Allen’s new deal for 7 years, $3.9 million per

A new contract for Indiana head coach Tom Allen was announced Friday morning.

Under the terms of the deal, Allen will receive $3.9 million per year over the course of the seven-year agreement. It’s a substantial increase over the $1.8 million per year Allen has received, which was the lowest among Big Ten head coaches.

It also makes him the highest-paid employee on campus, ahead of basketball coach Archie Miller and his $3.35-million-per-year deal.

“When I hired Tom to be our head football coach I said I was doing so because he is a leader of men who is demanding without being demeaning, and a proven, successful coach on a national scale with deep Indiana ties who cares about his players, and they care back,” athletic director Fred Glass said in a statement. “In his three seasons he has proven to be all of that and more, which is why I believe the future of Indiana Football is in great hands.”

At $3.9 million per year, Allen sits just below the $4 million deal just signed by Rutgers’ Greg Schiano. He is also closer to the rest of the Big Ten’s football coaches.

Coming into the year, Maryland’s Mike Locksley ($2.5 million) and Minnesota’s P.J. Fleck ($3.6 million) were ahead of Allen in compensation, while Illinois’ Lovie Smith ($4 million), Wisconsin’s Paul Chryst ($4.15 million), and Michigan State’s Mark Dantonio ($4.4 million) were well ahead.

The value of Allen’s previous contract is partially explained by his experience level coming into the job. When the New Castle native was promoted in December 2016, his last head-coaching stint was an hour north at Ben Davis High School from 2004-06.

But after nine seasons in the college ranks as an assistant, matriculating from Wabash, Lambuth, Drake, Arkansas State, Ole Miss, and South Florida, Allen arrived in Bloomington in 2016 as Kevin Wilson’s defensive coordinator and associate head coach.

He made an immediate impact, turning around a defense that was allowing 510 yards per game and reducing that number to 380 — the biggest improvement in the country that year. Wilson was inevitably fired prior to the Hoosiers’ bowl game, and Allen was installed as head coach.

A turnaround program-wide was a more difficult task. Allen’s first two years, IU recorded 5-7 seasons and failed to make the postseason. His term “breakthrough” became somewhat of a punchline for cynics. His high school coaching background also attracted skeptics.

But his staff put together back-to-back top 50 recruiting classes, the highest-rated in program history. He’s mantra of “love each other,” or “LEO,” became a rallying cry.

That infusion of talent and culture began to pay off in 2019 as the Hoosiers rallied to an 8-4 regular season, in spite of season-ending injuries to their starting quarterback and left tackle.

“We have a tremendous group of players, I am proud to be their head coach, and I am 100 percent committed to their success on the field, in the classroom and in life,” Allen said in a statement. “It’s no secret Indiana University is a special place to me. I was born a Hoosier, raised a Hoosier and I am thrilled with the opportunity to remain a Hoosier for a long, long time to come.”

Allen’s third season has included several notable marks. IU’s four-game winning streak in conference was the longest since 1993. The winning season they clinched in the first week of November was the first since 2007. After a 7-2 start, the Hoosiers spent a week ranked at No. 24, the program’s first stint in the top 25 since 1994 — ending the longest drought outside the Associated Press poll among Power 5 institutions.

That success led to Allen’s name being floated as part of speculation about other head-coaching vacancies, as well as assurances from Glass that the Hoosiers intended to work on retaining him. Before the season even started, Glass spoke about his faith in Allen and his expectation that a contract extension would be offered at some point.

“I’m confident he’s going to be successful, I’m confident we are going to retain him, and I’m confident it’s going to cost a little bit of money,” Glass said in late August. “I’ve got a little bit in my cookie jar for that.”

The contract not only includes $3.9 million per year for Allen but $500,000 added to salary pool for assistants, along with the strength and conditioning staff.

IU had already invested more in the staff surrounding Allen coming into the year, paying offensive coordinator Kalen DeBoer nearly $1 million a year in base salary and bonuses to come over from Fresno State, the richest contract ever for an IU assistant.

Performance coaches David Ballou (strength) and Dr. Matt Rhea (speed) were given raises last December, as well. Ballou’s salary jumped from $216,000 to $400,000. Rhea’s increased from $150,000 to $375,000.

DeBoer has had so much success as offensive coordinator, there is a question as to how long he will be around. The Athletic’s Bruce Feldman reported Thursday night that Jeff Tedford is expected to step down at Fresno State, and DeBoer, who just spent two years with the Bulldogs, could be a leading candidate to replace him.

Allen, however, could be in Bloomington for a long time. Per his new contract, a year will be added to the back end of the deal each year IU qualifies for a bowl game, though the contract can never exceed its original seven-year term. The contract is guaranteed in full for the first three years, while 50 percent is guaranteed for the final four.


