12th-ranked IU women roll past Purdue, 66-48

A Brenna Wise 3-pointer had no sooner splashed through the net than Purdue coach Sharon Versyp turned and walked down her bench, looking for an answer that didn’t exist.

The Boilermakers had held No. 12 Indiana to less than 31 percent shooting in the first half and still trailed by 12, only to see Wise and the Hoosiers deliver an 11-1 run to start the third quarter.

That was just one in a series of body blows that allowed IU to roll to a 66-48 victory at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall on Thursday night, the seventh straight home win in the series for the Hoosiers. More importantly, IU moved to 4-0 in the Big Ten for the first time in program history.

If this was a boxing match, the Boilermakers might have thrown in the towel.

Despite an early 4-0 lead, they posed little threat to Indiana, which simply possessed the superior firepower, even on an off night.

The Hoosiers (14-2, 4-0 B1G) held the visitors scoreless for a stretch of more than six minutes spanning the end of the first quarter and start of the second to take a 20-7 lead.

Back to back baskets from the Boilermakers (11-5, 2-2) ended the drought, but they could get no closer than nine the rest of the half as the Hoosiers took a 28-16 lead to the locker room.

After Purdue came up empty on its first possession of the third quarter, Indiana raced to the other end with Wise splashing in a 3 for a game-high 32-16 lead.

The Boilermakers didn’t make a field goal for the first 4:01 of the frame as the lead ballooned to 39-17.

By the time Purdue finally started making some shots, it was far too little and far too late.

Ali Patberg paced Indiana with 18 points, while Aleksa Gulbe added 10, all in the second half.


  1. Little bit of slow start. IU Ladies go into a little bit of scoring droughts from time to time including missed shots. I suspect this could eventually cause a loss in the near future. Earlier South Carolina beats Purdue by 36 with Purdue at full strength. Again IU Ladies hang their hat on defense.
    Gulbe has improved her game this year making transition into sophomore year. It also seems Gulbe is being pushed by Holmes making sure Gulbe gets her share of minutes. Holmes struggled some tonight and Gulbe shows maturity by picking up her game. Of course though at him IU Ladies will take an 18 point win over Purdue every time.

  2. #9 NC State lost, #11 FL State lost tonight. Ranked teams are getting beat all over, and this team just keeps winning. It is possible that this Team will be top ten next week. I am so happy for Coach and Team that now has done something else the Program has never done, 4-0 to start Big Ten. I so enjoy watching them, and knowing the best is yet to come. Go Hoosiers

  3. T, correct, this team does play exceptional defense. Their defense is their strong suit! It has carried them all year long although they are very good offensively! Several teams this year have been unable to get out of the 40’s against us. I told my wife at halftime when Purdue only had 16 points that in all the yeas I have been attending games that tonight’s first half was the best half of defense I had ever seen an IU team play! The teamwork this team exhibits time and again is truly fun to watch, no selfishness to be seen. Just team mates continually looking for the next pass which leads to an easy open shot! This is the way basketball is supposed to be played but rarely is. We have played this way all year long. As long as we continue to share the ball like we do, we will be very tough to beat. I was watching the Women’s Big 10 show on the Big 10 Network a couple of days ago and the 2 moderators were talking about IU’s sharing of the ball and how tough we are to play against because of it. On to Iowa Sunday, Go Hoosiers!!

  4. Always great to get a win against our rival and even better when you do it decisively.
    CaseforIU– Even with those ranked teams losing tonight just remember our week is not over and Iowa[coming up sunday] has not lost at home for 2 yrs. and they knocked off the terps tonight. On the other side of things a win there most likely would bounce IU into the top ten.

    Mac tonight came up against a veteran and athletic post and getting doubled and having the ball stripped from her,,, Im sure she realizes she will need to get stronger and it will help her in the post. That was the one thing Purdue was not going to allow Mac easy access in the post. I agree the defense tonight was exceptional. Penn and Patberg keeping the purdue point guard locked down was a key for the win tonight. Looking forward to sunday.

  5. Gulbe… 10 points, 8 rebounds, 4 blocks, 2 steals and great D against Harris. A productive day at the office!

  6. Just another comment about the IU defense. We have held 7 opponents under 50 points so far this year. Our defense is # 1 in the Big 10 and our offense is # 2. Go Hoosiers!!

  7. Gulbe was better in the post tonight against Harris who is a premier defensive post player. Im thinking mainly because she is stronger than Holmes and Mac has a way to go defensively, but it will come. This was an excellent display of team defense against the Boilers and it was felt by them.

  8. With Fl st., NCS, and Texas AM all losing and they were #9, 10, 11 ahead of IU, with a win sunday IU could go to 9th possible. UCLA is #8th continues to win, wont see the meat of their conf. till Feb. when they will see Stan., Ore, Ore St.

