No. 13 Maryland rallies past No. 18 IU women

There’s something about Maryland.

And that something means trouble for the Indiana women’s basketball team.

The Hoosiers were looking for their first win in nine meetings with the Terrapins on Thursday night at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall, but a first-half upset bid was summarily dismissed in the second half.

No. 13 Maryland held No. 18 Indiana to just seven points in a span of 11 minutes and 51 seconds during the second and third quarters to surge to a 79-69 victory.

The Terrapins allowed only two points in the final 6:24 of the first half, then gave up just five in the first 5:27 of the second to come from 10 points down to 10 points ahead, then held off the Hoosiers, who could never regain their mojo.

“I don’t think it was necessarily not making shots, but we became a little bit stagnant,” IU senior Brenna Wise said. “A lot of our shots, the majority of them came down to tougher shots. It wasn’t the best shot with the shot clock winding down, having to make plays unlike the first half when we were getting the best shot. We became a little stagnant offensively, and that hurt us.”

It was a very different game than the first meeting two weeks ago, when Maryland’s press broke the game open in the second quarter en route to a 14-point win.

Duly motivated, the Hoosiers, and Ali Patberg, in particular, played like they’d been shot out of a cannon early.

Patberg attacked the basket from the start, then found Wise and Jaelynn Penn hitting jumpers on the way to six points and four assists in the opening quarter. That helped Indiana, which shot 9-of-12 to start, to a lead of as many as eight.

The lead reached as many as 10 in the second quarter behind freshman Mackenzie Holmes, who had eight of her 12 points in the frame.

“We moved the ball, we made really good reads, we made the extra pass and we hit shots,” said Patberg, who finished with 16 points and 11 assists. “I think we took good shots. I think we had less turnovers in the first half, at least that’s what it felt like. We took care of the ball and got what we practice offensively.”

But what was a high-paced, highly efficient offensive performance from both teams dissipated into a defensive struggle.

Maryland (19-4, 10-2 B1G)) chipped the lead down to four and had several chances to get closer, going scoreless for the final 3:41 of the half.

Indiana’s drought was even longer, as the Hoosiers (18-6, 8-4) went six minutes and 22 seconds without a point before Penn, who scored 13 points, rolled in a baseline jumper with two seconds left in the half for a 38-32 halftime lead.

As it turned out, the Maryland storm was only starting. IU shot just 33 percent in the third quarter, while the Terps shot 73.3 percent to turn the tide.

“The third quarter really did us in,” Moren said. “As perfectly as we played in the first half, especially in the first quarter, the third quarter did us in. We didn’t have any rhythm or have a very good plan for that matchup zone and that’s on me. I take responsibility for that.”

It’s not that Indiana didn’t have its chances, getting back within four down the stretch. The drought notwithstanding, IU did go back on the attack in the fourth quarter, getting to the free-throw line. However, making those free throws was among a number of little things that proved costly. The Hoosiers were just 13-of-21 at the line for the game.

There were also things like the unforced turnover to end the first quarter that resulted in a Maryland layup and the two shot-clock violations in the third quarter, not to mention the inability to keep the Terrapins from almost getting to the basket at will in the final 20 minutes.

It all added up.

“Small details always make a big difference,” Wise said. “Second-chance points are a big deal, and they had 13 second-chance points, and they scored 14 points off our (17) turnovers. That’s where that hurt.”

With the loss, Indiana was all but eliminated from contention for the Big Ten regular-season title, falling two games back in the loss column of not only Maryland but Iowa and Northwestern.


  1. Things kinda play themselves out. During game kinda waiting for what happened to happen. This is a situation where Maryland Ladies have the players to elevate their game after their opponents (in this case IU) already played close to their potential. So, Maryland has another gear they can elevate their play both, defense and offense and IU Ladies lack that gear to match Maryland in physicality talent.
    To me, the most stupid thing I seen IU Ladies do was to pull players off free throw line two or three times later in game while an IU Lady was shooting free throws. At the time game was still a four to six point game. Plus IU Ladies missed several free throws and gave up to many offensive rebounds. So far this year two games are disappointing. They are Northwestern and Iowa games because those games IU Ladies lost solid leads. UCLA would have been a good win but I don’t consider that game a disappointing loss. Everything else has been good (even though a couple games should have been more dominating wins for IU Ladies) and upset win vs South Carolina or according to expectations. IU doesn’t need to play South Carolina in March Madness tournament because IU Ladies wouldn’t beat South Carolina now. The question is: Was the highlight of IU Ladies 2019-2020 basketball season the Paradise Jam?