    1. Congratulations, Tom Allen!….You just joined the ’30 Million Dollar High Forehead Club’ of Candy Stripe Millionaires with zero Final Fours and zero prominent bowls. Very exclusive….

  1. Two Way Street = Tom Allen Success and Positives + Glass and IU providing Tom Allen Opportunity and Head Coach Development and Training Ground.
    This provides IU football program stability. It provides Tom Allen and his family happiness and stability because he is an Indiana guy and wants to be here. Plus he has good character and is a player’s type coach.

  2. Salary package is in perspective within Tom Allen’s career as compared to other coaches.
    Seven years out other coaches could have more lucrative contracts making TA contract look last once again. However, based on the two way street theory in my last post it is a fair contract irrespective of everyone else.

  3. This is a decent start, but my concern will be, “Is it enough?” Maybe for a year or two, but if TA continues to produce results that figure has to go up much higher. My bigger concern is the 1/2 M for the staff. It is critical for TA’s success be able to attract and retain the caliber of coaches he needs to continue building the program. Again, I hope it is enough for the entire staff, HC on down.

  4. Coaches already have more lucrative contracts and TA contract moves him closer to the middle in big ten minus a few hundred thousand. Indiana football perspective. Both parties are content and happy.

    1. t,
      I think you are right that both parties are happy for the time being with TA & IU. My biggest concern is retaining staff continuity. With the Fresno State HC job opening up and DeBoer being the obvious target, IUFB is at another crossroads in the FB program. Will IU blink like they did with Mallory’s staffing needs or will the school step up and fully support the FB program to whatever level is necessary?

      1. DeBoer may be going somewhere someday soon, but it won’t be back to a second level FBS conference.

        1. If Fresno offers him the job, and Tedford will be involved in that process, he’s gone in a heartbeat.

  5. think. 100% agree assistant coaches (rest of staff) have to be at competitive salaries as well.
    If TA became really super successful (like top 10 team consistently) which Is not in view and wanted to go pro or something (again which is not in view) I assume his contract could be renegotiated. Though it’s a lot of money when compared to others in this profession I don’t see TA as all that greedy. However, in the whole profession they are all greedy. Great gigs for those who get them.

    1. t,
      I don’t think we need to worry about TA wanting to ever leave IUFB, but IU cannot take him for granted. I don’t see him following the Mallory route of being so loyal to IU that it lead to failure after great success. Either they will give TA the support needed long-term, or I believe he will reluctantly leave. I think their exists the “possibility” of TA being a paradigm changing HC for IUFB, but again, he cannot be taken for granted as Mallory was.

  6. Maybe, 3.9 million leaves money to more competitively compensate assistants and rest of staff. Was that part of conversation in TA contract???
    Does head coaching contract at Purdue take away from assistants and other staff??? Though defensive coordinator is still there.

  7. I am glad that IU has given Allen a large raise and an extension. Now it is time for the AD to step up and give Terri Moren (women’s basketball) an extended contract as well. Her credentials are impeccable! She has taken a mediocre program and turned it into a rising program nationaly to be sure. She has been here 6 years and wins 20 or more games every year. She has taken the team to NCAA tournaments 2 of the last 3 years winning a game in the tournament each year. Two years ago she won the Women’s WNIT Tournament Championship held in Bloomington with a crowd of 13, 300 on hand (A school record for women’s attendance. Her team is currently 7-1 ranked # 14 in the country. Her contract will be up soon and IU has not signed her to an extended contract yet?
    Our football coach his first 2 years had a losing record and then this year wins 8 games and all of a sudden he is resigned to a 7 year extension. What is wrong with this picture? One coach has 2 losing seasons and then one winning year and he is extended, the other coach wins every year and goes to the Big Dance 2 of the last 3 years and is ranked this year and all she hears is crickets?? Time for Glass to get Terri Moren signed!! BTW, Moren is also a Hoosier native as Allen is, she is a Seymour native. Lets get our coach signed as soon as possible!! Go Hoosiers!!

    1. MC,
      Being you drug this subject into this thread, answer this question. “Are any of the non-FB/M’sBB paying for themselves? No question college FB programs not only pay for themselves, but subsidize virtually every other athletic program at a school. The men’s BB stays above water, but no where near the level of FB as to be able to subsidize so many other programs. A good record and 13k at SSAH one time does not a revenue producing program make. The tv contract revenues are what pays the freight, and everyone should know that without FB, those contract would be only a small percentage of what they are now. Men’s BB helps, but not to the level of FB.

