Hendershot arrested by BPD on multiple charges

Post updated with reporting from H-T news reporter Laura Lane:

Bloomington police arrested Indiana University tight end Peyton Hendershot late Saturday night on multiple charges after an incident with a former girlfriend.

Hendershot, who is 20 and from Indianapolis, was booked into Monroe County Jail at 11:25 p.m. on preliminary charges of felony residential entry, as well as three misdemeanors: domestic battery, criminal mischief and criminal conversion.

His bond was set at $2,500. Because of the domestic battery charge, Hendershot will remain jailed 24 hours before being able to bond out.

A Bloomington Police Department news release says Hendershot went to a former girlfriend’s apartment in the 2300 block of South Brandon Court and entered the apartment without permission, accusing the woman of infidelity. He reportedly took her cell phone from her to look at calls and texts and when she tried to retrieve the phone, Hendershot — who is 6-foot-4 — “grabbed her by the neck and shoved her against the wall.”

She said Hendershot threw her phone into the kitchen as he left the apartment, breaking the screen. She called 911, and police then went to Hendershot’s residence and arrested him there.

The woman told police Hendershot had done her laundry earlier in the day and that he was angry when she did not answer the door when he returned it Saturday night. She called to apologize and said she was asleep and did not hear him knocking. She said he then returned and entered her apartment.

The university athletics department released the following statement:

“Indiana University Athletics is aware of the arrest of redshirt sophomore Peyton Hendershot,” a department spokesperson said. “IU Athletics will continue to gather facts, cooperate with and monitor the legal and administrative processes, and take further action as the evolving situation warrants.”

Hendershot is coming off of an All-Big Ten season where he set the program’s receiving records for a tight end. He caught 52 passes for 622 yards and four touchdowns.

Reported earlier:

Bloomington police arrested Indiana tight end Peyton Hendershot late Saturday night on multiple charges.

According to jail records, Hendershot was booked into Monroe County Jail on preliminary charges of felony residential entry, as well as misdemeanors for domestic battery, criminal mischief, and criminal conversion.

His bond was set at $2,500.

Bloomington police Sgt. Ben Burns confirmed Hendershot’s arrest. IU athletics released the following statement:

“Indiana University Athletics is aware of the arrest of redshirt sophomore Peyton Hendershot,” a department spokesperson said. “IU Athletics will continue to gather facts, cooperate with and monitor the legal and administrative processes, and take further action as the evolving situation warrants.”

Hendershot is coming off of an All-Big Ten season where he set the program’s receiving records for a tight end. He caught 52 passes for 622 yards and four touchdowns.


  1. He’s lucky. I roomed with five guys while in college. One night some drunk decided to break into our house. Only one of the house members was home. He was a Vietnam veteran recovering from PTSD. When he heard the door being kicked in he grabbed his gun and pointed at the intruder. He told the intruder he could either lay down on the ground willingly or be laid down permanently. The guy was a football player from the university in the town we were living at the time. Cops came, and took the kid away. There was no mention of the breakin in the media (not surprising back in the 70’s), but if my housemate had shot and killed this kid the news would have been all over a returning Vietnam vet killing a college football player.

  2. How long he sits or if he is removed from the team will give some talented TEs a chance to show what they can do. It is a shame to hear he has some emotional problems he doesn’t seem to handle well but he needed to seek help instead of acting out. Now based on the story, it could be the police overreacted and the situation isn’t as bad as it seems. However, I hope he gets a handle on his emotions whatever course the team takes on this.

    1. The police overreacted? To a guy putting his hands on a woman and threatening her? What should they have done after she called 911? If TA means what he says about LEO, PH will be gone.

      1. She has already posted and said she has no bruises and he is not a bad guy just did something wrong. We don’t have all the info yet and I only suggested the police may have overreacted to what really happened due to listening to the woman. If he did what she said then no the police didn’t overreact but if she exaggerated what happened, this occurs many times by the victim, charging him so many offenses is overreaction by the prosecutor and police reporting the incident. She claims there is no evidence he grab her by the throat and the only real evidence is breaking the phone. I don’t know what happened but I am keeping an open mind on it because it is a serious accusation.

  3. Goodbye. Zero tolerance for this.

    Go call Sherron Wilkerson of you want to figure out how to get your life on track after this, but your playing days at Indiana are over.

