IU women wake up, rout Penguins, 93-56

Report written by H-T correspondent Dylan Wallace:

Ali Patberg waved off head coach Teri Moren after picking up her third personal foul.

“Coach! Coach! I’m good,” she yelled.

Her team was just starting to gain momentum to start the second half against Youngstown State. Patberg, who had three points prior to this moment, had just knocked in a 3-pointer.

Patberg could sense that the offense was finding a rhythm, something it struggled to find in the first half. The junior guard remained in the game and rallied off seven points in the third quarter alone as the Hoosiers ran out to a 17-point lead entering the fourth.

“I felt like we changed our mentality,” Patberg said. “I wanted to stay in and help our team keep extending the lead.”

For Moren, there was no question about taking Patberg off the floor in that moment.

“We have an awful lot of trust in Ali Patberg that she could maintain being aggressive but playing smart,” Moren said.

Patberg continued to play well in the fourth quarter, finishing the game with 15-second half points to put her total to a team-high 18 on the game to lead No. 12 Indiana to a 93-56 win over Youngstown State.

The Penguins played the Hoosiers scrappy and physical, packing the paint due to their size disadvantage. IU trailed at the end of the first quarter, 15-14, and was just 2-11 from the field.

The Hoosiers took a 3-point lead into halftime thanks to the play of Jaelynn Penn and Brenna Wise. Penn caught fire with 14 points in the second quarter and Wise scored eight of her 11 first half points in the second as well. Despite their offensive surges, Youngstown State managed to stay toe-to-toe on the scoreboard, knocking down five first-half threes.

“I thought we were sleepwalking there in the first half,” Moren said. “Frustrated on both sides of the ball, both offensively and defensively with our group. But I thought you were able to see a different team in the second half. Our aggression picked up.”

IU shot 76% from the field in the second half and forced seven Youngstown State turnovers. They were able to get out in transition as well, which is where the offense can thrive when it’s out and running.

Joining Patberg in double figures was Penn with 17 points and Wise with 15. The win propelled IU to 10-1 on the season and 5-0 in Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall, where the team is averaging 88 points per game. This was also the tenth time this season that IU has held its opponents under 60 points, and the Hoosiers are 10-0 when they do that.

“Once we make stops defensively, that sparks our offense,” Patberg said.

IU will have exactly one week off before its next game due to finals week. The next challenge will be the team’s final nonconference opponent, but it’s a good one in No. 10 UCLA.

The Hoosiers defeated the Bruins last year in Los Angeles by two, so Sunday’s matchup in Bloomington has all the characteristics for another classic.

“We want to finish the nonconference schedule out as strong as possible,” Patberg said. “We have a whole week. We can rest and we can work on what we need to work on. Our coaches will have us prepared.”


  1. Which IU Ladies team is going to show up? First half team or second half team? When offense is slumping IU Ladies defense has held on until offense can catch up with defense. Against a team like UCLA these offensive slumps would make it very difficult for IU ladies to win. UCLA and top ten teams can sustain scoring at rapid pace. IU Ladies will have to match that pace and get enough defensive stops plus rebound and take care of ball to win. Then, for IU Ladies the more defensive stops they can get along with matched scoring pace eliminating offensive slumps the more points IU Ladies can win by.

  2. There are times when Jaelynn Penn just can’t miss. We needed for her to have a run like that when the entire team was sleepwalking through the first half. And she did just that. Not an unusual occurrence for Jaelynn.
    And Brenna Wise can score 15 and somehow make it feel like about 8.
    Crazy game, terrible half then great half. Go figure.
    Defense seems to keep IU close when they have a disjointed offense. Good thing!

  3. You can call it SLEEPWALKING if you want but I will just say they came out “flatter than a pancake” and playing poor defense allowing YS to shoot open 3’s about anytime they wanted. I guess IU has not yet reached elite status. Elite teams never come out like that. You would never see Uconn. women or Duke men show up like that. But in no way do I expect IU to come out flat against the Bruins, they will be pumped and ready, should be a barn burner of a game- Go Hoosiers!!!

  4. Nice way to finish that game. Just kept playing regardless of the score. Our bigs went 8 for 10 from the floor. Could have easily been 10 for 10. My only critique is the need to find different ways to feed the post early in the shot clock.
    UCLA has a SOS of 189 this season and have not played anyone even remotely as good as Indiana. They better bring their A+ game. IU by 14.

