1. Here’s one to chalk up as Freddie better be on top of this one fast!!! Fresno State HC has stepped down. Anyone care to guess who may well be at the top of the list for replacement choices?

    Coach DeBoer has done a good job this year, and you know he will move on sooner or later. However, if at all possible you don’t want to be losing him to a non P5 HC gig. Hopefully Glass will do what is necessary to keep DeBoer here long enough to solidify the O side of the ball for years to come.

    1. This has nothing to do with Glass being on top of anything. KD wants to be a head coach and if Fresno offers that to him, you wish him well and find a replacement. This is common in coaching circles. Why would you want Glass or any fans to stand in the way of his professional ambitions?

  2. It must be our hope that DeBoer’s ambitions exceed becoming the head coach at a dump like Fresno State. Have you been to Fresno recently? The city is not a great destination, and neither is the school. DeBoer would be better off staying at IU for another season or two, solidifying his reputation and thus making himself a candidate for a much bigger head-coaching job with a Power-five conference school. And, I’m not sure Fresno State can afford to pay DeBoer more than IU is paying him now! If DeBoer is smart, he’ll realize that for the long term good of his career and earning potential, it’s a case of addition by subtraction. He could take a job at Fresno State for a low 7-digit salary, but he’d have to stay three or four years before establishing himself worthy of a bigger job. Or, he could stay another year at IU, repeat his strong performance from this season, and set himself up to be a candidate for jobs that would pay him (by then) $3 million per year or more!

    There are reasons why Fresno State has lost their head coach and their OC within the last 12 months. My guess is that DeBoer knows what those reasons are and understands that their are far better destinations to pursue. And in case you haven’t noticed, Power-five schools located in California are not doing well in FB these days. FB at USC, UCLA, Stanford and Cal are not, in relative terms, doing well. And the reason is that they’re losing the recruiting battles to schools from across the country. There is still a lot of excellent talent coming out of California High Schools every year, but the best of that talent is choosing, at a higher rate, to play for more successful FB schools in other states. If a school like USC can’t recruit the talent it needs, imagine how difficult it is for a dump like Fresno State to recruit! My guess is that DeBoer will remain at IU for at least one more season so that he can finish what he started. Then he’ll get the big head coaching job with the big salary.

    1. He will make at least $2 million as HC at Fresno considering Tedford’s base is $1.5 million plus incentives. Tedford has resurfacing heart issues and they lost their OC to us. If he goes back he will reunite with the current OC who worked under him at U of Sioux City and then Eastern Michigan. So there is some attraction for him. Ultimately, I agree that he should stay another year at a power 5 and then get a power 5 HC gig. Then, he can hire his buddy still in Fresno as his OC.

  3. No way IU can wave bye and just let KD go. Why let him go to an outfit that probably pays tops $2m(Tedford was getting 1.55m). Things are blowing in IU’s direction. Roll the dice, make a generous offer and try to sign him to a 3 year deal. That shows real commitment especially to the next OC (or DC) IU targets to replace quality like DeBoer when leaves for an even better HCing gig.

  4. In my opinion the best recruit that Allen landed last year was his new offensive coordinator. If he decides to leave it would be a huge loss.

  5. Your figures for Jeff Tedford’s compensation at Fresno aren’t accurate. From yesterday’s Fresno Bee:

    Tedford was under contract through the 2023 season with a base salary of $1.615 million and $2.765 million available through performance bonuses. He will receive a new deal for his advisory role to Tumey.

    Read more here: https://www.fresnobee.com/sports/college/mountain-west/fresno-state/bulldogs-football/article238109819.html#storylink=cpy

    So, while DeBoer’s issue here isn’t about money, money would also be superior if he goes back West.

    1. BD,
      There is only one little item you are missing from the equation, California taxation. Are we so sure that DeBoer would be netting as much after taxes at Fresno with a larger gross than he would be at IU with less?

      There is a reason for the mass flight of wealth from California.

  6. I think it’s highly likely that they’d figure out a way to sort out the state tax issue since they routinely have to address such things. Regardless, he’ll undoubtedly make far more money in a job he aspires to have. If they offer, he’s gone before he presses “end” on his phone. It’s not a close call.

    1. I don’t BD,
      We are seeing the California programs really start to deteriorate. They are no where near what they once were, and I don’t see them attracting the cream of the crop coaching talent either.