  2. There is one simple fact about last night’s game, Maryland is simply a better team than us in several areas!! They are much better offensively, they are more physical than we are and they are bigger than we are. They completely shut our offense down from midway through the second quarter through the third quarter. We could not get anything easy or even get into ant semblance of an offense! Shot clock violations are something we don’t encounter but tonight it was a problem. 17 turnovers is to many when you play a really good team which Maryland is. It almost seemed as if we were intimidated by them? All min all, it was a very disappointed performance. There is a reason we have never beaten Maryland, we simply are not up to their level of talent and we have a ways to go in that area! Lets see if we are tough enough mentally to come back from this and steal a couple of road wins? Go Hoosiers!

  3. Mike c is 100% correct and I for one hate to admit the fact that Maryland is better than IU. I know Im going to sound like a repeat but Maryland is quicker , more talented, better defensively than IU. IU gave it their best shot and there were opportunities, missed layups missed free throws missed fg’s the chances were there and we blew those, but you have to give the terps credit they were strong defensively strong enough to cause IU problems in the second half. The coaches staff has work to do, they need to bring in the next level of talent, more athletic, quicker more talented players to get to that elite level . We are close but not there yet. The South Carolina win was a bit of a fluke, we caught them by surprise as they over looked us and Wise was on fire on that day. No conf. win this year that is in the future.

  4. As if Mary didn’t have enough uber-talent for the BTN already, with a second gear of intensity when needed, we were introduced tonight to a different version of 5’7” Destiny Slocum (now closer to home in Idaho, playing at Oregon State). Ashley Owusu. A 6-foot power forward with the handle to play point guard. On this night Charles and Austin and company might not have beaten us, but the emergence of Owusu on offense in Q3 became an x factor few could have anticipated.
    An 8 pm week-night start (necessitated by prime time TV scheduling for the main bout of the evening) surely left us with a November game-sized crowd. This matchup deserved an NIT championship game-like crowd of at least 6,000 but it was a “school night.” Our usual seniors showed, but the families and mom’s and guardians with grade schoolers stayed home, readying for bed. The home cookin’ in The Hall with the energy of another 3,500 … might have kept the stove hot to the end and pulled us through in those last 5 minutes when the game was stlll, again, up for grabs.

  5. Yes, Maryland is just better. IU Ladies have to try much harder than Maryland Ladies to play at the same level as Maryland to accomplish the same thing. Eventually, talent and a coach that knows how to utilize that talent in Maryland Ladies simply play itself out. If IU Ladies hit a couple more free throws, had a larger crowd, played a little better as game went on probably would have still resulted in a loss. Maryland would have simply raised their level of play. Maryland still had a couple gears left in the tank If needed. Could IU pull an upset? Yes, but it would truly be an upset. Maryland just a more physically, quicker, stronger, talented team. (as previous posts above note). South Carolina was a fluke.

  6. 8:00pm start = disadvantage Maryland since they were the road team and IU was playing at home with or without crowd. Some of IU Ladies mental errors and sloppy of play was result of IU having to play harder than Maryland to accomplish the same thing or match Maryland level of play. It eventually got into IU Ladies head and pressure mounts a little and becomes a little intimidating as IU Ladies see chances for a win becomes frustrating and slips away.

  7. I agree with the above comments. Maryland looks like a final four team to me. MikeC said they were the best BigTen team early in the year, and I still don’t quite understand how they have lost two BigTen games and lost by 23 to Northwestern?
    I was really proud of our effort, and when down only three towards the very end of the game, a big loud crowd MIGHT have pushed us over the top. Really disappointed in the crowd after coming back from Purdue where their program in the doldrums drew 8K. Our attendance was listed as over 3K, but it didn’t look even that large to me. Granted, the 8:00PM start hurt attendance. I just hope IU finishes strong. It would seem winning every remaining game is not an impossible task if they play with confidence.

  8. Crowd or no crowd, Maryland had a couple gears left to up their game when needed. I say this because when Maryland shifted play into a higher gear IU lead evaporated quickly into a deficit favoring Maryland. Crowd didn’t help enough for Purdue to beat IU.