      Not being hard about this, but pragmatic due to necessity. As to any non revenue producing program, they should be given comparable resources to their peer schools. There are examples of women’s basketball programs which do generate significant revenues and they should be rewarded appropriately. Same goes for other programs. This line is becoming much more necessary as compensation of collegiate athletes nears a reality. It is not another crazy idea, it is spreading all across the country and will turn collegiate athletics as we know them, upside down.

      1. Marriages are often subsidized….Learning institutions are subsidized to open doors to those who could not otherwise have an opportunity. Everything in life is subsidized: Defined as not abandoning the value in someone or something because it simply doesn’t bring an equal amount of monetary awards. The planet currently needs subsidized. An earth suffering in the destruction of climate change doesn’t bring in as much money as college football but, without it, we’re all going to be rather miserable.
        People in America will always attend more football games than art museums…. Or do they? Or is the product simply shoved down our throats on television and such concentrated dollars and concentrated coverage of narrow scope makes it appear far more important than reality?
        Women’s basketball likely should not be devalued simply because the art isn’t as marketable to a society used to only being fed McDonald’s hamburgers millions of college football games at a time.

    2. Mike,
      You stole my thunder!
      Absolutely, positively, 100% agree that Teri is more than deserving of an extension.
      What has taken so long?????

    3. Get your facts straight: in his first 2 seasons, Coach Allen’s records of 5-7 and 5-7 were the best first 2 years of any coach in IU Football history. Coupled with his 3rd season record of 8-4, he is now at 18-18, .500. Check the record books for other IU Football with a .500 record. Of course this in no way diminishes the absolute necessity of giving Coach Moren a very generous contract to secure her leadership of IU Women’s Basketball long into the future!

      1. I think it was just a joke for H4H before this season when people defended IUFB. Now that they’re actually having some success, he wants to just call if fool’s gold because he’s seen enough IUFB through the years to not want to buy-in. I get it. It’s not normal for IUFB to have a successful season. Nobody likes changes to their routine.

  8. Raise…and extension. Raise and extension….Raise and extension….Raise and extension. Sounds like a pole vaulting training camp. Get over the bar. Prepare and position for the fall to the ground. Hit the mat stuffed with dollars. Repeat.

    Question: Had we lost to Purdue, does Allen see this much commitment? One lousy game against a very poor football team means much when it’s the rival. But what does it really mean in the bigger picture and how we stack up to the premier teams in the conference? If you don’t stack up to premier teams of our conference, then why does the job come with a premier salary(not just for IU but for any coach not at the helm of the Big Four(OSU-still can’t beat the SCC, Michi-never-‘gan beat OSU, Penn-itentiary State U, Wishconsin) and basically serving as a coach for a mid-major?

  9. Mike C. I am sure my opinion of T. Moren is well known on this blog. I agree with all the above. T. Moren is the best thing going in IU sports (and she would be in many other places as well) bar none.
    I am not sure what the procedure is at IU or elsewhere regarding coaching contracts or what has been discussed behind closed doors. 1. Is there a time that it takes place? 2. Has T. Moren and Glass and whoever decided to wait until end of season 3. If IU Ladies have continued success this year which is likely T. Moren value rises (however personally I think she has already landed in a very high value category). 4. An Southern Indiana lady she is just as much Hoosier as Tom Allen and more than many others at IU. 5. T.Moren has single handily with her coaching staff changed player personnel (best players play in her system period) 6. IU Ladies are the some of the best ambassadors in IU sports (maybe the best). 7. IU Ladies have a love for themselves, T. Moren and coaching staff. 8. T. Moren recruiting and building have been impeccable with high school players, coaches and parents. 9. Player and team development has been impeccable. 10. T. Moren coaching staff must be paid competitively to continue growth and stability. 11. T. Moren is worth a 1,000,000 a year plus incentives.
    Currently, Ohio State women basketball coach is highest paid in big ten at about $850,000 per year. However, this is INDIANA not ohio state or any other big ten women basketball program and should be treated as such.
    As I have stated a few times: when T. Moren was hired from Indiana State the head men’s basketball coach stated Indiana doesn’t realize how gray a basketball coach they just hired. IU LADIES BASKETBALL HOPES SO.

    1. t,
      I don’t have a problem paying Coach Moren a salary commensurate with her peers in the B1G. It has nothing to do with her being from Indiana as is TA. If this is what the market calls for regarding a coach of her accomplishment, then that is what she should be paid. However, you cannot do so at the expense of programs producing the revenue to fund the various athletic programs at IU. To do so would be to as the old adage, harm the goose laying the golden eggs. The FB program win or lose is laying the golden eggs and you have to make sure it continues to do so.

