1. Exactly! “Mental Midgets”…well said & a concise summary of what we’re all trying to say on the postgame blog.

    Overall, I think we all can use a week off away from this bunch.

  2. Jeremy hit the nail on the head around the 3:20 mark when he uses “schism” to describe the opposing forces on the roster. I think it’s appropriate way to see it…It looks beyond simply deficiencies in roster refinement….or guys that are simply poor shooters. There is something at work on this team that is creating certain guys feeling resigned to their good efforts while others almost appear flippant in their regard to results. And Jeremy is correct in saying these attitudes on the court are “on Archie.”

    It’s nice to hear our HT journalists expressing what I thought I was noticing last season when guys were smirking and giggling on our Hoosier bench in the waning moments of our NIT embarrassment.

  3. A silver lining is Jerome Hunter’s game showing his potential….but I also sometimes wonder which side of the “schism” he is on. Is there the effort and “seriousness” to match the very evident talent? Can a coach instill that attitude or is it just another “upside” talent putting in his time for a future NBA audition? Translated: Investment. I want guys invested in IU. It’s really pretty basic. I don’t care if we go 5-13 in the conference at this stage of Archie’s reworking and reshaping of an roster combining holdovers with his own recruits…as long as the heart and effort is there.

    Race Thompson always appears fully engaged to me….I’m still not fully sure with Jerome. Maybe some have their “too cool for school” rub off on him more.

    I just don’t remember the level of immaturity and the “mental midget” aura of teams devoid of toughness in the many decades preceding and up to our last Final Four run in 2002. The toughness and maturity has really dropped off.

  4. What I’d give for the heart and grit of a Tom Coverdale…or a A.J. Moye?
    Every member of that 2002 Final Four team put forth tremendous effort.
    Didn’t hurt to have some very solid and pure strokes….Fife, Hornsby, Coverdale, Moye, Jeffries….Hell, even Jarrad Odle had a decent jump shot. Newton always put forth big effort.

    Where is the effort and heart anymore? Where are the leaders? Where are the young men with undaunted spirits as their magic potion rather than the showboating boys simply going through the motion?

  5. Off-topic…and didn’t really know where to put this other than “pothole” describes the struggles of Eric Gordon of late….UNTIL THIS GAME!
    Wow….See what happens when you don’t have to simply stand around watching the NBA’s two greatest ball hogs?

    Man, I haven’t seen EJ hit bombs with that sort of confidence for a very long time…Don’t know how I missed hearing about a 50 pt. performance. Just don’t care to watch much NBA anymore. Quite the performance from EJ. Former Hoosier with that sort of outing should have made the pages of Scoop…

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