IU grabs much-needed road win at Minnesota

Indiana picked up a much-needed road win Wednesday at Minnesota, 68-56.

It was just the second road victory of the season for the Hoosiers (17-9, 7-8 Big Ten), their first since Nebraska on Jan. 18. IU was led by a career-high 27 points and 16 rebounds from freshman Trayce Jackson-Davis.

Out of the gate, this game had a different quality than IU’s past road efforts. First off, the Hoosiers got Jackson-Davis heavily involved. At Michigan, the freshman forward was just 2-of-3 from the field. On Wednesday, Jackson-Davis was 3-of-4 with just 3:39 expired on the clock.

IU’s effort level just seemed to be raised, as well. It didn’t translate on the defensive end immediately, because the Gophers began the game 9-of-11 from the floor. But they were just 13-of-31 (41.9 percent) heading into the locker room.

In fact, one of the highlights of the first half was a block by Jerome Hunter on Gopher big man Daniel Oturo at the rim.

Jackson-Davis led the Hoosiers with 10 points and four rebounds in the first half. Oturo and Payton Willis each had nine points for the Gophers. IU trailed, 31-28.

After the Gophers’ 4-of-20 freeze going into the half, their cold streak continued into the second. They hit three of their first 13 shots, and the Hoosiers surged ahead, 42-38, on the strength of two free throws and a 3 from Devonte Green. Jackson-Davis then continued to pour it on, racking up IU’s next nine points to push the advantage to 51-44.

Minnesota pared down that edge to three points, 57-54, but sophomore Race Thompson, who finished with nine points and 10 rebounds in a return to his home state, hit a three-point play to push it back to six.  IU then salted it away at the free throw line, including consecutive makes from Al Durham, Rob Phinisee, and Jackson-Davis. A layup from Jackson-Davis made it 68-56.

Minnesota (12-13, 6-9) hit just 21-of-61 from the floor. Oturo was just 5-of-15 from the floor for 11 points, along with 14 rebounds. 

IU hit 44.4 percent from the floor and 16-of-22 from the free throw line. The Hoosiers also just barely won the rebounding margin, 39-38.


  1. Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!

    Where were these same guys on Sun.? Granted, thinks really fell our way, when Kalshier can’t hit a shot, they get 13 offensive rebounds with 0 2nd chance pts., Durham falls over his own 2 feet & gets 2 pts out of it, etc…. When you work hard, things fall your way.

    TJD owned Oturu with a little help from his friends Race, Deron, & Brunk. Race was amazing. He was +21 in +\- while on the floor.

    Good, solid road win. Just need to hold serve at home. But I’ll settle for this kind of effort over the next 5 & the results that come with it.

    1. Hoped that would come out. I totally agree with Izzo. That AD at PSU is a SOFT Snowflake. Give everyone a trophy.

  2. Happy that IU got the win, but I’m still not impressed. MN was just terrible tonight. Those young men quit. Petino is not going to be coaching up there much longer. Did you hear the boos raining down in the last two minutes?

    1. I was impressed rightfully. I watched a team that played efficiently and under control (with the exception of Green in numerous attempts to do the impossible) and strong D. Now I hope they’ll be inconsistent and play the next game consistent to the Minn. performance. Race is earning more minutes. Got to believe Hunter is too. Baseline competition between Hunter and Smith strengthens a weak link in the offensive chain.

  3. Come on. TJD was all world tonight. He heard what was said after the Michigan game and the kids responded with one of the best games a Hoosier has had in a long time. This is our future and glad he’s coming back.

    Man that floor in the Barn looks like a bowling alley. I thought Mitch McGary was going to show up eating nachos…

  4. Well gang,

    I think have discovered the secret formula for road wins. I didn’t watch it, didn’t check the score, didn’t even thinkaboutit until this morning. What a nice way to start a Thursday!