  4. Bad deal. And when it’s a big guy/young man and the small girl/young lady without knowing anything about relationship…only says heads can get really messed up over female and male relationships. Manipulation, jealousy, the chase, trying to satisfy or be nice, taking advantage of intentional or not intentional, ghosting, narcissism, control, stonewalling, leading on, taking advantage of feelings, insecurity, bullying, lies, hurt, intimidation, like vs love vs non like and non love and what is it, cheating, relationship defining, anger and the list never ends.
    Of course physically it can’t be allowed to happen. Emotionally the much smaller individual has just as much power or often even more power than the giant though mentally or non mentally giant. Heads can get messed up and all or something very large can be lost in one swoop of wrong choice/s, decision, and not handling situation or losing control.

  5. I don’t care of she slept with half the campus behind his back. Breaking into the house of a woman and assaulting her like that is not just bad judgement, it’s a criminal offense.

    Any man doing this is wrong. A 6’4″ 255 lb Division I tight end, trained to stand up linebackers and defensive ends is even worse. He better be gone. No question.

    1. Not sure how much I agree or disagree? Breaking into someone’s house? Of just a woman? Laundry?
      I do agree it’s bad judgement and a crime.

  6. We only know one side of the story. Maybe the door was unlocked and its normal for him to go in without permission. Maybe he did not grab her neck or shove her against the wall. Of course, he may be completely guilty of the charges. The system needs to play out. The athletic department has set a good example for how we should all handle this. Let’s hope both parties do the right thing and justice prevails.

    1. IU fans and those of any other school are quick to judge players from other schools the minute an accusation and / or arrest is made for misconduct. Saying we should take a step back and let the process play out makes great sense while also being hypocritical. If PH did anything he’s accused of, he shouldn’t continue with the program, in my opinion. Violence against women is a line that should never be crossed.

    2. Ditto. Maybe she shoved him first? Plenty of judges/juries have decided ‘mutual combatants’ and no one goes to jail. “According to the police report . . . .” Police reports of this sort are never admissible evidence. Of course, he may be guilty. But even after a not-guilty, he should be on a very short leash.

  7. If he is found guilty, Hendershot won’t recover from this at IU and absolutely needs to be kicked out of school. Then he needs to serve a few months in jail. In this “me too” political climate, it’s unlikely any judge will refrain from sentencing him to serve some time, probably three months. After he serves his sentence, does significant court-mandated anger management counseling and numerous public apologies, he’ll get a second chance at another school in a year or two.

    Parents need to teach their sons that you NEVER, EVER put your hands on a girl/women unless invited to do so. And if they can’t abide by that rule, they should receive harsh punishment. This incident should be a cautionary tale for all male students on campus, but unfortunately a lot of young men who are warned against this behavior must learn things the hard way. As a result, their mistakes are life-altering. I hope the very hard lesson Hendershot learns from this terrible mistake allows him to set a new course for his life.

  8. Sounds like a complete lunatic thug. Get him off the team. This is a little bigger deal than throwing a clay pot.

  9. If you “need” your parents to tell you to never put your hands on a woman, you’ve already got problems in the household.

    These are most often learned behaviors that have been witnessed repeatedly. It’s way too late for speeches. It’s time for intervention and serious help before someone gets very hurt.

  10. It would be prudent to wait to hear the actual evidence rather than immediately dismiss this young man. It may come as a surprise to some that women can actually lie about a situation. They are also capable of violence. I still believe people are innocent until proven guilty. Domestic cases are usually pretty messy. Take a step back and see where this leads and appropriate action will be taken.

  11. Let it play out. The true facts if not yet discovered won’t disappear before they are. Then we can practice the rock throwing.

  12. buckethead 53. Though I don’t want anyone physically hurt as I was giving examples of scenarios in my previous post…to be clear girls, ladies, women, are not always innocent of situations and can explain things that can be a fictional manner just the same as men. Some unintentional actions in anger (example tossed cell phone just happened to break…maybe he threw it towards a soft couch and it landed on floor…was entering apartment normal, did he have a key to enter raises question was it really breaking in, did he become ex relationship that night or in past as he was doing her laundry that day are just a few questions concerning this situation and consequences. Yes, the potential is there for tragedy is sometimes seen on the news. He did leave and go home rather than some possible alternatives. When two people are involved there are always risks of different kinds in relationships.
    And all the perfect people out there that live on a higher level will draw their on thoughts and conclusions.

  13. t, excellent post, we do need to wait and see what the evidence really is. There are so many question in the story not answered, that he went home instead of staying doing more, says a lot about his judgment. It is difficult to deal with the accusations because I am adamant about never physically striking a women other that protective measures if she is physically attacking you. We don’t know all the evidence yet and it is not good to make a judgment until the evidence comes out.

