IU makes hire of DL coach Kevin Peoples official

Indiana announced the hire of defensive line coach Kevin Peoples on Monday.

Peoples, who has been at Tulane since 2016, has also made stops at Arkansas State (2002-09), Arkansas (2010-12), UAB (2013), and Georgia Southern (2014-15). The 27-year coaching veteran replaces Mark Hagen, who is now the defensive line coach at Texas.

“I’m thrilled to join Coach Allen and this great staff,” Peoples said in a release. “Coach Allen has done a tremendous job building this program and I can’t wait to continue the upward trajectory. I look forward to working with Coach (Kane) Wommack, the defensive coaches and the defensive linemen. There is a lot of talent in our room and I’m ready to get started.”

Peoples’ most direct connection to the current IU staff is offensive line coach Darren Hiller, who was at Arkansas State for the eight years Peoples was there. IU coach Tom Allen also worked at Arkansas State in 2011, before jumping to Ole Miss.

Peoples, who jumped to Arkansas, would have been in the same conference with Allen then.

“I’m really excited to add Kevin to our staff,” Allen said in a statement. “He brings a ton of experience and is a very strong technician. Kevin will build strong relationships with our players and help develop them to play at the highest level in the Big Ten.”

For more info on Peoples, here’s our previous story on his hire.


  1. Based on his previous stops and watching a video of him coaching practice at Tulane he looks like a great DL coach. I hope he can improve the pass rush and run defense like he has at other schools. I am impressed with IU’s new coaches and I hope coach Allen promotes the assistants in the S&C program to keep continuity going.

    A lot of changes for IUFB after a successful season and I hope they can continue the upswing despite all the changes. The good news is the changes create opportunities for coaches and players that they can use to excel at their jobs.

  2. V13, if TA can’t find S&C guys that he is certain are excellent, than he should promote the assistants that learned under the men who are leaving for Alabama. But overall, I think he should proceed under the philosophy that you hire “the most qualified person” regardless of where they come from. Again, for young S&C guys on the way up, TA’s got some attractive compensation to offer. It’s not on par with what Alabama can pay, but it’s got to be well above average.

  3. Pretty simple. Indiana is dealing with something that we’ve not had to in….ever. We’ve had success and the people responsible are getting promotions and job offers to further their careers.

    The difference between a “program” and a “flash in the pan,” is that in a program, you plan for this. You know that people are going to move on. Indiana shouldn’t be a destination job for anyone. If they do, they don’t really want much else. I want guys who think they can coach for a national contender like Alabama.

    We’ll see if LEO is a culture than can drive excellence as coaches move in and out of the program. I don’t know if it’ll work or not. We’ll see.

    But, so far, Allen is doing decently with the replacements. The only one I don’t like is Sheridan. But that’s only because he’s a total unknown to me. I feel that they could have gone outside and gotten someone in DeBoer’s class, but I guess he gave his strong recommendation on his way out. So, again, we’ll see.

  4. Good post DD. I like your point about “wanting guys who think they can coach for a national contender like Alabama.” And you reference another key point. I think DeBoer’s endorsement of Sheridan carried a lot of weight with TA. Plus, Sheridan already knows the offense, the players and the culture TA is trying to create/maintain for IU FB. For all we know, Sheridan may be the next boy genius of college FB, like a young Urban Meyer whose rise through college FB was meteoric.

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