    Got to love the photo. JH didn’t contribute much to the stat line, but wow! What a block on one of the better big men in the B1G. Didn’t know he had that in him! I saw a posting elsewhere stating there are a lot of things we have yet to see from JH, let’s hope he can just get it all back together.

    Fantastic game for TJD and great for RT to perform well in front of the home state crowd. It is going to take time and there are still bumps in the road yet to be encountered, but if given enough time I believe CAM can get IUBB back on track.

    I keep hearing this nonsense from the low IQ bb crowd about wanting Beilein. A lot of people make statements without knowing a whole lot about the historical context. Yes, Beilein had a great run at UM, but it didn’t start out that way. He inherited a pretty good base from Tommy Ammacker who had dug UM out of a ncaa hole, but never could get them over the top. It still took Beilein 6 years to make UM relevant. Yes, they had a couple tournament runs, but they also had a couple terrible years mixed in, especially his first year with only 10 wins followed 2 years later with only 15.

    Not saying Beilein can’t coach, but you have to be realistic about his age. At best, he would be a short term solution, and at worst, if it blew out to start like it did at UM, it could be a long time coming for success. Also remember this, even though they made a run at the champion game twice, he lost it both times.

    1. Seriously? Tommy Ammacker? Hasn’t he been dodging recruiting scandals everywhere he goes?
      Beilein inherited a terrible culture at Michigan…He had to take it from the ground up with guys who brought grit and a restored purpose to shoulder the timelines and toughness any culture rebuild requires. Guess where he found a major part of that early needed impetus?

      I guess some didn’t watch the game because the sky had already fallen….Now listen to some of you. I suppose you’re allowed back in, but you should sort of be ashamed. One morning you wake up and Archie’s head is on a platter…Next morning you’re singing ‘Sunshine, Lollypops and Rainbows’ louder and brighter than Leslie Gore.


      This season can be saved with a run here & simply wanting it more. But I just don’t see it happening.

      I’d like to see this team finish strong, but relative to Hoosier fans everywhere, this season is pretty much over.

      And then there was one shining beam of light through the darkness and despair…and the disengaged silence (of those “forgetting” about the game…the season, whatever):

      For some odd reason, I still have hope.

      There have been a lot of electrons flying around the room and roster…There have been frustrations flown from the lips a coach. There has been a mean-spirited reporter target and demean one of our seniors at a postgame press conference.

      I watched more electrons fly in that moment…I watched Trayce Jackson-Davis remain composed …while seeing words on his quiet face. I saw him having Devonte’s back in that silence.

      Many, many electrons flying…..They can either dance into oblivion or they can find a center. The center is the nucleus of this team that has been missing. I do believe the center is forming. I believe we have found our heart and our chemistry. A freshman and a senior….found a bond and move toward the protons. I hope it’s a dangerous bond and a strong bond. I hope all our roster gets sucked toward the center as our coach spins the chemistry like Curly Neal once spun the rock effortlessly as if leather and all molecules of his basketball atom were tamed in eternal memory within the centrifugal forces lifted upon his index finger (NOT the “traffic finger”).

      Chemistry has no timetable…..but I sense the electrons of our team have moved toward center. I used to love Curly Neal…No reason I can’t love Curly Green meets Devonte Haynes.

      And boy, oh boy, did our senior give me kudos by finding a cutting Trayce with a wonderful assist….as Trayce for the most emphatic dunk of the night. Tracye’s one-arm tomahawk slam was enough to dice gophers into edible chunks. No fancy owl-ey-oop required. Just a senior and freshman making it happen.

      And some lonely Scoop blogger was sill holding out hope in all of the silence and despair yesterday. Gosh, I wonder who that was? One would think it was all of you with all these individual trophies you’re handing out and this Final Four parade you’re planning for Archie today.

      You guys are the best….And then all you’ve got is some tiny bus you want to drive over Mitch McGary ; a nobody who put Michigan…(not Tommy Ammacker) on his back and led them like a tidal wave of one to a Final Four …at about the same time Crean was scratching his baggage through his baggy pants in a fog of miserable X’s and O’s camouflaged by holy water) while demonstrating it is possible to ceiling a #1 team under a Sweet 16.