  10. Head men’s basketball coach stated Indiana doesn’t realize how GREAT A BASKETBALL COACH THEY JUST HIRED

  11. As I mentioned earlier on another post unless there is a conspiracy theory to keep IU women basketball program in its place as not to surpass men’s basketball program and other men’s sports THEN REWARD T. MOREN A GREAT CONTRACT. If IU would lose T. Moren due to contract negligence this would create lost opportunities for IU Ladies basketball players and team. TITLE 9 discrimination and sex discrimination in sports at IU.

  12. think. I see you have bought into all the nonsensical statistical data that professional sports organizations, politicians and other business interests present justifying their existence in different cities across the country. This is when American infrastructure (boring) falls apart, all kinds of corruption among benefactors that often direct laws in their favor, crime chaos if it hits you and your family etc. Pottersville in “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Statistics can say a lot of things whether true or not and what is included and excluded. Who’s to say how much IU Ladies Basketball would grow if given the appropriate and high expectation opportunities??? Isn’t this the case in many crooked corrupt professional basketball and football situations??? On the college level colleges and universities etc including IU make investments before realizing return on investments (including not knowing) often.

  13. thinkaboutit, there are very few women’s basketball programs in the country that pay for themselves. U-Conn, Tennessee, South Carolina are a few because they basically sell out home games. Most of the other programs in the country are in the same boat that IU is and yet they pay their coaches and go on about their business! My point in my earlier post was that it seems disingenuous that IU pays Allen this huge salary and extension after only one successful year? Don’t get me wrong, I love IU football and I personally like TA but, his success certainly is not what you would call sustained success, he has had one winning year after two losing years, hardly what I would call “sustained success” which would warrant a huge salary boost. Moren has been VERY successful over 6 years and has boosted the women’s program to higher levels that this program has not had in the past. Her continued success should be rewarded! Now I am not talking about a $1 000, 000 a year contract but, certainly a substantial increase from what she is currently making. When you have a coach that has elevated her program as she has, you MUST take care of her or face possibly losing her! It is simply common sense! Go Hoosiers!!

  14. The best coach at Indiana is in men’s soccer. WHY DOES NO ONE TALK ABOUT SOCCER???? THIS IS INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM. No tv rights, not equal time on TV with “revenue” producing sports. I know Indiana soccer has done nothing but dominate, yet Indiana football was on a national broadcast 5 times this year, bringing in more money that any other sport combined! But Indiana lost 3 of those games, so Tom Allen should give half his salary to men’s soccer.

    And swimming….give them the money DeBoer is going to leave on the table when he leaves Indiana and becomes head coach at Fresno State.

    Extend Yeagley NOW, you racist, classist Athletic Director.

    Oh wait, I thought you guys pining for the big raises for women’s basketball hate all the money in sports? Being so ideological about everything must hurt the brain. Teri Moren gets paid because even the worst football team in history brings in more money than that sport. And even the flagship program. You either get amature sports, with amature salaries, or you embrace the money from the big revenue producing sports and worship at their feet everyday that you even have an existence because of them.

  15. DD gets it and made an excellent post. At IU, according to Glass’s comments on the record, men’s BB generates just enough revenue to pay for itself. Men’s BB does not generate extra revenue that can be used to pay for IU’s non-revenue generating sports programs. That’s what Glass said in an interview a year or so back. So, if that is still true, FB pays for everything else. If you want to increase revenue that funds the other varsity sports, and allows Glass to give More a big raise, then you must first invest in FB in an attempt to increase revenue. If FB generates more revenue, that increased revenue is spent to sustain or improve the other varsity sports. That’s the formula, and it is based on the economic realities of college sports in this society, which is that FB is KING, the cash cow, the money maker for all Power-five conference universities.

    1. Such total nonsense! Basketball contributes to the BTN money! That money comes from Football and Basketball TV money! That pays for the entire athletic budget, plus a small profit!

  16. I like this deal and I commend Glass and McRobbie for getting it done. I would have preferred TA’s salary be $4 M per year, but I won’t quibble about $100K. I also like the duration of the contract, and having been highly critical of Glass in years past 11 years, I now give him credit for getting this new contract right.

    The timing is good because it should help TA recruit and retain his assistants, and it goes a long way to eliminating the stigma associated with being the lowest paid coach in the Big Ten. It sends out an important message to the college FB universe and will make it easier, in the future, for IU to attract good coaches. The extra money for assistant coaches is also good, and sends a message to those men that they too will be rewarded for IU’s success. Can IU stop all the wealthier FB programs from poaching our best assistants? No, we’re still somewhat vulnerable. But I commend Glass for being proactive in narrowing the compensation gap and making it harder for other schools to lure TA’s best assistant coaches to make lateral moves just for more money.