  9. A few comments from last night’s tilt:
    * The Hoosiers’ 1st quarter was close to flawless and Ali Patberg looked like an award winner. When they are on, Indiana is close to Maryland’s talent level
    * I commented on this site after the first Maryland game that the Terps’ Taylor Mikesell got into Patberg’s head on defense. I definitely saw that in the second half. When things are clicking, Patberg is close to an All American. Unfortunately, she still gets down on herself and gets rattled when things turn south. Not meant as a criticism, just the fact that she plays with such passion it can lead to some pronounced lapses and inconsistencies
    * Mac Holmes continues to impress and she really was the only physical player out there last night. Gulbe had been more physical in recent games but didn’t seem to have it last night. I’m also curious as to why Hannah Noveroske doesn’t play any more after getting some minutes early in the season. Maryland had several offensive rebounds when there weren’t any Hoosiers near the basket
    * Coach Moren is still a terrific coach, but I’d still like to see more of a rotation from the bench. And let’s face it, it’s nobody’s fault but if we had had a 100% Bendu Yeaney all season, the Hoosiers could very well be a Sweet 16 team.
    * Grace Berger is one of the best shooters in the country but is still a gun shy on defense after the concussion earlier this season

    These comments are meant to be constructive. Hoosiers are still very solid, but are just short of top tier. Considering how young the team is the future is very bright and they could surprise some people in both the BIG tournament and NCAA.

  10. I have commented on the lack of students at home games many times before. It boggles my mind that there is such a lack of student support at the games when they don’t have to pay to get in, all they have to do is show their student ID. South Carolina has an average student attendance of around 12 to 13,000 at every home game. We are lucky to have around a couple of hundred? The only time you see a large amount of students at a home game is if there is a special promotion that benefits them. It is truly pathetic! We average around 3,500 a game this year which is mostly made up of adults and families with young children. Students attending games are mostly made up of band members and they HAVE to be there. The only time you see a large student contingent is if there is a special promotion that benefits them. I wonder why the administration doesn’t promote the women’s games to the student body in order to increase attendance? I really thought that this year the students would become more interested in attending the games since the team was going to be much improved but, I guess that was wishful thinking? Go Hoosiers!!

  11. Give students 1 general ed credit for attendance of X number of games with possibility of earning up to 3 credits during course of 4 years.

  12. Attendance problems…and a game making IU women look rather outmatched against some freshmen (freshwomen?) on a visiting Maryland team? Are you guys still advocating long contract extensions and huge amounts of money thrown at Moren( along with the gazillions to keep her away from Purdue)? Doesn’t all seem sort of silly when we get manhandled (womenhandled?) by a team from the East?

    What is it with Maryland? Man, they’ve had their way in hoops against our men’s and women’s basketball teams. Stole our last shot at a men’s championship in 2002 as well. Seems like we shouldn’t have invited Maryland to the BigTen. That damn Delaney…..And now Rutgers is tearing it up in men’s hoops too. The Midwest and the Hoosier state is starting to look like it’s got nothin’ on hoops to the East….almost in the same fashion we have nothin’ in football compared to the South.

    Hopefully, our fading men’s program can still handle a Boilerfaker on our home court this weekend…We are seemingly no match for the basketball schools from the East anymore. Odd how we dropped the UK rivalry as well….We’d probably have an easier time with UK than Rutgers now.

  13. In the post presser Moren was asked about not getting the ball in to Holmes in the second half, she remarked Holmes was open at times and when she was we couldnt get it to her. The terps defense had a lot to do with that, you knew they were going to try limit touches in the post, especially when Holmes was in the game. There were attempts but those usually turned into turnovers. I remember one particular score by IU in the second half , the crowd erupted, but we didnt get back and Diamond Miller was all alone for a layup ,, that was sad and showed how badly we were beaten in that second half. Seemed to me as if the IU players were already beaten physically and mentally. As Jeremy reported– there is just something about Maryland for IU.

  14. IU Ladies could have made a concerted effort to just attack with the mindset of 3 ball hoping for a South Carolina outcome. If that would have been the mindset then players could have shot with confidence as that would have been the strategy but probably wouldn’t have worked.

  15. Hard to figure why its not a good matchup for IU vs Mary. but that is not for me or you that is the coaches problem and they’re not doing well with it. NW beat the terps by 23 and Iowa also beat them, but whatever is lacking Moren and staff better figure it out since they could meet for a third time in the B1G tourney.

  16. RPI is generally a “Really Poor Indicator,” in my mind at least.
    BUT, ALL of IU’s losses have come at the hands of teams rated in top 16 by RPI.
    Beat South Carolina who is ranked 2nd.
    Lost twice to Maryland, now ranked 3rd. Lots of folks are going to be busy figuring out how to beat them.
    UCLA now ranked 8th, Baylor 10th, Iowa 11th, Northwestern 16th.
    IU is maybe not quite elite yet, but certainly very very good, especially when you think where we were before Coach Moren arrived on the scene.
    Absolutely no question in my mind that this is the best IU women’s basketball has ever been.