      You boys are more fun and sunshine than a ski party….Yesterday, Hoosiers are thrown under the bus. 24 hours later, it’s a ski party bus! Some of you need to find some balance….Sometimes on the ledge…Sometimes off the ledge and on a trampoline. Sometimes just completely forgetting you have a ledge. Hilarious stuff. Take it away, Leslie.

  5. I don’t know how much money a man needs? However, a JB hire would be great for JB himself. Not for IU. Nothing to lose and cash to gain for JB. and to live his continued fantasy with a short stent in the heart and a farewell. (JB is starting in the catagory comparable to old politicians. Couple years at 70…I prefer a more youthful appearance of an AM who is already paid as in contract…What’s another 2 years in the last 20? Let A.M. play it out and see what happens. Besides recruits coming in next year, returning players for next year, plus another really good high level big (6’9” forward/center(or bigger who can score), and of course another shooter/scorer the following year (adjustments considered for how long Jackson Davis stays (probably 3years) could tell the tale.
    The Minnesota win is exactly that…a win at Minnesota. Nothing more and Nothing less.

    1. You’re right, t. The Minnesota win is just a win…Also, no different than a win against a storied rival …on a last second shot from Watford. That win propelled us to nothing (unless you call tripping all over our toes against Syracuse as “something” special) in the same fashion the win last night may propel us to something of nothing much bigger.

      I’ll bank my optimism on the less hype than the more hype. There were positives in that win last night. There were far more positives than a drained shot in the ‘House of Home Cookin” costing us five more years of Crean.

      And I hear some people say they can’t cheer for THIS team? Wow…feel my pain. I forced a cheer for the decade an X’s and O’s bimbo was bamboozling an entire Hoosier nation. Cheering for a Sampson team …? or cheering for this disjointed band of stars and holdover misfits Archie is attempting to guide through a minefield of dividers and doubters…? Hell, that is so easy for me …by comparison. I guess I just live in a different…and bizarre world my own.

      Cheering is easy again…Hell, I’ve even found a warm place in my heart for DeRon and Devonte. I think Archie is finally getting through …and they are finally embracing what it means to be a Hoosier…rather than just blabber “it’s Indiana.”
      I’m thinkin’ we may be finally on the road “back”…without the self-serving dimwit stuff of printing “We’re Back!” on a t-shirt.

      Yup, I’ll bank on the quiet win at Minnesota and leave the selling of the momentous things of our Hoosier world and all of “everything hinges” to the preachers.

      I don’t know what “hinged” on putting Tracye Jackson-Davis. in a Hoosier uniform..but that was one of the best performances on both ends of the court that I’ve seen from a Hoosier in 30 years. And to say Minnesota is a “awful” team does him a severe injustice. He played his heart out…and he quietly dominated. And he did it all while having the composure of a veteran. Where have we gone as a fan base when we can’t acknowledge such a performance without putting qualifiers and spin to denigrate the effort? Is it all still because we wrongfully discharged poor old Tom Crean?
      Man, I must live in a different world because I saw a team last night. I saw everyone contributing. I saw little celebration afterward. Those are Hoosier traits we should embrace….and not ridicule.

  6. when the topic of “Leadership” comes up….does anyone else think that Race Thompson couldn’t shoulder that responsibility next year? His “blue-collar” approach to the game , the “doing the little things” to win is just as important as TJD’s “career night”. I was impressed with Race’s overall hustle and desire playing. His deflection that turned into a steal, chasing down rebounds. His game is the foundation that Archie is trying to build on.

    1. tjT,
      I think you are seeing the kind of recruit Archie is looking for, and from my perspective, it looks pretty good.

