IU target Garcia opts for Marquette

A priority 2020 target for the Hoosiers, forward Dawson Garcia, is heading elsewhere.

Garcia, a 6-foot-11 forward from Minnesota, considered a five-star prospect by 247Sports, announced a verbal commitment to Marquette on Wednesday. IU was one of Garcia’s finalists, along with Memphis and Minnesota.

Garcia’s announcement was broadcast by CBS Sports HQ from his high school, Prior Lake. As a junior, the forward averaged 26 points and 11 rebounds per game, including 43 percent from 3-point range.

According to 247Sports, he is the No. 22 overall recruit in the 2020 class.

IU currently has three players signed for 2020, including in-state guards Trey Galloway and Anthony Leal and wing Jordan Geronimo. Third-year coach Archie Miller could fit at least one more in the class, but the Hoosiers’ options are dwindling.

Along with Garcia, IU’s targets at other positions, namely point guard, have gone elsewhere, including Andre Curbelo (Illinois) and Hassan Diarra (Texas A&M). The Hoosiers could look to the transfer market or pocket an additional scholarship for 2021 class, which is considered to be deep with talent.


  1. Yesterday, while reading the transcript of a recent interview Garcia did, it became obvious to me that he was not going to sign with IU. To each their own, but I am dumbfounded by this decision. I could understand Memphis or Minnesota, but Marquette? I don’t get it!

    So now it’s either a grad transfer, an international player, a project or an unfilled scholarship.

    Is it time for us to be concerned about Archie & Staff’s inability to sign their highest rated recruiting targets?

    1. Get concerned when we start recruiting guys like Tijan Jobe, Bawa Muniru, Peter Jurkin, Guy-Marc Michel, Hanner Perea, Tim Priller and Jeremiah April….just to name a few toe-tripping, arm-flailing, brick-laying, future ‘Hakeem the Dreams’.

      Crean’s rosters had more scary projects than Cabrini Green…

      I like our team…Brunk is the best Joey we’ve had since Joey Glass brought us Tom Crean.

  2. Po ..I looked at Marquette’s roster for this year to gain insight to returning players…All I can see is Garcia doing a one and done..the best players that would have been underclassmen this year were the Houser Brothers and they BOTH transferred out.. I think he is wanting to create a highlight film for NBA scouts.

  3. TJ, Garcia is very good and he’s 6’11”, and he clearly stated in that interview that his goal is to play in the NBA as soon as possible. But I don’t recall any of the “experts” including him on a list of one-and-done candidates. He is rated as a 4-star. I’m not aware of any 4-star rated players being considered legitimate one-and-done candidates.

    As I said in another recent post, IU’s recruiting seems to be sputtering right now. It’s not stalled or sliding backward, but it’s not firing on all cylinders either.

  4. The recruiting status of the players IU targeted for the class of 2020. Look at the schools IU is losing recruits to. And we’re not even making the top ten for some of these guys.

    Guard Ethan Morton committed to Purdue.
    Guard Nimari Burnett released a top 12 that did not include Indiana.
    Forward Jaemyn Brakefield released a top 10 that did not include Indiana.
    Forward Jalen Bridges committed to West Virginia.
    Forward Matt Cross committed to Miami (Fla.).
    Guard RJ Davis is no longer considering Indiana according to an article by The Athletic.
    Guard Caleb Love cancelled his official visit and cut IU from his list.
    Guard Cam Hayes committed to NC State.
    Guard DJ Steward committed to Duke.
    Forward Zach Loveday committed to Baylor.
    Forward Isaiah Jackson cut his list and did not include IU.
    Guard Hassan Diarra committed to Texas A&M.
    Guard Andre Curbelo committed to Illinois.

  5. This is a big loss. Maybe, Archie gets lucky come springtime. When IU hired Archie, I commented that it should have been Chris Mack instead. Why? Mack coached a higher level program and was successful recruiting players that were considering both Xavier and IU. I still feel that way. I hope I’m wrong. But when a highly ranked player passes on IU time and time again, and you see Louisville ascending, it sure makes you wonder.