    I confess that I am surprised and thrilled that an IU AD and President were willing to pay a FB coach more money than they’re paying the men’s BB coach. I’m happy about that because it refutes that stupid label that IU ” s a basketball school.” It eliminates the dumbest, most counter-productive and damaging label anyone ever assigned to IU Athletics, and it should contribute to changing the narrative about IU Athletics. Accepting and/or repeating that statement as a way of explaining why IU lost in FB was an excuse uttered by people who accepted/tolerated losing in the most popular and financially important sport in collegiate athletics. And if TA continues to be successful, he will ironically generate the increased revenue necessary to pay Archie and Terry Moren the higher salaries they may come to deserve.

    The Hoosier Nation should now have everything it needs to continue building a winning FB program. Now it is up to us to support the FB program by increasing attendance at home games and packing the house with enthusiastic fans when the toughest teams come to Bloomington.

    1. But will all this which-coach-gets-paid-what even matter in a few years? College athletes now can profit from the use of their likenesses/images. Here’s what’s coming down the road:

      Marvin Megabucks, booster of Enormous State U. and owner of Marvin’s Gourmet Meatballs, Inc., lets it be known that if local prep hot-shot Freddy “Four Star” Freeman commits to E.S.U., then Freddy will soon become the spokesjock for MGM, Inc. if only Freddy, for $10k/month, agrees to have his mug plastered on every package of frozen meatballs cranked out by MGM, Inc. during the next four years.

      Very soon, this is where the booster money will be going and collegiate athletic departments are going to feel it. I predict that a lot of schools will soon be struggling to pay huge coaching salaries negotiated back in the day before the booster-money spigot will have turned itself off. The days of eight-million-dollars-a-year coaches are at their zenith.

  17. In case you don’t read the Indy Star, Osterman said it better:

    For purposes of selling a program to future recruits, assistants and even fans, a contract’s value is in the statement it makes. “My athletic director believes in me.” “I’ll be here long after you graduate.” “Our university has never spent like this in football, and this proves it.”

    All that sounds a little cliché, and it’s probably never said that flatly. But stuff like that matters. Little things add up to big ones in the sport more defined by quantity than any other in college athletics.

  18. H4h. Talking about subsidies. Professional sports = Corporate welfare.
    I remember years ago tv station taking a weekend for a “Save The Pacers” fund a thon drive. I hated then and hate it even more now.
    IU football victories = how many teams that IU has beaten have winning records this year?
    If the IU fan and administration have the best interest of student athletes in their hearts as they often claim for both men and women then in a nutshell reward T. Moren a top notch lucrative contract.

    1. Can’t disagree, t. I have no issue with paying a women’s coach the same as the male counterpart. Neither has anything to do with the banners. Both do pretty close to the same job…..which requires the same qualifications.

      It’s all Monopoly money to me…..I just wonder when such huge amounts of money paid to coaches will start to erode the reasons to play sports? When does it feel like a young man or young woman’s basketball skills are rather meaningless compared to the millions the coach/teacher is making? So few ever get to play at the next level and see the millions of a coach(or a successful NBA/WNBA talent)….
      How do you prevent a certain amount of animosity when you’ve dumbed all of sport down to a dollar? “You run the damn lines…You’re the one making 3 million/year to jump and clap on the sideline and blow a whistle at practice.” Sports has become just another example of the 1% ‘haves’…and the 99% ‘have nots.’ But many of those future ‘have nots’ (at the collegiate level) are imperative to a teams’ success. Maybe I’m changing my view of the whole mess….Maybe an entire bench should share in the wealth beyond a scholarship. Doesn’t seem right when a coach or future NBA star gets to capitalize in the form of millions while a majority of those still integral to a team’s success(and the aided marketing it provides for successful coach or draft pick) get nothing.
      Pay the women’s coach her rightful equal…And pay the players. There’s nothing “amateur” about college anymore. The greed has infected it…Should allow those low on the totem pole to catch the money virus.

  19. IU Ladies basketball have played one of the toughest pre-season schedules in the country.

    When talking about how profitable college football and basketball programs are…are cost of building, maintaining , and refurbishing stadiums (I know all about donors and subsidies) included in profits minus expenses. What are the real profits if it had to totally self-support itself without subsidies and without donors. It had to be run like a proprietary business.

  20. As I stated, winning coaches should be paid for winning! Allen has a winning record in one year out of 3 and we go overboard and reward his success based on one year? Moren wins consistently every year over a 6 year period and she is still waiting for her reward? I wonder if football will ever see the stadium filled for every game, seriously doubt it? We can’t even fill it up for the bucket game? That should tell you something. As I have stated before, the women’s basketball program is getting stronger and stronger as the Terri Moren years continue! She wins every year and now in her 6th year has the program moving up in the national scene ranked 14th at this time. As long as Moren and her staff are retained, this will continue. All she does is win and recruit at a high level. It is her time to be rewarded!