  7. Not a bad record considering:
    #1 – The less than stellar roster and final recruiting class inherited from TLC to begin with.
    #2 – The complete wipe out last year of a highly regarded recruiting class due to an unbelievable run
    of misfortune.
    #3 – The scarcity of road wins in the B1G this year for most schools.

  8. Let’s keep last night’s win in perspective. It was good to get a Big Ten road win, but MN has a losing record and probably won’t even make it to the NIT. Their coach is in trouble with the fans and it sure looked like his players quit last night. Losing to IU at home last night was as bad as IU losing to Purdue at home a while ago.

    TJD had an excellent game, IU performed better at the Free Throw line (especially at the end of the game), and had limited turnovers. But we were terrible shooting from the 3-point line again (this roster will never be good shooting 3’s). So IU showed signs of improvement and beat a weak team that appears to be disassembling. I’ll start to feel differently if they win the next two games to go on a mini Big Ten winning streak.

    Regardless of last night’s win, this season is a bust. There have been too many terrible performances and too many home-court losses to make any other conclusion. We’re going to finish in the bottom half of the Big Ten regular-season standings and if we limp into the NCAA Tournament, IU won’t go far. Even if we were to win the NIT Tournament, it would be irrelevant to me. So all I really want to see is evidence of improvement that gives the Hoosier Nation hope for next season and beyond. I’m willing to be patient as long as I see tangible evidence that the program is improving. Last night provided a pin-prick of light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s still very dark in there.

    1. Here’s the proper perspective. Anytime a struggling team with weak leadership, low chemistry and inconsistent scoring wins on the road in the B1G it is a noted win + it’s a significant W if it was at the Barn.

  9. No way will or should IU consider hiring JB. That’s the dumbest idea I’ve heard in many years, even if IU was winless this season. IU doesn’t need a coach his age, regardless of what he has accomplished in the past. IU needs a coach that’s going to be in Bloomington for 20 years! Although it’s too early to tell for sure, Archie may be that man. And let’s be honest, JB’s performance and behavior this year in Cleveland raises questions about whether he should continue coaching anywhere. His contract buyout will set him up financially for the rest of his life. He can go into broadcasting or take a job at a small mid-major program. But he made a terrible decision to leave MI for the NBA job in Cleveland and that raises serious questions about his judgment.

    1. Listen, I don’t want John Beilein now. I’m willing to give Archie his fair shot (and that’s certainly never going to be 9 seasons if he can’t even draw up an in-bounds play) , but to imply Beilein is too old is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard from Right-wingers who’d sell their soul to give an 80-year-old four more years in Washington.

      Running a college basketball team…? Running the United States of America?
      67 is too old to run a basketball team…but 80 is a spring chicken when you’re chopping away at the tree of democracy and all our valued institutions? Hilarious stuff from the geniuses club here.

    2. Po,
      I agree and disagree with you on exactly how good or bad MN might be. To their resume they have wins over Wisky, OSU home and away, Michigan and Clemson. That being said, they have a lot of losses as well.

      On your take regarding Beilein, I agree totally. I didn’t say it earlier, but with his actions in Cleveland I believe he may well have poisoned the well recruiting wise. His handling of the situation there will definitely be used against him out on the recruiting trail if he should desire to return to college coaching.

      I know you have been tough on CAM, and I would be too, except for the catastrophic health situation last year. Basically all CAM could do his first 2 years was to tread water as best he could. I can’t think of any coach who could have handled this situation much better. Basically, CAM is working with 2 freshman classes experience wise, this year’s and last year’s.

      All you have to do is look at the meltdown this year of HOF coach Roy Williams to realize the difficulties. Granted, he skated on the whole NC mess and he is in the twilight of his career, but still, can we say the adversity he has faced this year is any worse than what CAM faced last year?

