1. Mike Tressel has been named interim HC at MSU until permanent selection is made. If a new coach doesn’t include Tressel, maybe he’d consider coming to IU? Then there’s Ron Burton DT coach. Burton actually coached LB’s at IU 1997-2001. He’s making $202,000 per year. His average recruiting grade is 85.31.
    Either would be great DL coach for IU. I think IU needs to plug in a strong regional recruiter.

  2. Correction update: Burton is last listed at $462G’s. Hagen was at $408. Tressel’s at over $700,000. Forget that.

    Whoever CTA fills the spot with, I hope it’s a strong regional recruiter.

  3. Talking about a Tressel. Uncle, Jim Tressel is having lunch at the Columbia Club, St. Armands Circle in Sarasota, Fl. with a lady and two other gentleman. J. T. is wearing a red Youngstown sweater looking all the part of college president leading a b.s. conversation about scholarship money, football, and 500 million getting tiny bit of feedback from gentlemen and a nod from lady once in a while. Football must run in the Tressel family.
    I suppose one way to become college president is coach at Youngstown, then OSU ending in a scandal, become NFL consultant, serve as V.P. of Strategic Engagement at Akron (abstract title), then become President of Youngstown State. There is a life of great gigs.

  4. I hope coach Allen can bring in a DL coach with recruiting and coaching chops as we don’t need another coach learning on the job. IU is in a much better position to move up in the B1G with the returning talent on the team; the players deserve top level coaching to help them win in the B1G East.

      1. I am talking about coaches in position that aren’t something that have done yet IE OC, Jones being a safety coach, etc. I think they will all do a good job but with the team coming off a decade best year I would like to add another solid coach with experience with DL. This team is poised to take off from 2019 and they need some experienced coach that can improve the DL. If coach hires another young coach he knows then I will be believing they can do it; I am just giving my opinion of what I think the team needs for 2020.

  5. t: A man that’s ‘livin’ the dream’. Thanks for the live update. I suppose after your shrimp scampi you’ll lay by the pool up the road on LB Key? Which reminds me, why did I move back from Vero Beach? Yeah, JT has managed to navigate the pitfalls pretty well, hasn’t he?

  6. Which skill is more important for IU’s next D-line coach to possess, recruiting or player development (teaching)? Obviously, we want a man who can do both at a high level, but if you had to choose the more valuable skill, given it is IU FB, which would it be?

    IU is not yet in a position where it can sign any of the top-30 rated D-line candidates coming out of HS. And it will probably take a few more years before any guys at that level would even listen to an IU Coach’s recruiting pitch. And given that IU has, at least for the last four years, recruited lower rated guys and then tried to develop them, I guess I prefer that TA hire a man whose best skill is player development. But I trust TA to hire a quality coach. Not all candidates will embrace the LOE philosophy, but since TA will probably be able to offer at least $410,000 per year, I don’t think he’ll be short of quality candidates to choose from. Remember, Texas was paying Hagen’s predecessor $400,500 per year!

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