.

Along with a video tribute on the big board, Jackson-Davis switched into a No. 40 jersey for an encore dunk. It was of the double-pump, reverse variety.

“That’s a tremendous gesture,” Cheaney said. “I appreciate him and everything. I’m not sure I would have been able to do that type of dunk, but I really appreciate it.”

While on the stage, Cheaney gave words of support for third-year coach Archie Miller, saying “I’m 100 percent behind Archie and what he’s doing with this basketball program, and I hope you are, too.”

Cheaney, now an assistant with the Atlanta Hawks’ G-League affiliate, emphasized the development aspect of Miller’s program.

“Just giving them an opportunity,” Cheaney said. “Like I said, this is his third year in, and hopefully, like I said, he’ll be able to get some things done. It’s just a matter of him developing the kids, getting the kids he wants, and then we can go from there.

“But I think he’s done a good job to this point. Hopefully, this season will be an indicator of that.”

Cheaney’s 2,613 points still reign supreme in the conference, and it may stay that way for a while with the one-and-done mentality among the sport’s top athletes.

In the wake of the California Senate bill recently signed into law — allowing college athletes to profit off of their name, image, and likeness — Cheaney said he’s a proponent of high school players being able to jump straight to the professional ranks.

“If they are ready to go, there is really no need for them to stay a year,” Cheaney said. “Me personally, just let them leave straight out of high school. I don’t think there is a need for a one-and-done type of scenario.”

Even with that being said, Cheaney expects his record to be broken at some point.

“Somebody will get there,” Cheaney said. “The current state of the league right now, everyone leaving after one year, especially the higher-tier players … but I’m sure there’s somebody out there who is going to have a shot at it.

“If not sooner, maybe later.”


  1. If the photo of Hunter was taken at this year’s Hoosier Hysteria event, there seems to be a lot of open seats in the background. Was this event a bust with the fans?

    And then I read that a few of our prominent players did not play in the scrimmage for “precautionary” reasons. What the heck is going on? The season’s just getting started and we’re sitting out players for precautionary reasons? A little news about that would be appropriate, otherwise we’re left to speculate that IU BB is stumbling out of the gate this season.

  2. Minny,, NW, Illinois, MSU, Mich, Nebraska, and all the rest of big ten have their own pre season hysteria. Reality says not much happening on men’s side. Just another big ten basketball program.

    Women’s side continues upward.

  3. Have introduction of the both the men’s and women’s teams, both coaches speak for 4 or 5 minutes, a three point contest, skill tests for men and women paired into teams and the dunk contest and an eight minute scrimmage not worthy my travel of 100 miles each way. Also poor men’s results for the past three seasons, I U picked 9th or tenth place for this year and the Big Ten men’s conference is ranked fourth best conference could be reasons for empty seats

  4. Not making excuses but, if the event would have been scheduled in the evening instead of the afternoon, attendance might have been higher. I read where there were over 10,000 in attendance, certainly not a complete bust. Wouldn’t get to concerned over low attendance, there really isn’t that much going on during this event anyway? I have always wondered, being a women’s fan why they are not allowed a short scrimmage as the men do? Go Hoosiers!!

  5. My thoughts are the same on attendance correlating to an evening start time. Students respond resoundingly positive after dark.

  6. For 10 years we pumped the fan base with a marketing slogans barrage….and they never experienced a March Madness beyond a Sweet Sixteen appearance.

    Lots of marketing ‘hysteria’ and no ‘Madness’; slogans galore such as “We’re Back”….”The Movement”…”Everything hinges”….”Hoosier Rising” all blew up like an overfilled helium balloon.

    The last decade in hoops cost our credibility because so many other Midwestern programs without near the “hype” and “hysteria” achieved far more on the biggest stages. The biggest stage matters. It’s why zero tolerance actually became zero tolerance.
    There is a point when fans will grow numb to gibberish. There is a point when empty sales pitches turn into empty seats as IU Basketball turns into IU Football.
    Beware when students and alumni stop caring and don’t buy the ticket forever expected after the selling of hype. It’s why you don’t hire carnival salesmen and those more experts in marketing campaigns and podium jargon than sincere determination and teaching of the sport.
    Hype unanswered with results(as in deep NCAA tournament appearances and something other than cupcake bowls while only winning two conference games)….is the antigen to “hysteria.”