  6. I hope Glass at least asked about Mack. I was really high on Archie but he has missed on a lot of recruits. I do like how he has a renewed focus on winning back Indiana. Mack has already gotten UL back on track and that was a huge mess.

  7. Not a bit worried about BB recruiting at IU. Very easy to see the brand of play Coach Miller is starting to build. Really like the 3 high BB IQ ’20’ commits as they are certain to be around long enough to be important pieces to the puzzle. They’ll be scoring points in C&C long after Garcia’s apartment in Milwaukee has been vacated. If the dribble drive, the 1 on 1 and the NBA auditioners don’t think they can fit the program then they need to act on their desires. More than 1 way to quest for elite. IU fans have been envious of Butler for a decade. What’s not to like? After watching the Lexington Circus for a bunch of years it just doesn’t work. Miller’s vision is solid.

  8. “Nothing to see here, folks. Just move along. Go home now. All is well.”

    What HC stated may turn out to be true. But if you compare where IU BB is at today to a few other programs that got new coaches the same time IU hired Archie, like Ohio State and Louisville, no one with an ounce of objectivity can help but notice that those programs have surged way ahead of IU! They are winning more games, are signing higher rated recruits, are ranked much higher and have fan bases that are more excited than the Hoosier Nation is right now.

    Some of these comments imply that Archie is following a program-building plan similar to what Bob Knight used upon arriving in Bloomington. The plan may be similar, but the results certainly are not. Bob Knight’s first recruiting classes at IU were full of great players. Quinn Buckner, Scott May, Kent Benson, Bobby Wilkerson, Tom Abernethy, etc. Those were not “solid” blue-collar players, they were superstars. And within three seasons, Knight had IU back at the the top of college BB.

    I really want Archie to be successful. I really like the style of play he coaches. But some folks’ comments suggest that Archie is going to be given as much time as he needs to return IU to the ranks of the elite. That is profoundly naive. If IU produces another 19-win season, given the pedestrian recruiting results he has produced, the same forces that lead Glass to fire Crean will begin to get very restless, and Archie’s seat is going to get red hot. The two primary reasons Archie’s brother Sean still has his job is because it would be extremely expensive for AZ to fire him without proof of “cause,” and he continues to sign top ranked recruiting classes.

    We can

    1. …objectivity…?…naive…?
      More acceptable than the trait to conjuring continual ranting and raving about the sky falling. That count now hovering in the dozens. Active imagination on overtime.

  9. This year, we will witness the resurgence of Indiana basketball back to national prominence. Indiana fans think they’re the most educated in studying the game of basketball, but many of the comments on here just show how untrue that is. If you can’t see what is being built, you need to go back to basketball school and watch some film. Especially if you’re still supporting Tom Crean and the Spazzy Offense.

    In all seriousness, I’m seeing sets and ball movement that I’ve not seen in Assembly Hall in a long time. These are plays that will create points when our shooters can’t hot the three, unlike the last two years. The players we have on the court now, are much better than the sum of their stars. I’d rather we play tougher teams, but to say these games don’t show anything, shows you can’t watch film and understand basic fundamentals of basketball.

    But this isn’t about objectively viewing our men’s basketball team, this is some commenters still reeling from supporting Coach Adjustable Pants. If you’re wondering if Diet Coke doesn’t have any effect on the brain, I give you some of these threads.

    Hoosiers are gonna surprise this year.

    1. Somebody needs to tell Podunker ‘Coach Adjustable Pants’ ain’t comin’ back.

      Great post, Double Down. I might steal that wonderful moniker for the Georgia peach basket guru.

      Basketball is being taught again at the Classroom McCracken….If you don’t see it, you have no hoops IQ and no Hoosier b-ball blood in your veins (homegrown or otherwise). ‘Weaves to Nowhere‘ expunged!

  10. I guess I touched a nerve. Most people can disagree without being disagreeable. But on this site, especially on the subject of IU BB, that concept evaporates when someone challenges the narrative established by a few arm-chair Indiana basketball experts. Those who disagree must be attacked! I love it!. I enjoy exposing those who feel threatened by questions raised or doubts expressed. How dare anyone expresses a different opinion and raise concerns that IU BB’s trajectory may not be as steep as we’d all hoped it would be! Those who differ must be silenced or cast out.