  9. IU Ladies are the team with a target on their back now. Teams are going to be up for them and they are all better than Purdue current team. However, T. Moren teams go after other teams as in example by defense and team play. IU Ladies need to match other upcoming teams aggression and avoid slow starts and scoring droughts. Will Holmes hit a freshman wall? I think Holmes will continue to progress. Gulbe is really playing well with confidence, strength and a year in program has really helped her along with summer ball. It makes sense why T. Moren continues to depend on Gulbe as some somewhat disagreed with a little me included at start of games. Anyway, IU Ladies have a good thing going.

  10. Teams that can are going to try to go inside against IU Ladies. IU Ladies have been really good against this thus far.

  11. As has been mentioned at least in part of the recent improvement of Gulbe could be attributed to the quick evolvement of Holmes to the college level of play. Either way this is nothing but good for this IU team. No doubt they get some time competing against each other in scrimage/practice.

  12. One particular play that sticks in my mind from this game. Ali is out front on a break away but also Mac is running hard with her, Ali blows the layup but Mac puts the ball back in for two. That kind of effort from a post says something to me.

  13. Yes, I remember that play and T.Moren has talked about Holmes ruining floor.
    1. Does Danielle Patterson practice with team? 2. Next year will she be play center or wing? 3. Gulbe on wing all the time? 4. Holmes will play center 5. Jori Allen will play wing. Any updates regarding Patterson?

  14. T, Any transfer is allowed to practice with the team baring injury of course. Patterson was the back-up center at Notre Dame last year, I would assume that would be her position here? I personally love to see Gulbe playing the 4 next year since that is her best position. She is playing center this year because we only have one center on the team in Holmes. I have not heard of Patterson being injured, so I assume she is practicing? Patterson is a very good player, she was a sub on a team last year (Notre Dame) that had 5 seniors ahead of her that were all drafted into the WNBA this year. Patterson will be a quality center for us next year expanding our depth even more than this year. Having seen Notre Dame 5 or 6 times last year, she did not get a ton of minutes due to the quality of the girls in front of her but, was a quality player. Go Hoosiers!

  15. Im sure Patterson practices with the team, but Im not sure how good of a player she have not researched her past play, nor how she might fit in with the team. This is just my opinion , more and more I like Gulbe in the post , but as much as she thinks shes a 3 pt shooter , I dont think she shoots it well out there at all. A question I have is about Beeler who was supposed to be in the mix this season but her concussion slowed everything down for her, is she practicing with the team? That question has not been asked of recent.

  16. As the article states theres a lot at stake for both teams on sunday. Iowa is primed and ready to knock off the top and undefeated in conf. team. IU has not won at carver-hawkeye arena in 26 yrs. Iowa has a home win streak of 29 straight and in their last game beat the Terps 66-61. This will be a huge road test for the hoosiers.

    The crew doing this game is the same crew that did the 4 OT thriller at bankers life Which I attended and are my favorite crew Lisa Byington and Christy Winters Scott who hasnt done an IU game this season yet.

  17. I will be interested in hearing Christy’s comments on the hoosiers. In the past couple of years she hasnt been big on the hoosiers saying they are undersized, but this year they are not . At least the people inside can score and that makes the perimeter a good option also.

  18. Patberg has worked out great and is really growing as a person and player under T.M. I really like Gulbe play this year as she continues her development. Gulbe is a mid range shooter and has good lower body development. Not sure if Beeler will work out or not. As I stated before BY will need to adjust her attitude into role player due to IU Ladies talent level (injury and just not the same player as injury affects what her strengths were). The reason I ask question regarding Patterson was when she was playing at ND she stated she had WNBA aspirations. She will need to have a rational attitude and be a team player/member to fit into IU Ladies program and play for T.Moren. Maybe, Gulbe can really play a wing replacing Wise and Holmes isn’t going anywhere.

  19. T and SteveW, as I stated earlier having seen several Notre Dame games last year, Patterson is a very good player who was playing behind 5 WNBA draft choices. No matter what she said as a mere freshman, it doesn’t take long for the reality of college basketball to slap you in the face. By practicing with the team this year and watching IU play from the bench, I am sure she understands the things that need to be done in order to fit in with this team, how could she not. She is a smart kid, you aren’t able to enter Notre Dame if you are not intelligent? I personally have no worries about Patterson contributing to our program.
    Hey, has anybody seen a Hoosiersfan sighting lately? Funny how he has seemed to disappear? Nothing but crickets lately but, oh just wait? As soon as IU loses their next game (?), he will come out of nowhere and go on and on about the decaying program that is women’s basketball and what a scourge coach Moren is on the campus. Certainly has been nice the last couple of months not seeing his cancerous comments on this:-) Tough one today in Iowa, Go Hoosiers!!

  20. Danielle Patterson is listed as 6’2” guard and forward. Interesting and that could be good for IU Ladies.

  21. Whether you be 6′ 2″ or 6′ 3″ or bigger it will depend on what you can do with that size, whether or not you can help your team. Wilson at 5′ 6″ or so is getting a lot of minutes lately , a nice guard who can give players a rest with quality minutes hit an occasional 3 now and again, fitting in nicely with Moren’s system. Will be interesting today to see what IU can do on the road , facing a big crowd and a lot on the line for both teams.

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