  7. Doesn’t take much for the comments section around here to go off half cocked…

    Hoosier Hysteria was filled with people. For a free “practice”. The Herald Times had their own photographer, so I suggest looking at those photos. Here’s another look…

    Archie Miller said no one is injured. Everyone is on the full practice squad and playing at full speed. That includes Jerome Hunter. You know, the point of the article. Thought it would be kind of groovy to come in a celebrate the return of a player who’s coming back from something serious. About how he’s exactly the kind of guy we need to get back to the tournament because he’s got a wonderful stroke and the confidence to hit it.

    Nah, let’s take a cropped photo completely out of context instead….

    1. Don’t promote ‘Inside the Halitosis’ on HSR. Inside the Halitosis is for Fox News viewers.
      Bizitch helped keep the clown for 10 years because he promotes his own ideologies on his site. The Herald Times is an objective news source. Don’t put it in the league with a blog not held to any form of journalistic integrity/objectivity.
      Lastly, nobody can compare to Chris Howell’s eye through the lens.

      It did look like a nice crowd….but beware….The day will come when the slogans without results turns Skjodt into Memorial.

  8. Smart to have it in the afternoon. Shouldn’t put people on the highways at midnight.
    It’s simply time to put these sorts of events into perspective. It’s time for IU Basketball to start getting results on the premier stages(e.g. Elite Eights, Final Fours …..Title games…Banner).
    Bring home some victories on the premier stages and you could have the following year ‘Hysteria’ at sunrise to a packed Assembly Hall.

  9. Okay gang,
    Being the article was ostensibly about JH, thought it might be a good time to go out on a limb. With the caveat that JH returns to pre-condition form, I think he will have a similar impact on IUBB as Penix for IUFB, also when healthy. The only difference is I think there is more surrounding talent ingredients for a IUBB tourney run than to guarantee IUFB to go bowling. I believe a healthy JH would have made a huge impact last year and again, if he can return to earlier form, will contribute significantly this year.

    1. There are just a ton of mysteries.

      Because of injuries we have a bunch of guys we pretty much know zip about. Last year we had Romeo and Juwan and…the rest.

      This year we MIGHT be a really deep, talented team. Or we might not. Who knows?

      At least we aren’t hiding guys at the end of the bench who should never have been there in the first place.

    2. The article, though headlined as Hunter at Hoosier Hysteria, was actually about 2/9 Hunter, 1/9 Jackson-Davis, !/3 discussing the Women’s program, and 1/3 dedicated to Calbert Cheaney.
      So, basically, nobody got off subject. If anything, the headline was sadly void of incorporating what was hidden in the bottom 1/3 of the story; the afterthought of one of the all-time greats to ever don the candy stripes.

      Still need a superstar…Still need a lights out shooter. Romeo returns and this is a Final Four team. As is? Mystery at best. Probably a bubble team.

  10. I think there are some sleepers on this year’s team. And with Archie’s emphasis on tenacious defense, I think he has a much deeper team than last year because of these “sleepers.” Could be a much more “Archie” type team. I’m not talking about All B1G type guys, but some guys that have an opportunity to make the leap.

    One of those guys is Race Thompson. Don’t really hear his name mentioned. He was fighting for minutes at the end of last year. He, too, fought off injuries last year. He doesn’t have the type of game that would show well in an exhibition scrimmage in front of fans. He is a guy who is going to bloody a few noses and keep the lane plugged. Our front court this year, is looking very nice.

  11. Much to be thankful for…..Never shall cue cards be near McCracken again. Well, I shouldn’t say never. If Don Fischer pushes the gig way past assisted living years, he may need some help with the lines.