  5. Scwartzie, agree whole heartily about feeding the post. That has been my criticism ever since Moren has been our coach. Her offense has always been guard heavy! When you have a player like Holmes, you absolutely have to take advantage of her. If she doesn’t score, she will get fouled! I have been hoping for years that we would get an inside player who can get the job done and she is the real deal! Time and time again she has her defensive player pinned behind her or she is available for the lob and we don’t get her the ball! She should be our leading scorer but, we have a couple of guards who can’t wait to fire up a 3 and we tend to ignore getting the ball inside, very frustrating. I guess I shouldn’t complain to much after all, we are 10-1 on the season? To reiterate some others, our defense in the first half was nonexistent to say the least. Did not challenge shooters at all? Second half was a far different story, obviously defense was mentioned big time during the half! Can’t wait for next Sunday’s game, unfortunately I will be absent. It will be the first home game I have missed in around 10 years due to a family commitment. Not happy about that 🙁 Go Hoosiers!!

    1. You are a good man MikeC. I skipped my wife’s graduation from Nursing school in March 1974 to watch the IU/UNC game. Never lived that down.

  6. Our guards do look inside but teams more recently pack it inside hoping IU wont hit as many 3’s. As it turned out didnt work in the last game but there were several games IU shot it poorly ie. 2-17.

    UCLA will play Ga. before they see us and I noticed they have a SOS of 21, but they did get blasted by Ga. Tech who has an SOS of 119, take from that what you will.

  7. T. Moren does like to go inside. This is the first year that a really good all around player in the middle (and she is good with a lot of upside) has played center. Inside play will grow and get more attention. However, I do agree IU Ladies do like three attempts and look bad at times doing it.
    GLass retirement into eliteness….WHERE IS T. MOREN CONTRACT?

  8. Yes Mac is a true 5 and has that touch in and around the rim. In time she will draw more and more attention as she gets better. There are a couple of us on here who preached of her coming and she has not let us down. I for one was pulling her bandwagon. As she starts drawing more and more attention wouldnt be surprised to see Mac step outside and at least hit a jumper now and then. She is the missing link this team has been missing.

  9. So with the Glass retirement even though he’s staying to complete the academic year, Im wondering if Moren sort of feels left out in the cold. While glass talking about all the coaches he didnt even bring up Moren till the very last , sort of an afterthought . So it makes you wonder the thinking . Glass hired Moren so you would think it would be his decision to extend Moren/ or does he feel let his successor make the decision.

  10. When is T. Moren contract actually end? It seems regardless FG should extend and negotiate T.M. contract. Excitement for IU Ladies basketball is steadily growing under T.M.

  11. Any updates on Wilson’s injury? When she finally got back to the bench she appeared to have her left knee wrapped in ice… Hopefully its not serious as she has been good relief for Patberg and usually hits a couple 3’s a game. Odd that Moren wasnt asked about it in the post presser.

  12. Ron, as it turns out, I will be making it to the UCLA game Sunday after all. My son and my wife rescheduled the time of our family event to later in the day which will allow me to get to the game 🙂 You say I am a good man, well, I hope so? I had very reluctantly agreed to miss the game so my son’s family would stop by to celebrate our Christmas but, my son decided to come in later due to the game. Here’s the deal, he and his wife live in Lafayette and both work for Purdue………I know, yuck!! But, it is what it is so, after all everybody has to make a living. I am just very happy that I will be able to make the game, Woo Hoo!! Happy Hoosier in Kokomo, Go Hoosiers!!

  13. No article up yet but just saw the new coaches poll has IU up one to #14. Huge game upcoming on sunday, personally I hope the Bruins are still undefeated and dont stumble at georgia on thurs.

  14. I couldnt read anything from the Fred Glass Presser when asked about Teri Moren concerning potential contract. The interviewer seemed to be asking whether it would be done by the current AD or the successor. Glass seemed to dance around the issue without stating anything.

    1. Steve et al,
      I’ll have more on this later, but I confirmed today that Teri Moren actually signed a contract extension back in 2017 that runs through 2023, so that is taken care of.

      1. Thank you. I thought I remembered her signing an extension a year or two ago, but I could not find anything when I tried doing a few google searches.

  15. So how does her current contract read? 200,000 or 300,000 per year? Or what is she actually making? Any perks or benefits? Has it been taken care of as in competitive with her peers and IU is suppose to be a basketball school? Does it need a do over?
    Is T. Moren being compensated relative to program performance (unless some unforeseen implosion would happen that I don’t see happening even a little bit).
    Information is appreciated.

  16. Jeremy– thanks for that update info, odd that that info did not get reported, but if thats true its great news for the program.

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