On March 20 in IU basketball history: Knight over Chaney

March 20, 1994

The first-ever meeting between legendary coaches John Chaney and Bob Knight was decided by defense in a second-round NCAA Tournament East Regional game at USAir Arena in Landover, Md.

Chaney’s Temple Owls were throttled into 22-of-67 shooting (32.8 percent), including just a 16-of-42 effort from star guards Eddie Jones and Aaron McKie, as Indiana advanced to the Sweet 16 with a 67-58 victory.

The Hoosiers, meanwhile, rode their 3-point sharpshooting. Sophomore forward Brian Evans, still battling through a separated shoulder suffered in December, made 4-of-6 shots from beyond the arc, and Todd Leary was 3-of-5 as IU finished 10-of-20 on 3s for the game. Six of those makes, and all three of Leary’s, came in the second half to keep Temple at bay despite the loss of freshman Sherron Wilkerson to a broken leg.

Evans finished with 18 points, 11 rebounds and five assists, while Leary offset his six turnovers with 15 points and five rebounds to overcome a quiet outing from Damon Bailey (eight points, three assists). Alan Henderson posted a double-double of 12 points and 11 rebounds., while Pat Graham added 11 points off the bench.

It would turn out to be the last hurrah for the Hoosiers, who lost the following week in Miami to ninth-seeded Boston College, which had previously upset top-seeded North Carolina.


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  2. Only 8 points from Damon Bailey….Phenomenal high school talent. Pure in his skill sets. Natural and unwavering confidence. Absolutely legendary status….But he just never seemed to capture all of that same mystique in college. Maybe the fact he had been recruited by Knight at such a young age?
    The expectations were so immense once he arrived at IU….almost unfairly immense.

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