  12. By IU BB standards, 7,000 empty seats makes this year’s Hoosier Hysteria a bust. I’ve attended my share of such events, and I can’t recall there ever being any empty seats. My how times have changed at IU-B! Hope Archie wasn’t using this as a huge recruiting event, because highly rated HS players are not going to be impressed by a stadium with 40% of its seats empty.

    I agree that if the event would have been held at night, attendance probably would have been much higher. And as I’ve commented in the past, why not sell tickets to this event for $5, then donate the money to a charity supporting the under-privileged. Asking people to bring canned food is nice, but raising tens of thousands of dollars for the disadvantaged would probably have a grater impact.

    Another head-scratcher from our brilliant AD.

    1. Maybe one of the HT guys can check the numbers but the attendance figures sound about the same as in the past.

  13. MSU doesn’t hold their Midnight Madness until Oct. 28th….

    I checked some year’s past and IU used to have Hysteria in the latter part of October. In 2012 it was held on Oct. 21st….and many others of recent past have been 16th..or 17th(still not the beginning of October).

    Maybe someone at HT can answer why the event keeps getting pushed earlier and earlier on the calendar? Football is barely into the conference schedule and we’re having Hysteria? Maybe the earlier date simply caught some people off guard?
    I know we’re very passionate about our hoops in Indiana but first week of October seems early. We were just having 90 degree days last week before the recent cool down.
    a. Event is too early. Why is it getting pushed up earlier and earlier?
    Some fans are likely not even researching for Hoosier Hysteria until mid-month.
    b. Time slot. Safer to not put people on highways at midnight, but students are barely rolling out of hangover mode at the scheduled hour.
    c. No real hyped superstar: No Oladipo to sing a song. No Mr. Everything Hinges. No Romeo, oh Romeo fresh off a New Albany high school ‘hysteria’ event to declare his intentions on taking Hoosiers to the promise land.
    d. Crowds come for Hoosiers…but they also come for newly signed superstars.
    Tryce Jackson-Davis may be a mini superstar…but there simply wasn’t the hype surrounding him…or anyone on this roster. Nothing hinges. No perceived game-changing recruits to hype the hype to stratosphere.
    e. No returning superstar (adios Romeo in search of Juliet’s NBA).

    Final thoughts as take the snap, run the discussion option, and pitch to thinkaboutit: This is a working class/truck driver roster. Maybe there is an Elvis somewhere in the making(a.k.a. “mystery date” / superstar in waiting). Hunter may very well be our Hoosier Elvis. The fans and the screaming girls normally in the stands for ‘Hysteria’ and the next Hoosier heartthrob are soon to be throwing their panties to the McCracken stage. Elvis is in the building. We rarely ever see the truly memorable “greats” of entertainment or sport coming….Nobody saw Brady coming. Very few saw Walter Payton coming…Did anyone see Jimmy Hendrix coming? The Beatles? Elvis? Michael Jackson and The Jackson Five from the hard working class streets of Gary, Indiana? Secretariat? Bob Knight from West Point?

    Everyone saw Andrew Luck coming….Everyone saw him leaving as well.
    Everyone watched Baker Mayfield look rather “pedestrian” last night.

    1. Don’t know about you H4H,

      But I kind of like a “working class/truck driver” roster. Those type of players seem to scream “Hoosier Basketball.” I know talent is needed, but a prima donna mentality does nothing but break down the team mentality. I think that is why everyone loved ZM so much. He didn’t have the elite talent, but made up a great deal of that with hustle and a willingness to work very hard. It is a shame his senior year was marred by injury, I think his injury was as much of a factor as the numerous other casualties last year.

      1. Agree…Just sayin’ a lot of fans do come to Hysteria to see the unveiling/first appearance of the elusive superstar deciding to don candy stripes. They are far and few between…Over the last 13 or so years, we’ve basically added more hype to Hoosier Hysteria with three names of incoming homegrown Indiana superstars: Eric Gordon, Cody Zeller, Romeo Langford. When was the last before Gordon? Damon Bailey?