      1. Question: How many on Scoop were referring to ALL Sampson recruits as “thugs” and never an eyebrow was raised?
        Difference? I don’t think Beilein had any racist intent when he said his team was playing like thugs. But how the word was used on Scoop for many, many months…? I’m pretty sure it was of an intent many of you simply sweep under the rug as if it never happened. And even if it didn’t fall from your own thoughts or words in a post/comment, there were hundreds of posts using such terminology while most (and many Scoop “regulars”) chose to remain silent. Hell, ‘thugs’ wasn’t the half of it…”degenerates”….”gangsters”…”drug dealers”…”boom box heads”…..”liars”…”scumbags”. If I had a dollar for every time a Sampson villain was called a “thug” on Scoop, I could afford a John Beilein contract.

        So you’re going to crucify Beilein while not looking the mirror? Many of you still haven’t gotten off your Crean high horse of hypocrisy. What Beilein fostered at Michigan was the furthest thing from racism. Beilein didn’t preach a ‘white as snow,’ Jesus to recruit ‘everything hinges’ stars to his program. He preached grit and togetherness to get to Final Fours.

        Perspective, children of the corn…Perspective.

        1. Not so fast H4H, 2 things,

          First that was then, this is now. The term you refer to has been quite politicized since that time, and my comment was that Beilein’s usage of it would be used against him from now on in recruiting, and as you full well or should know, it will. Not making a judgement call as to right or wrong, just the simple fact of life on the recruiting trail.

          Second, I had no comments on what was said regarding the KS tenure as I was not posting to HSN at that time. Quite frankly, my concern at the time, had I posted, would have been his past history at OK with the ncaa. Obvious they would have him under a microscope and it turned out to be true. Other than that, I quite agree with your take on Williams and NC.

          1. The OK stuff was minor as hell, as well. Perspective….15 years of ghost classes and we cry in UNC’s beer? I hope they rot where the sun don’t shine.

            If you’re old and white or toting around the ‘good book,’ you can get by as “Criminalpari”…offer fake SAT exams….or take part in offering ghost classes as if Casper the Friendly was running the NCAA.

            Mike Davis was labeled as out of his league…Well, my friends, he may have been out of his league, but he took down #1 Duke and it was treated like a chopped liver game compared to a Crean signature win against UK in our (favorably officiated) ‘House of Home Cookin’…

            Sampson dragged to the gallows as if he was grandest of demons destroying all of college hoops.

            And it wasn’t that long ago. There was plenty of opportunity to be a decent human being 10 years ago….and not jump on hate-chasing wagons while holding biblical representations up in the twitter clouds to make it just dandy.

            I’m a fan of Archie…But if we’re going to pay college athletes, I think we’re all acknowledging this has gone far away from amateur athletics. I’d never give a coach a 4-year contract again. And if Beilein wants to coach college ball in the immediacy, I would not rule out taking a very strong look…no different than if it were Brad Stevens or Billy Donovan. This is big business now. Gone are days of letting a coach (tight with his AD buddy) get contract extension after contract extension when he fails to be anywhere near an equal with nine other Midwestern programs going to a collective 25 Elite Eights and 17 Final Fours while he looks in over his head at a Sweet 16.
            This is now a money business…No recruits want to milk a cow slowly for one bucket of fame at a Final Four. If we can get the best with some immediacy cash, then we should not hesitate to leave options open.

      2. Ghost classes for 15 years…? I wouldn’t lose sleep if UNC and Roy Williams never saw a March Madness game again. Makes whatever Sampson or Calipari have done in their “cheating” days look like child’s play.

        I wish we would stop using UNC as a “cry into their beer” example. Roy Williams is a theatrical farce….Nobody in that program has even apologized for the mockery they put upon the concept of “student athlete.” It was all within the rules because a few strategically placed legit enrollees in the ghost classrooms were placed with Final Four dumb “street thugs” who couldn’t read at 4th grade level.

  10. NOW they won’t make it to the NIT…But last night was a pivotal game. Let’s also not forget that our Hoosiers held together when Minnesota got off to a very good start and had their crowd in the game.

    This was a solid win. We put the nail in Minnesota’s coffin when it could have very easily been the opposite.

