Yeaney, Beeler to transfer from IU women

Junior guard Bendu Yeaney and freshman point guard Shaila Beeler will be leaving the Indiana women’s basketball program, per a university release on Friday.

Yeaney suffered a torn Achilles during the Hoosiers’ second-round NCAA Tournament game against Oregon last spring and appeared in only six games this season. The Portland, Oregon, native is leaving for personal reasons.

“I have made the difficult decision to leave Indiana and pursue opportunities to continue my collegiate career closer to home,” Yeaney said in the release. “The health of one of my immediate family members has heightened my desire to be closer to the West Coast. I am thankful for my three seasons in Bloomington. I would like to thank Teri Moren and staff for the opportunity to wear the Cream and Crimson for nearly three seasons. I wish the program the best and continued success in the future.”

Yeaney averaged 8.5 points per game for her career and started 69 of her first 70 career games at IU prior to coming off the bench in all six appearances this season.

“This was a difficult decision for Bendu, as I know she loves Indiana University and Hoosier Nation,” IU coach Teri Moren said. “Family always must come first and we support Bendu in her desire to be closer to her family at this time. We thank her for her contributions and impact that she has had on our program. We wish her nothing but the very best.”

Beeler, a 2019 Indiana All-Star from Warren Central in Indianapolis, did not appear in a game at Indiana, suffering a concussion prior to Hoosier Hysteria that was a setback to her conditioning work.

The departures now leave IU with three open scholarships for 2020. The Hoosiers did not sign anyone in the fall with Brenna Wise being the lone senior on this year’s roster.


  1. Very sad to see Bendu leave IU.
    She was a very dynamic athlete before her injury and to see how she has struggled this year has been difficult for us as fans, so one can only imagine what it has felt like from her side. Add in health issues with family members, it is easy to see why she would want to be closer to home. I hope for the best for her wherever she ends up.

  2. Sorry to see both players leave for personal reasons or otherwise. Bendu was such an important part of this team and such a great athlete before her achilles injury. Beeler was a star pt guard for Warren Central. On the other hand will open up scholarships for the program.

  3. BY has been pure class. So has T. Moren. What is one to do considering circumstances?

    With departure of Beeler and 3 open scholarships IU Ladies are in a position to make another step in talent level.

  4. Very sad to see Bendu leave IU. It is very understandable because of a family situation. She provided us with many great moments through her playing career. While it is nice to have 3 open scholarships to offer, I wonder how these if at all will be filled since the early signing period has come and gone. Almost all of the really good prospects have already signed with programs around the country. I can’t imagine that we could find a really good recruit that could help us down the road at this late date? Go Hoosiers!

  5. T, the talent level that you refer to may not be available at this late date in the recruiting process? The really good players that you are referring to have already committed elsewhere? Chances are that any kind of impact player have already been taken up?

  6. I agree that talent level for 2020 is very limited. May get one. However, I am talking 2021 and even 2022 it is where there are opportunities to boost talent level. Scholarships are available. As much as I really liked B.Y. and I did wish she would have finished her career at IU her role was going to be very limited. I don’t consider Beeler a big loss. I had ??? about how she was going to fit in.

  7. I wish nothing but the best for Bendu and Beeler . There will be plenty of guards available in the transfer portal at seasons end. Where will Destiny Pitts land?

  8. Just read the latest Bracektology article where Charlie Creme has IU as the # 4 seed in the Dallas Regional. That would give IU 2 home games in the first round of the tournament in Bloomington. Creme says IU is competing with Arizona for the #4 seed. He says the determining factor for the 4 seed could be out of conference schedule where IU’s is 12th in the country as opposed to Arizona’s 337th out of conference schedule. This all starts with Purdue tonight! Go Hoosiers!

  9. Yes the SOS was a deciding factor for Creme putting IU as the 4 instead of Arizona, but the committee tonight on the REVEAL may not agree. The blowout of UCLA is strong. Still this next stretch of games will decide if IU is the real deal or not,,, Purdue, Maryland, and at Neb.

  10. IU Ladies after ending with hot streak need to either win or runner up for big ten tournament title.

  11. Yes Need to Doing are two completely different things as proven by player comments to the media with comments similar to ” yes we need to start quicker” and have not on the last several games and have put them in a bad way at times both defensively and offensively.

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