        If Langford would have returned this season, fans would have been hanging from the rafters at Hoosier Hysteria. Truck drivers + Inside additions + Romeo = Banner Perceptions.

        It can happen ….but it’s pretty damn near impossible to get to a Final Four without, at least, one superstar/premier scorer. Just my very novice opinion in the categories of “Hysteria,” Hoosier pride, and optimal composition of rosters….for what it’s worth. Coaching is sort of key as well…..And though he’s bringing the teaching back to the basketball classroom, the jury is still out on Archie Miller.

        We may also have one or two sometimes disengaged prima donnas hanging around from the last regime. I don’t expect Archie to work miracles with changing some of that deep hard wiring. I anticipate further improvement when we have built a team of only his recruits on the entire roster.

  14. If you allow fans to bring “canned goods” as charity donations to Hoosier Hysteria, just make sure Dan Dakich is not in attendance. Dan’s old ‘Cream & Crimson’ turned love for Boils & Purdue could cause a ‘stoning’ involving cans ofCampbell’s Cream of Mushroom to ensue.

  15. If I may add one final thought toward Hoosier Hysteria and “charity.”

    PUHHHHHHHLEASE! Haven’t we unveiled our priorities(us and college athletics) long ago. A coach topping out at Sweet Sixteens walks away after nine seasons with 30+ million in his personal bank account(courtesy of IU Ahtletics) and we’re talking about cans of Cream of Mushroom?

    Let’s get real…and discuss “disadvantaged” in the context of the millions upon millions going down the crapper in beyond ridiculous salaries thrown in the faces of many a “disadvantaged” borrowed out student …or parent confronted with college costing as much as another mortgage and somehow trying to afford sending their kid to a quality school.

    Let’s get the priorities straight….Feed the bankrupt students….Feed the poor. Stop feeding 30 million to clowns with ‘goody two-shoes’ tongues pretending to be coaches. Even those not salesmen or highfalutin preachers and promise-makers could survive with far less than the amounts insulting the “disadvantaged” whose once long ago simple diversion to feel part of something via the transcending quality of sports.

    Nothing transcends anymore with the levels of greed simply because it’s been brainwashed into the public as a fair market value.

  16. think, I agree with you, many in The Hoosier Nation love the blue-collar, lunch-pale type players. Or I should say they love to root for those type of players. But do they love them if they’re not winning BB games, competing for Big Ten Championships or making deep runs in the NCAA? No, not really.

    Bob Knight had a lot of Collage BB super-talents on his Championship teams, but he made them play like hard-nosed, blue collar type players. It was all about the team and how the players meshed together. But Bob Knight does not win any Championships at IU without the blue-chip-players like Turner, Thomas and Tolbert, or May, Buckner and Benson, etc. Most of those guys were 5-star guys coming out of HS. I’m not saying IU has to sign five McDonalds’ All American/one-and-done players in every recruiting class, but 12 hard-nosed, truck-driving hard workers with mediocre talent are not going to satisfy The Hoosier Nation’s thirst for IU BB regaining status amongst the college BB Elite!

    It’s a different college BB world these days, and when you get the right amount of talent that learns how to play together as a team, they go deep in the tourney and sometimes, with some luck, win Championships.

    1. Did they even have the “star” evaluation of recruits in the ’70s and most of ’80s? Maybe some of these ‘fabulously accurate’ recruiting services/sites were popping up back then, but I remember coaches getting on planes, trains and automobiles to do the searching back then….Or, they relied on our wonderful single class high school basketball tournament to be a proving ground for the in state talent( e.g. The Scott Skiles of the ‘shock the world’)….

      There were no blue ribbons for every Cody or Joey playing at Podunk High in a multi-class basketball tournament.
      Sure, Knight found talent….but he also found winners. He found kids who didn’t get blue ribbons for tying their shoelaces. Many of his “superstars” were household names in Indiana, but they weren’t gracing the covers of Sports Illustrated. Show me Steve Downing on a cover of Sports Illustrated before he thoroughly outplayed and stamped a pitchfork on Bill Walton’s fat anointed forehead at a Final Four.

