LT Cronk in the transfer portal

Indiana left tackle Coy Cronk has entered his name in the NCAA transfer portal.

Limited to four games in 2019 because of a season-ending ankle injury, the senior had an option to return for a fifth year. After his season was cut short, Cronk mostly faced questions about either returning to IU or heading to the NFL, but entering the transfer portal adds more options to the mix for the Lafayette native.

Freshman Matthew Bedford plugged into the left tackle spot after Cronk’s ankle injury versus UConn, and Bedford remains the future of the position for the Hoosiers. If Cronk were to return to IU for a fifth year, it’s likely he would have to switch positions. A rising redshirt junior, Caleb Jones, anchors the right tackle spot.

Going into the transfer portal allows Cronk to weigh his options elsewhere. It also doesn’t rule out entry into the NFL draft. But when Cronk was asked about going pro in early December, he reiterated that he wasn’t sure if he was ready.

“You can go make money, but the NFL doesn’t owe me anything, no general manager owes to draft me,” Cronk said. “I’m coming off an injury and I haven’t proven I can play on my ankle again yet. … But if you are completely healthy, why risk playing for college and getting hurt again?

“It’s kind of finding that happy medium of exactly where I can benefit the most. It’s tough. … If I could play in the bowl game, and I was fully healthy, I’d go out there and play. It’s nothing too calculated. It’s just getting my strength back and getting my full range of motion back.”

While Cronk’s college career may end at another institution, he does have the gratitude of the Hoosiers’ program.

A starter since his freshman year, the 6-foot-5, 325-pounder was a consistent presence throughout his career. Even after his injury, the veteran of 40 starts remained a captain and was deemed “Coach Cronk” for his tutelage of Bedford.

At pre-bowl press conferences in Jacksonville, IU coach Tom Allen praised Cronk, who was still along for the ride.

“Matter of fact, had somebody at practice the other day commenting about how impressed they were with his leadership, the way that he is coaching every single rep and getting these guys ready to play, and that’s how he’s been in responding to this challenge that the good Lord has thrown his way that wasn’t expected,” Allen said. “He’s grown because of it and I really appreciate his leadership.”


  1. This news really surprises me. It makes sense to consider all your options, but I never expected Cronk would consider transferring to another school. I figured Cronk would either declare for the NFL Draft or announce his return for a fifth season.

    This suggests that he’s not fully satisfied staying at IU. I mean, does he think being coached by someone else will elevate him in the draft? Is he afraid his draft stock might drop if he has to share playing time with a younger guy? Certainly he’d be the starter if he’s healthy.

    Anyone have any insight as to what motivated this?

  2. It’s IU football. Just another crazy swing in IU football. OC leaves and maybe he wants garaunteed starting job somewhere else.

    1. t, I hope you are right about Cronk returning after checking the transfer portal but I am afraid he only wants to play OT and I don’t think he will in the NFL. He needs to understand the NFL will move him if he wants to play.

      The news about Cronk is just one of part of a double whammy today with the word that Sheridan will be the new OC. I guess Sheridan recommended him otherwise I don’t like this move with the talent coming back for 2020. I hope coach Sheridan knocks it out of the park next season and proves my concerns wrong.

  3. This nearly occurred a year ago, so it’s not a complete shock. But to clarify something else, IU’s coaches considered him the best lineman on the team. Had he returned, he would’ve still been the best lineman on the team in the eyes of IU’s coaches.

  4. It just goes to show, becoming successful is one thing, sustaining that success is another.

    The new AD is going to have to dive in head first.

    1. Coach Yeagley in men’s soccer; Coach Loose in swimming; say what you mean. You don’t like Coach Miller in men’s basketball. That is a good debate. If you don’t like Coach Allen in men’s football, you lose that debate for now.

  5. maybe I am in the minority here, but I see this as a very good move by Coy Cronk, by entering the transfer portal, depending on where Cronk transfer too, Cronk may have to sit out another year. Giving Cronk an opportunity to get bigger and stronger (strength and conditioning) maybe making himself into an NFL lineman (guard or tackle). Here’s to wishing nothing but the best to Mr. Cronk.