    Nobody is saying we’re a Final Four team….Actually, it’s not out of the question if this team keeps coming together. Very impressed with Race Thompson….(as I was a few weeks ago). Love you, Joey, but I think your minutes just went into the tank. We made need you at some point, so stay positive.

    If you can’t enjoy a team that actually played with some unity last night, I’m not sure if you’re a Hoosier fan. It’s marvelous how one moment can light a spark. Everyone send a certain Indy Star reporter a giant ‘thank you’ card…What was his name? Gregg Boil? Anyway, I’m sure it’s a West Lafayette-to-have-a-banner fan like Dan ‘Mr. Resentful’ Dakich.

    I think we found some chemistry in the most unlikely of places; a players’ press conference after the Iowa win. Let’s ride it for all its worth.

    When guys seize an opportunity to have a teammate’s back, some very special things can start happening. Devonte’s legacy has changed….He has been humbled and made to feel part of the family…Good for our Hoosiers. Good for our team. Remember the two Hoosiers flanking each side of Green in that postgame presser after Iowa. Yup, same two guys who had the big games last night. Bonds and chemistry…Bonds and chemistry. Nucleus of purpose. All for one …One for all.

    All things possible now….Buckle up. We are on the launch pad.

    1. Thanks for the quote earlier Harv. Here’s my philosophy from which it came; “The key to happiness is low expectations.”

      Now I address your ‘chemistry’ & ‘having Davonte’s back’ theory….

      Doyel baked Davonte after the Iowa game. If this team rallied around that, then what happened at MI? Did it just take 4 more days for it to take root?

      My own reality is that nobody can figure out Green. Not Arch, not Doyel, not TJD, not Danny Downer (Dakich ironically rhymes with JockItch). But when Green goes off, his teammates are always very jubilant on his behalf. Or their own. Not sure.

      I think this team’s confidence is very fragile. The @ Neb. & @ MN games had a different feel to them. There was bounce in their steps. They were tested in both games by testy runs but weathered both storms. They were hanging by a thread a few times s.a. when Durham tripped over his imaginary friend & got a foul call. My point is I think this team shows up, much like us, with confidence indirectly proportional to the opponents Win-Loss %.

      Anyway, I’d like Archie to bring on Beilein as an asst. like Howard did Phil Martelli. That was a brilliant move for Howard. The credit that Howard is getting up there is related to that hire.

      1. I guess I just sensed something gelling …even after the Michigan beatdown.

        Any team is “fragile”…Duke just got their lunch spoon-fed to them at NC State. OSU was completely lost at Iowa for almost the entire game …until garbage time when they launched in some triples and made the game appear closer than the true beatdown.

        I do believe something occurred in player press conference after Iowa. It’s natural for things to fester and “understandings” to develop between teammates (especially between those as far apart as a senior and freshman)…Also consider a bit of the roster power struggle between the incoming highly heralded star, Jackson-Davis, …and the outgoing, highly criticized, “holdover,” Green, who was once going to have the keys to the futon factory had Crean not been fired.

        I just can’t help but think of Jackson-Davis’s face in the 10 seconds after the classless a-hole from the Indy Star took to the mud. Something happened in those 10 seconds….

        I guess we’ll see. All I know is sometimes the best of friendships are born in the unlikeliest of moments. I also find it pretty cool that Race and TJD were flanking Green during the mudslinger’s demeaning interrogation. I’d like to think they said some better words to Green when that assault was over…I’d like to think having his back was rewarded by those mythical basketball powers who sometimes put lids on rims …and sometimes grant a night where everything comes together in almost inexplicable fashion.

        Something has changed. I’d also appreciate if you don’t use that reporters name when addressing my comments. I don’t think someone so classless deserves their name mentioned around Scoop. Decency was assaulted that day…and I think some Hoosiers stepped up to the plate. I hope it also became an instance where we can all learn when the lines of fair scrutiny cross into something uglier and very cynical.
        I believe our three young men giving their time graciously showed more maturity than that entire room of reporters….And, whether it’s evident in a next game…or next month, I think our roster grew closer as a result.