  14. Of course everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Of course people tell lies or embellish their stories when they are upset, even young women. Of course everyone deserves due process. Of course we should all withhold judgement and condemnation until all the evidence is evaluated in a court of law. And of course police don’t arrest and charge people for three crimes without sufficient evidence. Doesn’t mean Hendershot is guilty of anything, but even if he escapes conviction, should he remain a student at IU and a member of the FB team? I’m sure IU has a process that will be followed very carefully and will determine this young man’s future status, regardless of the criminal justice system.

  15. I don’t know what “felony residential entry” consists of, but “She said he then returned and entered her apartment.” So I agree that we should wait until all facts are known before we pass judgement. His future demands that.

    As far as kicking him out of school if he is found guilty, I am not sure they should go that far. Taking away his scholarship may result in that happening but that would be his choice (probably to play at another school).

  16. And I don’t really understand how “no bruises” has a damn thing to do with it. Force and intimidation…and someone feeling as if their life could be in danger (in the moment or in the future) doesn’t require bruising. Secondly, sometimes bruising isn’t evident in the first 24 to 36 hours.
    I used to have a kid in gymnastics….Nasty bruises wouldn’t surface until three of four days after a some nasty tumbles on the beam, etc.

    Once an injury has been sustained which has disrupted blood vessels in or under the skin, a bruise may take minutes to days to appear. This is due to continued extravasation at the site of the injury and tracking of the blood through tissue planes(courtesy: sciencedirect.com).

  17. H4H I was only quoting what she put on her social page and yes I know bruising some times takes a day or two to show up. If he intimidated her I am as angry as you are at him and I would have kicked his butt if I were there. I don’t know the true story yet so I am waiting for evidence to see what happened and just not her story at the time. Early in our marriage my wife swung at me, she was very big, and all I did was block the slap but she said I hurt her. I had my arm up blocking her swing and didn’t do anything other than raising my forearm up. She was joking at the time but if she called police and told them I hurt her I would be arrested despite doing nothing but defending my face. We need the story to play out about Hendershot then let the coaches determine the punishment but if he intimidated her then I am sure coach Allen with let her go based on having a daughter and thinking if it were her instead of the gf.

    1. Just remember how we felt about the OSU assistant coach, Zack Smith…

      I wonder how many of these football players manipulate the system to their advantage and are actually on steroids …or performance enhancing drugs? Makes me wonder how much these drugs can alter certain sectors of the brain and if aggressive behavior will one day be linked to pumping these substances into a bloodstream.

      I’m certainly not looking for an excuse for this young man but it seems foolish to deny attempts to turn a body into the ‘Incredible Hulk’ wouldn’t come with side effects and possible personality altering results.

      I only mention this because I was stuck with a football player during my first freshman weeks at college. I sure the more rudimentary “supplements” and PED’s were part of the game then as well. This guy was a total lunatic. He was always jacked up…He was always threatening me. He had a girlfriend and I could not understand the power he had over his girlfriend … I wondered why anyone would ever be attracted to him …or tolerate a person seemingly living so on the edge of violence and hostility.

      We must also carefully examine what the sport encourages in a so-called “man”….How many times have some of the older contributors here every hear the expression, “Hit like a man” ? We need to make sure our locker rooms are completely void of drugs and PED’s which may have influences upon volatile behaviors. It’s reckless to do anything to win…or to shoot-up anything into your body to win.
      I’m a firm believer that most inappropriate behavior toward a woman is a very early learned behavior. I highly doubt this was a first incident. It’s simply a first incident to escalate to the point of enough overwhelming fear to call the police.

      But I can’t help but think of how we simply distance ourselves from the overall mind-altering damage that could be done by PED’s. We also have to consider how multiple traumatic hits to the head could cause personality changes. Lastly, we need to look inside a bit….and choose the best examples for coaches who can navigate the differences in what constitutes being a ‘man’ in violent sport and a confident and assured ‘man’ of decency and kindness outside the sport.

      1. So she’s a 103 lb. Tsetse fly that hits like the Italian Stallion?

        I’m enjoying your example, V….but I don’t see how it applies to this incident. The allegation is he grabbed her by the throat and shoved her into a wall.

        Don’t know if that allegation is true…That’s why they have hearings and trials. But if he did anything to intimidate her or dominate her (with or without injury or bruising), he’s a total thug.

