Future secure for Moren, IU women #iuwbb

The Indiana women’s basketball program has rarely, if ever, had the stability and optimism that currently surrounds the program, which is enjoying the highest ranking in school history at No. 12.

Coach Teri Moren is the reason why, and Hoosier fans can rest easy knowing she’ll be around for the foreseeable future.

Moren is in her sixth year at IU, which would mark the completion of her initial contract signed in 2014, but a copy of her contract obtained by The Herald-Times on Wednesday shows a new six-year deal signed in June of 2017. The deal, although previously unannounced and unreported, essentially adds three years to the initial contract, keeping Moren in Bloomington through 2023.

It also retains the $10 million buyout clause should Purdue come calling on the Boilermaker alumna, the brain child of soon to be retiring IU athletic director Fred Glass.

Already the second-winningest coach in Indiana women’s basketball history, Moren will continue to have a $300,000 base salary with outside, marketing and promotion income currently at $325,000 and increasing incrementally by $25,000 per year. That brings the total value of the contract to $625,000 for the 2019-20 season.

In addition, the Seymour native can earn a variety of bonuses for academic performances and coach of the year honors, as well as reaching and winning games in the WNIT. Those also include $15,000 if the Hoosiers win the Big Ten regular season title and $15,000 for a Big Ten Tournament title. Moren receives a one-month bonus ($25,000) if Indiana reaches the NCAA Tournament, and the same for winning a game in the first or second round. The bonus goes up to a month-and-a-half ($37,500) for any regional or national semifinal wins and becomes a three-month ($75,000) bonus should IU win the national championship.

Until recently, most of those bonuses were hardly necessary, but Moren has been to the NCAA Tournament twice in the past four years and won the WNIT in between. Her two NCAA victories are already the most in program history, her 113 total wins trail only the 188 by Jim Izard (1989-2000) and her winning percentage of .628 trails only the .738 of Bea Gorton (1972-76).

Those accomplishments are validation for the contract extension Glass took care of before retirement became a thought.

“That was one of the hardest conversations, because I think Teri and I share a special bond about the way she was hired under challenging circumstances,” Glass said Monday of Moren replacing Curt Miller in the summer of 2014. “It might have been August or some ridiculous time, and to see them beating the 2017 national champion South Carolina, the highest ranking ever, really realizing the potential of women’s basketball at Indiana, I feel a special pride in her and a connectivity really because of the way she came in.”

No early signings

The program’s momentum produced a top-20 recruiting class a year ago, and the Hoosiers would like to build on that in the 2021 recruiting class. However, the 2020 class remains empty with the November signing period in the rearview mirror. Indiana is one of only a handful of programs nationally not to have an early signee.

With only one senior on the roster in Brenna Wise and just two open scholarships after the departure of Alexis Johnson this fall, IU can afford to be a little picky.

“We feel that way. Our program has obviously changed in a lot of good ways,” Moren said. “We’ll see at the end. There may be a transfer out there, a fifth-year kid that we always keep our eyes and our ears open.

“To your point, our roster is pretty much set right now. It’s that next class that we have to replace a lot of these pieces, so our focus is really there. To say we get to the end of the season and don’t sign anybody, it’s probably premature for me to say that, but with all these kids jumping in the portal, we’ll see at the end. Right now our foucs is clearly just on our basketball team and that 2021 class.”

That 2021 class will have to fill the shoes of current juniors Ali Patberg, Jaelynn Penn, Bendu Yeaney and Keyanna Warthen.

In some ways, Indiana already has a potential recruiting class in place for next season. Notre Dame transfer Danielle Patterson, a 6-foot-2 guard/forward, is sitting out this season, 6-5 freshman center Arielle Wisne is taking a planned redshirt and freshman point guard Shaila Beeler is still recovering from an October concussion that has made her conditioning problematic.

“Arielle has a ways to go still, Dani is coming back from a pretty significant knee surgery she had, then Shaila Beeler just hasn’t been able to get in any kind of shape for us and has been battling remnants of a concussion that happened, seems like months ago, so those three young ladies, especially Beeler and Arielle still have along ways to go to help us down the road, I think,” Moren said.


  1. Extremely glad Teri got her well deserved contract extension.
    But I have absolutely no idea why we should first hear about it two and a half years after it is signed.
    Odd at best.

  2. Does it seem strange to anyone else that nobody new about this or that IU didn’t announce this to anyone? This makes absolutely no sense at all. Why all the mystery? This was done in June of 2017 ?? What’s going on down there?

  3. This is what is weird. IU being a so called basketball school (I suppose that is questionable) this contract base pay falls about 200,000 or 300,000 short on base garaunteed salary in comparison to what other big ten women’s college coaches make. It puts T. Moren tied for last with one other coach. Plus Northwestern does not disclose salaries.

  4. This contract was done in 2017. I understand more improvement of Ladies program has been done since then. Even in 2017 base salary is lacking. If performance of T. Moren and staff continue and IU ladies continue a high level of performance then another contract base pay raise and extension should be implemented by end of 2020-2021. Also staff that T. Moren wants to keep should be included in base pay raises also to bring base garaunteed pay in at least upper third in big ten.

  5. Considering how well the program is doing this current season and how well will they finish , in time that base may be boosted and we may know nothing of it considering how this latest extension went. It appears coach of the year, regular season, and big ten titles are potentially possible. Already Moren deserves more than the latest extension reveals for the base salary. Realistically IU will only go so far for women’s basketball to keep Moren in the fold, we will have to face that fact in the end.

