1. Personally, I don’t need a “magic number.” I believe we simply must have a minimum of one more road win. Then take care of business at home. Without one more road win, we frankly don’t deserve to get an invite to the NCAA tournament.

    How many teams from the BigTen? My guess is 9 will get invites.

    Our remaining scenario? Must go a minimum of 1-3 on the road. 3-0 at home.
    Go 2-2 on the road, then we may get by with 2-1 at home.

    No matter how you slice it, I think we need to finish .500 (10-10) with no less than one more road victory. MAGIC NUMBER = 10 CONFERENCE WINS

  2. Location, Location, Location. (meaning, if we play all our remaining games at home we’ll finish the season undefeated from now on).

    We’ll get by, with a little help….from our friends.

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