    I too hope IU surprises everyone, especially the college BB “experts” in the media who have IU finishing in the middle of the Big Ten Conference this season. And I hope IU’s three recruits in the class of 2020 turn out to be this generation’s version of Calbert Cheaney. But the data on these issues suggest otherwise. By the end of December, we’ll know a lot more about this team’s potential to fulfill the aspirations we have attached to it.

    For the record, I like Archie and his style of basketball a lot better than I liked Crean. Crean is way back in my rearview mirror. I just don’t hate or despise Crean like some of you do.

    1. But how in your right mind could you even use the word “projects” when discussing Archie’s targets? There have never been more failed projects than under the last coach who made his living on the one latent NBA-to-be star amongst the dozens of those who never panned out.
      I have yet to see a project on Archie’s roster…A project is someone recruited on 90% athleticism and 10% basketball understanding…And there were never more “projects” than under Tom Crean (even beyond the disastrous A-Hope selections tied to Adams).
      You invoke the disagreement and the criticism via attaching something so obvious a signature flaw/failure rooted in the last coach’s recruiting gambles (especially in terms of having a bench riddled with projects who never evolved) and projecting it onto the early recruiting Archie Miller.

  11. Back on the subject of BB recruiting. It dawns on me that IU still has the pull to sign the best players within the state of Indiana. But maybe Archie’s problem in signing top rated players living outside the state is that the farther away for Indiana a kid grows up, the more IU BB’s brand (or notoriety) has diminished over time. Archie is signing the kids he wants from within Indiana, but his batting average for those kids, like Garcia, who grow up outside our beautiful state, is very low. And it seems like the farther away from IU that a kid grows up, the less likely Archie is to sign him. I applaud Archie’s “Inside Out” recruiting strategy, but I wonder if it will be enough to allow IU to recover its elite status?

    1. Po,
      I understand your concerns. Who wouldn’t be concerned as long as it has been since IUBB last hung a banner? I think the disagreement is over how best to achieve that goal. My belief is Archie is absolutely on target to realize the goal of hanging more banners. I recognize the potential championship formula sea change in the last 5 years on how best to win a ncaa championship is still up for debate. However, the Villanova and Virginia models are making a strong case that it not who you recruit but how you recruit. I think Archie has paid close attention to those 2 models.

      1. Does anyone else feel as it was sort of fixed last season and Virginia was getting call after call…after call. The story of redemption was already written as Tony Bennett sings his March Madness version of “Best is Yet To Come“….from being upset as a #1 against a #16 seed to winning the banner the following year.
        Texas Tech was screwed…because the Establishment still hates Bob Knight (other than his influence on the program at the place of privilege known as Duke).

        So let’s not just talk about the ‘formula’ for banners. Once you get to a Final Four, it’s basically a crapshoot. And who you get in the championship game has just as much power on your odds of claiming that banner as who you faced in rounds one and two.
        Let’s also not forget Loyola of Chicago and the 16 other collective Final Fours from 8 different Midwest teams(Conference Midwest Elite) going deep to our zilch appearances over the last decade.

        Banner? That’s wonderful….but we haven’t sniffed an Elite 8 (even when we had top 10 teams under the “Everything Hinges” years). Why wasn’t the ‘Talent Formula’ working? Answer: a) Crean was X’s and O’s challenged….and b) our few superstars never stayed long enough to make it all gel/come together for the banner run.
        Cody, Victor, Romeo, Bryant, Vonleh, OG, etc, etc…Any of those guys stay an extra year and our banner odds would have gone way up (even with a poor to pedestrian coach). We were playing Calipari basketball but without the ability to totally reset our superstars/5-star’s.
        We really have no option other than the Virginia, Texas Tech, Loyola, Michigan models of today. It’s been that way for a very long time. The money available in the NBA has enticed our few semi-superstars to superstars to bolt for the NBA a gazillionfold compared to the days Knight would land his few.