  6. lol! This shows how responsible, determined and smart AD Glass is. Anybody ever think Coach Moren possibly did not want her deal revealed any earlier? Why, I have no idea. Seems to me having it known at the time would be better for IU than for the Coach. Whole lot of taking AD Glass to task lately about how he should get her contract updated ASAP. He outsmarted us all. We’re going to miss that ole boy at times when he’s gone.

    1. Dates, everyone, dates…

      Interesting how her extension is right on the heels of Tom Crean’s firing.
      She was very emotional when Tom Crean was discharged….Clarion may be right. She likely didn’t want her rewards and coaching competency successes rubbed into the face of a coach on the other end of the spectrum.

      Glass would have kept Crean for two decades plus had he not been backed into a corner by the fan base. It was going to get so ugly post cue cards, that Glass would have likely been sent packing with Crean had he held onto Crean another season. But that doesn’t change his very close bonds to Crean…who was also his son’s first choice to be at IU.

      “You’re a great gal, Teri. You’re a great coach, too. You understand I had to let Tom go despite how much it breaks both our hearts….Your emotions exhibited after I let Tom go said all the things you know I also hold in my heart. I’ll abide your wishes and keep your extension worth 1/100 of Tom’s earnings under wraps in honor of our mutual family ties to Tom Crean.”

    1. Hardly, he hired Moren then rewarded her for positive results. That’s not the performance of an inept manager. + he fooled you too with her extended contract. Give it 16 months and you’ll be chewing the ass of the new AD. It’s who you are.

  7. Maybe, a new AD may realize the importance of T.Moren and appreciate monetarily what she and her staff represent to IU and Lady IU basketball program/ team. If not what has been gained and projected will be lost in 4 or 5 years vs continued success and upward growth.

    1. 2k17 assessment from 2k19 viewpoint. Rich, real rich. You’re always a 1/2 bubble out of plumb.

  8. In watching the Bruin win over the Dogs , fully expected a mention of the upcoming huge game on sunday against IU. Even post game with the interview with coach Close it still was not mentioned. What a pathetic crew doing that game, guess thats what you get on an early game as this was.

  9. HC is exactly right, and Glass deserves credit for being proactive in keeping Moren at IU. I’m confident he will try to reward her with another contract at the conclusion of this season and before he retires.

    As to how much IU can afford to pay Moren in a new contract, I have no idea. But I’m guessing that if you expect IU to make Moren the highest paid women’s BB coach in the Big Ten, or even in the top four, you’re going to be disappointed. Based on the sparse attendance at IUWBB home games and low ticket prices, I’m guessing Moren’s program is losing money, and since there is only so much money available in IU’s Athletic budget, Glass or his replacement will be limited as to how much of an increase he can give Moren.

    This is a great and timely opportunity to remind Hoosier fans why FB revenue is so important and why IU simply can not afford to be just “a Basketball school.” With only a handful of exceptions, a school’s FB revenue pays for the coaching salaries and other operating costs associated with all the varsity sports that lose money. Unless or until Moren’s program starts generating enough revenue to pay for itself, IU is limited in what it can pay a Women’s BB coach. It doesn’t matter what Moren “deserves” relative to her program’s recent success, what matters is how much revenue IU generates from the FB program. If you want Moren to get a big raise, encourage your friends to buy tickets to IUWBB and IUFB games.

  10. Disagree. When something is prioritized money will pour out of the sky not just at IU or college sports but other entities as well. PO and HC I get what you think is logic you present. However, you are both WRONG. You, both present hypocritical arguments. It depends on how money available is SELECTIVELY DISTRIBUTED.

  11. Here are a few comparable real time rpi sos stats that may be of interest/food for thought.

    rank-team w-l rpi sos
    9- nwestern 7-1 66 11
    10- IU 10-1 66 37
    14- purdue 8-3 64 14
    18- UCLA 10-0 64 127
    54–Maryland 9-2 58 131

  12. So I see doing the game on Sunday is Lisa Byington and Tyra Buss. So Tyra is working for BTN, or is it a special deal for this game, either way a big congrats to Tyra.

  13. So t, if HC and I are both just wrong, please enlighten us as to what Glass should do to solve the problem. It’s easy to say that we’re just WRONG, but you don’t provide any solutions or explain how we’re wrong.

    Your comments imply that Glass has purposely been under-paying Moren and is therefore putting her at risk of leaving IU. You also state that the money necessary to increase her salary will start “pouring in.” From where? Have you looked at this season’s IUWBB game attendance stats? In spite of their recent success, those tickets are not hard to find and don’t cost very much.

  14. Tyra has been on the Big10 Network payroll since the start of the season. It was announced about 2 months ago. I will of course be at the game but, I always tape the game anyway and watch it later. I t will be interesting to hear what she has to say about her alma mater? Cant wait for this HUGE game Sunday! Go Hoosiers!!

  15. According to the NCAA.org, IU Women’s BB attendance in 2018/2019 averaged 3,920 per home game. That ranked them 25th in Division 1 Women’s BB. Interestingly, that was a drop from the previous season when they averaged 4,102 per home game, which ranked 23rd in Division 1 Women’s BB. I think hosting the NIT games in Bloomington elevated the 2017/2018 average attendance.

    In 2018/2019, the South Carolina Women’s BB team had the highest average home-game attendance with 10,406 per game. No other women’s program averaged more that 10,000 per home game.

  16. The price of a single-game ticket to an IU Women’s BB game is $7.00 for an adult, $5 for youth (3 – 18) and Seniors over 65. So it’s not ticket prices that inhibit people from attending these games!

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