        I’m not saying we’re now going to destroy every team in our pathway…I’m just hoping that decency and humility is somehow rewarded by the powers beyond our limited understanding. Guess I’ll leave it at that.

  11. I don’t think it was a question of judgment. He probably isn’t even worried other than his implementation of next on his agenda. He and family should be set very well for the rest of his life financially and opportunities.

  12. I did not enjoy last night’s game. Early on, Minnesota got a “flop” warning, and on exactly that same type of play, later in the game, Jackson-Davis earned an offensive foul. Even so, when we were about to be treated with a 4 or 2 point game and Minnesota put on the press and Durham falls down, it’s called a foul. I like to watch a game that is fairly officiated and usually that happens at an “away” game, but this game was decided by the Referees.

    Having said that, Minnesota is truly an awful team.

    I look forward to Penn State coming to town.

  13. So you think games at Mackey are “fairly officiated” when we are the away team….

    I’m trying hard, Rock…but these conspiracy theories of yours are killing me. It’s as if we’re the only team in the conference that gets home cookin’ everywhere we go.

    Where did this come from? ….and why would candy stripes get more home cookin’? Hell, we’re the school with 5 Banners. We’ve had our cookin.’ I see most programs as still trying to steal food off our plate because they’ve had nothing but kibbles ‘n bits for their entire history.

    Sure, there were a few bad calls (some that went against Indiana as well)..but Gene Bartow said it best *(paraphrasing)…”One bad call doesn’t make for an excuse. Indiana has wanted it more than the Gophers. Indiana has been playing with more a mission and energy.”

  14. Duke why might they be the coach K ref Blue Devils? and playing/living beside the smell of Tar Heels. There is some nasty home cooking.

    1. Exactly, t.

      And that’s some damn fine home cookin’ for Kansas. They had a kid who lifted a chair above his head to throw at someone (could have likely seriously injured someone) while brawling in a handicapped seating section….and that kid (dare I say “thug”) is going to be playing in the NCAA tournament.

      Let’s shut the hell up about a few fouls going our way …That “thug” on Kansas should have been banished from college basketball. He’ll likely be cutting down nets at a Final Four. But a kid who throws a clay pot against a wall …? Demon Seed!

      There was not a single game where a Sampson recruit played like half the thugs playing in college basketball today. Hell, Grayson Allen had a thug tripping addiction…We got him counseling…He probably had a personal dietician giving him home cookin’ while he allowed to get his silk ribbons tied around his anger.
      Did Eli Holman get some therapy via a anger management pottery class? Oh, hell no. He’s a thug. A toe-tripper is a nice boy. That Kansas moron lifting a chair above his head in a moment of totally ballistic rage deserves a bleeding heart…and a trip to the Big Dance.

      Yes, let’s talk about home cookin’ the Hoosiers.

      1. Did Eli Holman get some therapy via a anger management pottery class?

        Wait a minute, my memory is falling off faster than a Bill Self ‘Self-imposed Brawl ’til You Drop’ sanction of sanctimonious sanctity ….

        I think there was some sort of home cookin’ and careful soft hands for Holman.

  15. think, I was Archie’s biggest fan and expressed my desire that IU hire him before they did. I like his brother and recognized that he has a good pedigree. But my loyalty to IU and my fellow Hoosier fans exceeds my regard for any one coach. And while I don’t expect any coach to instantly transform any program from mediocre to elite, I think it’s reasonable to expect a man getting paid $3.5 million in his third year on the job demonstrates that his program is improving, or on the rise. You can find examples of why Archie deserves our continued support, but you can find even more reasons to be concerned about his ability to return IU BB to where we all want it to be. Right now, I’m on the fence about Archie. My doubts will be diminished and my optimism increased if this year’s team finishes the season with several more wins than Archie’s two previous teams produced. And next season, I’ll be delighted if the team’s 3-point and FT shooting improves while turnovers are reduced. I don’t expect IU to win the championship this season, but I don’t think it is unreasonable for IU to win 20 games in Archie’s third season as coach.