  18. I once had an employee whose wife of eight years had a very violent temper. He was a tall, athletic man (6’4″) in his late 20’s, and a former college baseball player. She was below average in height and probably didn’t weigh 115 lbs. One day he came into work with a serious black eye (still partially closed). I asked him what happened, thinking he’d been mugged. He became emotional and told me that his wife began punching him while he was sitting on the couch, and that she was holding something in her hand. Aside from the black eye, he had bumps on his head and shoulder. He did not initiate the violence nor did he retaliate. He became emotional because the assault occurred in front of their two children. When she calmed down enough to discuss the cause of her anger, she told him that if he called the police or filed a complaint, she would hurt herself and tell the police that he had attacked her and have him arrested. I recommended that he see a counselor and contact a lawyer. He did, and the lawyer arranged for the complaint against her to be filed with the police during my employee’s week-long business trip, so that in case she incurred herself, she could not make a valid accusation that he had caused her injuries. It was a mess. Eventually the court mandated that she undergo psychiatric counseling. She lost custody of the children and they were eventually divorced.

  19. Since we’re sharing anecdotes, my fiance was murdered by her violent ex-husband. Physical abuse by women towards men exists for sure. But it is NO WHERE NEAR anywhere close to the amount of abuse of men physically abusing women. There are also liars who make false accusations. But there are far more people who are abused and DON’T report it.

    So, yeah. Let the system play itself out. PH has been suspended. If the investigation reveals that he did it, he should be gone and no one should shed a tear.

    1. Thank you, DoubleDown. These 1/1,000,000 anecdotes about it possibly being “her fault” are really rather nauseating. Sure, everyone deserves their side to be told…but she called the police. Yes, let it play out. But I’m a firm believer that a call to the police is rarely a deceitful or manipulative act. 99.9% of the time, it is a crying out and a result of being terrified for your health/life and your future(and, possibly the life of your children).
      I’m very sorry to hear you lost your fiance to a maniac.

      1. And you’re right, DoubleDown, tons of abuse goes unreported. Fear of what may follow outweighs the picking up of the phone and calling the police. It’s the most viscous cycle of intimidation imaginable.

  20. DD, I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your former fiancé to a act of violence.

    And you are absolutely correct in reminding everyone that women are infinitely more likely to victims of abuse/violence by men than the other way around. My older sister was one of those wives who chose not to press charges when her former husband beat her up in their home. She was afraid of what my father would do to that loser, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, five years later and after counseling and anger management, that SOB did it again, resulting in her being hospitalized for four days. The only reason he remained alive for a day was because he was in jail, where my father could not get to him. He remained there for almost three years.

    Relationships can be messy and complicated, but there is no excuse for any man becoming violent with a women. Period! And the punishment for those who do it must be serious.

  21. Another real scenario: About 15 years ago neighbor down the street in my neighborhood had his mother living with him. He hired an in home care giver to take care of his mother whom he started having an affair with. He walked out the door at about 6:30am one morning to go to work only to have the care giver’s husband to kill him right in his own driveway. Consequently one man dead, one man in prison, and one little 120 lb free woman.

  22. Violence against anyone as a means to control them is wrong including using intimidation. IF Hendershot is proven to have done what he is accused of, then he needs to be gone and deal with his legal punishment. H4H, my bringing up my situation was just pointing out that you can’t just accept what someone says but you must have evidence to support what they say. If my wife who loves me and I love dearly, thought I hurt her with me just blocking her slap. It is clear you must have the context to know what really happened.

    DD, I am sorry to hear of your fiance’s murder as I think our society ignores the actions of dangerous people too much. Yes, women face a great % of risk when it comes to physical violence and we should have a zero policy against any physical attack on women.

  23. I agree with you 100%, V13…Let the facts play out. Just know that a fearful person may pull back on accusations. I can’t pretend to know what goes through a mind doing what’s believed necessary when in complete terror. Some may think they can “distance” themselves, simply call off a relationship, and the batterer or aggressor may cease because they’re grateful charges weren’t pressed. My guess is that a horribly deranged jealous person will not stop until they’re stopped.
    But how a victim gets through such events is not always rational. Second chances…third chances…fourth chances are probably not out of the norm.

    Whenever my kid faced any sort of bullying or intimidation, my theory was to put a stop to it immediately. I addressed it immediately when my kid was a minor. I would suggest no differently for an adult. You must mean business. Most these disturbed egomaniacs will not stop.

    Lastly, I just don’t see where a lot of these examples apply to true intimidation or the fear associated with domestic violence.

  24. Pretty nasty stuff. There’s no easy way to look at these things. Violence is still a major part of human beings. Men have more of the cranky juice flowing through their veins. When they get pissed, they have the propensity to do some really horrible things. The tough thing is, there’s rarely a situation where it comes as a total surprise. Most times, there’s a long list of things leading up to the eventual event. But, there’s little the legal system or the law can do. I go to bed every night knowing that this was coming and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. Well, nothing that wouldn’t land me in the clink.

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