IU football makes Wellman hire official

Indiana football officially announced its hire of Aaron Wellman as the program’s next strength coach.

Wellman, who spent the last four years with the New York Giants, has been given the title assistant athletic director for football performance.

“We strive to provide our student-athletes with the best in all aspects of our program and Aaron Wellman’s hire does just that,” IU coach Tom Allen said in a statement. “Bringing in his elite expertise is a game changer. Aaron has worked at the highest levels in both college and professional football. We are excited for his arrival and believe he will take our strength and conditioning to another level.”

The program’s release highlights Wellman’s work with the Giants, implementing “individualized performance programs to maximize speed, strength and power while mitigating the risk of injury.” That mention of speed is potentially relevant because David Ballou, who is now at Alabama, was a duo with speed coach Matt Rhea.

“In addition to collaborating with the medical staff on injury risk assessments and return-to-play protocols, Wellman developed and carried out movement screening and anthropometric assessments to determine lean muscle mass carrying capacity of the athlete skeleton,” the release added.

Wellman has 23 years of experience as a strength coach, including 11 in the Big Ten. His career started as a graduate assistant at IU in the late 1990s before continuing on to Michigan State (2001-03). He went on to lead strength and conditioning programs at Michigan (2011-14), San Diego State (2009-10) and Ball State  (2004-08).

“It’s exciting to be back at a University we love, and to work with a coaching staff and team we believe in,” Wellman said in a statement. “We’re anxious to get started.”


  1. I can’t wait to find out what IU is paying Wellman. If he’s replacing both Rhea and Ballou, my guess is he’s getting paid more than Ballou was but less than the combined salaries of Ballou and Rhea. In other words, I’m hoping that it’s going to be much harder for schools to poach Wellman away from IU.

  2. I am more excited to see what Wellman can do to improve players over the next few years PO. He has a great resume and experience which I hope brings in even better players to IU. I also hope with him and his wife being IU grads they stay and he doesn’t take other jobs down the road. With what he did at the Giants it sounds like he does similar things our last staff did.

  3. It’s being reported that IU is paying Wellman a salary of $700,000, which makes him the third highest S & C coach in college FB. If that salary number is true, that’s a huge statement TA is making about Wellman and the importance of having a superior S & C program. It speaks to the value of a great S & C coach in regards to recruiting.

    As I suspected, it appears IU took the combined salaries of Ballou and Rhea and gave most of that money to Wellman. TA is able to justify that by consolidating two jobs into one and having Wellman do both strength and speed. And by doing so, IU’s coaching compensation budget is about $80,000 ahead, which should allow Wellman to attract quality S & C assistants.

    I think it’s going to be a while before another college FB program poaches IU’s S & C coach. Good for TA and good for IU in going out and getting what the program needed. I completely approve of this move and applaud TA for making a bold statement. As good as they were, hopefully Wellman will turn out to be an upgrade over Ballou and Rhea.

  4. Step up to help the country in crisis. How much salary do any of these extremely compensated coaches and assistants need at this moment in crisis? Donate to help those who will soon be without meals and healthcare.

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