    1. Can’t disagree with you as well, Mike C.

      Glass deserves backlash. Moren should have been on the “salary increase” list before Allen has even won a bowl game. She is taking down stellar competition….and has, by far, made the greatest strides in improving a sports program(if we are to be honest in looking at the competition).

    2. Mike C- The increase for Allen was more to sell Fred (in his mirage of turning IU Football around) than Allen. It rewards Allen but it also, implicitly, assures more of his own(Fred’s) job security. And for what? Look at our two major men’s sports programs compared to the rest of ‘Conference Midwest Elite.’ Improvement is subjective. Results (as in important bowls and deep NCAA tournament runs) not so much.

  21. Exactly, t. In the real business world, a poor product and poor customer service puts you under. Not playing high level competition is a poor product and could never survive on its own right(without the subsidies and the mirage of something identified as so-called “success” measured by those already with their hands in the money kettle).

    We should know better at IU….and we should strive to reward for success outside the definitions allowed by an already privileged group/class. I viewed the witch hunt against Sampson much the same. Distortions of privilege….And the guy making all the accusations is getting paid 3 million/year to whine about the dirty deeds of his predecessor because it’s what eyes and ears wrought in discrimination want to see and hear.

  22. Some of these post are so stupid writing novels man some of you guys need to get to the point man but anyway,you know why Teri More should be extended because the big ten network pays Indiana the extra 25 million in revenue to get paid this doesn’t have anything to nothing else but the results and so far she is the best coach they’ve had coaching the womens team also they need to remember that she is a Purdue grad so if she feels under appreciated she might bail

    1. She won’t go to Purdue, bomber snarky. If my recollection is correct, Fred put a clause in her contract containing a massive financial penalty(something like 31.4902 million?) if she left to go Boil some candy stripes back at West Lafayette-to-have-a-banner.

      1. Well, it was 10 million….Close enough. Purdue ain’t paying 10 million…..or maybe they will and we can give Allen even more?

        There’s also one other unique provision — a 10 million buyout provision for Purdue. In an effort to prevent a repeat of 2006, when Sharon Versyp left Indiana after one year to become the coach of the Boilermakers, Glass asked Moren to agree to the special provision (courtesy: Hoosier Sports Report, formerly known as Hoosier Scoop).

  23. I support IU paying Moren more money, but a significant increase in her pay will depend on IU FB generating more revenue, and since we can’t influence revenue from the Big Ten Network, that can only come by increasing home-game ticket sales. So if you want IU to keep Moren, buy FB tickets or convince about 12,000 people to start buying IU women’s basketball tickets.

    1. Millions upon millions from donors, boosters, Adidas and no pay increase for Moren? Enough was always available to give Crean 30 million (without the extra butts in Memorial), but none for Moren? Enough to build those sky boxes in Skjodt Hall for the millionaires…but no left over tip money for Moren?

      It all sounds like sexism to me….You best find the money, Frugal Fred who pays the men instead. Do the right thing. Reward playing competition. Though she may be feeling so disregarded that she’s likely halfway out the door already.

  24. Most IU coaches are from other colleges/Universities.
    T. Moren grew up in southern Indiana.
    Women had good attendance at NIT games.
    PO and Brownbomber both your posts are hogwash!
    Quite unfairly putting restrictive criteria on T. Moren vs your unrestrictive criteria for Tom Allen and Archie Miller. Her job performance is outperforming both, Tom Allen and Archie Miller. (She has been at IU longer/seniority).
    So I will be fair and concede Archie Miller and Tom Allen should get more time. However, fairness goes both ways.

  25. Dear Mr. Blau: Tom Allen was a student at “Wabash, Lambuth, Drake, Arkansas State, Ole Miss, and South Florida[?]” Did he ever manage to graduate? Look up “matriculate” in a dictionary. Which is why a person matriculates “at” a school, never “from” one.

  26. Dear Mr. Blau: It was a certain that Wilson would get fired from IU? I sure didn’t see it coming. Why do you think it was “inevitable?”

  27. 3.9 million ÷ 8 cupcakes = $487,500.00 per cupcake consumed. Is the fat lady singing or demanding a bite at the end of these games?