      Cody was on a lot of magazine covers…He has a Sweet Sixteen and a Skjodt Hall Pool Hall next to his name.

      5 Stars …..? McDonald’s All-Americans….? Where’s the rocket ship taking IU to the stars? Where’s the Golden Arches ….leading to nets draped over golden trophies?

      Hoosiers of the bygone era in our heyday had no “stars” next to their names. They had cream and crimson in their blood…and they earned the FIVE stars now being worn on short-short waistbands.

  17. Signing Dawson Garcia is looking more likely with the Heels and the Jawhawks fading out if the picture.

    1. Possibly. The only thing holding it up is a vote by the NBA players union. No timetable that I’ve seen, though.

  18. [old man code]

    [insert nostalgic, whitewashed statement glorifying the past]

    [throw everyone under the bus in the present]

    [eat nachos, but complain how they used to taste much better in the Carter era]

    [/old man code]

      1. Prefer one high school basketball tournament as opposed to multiple watered down “class” basketball allowing blue ribbons for everyone?
        Prefer less hype, less reunions, and less Pool Halls for the recent Hoosier “greats” and more deep tournament runs?
        Understanding one 5-star means little if he leaves before any talent can be assembled around him?

        Not sure how any of that makes one old. It simply points out how the bars are much lower and the dollars much larger for a lower bar of “greatness.”
        Low bars are sort of like giving up on bigger challenges not always tied to a dollar bill. Giving up on challenges for the sake of pride and achievement is more of a defining old trait.

        A lot of money being made for a lot of watered down “superiority.” I would assume many commenting on here think what IU can hype is bigger than what they achieve.

        1. Building your 30 million dollar retirement package at 19 years of age? Hell, hope he sucks on soft pudding for the next 80 years.

          Building a college legacy…and standing amongst the very few to fight tooth and nail for 4 years ….and maybe, just maybe, playing on a banner team? No…no…no. Build your mansion. Build your chance to have a nurse care for you in bed for all your latter years. Build your retirement before one day as a rebel ….with no safety net. Be a very smart old dead person at 19 years old….Let the NBA suck your heart right out of your chest by merely showing you a blank paycheck signed by the spineless Adam Silver.

  19. Clever….but facts are facts. What have “superstars” done for IU on big stages in the last (how many years)? Skjodt Hall Pool Hall. Yippee.

    Did you not like the Walton slight? California ….Golden State…Clay…Steph…Walton…I get it. Have your fun. You made it big time.

    Pretty sure I remember an [old man code] being highly critical of cutting down nets at McCracken after a loss. I guess that was your young and in vogue Hoosier perspective.

  20. I am not sure when star ratings for players actually started to evaluate and recruit players. IU and other programs consistently get 3 star players now. However, in relationship to the past vs the present (given that more players are bigger, faster, more skilled etc than in the past for B.B. and F.B. and many sports) I have always had this question??? When making comparison to talent levels among teams has pretty much everything remained the same….meaning talent level of recruits from high to low distributed as it has always been with the exception of the wide range of middle teams have grown in talent level because there are more 3 star range players. The 4 and 5 stars meaning high talent level players are still mainly distributed among traditional football power houses. So mainly what you see (with an exception here and there) are traditional football power houses in big traditional bowl games….and about 30 other slip on banana peel insignificant feel good bowl games so it mistakenly looks like teams are better than they use to be for a season or two. Of course no better example than the state of Indiana going from one class to multi class system in basketball. Small towns/schools get to live in a make believe world. Same with all these make believe bowl games.

  21. And if colleges are going to pay college athletes (way of Crazy California thinking)…WHY NOT PAY HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETES??? And COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL BAND MEMBERS, DRAMA/THE ARTS and on and on and on.
    The argument about who makes what money. First slash all college coaching and administrative salaries and packages plus political term limits and very limited retirement deals. Plus get rid of political career matching funds.

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