  17. NatHill, yes you rare correct, I have been going down there for 30 years and this is the best team we have ever had, but to answer those that keep saying they don’t understand why we can’t beat Maryland, it is simple. They are simply better than us in most areas, they are bigger, more athletic and much more physical than we are! If you are attending the games, the eye test proves it! Brenda Freeze recruits as good as anyone in the country every year! Her recruiting classes are in the top 5 every year, its that simple! As good as Moren has recruited since she has been on scene, our recruiting will have to be much better for us to compete with Maryland. The athletes they put on the floor are quite a bit better than ours even though we are getting better. We at this time are a very good program, they are a great program! They have basically dominated the conference since coming aboard and the test of us are trying to catch up.

  18. Mike, I sat on the floor and just could not believe how quick, strong, athletic and skilled the Maryland players are. And PHYSICAL.
    I’m willing to bet they’re a final 4 team right now.

  19. H4H. No one or I wasn’t advocating millions forT.M. I was advocating base salary to put her around top 4th in big ten on womens side plus some incentives or less incentives. My issue was with her base pay being in top 4th of big ten basically.

  20. The comment that a 100% Bendu Yeany would make us a sweet 16 team is a bit of a stretch? Bendu is very limited offensively, no outside shot but a tremendous player inside although limited in size. Her strength which she can add to the team is her defense! She is a tremendous on ball defender. Other than that, I don’t see what a dramatic difference a healthy Bendu would make in this team? I really don’t think she would add that much defensively for the simple reason, we are already one of the better defensive teams in the conference. Her athleticism would be an added plus for our team which is not very athletic to begin with? NatHill is right, Maryland is big, physical and quicker than we are because of their athleticism! That is the big difference between us and them. We have NEVER beaten them and this will continue until we recruit better and bigger athletes! We are simply not on the same level as Maryland. They have dominated the conference in women’s basketball since they were added a few years ago! We have a ways to go to get to their level! Go Hoosiers!!

  21. I agree with most everything that has been said here. Ive even said the same thing myself, but I have to look at it as a matchup problem that other teams dont have. NW beat the terps by 23 pts, Iowa beat them by 5 pts. Yet we match up pretty well with those two teams who dont have the problem we have at least this year losing in OT after having nice leads on those two teams. In the first half Mary. didnt seem to have an answer for Holmes even though they are bigger than us, so they went to the match up zone which made it difficult for us to penetrate especially with Ali just trying to dribble around it . Seems there is way too much dribbling , need to find a way to pass over or around it find openings.

  22. That’s where IU Ladies needed to have a practiced during week a second half game plan to attack an over matched team like Maryland with the 3 ball hopefully being on fire. The delima is IU had a halftime lead and it’s a gamble shooting 3’s as a second half game plan. However, playing Maryland like you played them first half wasn’t going to work either though hitting ft’s at an 85% clip would have helped. Leaving ft shooter by herself to shoot a free throw is a wrong choice also as it makes shooter more uncomfortable.

  23. SteveW, I addressed the dribble, dribble, dribble offense around 3 weeks ago. As Ali is dribbling all over the place from side to side, I have yelled out more than once to PASS the ball!! What happened to the pass and cut offense? As good as Ali is, and she is very good, I get so sick of her dribbling all over the court looking for someone to pass directly to for a basket! Since Bob Knight made an appearance yesterday, I was reminded of his pass and cut in the other direction offense which he taught at nauseum. It worked and continues to work to this day. Pass the ball and cut away from the pass and set a screen allowing other players to get open. It works to this day, utilize it!! Having one player dribble from side to side looking for a basket is very easy to defend? I know why Moren removed players from the free throw lane, she was tired of seeing a more athletic team beat us to the other end of the court even when shooting free throws? Well, if you recruit more athletic players, that solves the issue! We are not a very athletic team which has reared it’s ugly head at more than one occasion. Recruiting has to improve if we hope to move into the upper echelon of teams across the nation. Pass, cut and screen would improve our offense a bunch! Go Hoosiers!!

  24. Mike c– Thats why I brought it up, Ali continues to dribble, dribble and its also obvious Moren hasnt addressed it enough,, like you say, pass , cut , screen. So obvious but not being addressed or used. While Ali is doing her dribbling stunt there is not enough movement from everyone else whether thats cutting or screening.

  25. IU will need to get more players in the rotation. Moren says if they dont show in practice wont get in the game. There is a track star sitting on the bench but only sees the floor in blowout situations. There was a statement made by the coaching staff preseason that only one player appeared college ready and her name wasnt Holmes,, wrong!

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