    1. IU79 you may very well be right. I don’t know the truth about Cronk but we all know the transfer portal is damn active for aggressive, unsatisfied, opportunistic and disappointed players. Good coaches use it as a new dynamic in recruiting to better their team. Good luck to Cronk.

  6. Cronk may want to get out of town due to recent OC hire and another year if setting out which leads to big recruiting questions.

  7. I have mixed emotions on Cronk’s decision. I understand he may be just testing the waters, but to what end? If it is because he doesn’t want the competition for the tackle spot or is concerned about having to change positions, then why entertain nfl ambitions. This happens all the time in the nfl. Not sure what the motivations are, but wish him the best.

  8. He’s been a LT since he got to IU, and the feedback he sought and received was that he’s viewed as an LT at the next level. IU, in an effort to get their five best OL on the field next year, wants to move him inside, since he’s far and away the most versatile guy up front and the only one capable of doing that. He’s the best OL on the team, without question, but staying would mean playing out of position in his last chance to sharpen his skills before the NFL. Oh, and he’d be doing that after suffering a season ending injury. In that context, his decision is easy to understand. And it’s not the first time he thought about leaving, though the reason is different.

    1. Your post is full of unsupported assertions. If you have some support please show it. With all due respect, your opinion and mine are equally compelling: zero!

      1. I’m not offering my opinion, I’m passing along what I know to be fact. I won’t reveal where that came from because that would break a trust but, if you know people inside the program, it will be verified.

          1. Not true. There’s plenty I promised to not reveal about this situation, since I was asked not to. Would never break that trust.

      1. I don’t know any of the Purdue coaches, so you’d be guessing on that one. If there’s an issue, it’s because BD has been known as a 3-4 guy, and GK has played DE in a 4-3. Since he’s their best defender, I’m sure they’ll find a way to address that.

        As for CC, everything I said is accurate. You can fashion something more suited to your agenda, but it won’t be accurate or make any sense.

        1. Stating matter of factly you hold no PUke(about Karlaftis)relationships tends to make me consider you are credible. Also about CC and your description of his line of thinking makes more sense than anything else speculated.

  9. So much for LEO! It will be a shame if CC does leave the program after 4 years. If CC is in fact the best lineman as expressed by BD, keep him at left tackle and rs Bedford unless an injury occurs to another tackle and let the best younger player on the roster play guard.

    I don’t know if I have ever bought into the LEO catch phrase. I remember Cole Gest talking about it before the season and then he quit the team because he wasn’t being used enough. I don’t blame him as he really didn’t have much of a future as a rb at IU. Players are going to do what is best for themselves, and not sit the bench just because of LEO. When Justus missed those 3 FG’s against Purdue, he was totally peed when he was replaced by Campbell and almost looked like he was trying to jinx Campbell before Campbell kicked. He certainly wasn’t trying to encourage Campbell.

    The emotional roller coaster of being a long time IU football fan continues. The high of being in the stands at the Gator Bowl and finally hearing my fellow IU fans roaring after the interception TD and two field goals gave us a 22-9 lead. Then in a flash, the anticipated 9-4 record turned into 8-5 in less than a minute after the terrible on side kick coverage (absolutely no excuse not to be prepared with the “hands” team) and subsequent defensive collapse. On top of that, throw in the missed field goal. I could hardly sleep that night and the drive back to Knoxville on Friday sucked!

    Now we get our best OL man entering the transfer portal, and our still relatively inexperienced (3 years head coach, 1 year DC at IU, and 1 year DC at a mid-major in Florida) promoting a relatively inexperienced assistant to OC. We will now most likely have the least experienced head coach and coordinators in the B1G. No reason to think that bodes well for the program. We will find out this coming season if this years success was a mirage. I sure hope TA is able to keep Hart as he is our best recruiter.

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