      1. First, that’s very likely only a temporary phenomenon. Those schools will be back, and suggesting their influence or long term competitiveness in CFB ignores history. As for attracting talent, you need open jobs to attract it, and there aren’t many of those right now. The last two high profile openings were filled by two highly in-demand coaches (Justin Wilcox at Cal and Chip Kelly at UCLA, who turned down Florida), and there will always be great attractiveness there because of the quality of the schools and the proximity of recruits. If DeBoer gets the Fresno offer, he’s gone, as he should be. It’s not a close call.

  7. BD, I have my doubts about college FB in California returning to its glory days. The flagship program, USC, has been in decline in recent years. The best coaches no longer consider those to be the best jobs. More and more, the best California HS FB players are leaving the state to play at other programs. The demographics and cultural changes taking place in California are profound.

    Fresno is a dump, and Fresno State is not much better. Even if FSU would agree to pay DeBoer the $1.8 million they were going to pay Tedford next year, I doubt that would be DeBoer’s best career option. With another successful year at IU under his belt, DeBoer will be a leading candidate for many other D-1 coaching jobs that pay more than $1.8 million per year. I think he should hold out for a Power-five head coaching position. But who knows how it will turn out.

    And by the way, it’s not just the taxes in California, it’s that everything is much, much more expensive there. The state is in major decline. California has 12% of the U.S. population, but 36% of all Americans living on welfare live in California.

    1. You’re looking at very recent times only, but history says the California teams will be fine. The CA schools in the PAC are excellent academically, and plenty of kids will stay for the right coaches. The dip is very likely a temporary issue. As for Fresno, no chance DeBoer passes if they offer. It’s a D 1 job and that’s what he wants. Waiting until a P5 job opens may never come and he wouldn’t be dumb enough to take a pass. At any rate, everyone knows his time at IU will be very brief.

    2. USC is still a premier job any way you slice it. West coast football is certainly down though. I do think Oregon can become the West Coast Clemson if they play their cards right.

  8. CaliHoosier, no argument that California, especially Southern California, has the best weather on earth. And that keeps a lot of people in the state. But due to the changing demographics across the state, the percentage of people who are passionate football fans is in steep decline. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.

    1. Please provide proof of that “fact”, which sounds an awful lot like an uninformed opinion.

      1. Po, who could possibly know if a person is a passionate football fan leaving the state of California and numbers of that specific group that depicts a steep decline?

  9. None of us know what coach DeBoer will do if offered the Fresno State job. He and his family may not want to move again so quickly or going back may look attractive to them. We don’t know what coach’s motivation is and what HC job he really wants to begin his HC career on. I would like to see him stay at IU for a few years but there are more very good OCs out there if he leaves. One thing coach DeBoer showed is it is important to have a very good QB coach on the offensive staff. Hopefully IU won’t face having to find another OC for a few years.

  10. You can Google “Pac-12 Football attendance” and find a number of articles that document the declining interest/attendance. Here’s one that speaks to how attendance at Pac-12 FB games has declined at a rate twice that of other Power-five conferences over a recent five year period.

    “Hotline special report: Decline in Pac-12 attendance outpaces the drops in other Power Five conferences. Many factors are at play, and on-field success seemingly is one of them.”

    And fyi, according to the USA Today data base, the highest paid college FB coach in California was David Shaw at Stanford. At $4.6 Million (total compensation), he was the 21st highest paid college FB coach. The next was Chip Kelly at UCLA at $3.5 Million, who was the 38th highest paid coach in college FB. Chad Hilton is at $3.2 million and he’s the 43rd highest paid FB coach. Those compensation packages are not going to attract a FB coach to California that can win a National Championship any time soon.

    College FB in California has been in decline, and I doubt it’s coming back to national prominence any time soon.

    1. Again, you’re pointing toward a very short term phenomenon rather than any long term trend, near term attendance and coaching salary data notwithstanding. Saying interest in California is in “steep decline” is neither supportable or in any way relevant to what DeBoer will do, something you obviously don’t have any feel for, either. Lol.

    2. Po, the PAC 12 has two thirds of the conference outside of California. How does the hotline special report support your fact that the percentage of passionate football fans in the state of California is in steep decline? What was the number specific to California before and what is the new number? Removing 8 of the 12 teams in the PAC 12.

      1. Well, the Raiders are moving to Vegas…..Though the way the Raiders are playing lately, Vegas may want to change their odds desired.

  11. Sorry, I made an error in the above post. Chris Peterson’s total compensation at Washington is $4.63 million, so he’s the 20th highest college FB coach in the country, just one sot higher than Shaw.

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