  12. I applaud Archie’s “Inside Out” recruiting strategy, but I wonder if it will be enough to allow IU to recover its elite status?

    Give Archie the ten years you gave the tweeting preacher to “Outside In” us…..with dudes like Jeremiah April and Max Hotel(whatever his last name is).

  13. I don’t hate anyone. I have a preference for who I want in the job for Indiana Men’s Basketball. Po, the only nerve that is touched is the 48 paragraphs a day you type out trying to figure out the motivations for people you don’t know.

    AM last two classes are higher rated than all of Crean’s classes after “The Movement”, of which, we know how that turned out. Recruiting is more than gathering skills, it is building a team of complimentary skills, personalities and abilities. Crean took a shotgun approach to recruiting and Archie is more deliberate and targeted. Garcia was a kid that he got in on late. Marquette was there from Day 1. The only real miss he’s had with someone who he really went after hard from Day 1 was Keon when he went to Kentucky. 2020 was an odd class. Not a lot of big time talent in that class. 2021, is shaping up to be pretty major. You’re such a cherry picker. Caleb Love was someone AM showed interest in, but wasn’t pursuing that hard. But he is going hard after is Khristian Lander and he’s rumored to be leaning towards IU.

    Coaches are going to have misses. Even Coack K and Cal are left standing along the side while someone else dance’s with their dates. You just want the guy running your program to create a dance troupe and not a bunch of clubbers out bopping their heads, desperately chasing warm flesh to grind against.

    With 2 years of recruiting, I like how’s he’s filled out the roster, while also having the manage around some players that don’t fit in his program, or any, that well. He’s been constricted in filling spaces earlier by having to keep a scholly for guys like Tim Priller for a full year. There are no Prillers on this roster anymore.

    We’ll see who’s better very soon. AM isn’t going to make any excuses and it’s time to start experiencing results. I’m seeing things this year that look like things are headed in the right direction.

  14. Calbert Cheaney was referenced…Even Cheaney could no longer bear to be on the bench with “Mr. Adjustable Pants” drawing up weaves to nowhere. Must have been one of the most painful experiences in his basketball career.

    Thankfully, Cheaney had already left before his brilliant history and time embodying the spirit and lore of candy stripes culminated with holding up cue cards.

    He’s (Knight) probably one of the best coaches I’ve ever been around. He had a motion offense, and he was able to put you in a position to be the player that you potentially can be. A lot of ball screening, a lot of set plays. A lot of teams really don’t run too much motion anymore.

    X’s and O’s-wise, he was able to figure out how to beat a team. Even if he didn’t have the best talent, he would figure out a way to beat that team with the better talent.

    And that’s just who he was. He was able to figure that out offensively and defensively (courtesy: Athletics, IU Spirit/February 23, 2018/
    Chatting with Cheaney).

    Don’t we see a lot of what Archie is bringing to the program exemplified in the above excerpt?

  15. to those “handwringers”; you should read what is being written about Pitino and Minnesota. The Team is 0-3 last 3 games and missed on top in state talent.. Pitino is 7 years into contract and having difficulty recruiting instate. Question about Garcia going to Marquette is the transfer out of top talent and brothers. Something that Garcia may wish he questioned the WHY . Recruiting the top instate talent WILL bring in the rewards ..may take longer but the kids see that .

  16. There is no question that Archie coaches a great style of basketball, a style that I and most other Hoosier fans appreciate. The question is why is he struggling to sign more of his highest rated recruiting targets? He’s proven he can recruit excellent players from within the state. He has returned IU to a position where we are getting the in-state guys we want. Will that be enough? Can you get back to the Final Four with just in-state players? If losing Garcia was a one-off thing, there’s no reason for concern. But for the last two recruiting cycles, that loss is closer to the rule rather than the exception. Take another look at the list of players provided above and their response to an offer from IU. Look at where some of them committed to play. That information suggests great players outside the state no longer place great value on an offer from IU. So if that information doesn’t concern you, then I applaud your faith. To me, when combined with our record over the last two seasons, it is disconcerting. It’s not a disaster, but it suggests the trajectory of IU BB is not as steep as I expected it to be.

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