    1. Po,
      At this point, I don’t have any concerns about Archie’s ability to return IUBB to prominence. I am very comfortable with HIS recruits in both this year’s sophomore and freshmen classes. I have no problems with the incoming class this coming fall. At this point, I think the players he has recruited to play his system are appropriate.

      Where I think there is a great divergence in fan thought is in how we assess the damage last season’s health woes affected the timeline for Archie. First you have to consider, he had the heart of a top ten recruiting class ripped out by injury for an entire season. Everyone knew RL was a one and done. Everyone knew that DA and JF were projects. Everyone should have known that JH, RT, and RP were the heart of that class. Guess which players lose most of the season? Add to that RL playing injured most of the season.

      With the additional injuries to the rest of the team, a great amount of time last season, CAM couldn’t even hold full scrimmages using scholarship level players. Truth be known, most of the key underclassmen have barely, or less than a season, of playing experience. It is like coaching a team of one and done’s experience wise, except he is not using one and done talent, he building with 3-4 year players which you have to have to hang a banner.

      How can you have concerns when Archie is building to hang banners, not be an nba turnstile? He is building on the Villanova model, not the current Duke, KY, Memphis model. The only problem he has encountered was a major hiccup on the road to this goal last year. You have to throw that year out of the timeline and look at next year and the season after to properly analyze. If you ask me, when we throw out the damage last year caused, Archie is right on track.

      1. Podunker will simply claim you didn’t like Crean’s “turnstile of play.” Lol.

        I don’t know why you waste your time, thinkaboutit. His doubt has nothing to do with basketball. He has the broken heart of a love affair gone bad. He may never be right…..

        Most of us are thanking the stars above for this new chapter. He’s drowning in grief and hugging his life-size Tom Crean garage poster every night before he turns in. Probably sleeps in the car so he can doze off while still not breaking eye contact with it…..

      2. I too like the build up of 3 & 4 yr players. & let’s face it, he HAD to land Romeo to raise notice that he will protect our borders. But TJD’s talent is on another dimension than Romeo’s. In fact, TJD will make more $ at the next level than Romeo will be making when that moment happens. Had Romeo stayed & worked on his game & future we’d likely have 1/2 as many losses at most. I think the Davis family is not hurting for cash. So, there is less hurry to get to the promised land that we all despise.

        Finally, I’m not only worried about the state of the game today, but when this new transfer rule goes in & we pay them, we can expect even more dismantling of a once pure and beautiful game. If the NCAA can’t legislate cheating now, just wait until there is $ involved within the rules.

  16. You know,
    H4H made me think of something in one of the posts. Although this team is nowhere near as talented as the ’81 team, I’m reminded of something. Not saying this could happen with this team, but everyone needs to remember the ’81 team struggled. After losing to Clemson and Texas Pan-Am (???), in the old Rainbow Classic, IU dropped out of the polls all together. It wasn’t until late February that something finally clicked on with that team, and I don’t think I have ever seen a more dominating run to a ncaa banner than the ’81 team. While I don’t think we will see anything like that with this team, maybe, at least I hope, something might be finally clicking on for them to make a nice run into the tournament.

  17. What I’d give for an Isiah Thomas with our front court….

    Hard to imagine any team with Isiah Thomas would drop out of the national polls.

    1. Crazy as it might seem now that team during part of the year became very dysfunctional, even with Isaiah Thomas at the point.

  18. I really hope Archie is a huge success at IU, and the sooner the better. Maybe that will finally allow people who became deranged by Crean’s coaching style to heal. I mean, it’s been three years and a few poor souls are obviously still afflicted with TCDS. I fear they may never recover and remain miserable unless IU hangs it’s sixth banner.

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