Big Ten halts team activities, too

The Big Ten announced Friday all organized team activities for its member schools are suspended until April 6.

That adds to a growing list of measures taken in response to the coronavirus pandemic, which already included the cancelation of all remaining winter and spring sports competitions.

For Indiana, that means spring football practices are shut down until the conference reevaluates the situation on April 6, as well as all other sports that may be holding practices or workouts. IU had already shut down face-to-face learning on its campus from the start of spring break until that same April 6 date.

IU football’s pro day, which was scheduled for March 23, has also been canceled.

The suspension and not complete cancelation of team activities does leave the door open for a resumption of practices after April 6. The football team’s spring game, scheduled for April 17 at Memorial Stadium, has already been canceled by IU.

Recruiting has also been affected. On Friday, Stadium’s Jeff Goodman reported the NCAA has suspended all on- and off-campus recruiting activities for all sports until at least April 15. The Big Ten had already placed a moratorium on recruiting activities for “the foreseeable future.”


  1. I beginning to think the second wave of this virus may well be far worse than the first.

    The second wave will be the lawsuit wave of this. My reasoning for thinking this is when I went back and looked at the Swine Flu statistics and realized, unless something changes about it, the coronavirus is nothing compared to the Swine Flu. Here’s the kicker. Nothing got cancelled in the Swine Flu crisis to this level.

    Question is, “How long will it take for some enterprising attorneys to figure this one out?” If I were anybody taking any type loss, I would be looking for somebody, somewhere to sue.

  2. And you would lose that suit due to the jury trial requirement. No jury would award to you a dime!

  3. Force Majeure clause in contracts, may prevent the legal vultures any fresh meat. Before comparing coronavirus to swine flu we need to see the end results, too early for me to guess.

  4. For those of you that we wouldn’t have to watch Green another year chucking up 3s from all over, think again. Looks like the NCAA is going to extend eligibility for another year.

  5. Comments like the “swine flu is much worse” is dangerous. The swine flu is over and we know the stats. This one had just started. Read about what is happening in Washington (State) right now and you’ll see hospitals overrun, not enough supplies, staff, beds, ventilators… People are going to die because they’re all getting sick at once.

    There’s a mentality shift that needs to change and I’m gonna call out dangerous comments like think just posted until this is over.

    Stay home. Flatten the curve. We have no idea what this could potentially be, and if we don’t come into contact with each other, it’ll give us a chance to get through this and we’ll all be ok.

    1. ^^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^
      Countries that have attacked the spread of the virus aggressively (like South Korea) have held the fatality rate to around 1%, while others that have taken a laissez faire approach (like Italy) have seen fatality rates at around 6%.

      Not trying to scare monger, but if the infection rates hit where various CDC and WHO officials have estimated (which will hard to tell until widespread testing becomes a reality) even a 1% fatality rate could be devastating.

      #flattenthecurve #socialdistancing

      Missing a few games is a small price to pay to keep our health infrastructure from being overwhelmed the way it has in Italy.

      1. Meanwhile, I saw the Apple store still overflowing today as usual…Possibly a little lower numbers in their store but still nearing a hundred all touching everything in the store and standing within shoulder rubs of each other.

        Then I go to a major grocery store near my home at 9:00 pm and the shelves have been cleaned out. All packaged chicken and meats. Gone. All bread, muffins, rolls, bagels. Gone. All frozen pizzas and prepared frozen meals. Gone. All butter. Gone. Most cereals. Gone. All cheeses. Gone. All toilet paper. Gone. Almost all cleaning products. Gone.

        Apple store. Busy. Employees still working. They will not find cheese tonight.

      2. The general public in contact with each other and touching carts, door, carry baskets, foods and keypads at self-checkout lanes will be in the tens of thousands in just the many Indianapolis Walmarts today….

        I have a feeling the grocery stores and Walmarts in this panic rush are far more dangerous than what Banker’s Life would have been.

        And then I think about all the single parents still having to go to jobs without anyone to watch their kids as schools close down. Maybe there’s a grandparent to watch them? Yeah, it’s that …or leave them alone to burn down a house.

        America isn’t built for this crisis because we never had systems in place to help working families. There is rarely a company to give extended leave for a newborn…There is the risk of losing healthcare (for those that even have something basic) in blue collar jobs. Many poor families nearly rely on schools to give their kids one cheap meal a day.

        Where are all the billionaires stepping up? Where are they to help the poor and those barely living paycheck to paycheck who can’t take all the precautionary measures? Where are they to even help fund the cost of kids missing their only meal at school now seeking a meal or snack at home…..(while mom or dad still must work and can’t tend to them)?

        Think of all the hungry kids while dumb asses go into mass panic and empty out grocery stores. Our country can afford to empty out grocery stores …but we have no way to give a poor kid a meal who is being taken out of his/her school during this crisis.

        And all our dumb-ass leaders can do is pat themselves on the back.

  6. Many can’t stay home or they’ll lose their employment. Commerce is not stopping. Last time I checked, Walmarts aren’t closing….nor are fast food chains.

    Wish I could agree that staying home will help, but, in reality, that’s a very small percentage. Most cannot survive without a paycheck. Most do not have an option to work at home. There is zero confidence that this current government or administration will be there for them. It’s only there for stockholders.

    These current POTUS press conferences are a complete farce. This should serve as a real wake-up call for national healthcare. Stay home in your bubble, rich people.

  7. If nothing else, (and you Wall Streeters won’t like this) this country must cut critical, dependant business ties with adversarial, if not threatening countries. The old way of doing business; leave office, hire on as a foriegn or US corporate lobbyist, push foriegn labor, research, development and Distribution on critical and most other things in supply chain. Domestic companys need to reload domestically. I’ll gladly pay more. Overseas labor and development, contrary to popular ‘belief’ only affects SRP on the shelf by about 12%. OR,…we can do this all over again, and again and again! Up until the late sixties about the only thing that we imported from the orient was from Japan and most of that was unessential. We can look to corrupt goverment in both parties and maxed out greedy corporations for where we are today. Unprecedented calamity, including WWII.

  8. Billionaires and Elites do what Billionaires and Elites do.

    Billionaires, Multi Millionaires, the elites collaborate with government including politicians where it is legalized to rape the wealth from a society and it’s economy to give circus peanuts back to its peasants and praise themselves for self righteousness.
    Even if one lives a 100 years, life is but a flash of light compared to all of time. In the end whether suffering or eliteness; they get the same 6 feet or how one’s remains are disposed.

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