  28. Mike C – you are so correct…T. Moren deserve a pay raise..she has done everything necessary to build-up the Indiana women’s basketball program…..What this blatantly shows is that you can do a wonderful or great job (for a business or university) and not be rewarded…..I truly do remember when T. Moren was hired and the Indiana University was worried about her leaving for Purdue or some other university in two or three years, well she stayed and build up the Indiana women’s basketball program into respectable, by beating some top 25 competition…..Well T. Moren has honored her agreement either pay her or watch her move on (which would be a disaster, more of a disaster than losing a football coach that has not beat a top 25 program in three years (maybe he needs 6 years).

  29. Mike Leach just got an extension at Washington State at 4 mil per year. Over 17 years as a head coach ( Texas Tech, WSU) his record is 133 – 83. Coach Allen has 3 seasons as a head coach and is 18 – 18. His compensation at 3.9 mil is more than fair.
    Coach Moren is the lowest paid women’s basketball in the B1G. Her salary for fiscal year 2019 was reported at $300k. Here is what some other coaches in the conference are compensated:

    Brenda Frese, Maryland $1.18 mil – 2017 total.
    Kevin McGuff, Ohio State $1.19 mil – 2016 total.
    Kim Barnes Arico, Michigan $728k – annual guaranteed
    Lindsay Whalen, Minnesota $400k – Had never coached a day in her life.

    Coach Moren has proven to be one of the best coaches , not just in the conference, but in the country and deserves to be in the $750k salary range. After this season there will be plenty of schools knocking on her door. Better figure it out Fred.

  30. I have found a lot of humor in many of the posts in this thread for one simple reason. If there is anything years of business experience has taught me is that when emotion overrides logic stupidity is sure to follow. What I have seen in this thread is a ton of emotion, but not much logic.

    Coach Moren is a fine coach and should be paid according to what her market value is. Just like TA, CAM, and any other coach at IU. If Coach Moren feels she is not being adequately compensated, I am more than sure based on her successful record at IU, there will be another school more than ready to pay her at market value. Just like TA, CAM, and any other coach at IU. More than likely, Fred Glass knows this too.

    There is another old adage which says, “Money is like water, it will follow the path of least resistance.” What I say is, “When you throw out good sense when messing with the market, money, just like nature, will make you pay a high price.” Mess up the golden goose of college football and you will find far fewer resources for a great many other worthwhile collegiate athletic programs. The resources being currently brought into collegiate athletics by the high tv ratings of football has never been better. Yes, the other programs contribute, but their contributions are minuscule in comparison to the impact of football.

    Lose the revenue generated by football and a lot of collegiate programs will be severely diminished. I for one, do not want to see a great number of collegiate athletic programs curtailed because of emotion driven policy. I am glad to see the women’s basketball program finally succeeding at IU, just like many other programs at IU. However, I am also aware enough to know, without the revenue generated by football, those programs would suffer significantly. If you don’t feed the ox pulling the cart sufficiently, before long the ox will no longer be able to pull the cart.

  31. Life is great EMOTIONALLY at IU football program. 3.9 million dollar extension for 7 years. It goes along with pre big ten cupcake schedule success. (there was a long extension not to long ago for a basketball coach (Crean) based on upcoming potential).

    REALITY for football program 9 wins and 18 losses in big ten schedule. Wins 2019 were over problematic and weak teams in big ten. Actually, IU was a problematic team that was good enough to have a big ten winning record this year. Program has improved under T.A. Another Reality @ 8-4 I predict a bowl game loss for IU because IU is more on 6-6 bowl game level. For football Tom Allen is still in transition process as a 2 year head coach at IU.

    REALITY Archie Miller is still in transition as a couple year head coach at IU. IU has is undefeated at home with its cupcake pre big ten basketball schedule that includes an at home win over Florida State. IU basketball has improved this year.
    EMOTIONALLY Hopes for return to elite status for IU basketball program. It is still unknown how much IU men’s basketball program has improved.

    Reality is T. Moren has developed and improved IU basketball program to national status recognition and including individual players. T. Moren has been big ten coach of year. IU Ladies basketball is successful playing one of the toughest Ladies basketball college competition this year and T. Moren has always tried to find tough competition as IU Ladies basketball program has gotten better. She doesn’t back IU Ladies away from tough challenges. Rather, she leads them into tough challenges. T. Moren IU Ladies basketball coach is doing a excellent to great job.

    EMOTIONALLY where is love, joy, happiness = big enough contract for T.Moren?

    1. Are you not aware that the “non-rev” sports have salaries determined on a totally different scale than do men’s basketball and football, which essentially pay for everything else? I like Moren, but this is about the commitment IU chooses to make to a sport that isn’t and never will be financially self-sustaining.

