IU-bound Spegal is Mr. Football

Indiana will have 2019’s Mr. Football in its program.

The IndyStar announced Thursday that New Palestine’s Charlie Spegal has won this year’s Mr. Football award. Spegal is joining the Hoosiers as a preferred walk-on.

The running back put up monstrous numbers during his career with the Dragons. He set state records for yards, 10,867, and touchdowns, 173. He also led New Pal to consecutive Class 5A state championships.

Last year’s winner, Jack Kiser, went to Notre Dame, but the Hoosiers have now recruited Mr. Football in two out of the last three years. Reese Taylor, the 2017 winner out of Ben Davis, is now a sophomore cornerback for the Hoosiers.

Spegal received 77.2 percent of the votes for this year’s award.


  1. It’s going to be a very long time, if ever, before any Indiana HS kid breaks his records!

    I see him being used a lot in goal line situations. Already at 225 lbs. he’s strong as a bull! A really good get for IU that I believe will be on scholarship a year from now.

  2. I’ve read elsewhere that his family has hit the lottery twice. They may just pay his way and save the scholarship for Allen to use with someone else. Like I said, read it on another site but another reader or two seemed to confirm the lottery hits.

  3. Spegal is an intriguing recruit because of his record of success in HS football. There have been a number of RBs his size that have succeeded in college football and even professional football. I will be interested in seeing how his career goes at IU, he has a coach that was a terrific small RB in the B1G so he won’t face any issues from coach Hart about being short.

  4. V13, based on what I’ve read about Spegal, the issue has never been about his height, it’s his speed. I guess his 40 times are not great. But his HS coach said that he actually plays a lot faster. Watch his highlight tapes and you’ll notice that defensive backs, playing at the D-5 level, never catch him, so he must not be too slow. He breaks off some very long TD runs in almost every game he played.

    As for the scholarship, I don’t think it’s about the money. I think it’s about the acknowledgement that he belongs at the Power-five conference level. It’s about pride. My daughter had a friend in HS who walked on to his preferred college team. Years after he graduated we ran into each other and chatted. He had been a stud in HS, but was a bit undersized. His parents were very wealthy, but he told me, “I wanted that scholarship.” He worked his butt off, got a lot bigger and earned that scholarship before the start of his Junior year. He was a starter at linebacker for two seasons.

  5. Very fair point about “wanting” that scholarship. Had thought about that and just was ruminating about another scenario.

  6. How can you not love a kid like Spegal? He earned his award on the field. He was humble enough to walk on at his state school. I am very happy that his family has the resources to pay for his first year of college. But if he works as hard as we all expect him to do, and if he is as good as we expect him to be based on his incredible HS statistics, then give him a scholarship for year 2, starting in the summer. I love the kid, his family, and his story. He will be a great Indiana Football Player!

  7. I completely agree, BP. Spegal seems incredibly humble. To accomplish what he did at a high level of HS FB, and to then be overlooked by all the Power-five conference FB programs must generate a real hot fire in his gut. I would not want to be an IU linebacker going against Spegal in next summer’s hitting drills.

    Speal has already established that he has a great work ethic, just look at the weights that he’s already lifting! Unless IU uses its last two scholarships this winter, I would not be surprised if Spegal earns his scholarship before the end of fall camp. I hope he shows the college FB coaches across the country just how wrong they all were.

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