      1. BD,
        I think that is the frustrating part is getting people to understand where the revenue comes from, as you obvious do understand. It doesn’t matter the W/L record of the FB team, it still generates the lion’s share of the revenues. The only thing a winning FB program does is increase the already heavy revenues it brings in for use in other university pursuits. However, if you do not invest in what is earning the money, it will stay status quo based on whatever the conference negotiates in tv contracts.

        A winning program will enhance what the conference can negotiate and also the local revenues for the university and surround area. I don’t want to take away anything from the “non-rev” sports you mentioned anymore than you do. I just want to see the revenue producing programs optimized to the max so that all other university programs may benefit.

    2. t- you are right about emotion being the biggest factor. In the TA case, it is Fear Of Missing Out. He’s far from proven himself to be the real deal as a successful P5 coach. But eegads, what if he is the real deal? Can’t let him get away! The same emotion explains why supposedly sharp operators are investing huge piles of money in companies that have yet to make a dime profit, burning through cash at breakneck speed, and may never be profitable. “Yeah, I know, Uber lost $5.2 BILLION dollars in just the THIRD QUARTER OF 2019, but what if starts making money? Then how stupid will I look if I don’t invest now?”

  32. Just had our first 8 win season in 30 years. Looking for #9. Coach who made it happen got a raise so he is making at or near what his peers get paid that he beat, and nothing close to those who he didn’t beat.

    And all this comments thread can talk about is women’s basketball.

    This place is priceless.

  33. There is no harm in anything t or any other women’s basketball fan is doing here. Can we stop bullying people simply because they hold an argument differing from your own? At the end of the day, the football thread is filled with more comments. Scoop appears more successful with more comments (whether displaced from appropriate thread/topic or not).
    We all go off-topic. t’s points are valid. Moren has won against better competition.
    I don’t see why women’s sports comments need to always be in a separate room or on a women’s thread…..They should be welcome on a men’s thread. It’s not like women’s sports haven’t been barraged for decades in being relegated to ‘second fiddle’ status.
    You guys sound like a bunch of old farts in your Yacht Club smoking fat cigars and giving women demeaning stares and little winks to suggest your superiority. Talk about going back to 1976?
    So easily pricked is your old thin dried-up crepe football pigskin by the punctuating statements of a youthful women’s basketball program for once tasting some of the lore and glow so long only given to a rather primitive grouping of dusty forgotten banners.

  34. Anybody thinking Wisconsin can upset the Buckeyes?

    Butler Basketball ranked #24….? No way in hell we shouldn’t be a Top 15 if that team is a #24. OSU? #6? They are decent…but they are not deserving of a #6.

    I think our men’s basketball program enters January undefeated. Not a lot of real difficult tests in December. Maybe a soft test tonight…ND doesn’t look like much…UConn should be a mild test. Top 12 ranking by January 1st for Hoosier Men’s Basketball…

  35. Great posts DD and think. think, you nailed it, and I hope some folks read your posts twice. Obviously, they never studied economics.

    I don’t think anyone opposes Moren getting a raise. She clearly deserves it. And in an alternate universe, WNBA players would be paid the same as NBA players. But in the real world, that’s not how markets work. The people who generate the most profit get the highest compensation. Period!

    As think implies in his post above, the only opportunity IU Athletics has to significantly increase revenues (profits) necessary to pay Moren and other IU coaches more money is to increase revenues from FB. And that means selling more tickets to IU home games, increasing FB ticket prices, increasing parking revenue, food & beverage revenue (more beer and wine) and getting more deep-pocket alumni to donate more money to IU Athletics. No other varsity sport is going to increase IU’s athletic revenues enough to make a difference. Glass has raised a lot of money and invested it to improve FB facilities because he knew that improved facilities were essential to having a competitive FB program. And now that he has the coach he believes will continue to build a successful FB program, which will significantly increase revenues for IU, he has invested more money in hopes of maximizing the return and increasing revenues necessary to keep all of IU’s athletic program competitive. I’ve often been a critic of Glass’s leadership of IU Athletics over much of the last decade, but he deserves great credit for getting this exactly right. In this case, he has showed real vision and leadership.

  36. Actually, in past years since T. Moren there has been near and over a hundred posts (many same people like in all the posts on Hoosier Blog) on IU Ladies basketball thread. However, recently not quite as many threads nor posts.


    By the way Fred Glass was very supportive of IU Ladies basketball during NIT CHAMPIONSHIP RUN and IU Ladies basketball championship game had 13000 plus attendance.

  37. Yes, sorry to say it seems as though there are some male chauvinistic pig conspiracists on this blog.

  38. At 8-4 IU football bowl game by getting another 8-4 team may bring realism to how good IU football program currently is.


  40. If BK could find his way to gym could he coach to a better outcome and get a win in Wisconsin gym?

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