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March 19, 2016

From 1969 to 2012, Indiana and Kentucky played on an annual basis. But after the Wildcats’ Sweet 16 victory in the 2012 NCAA Tournament avenged the Hoosiers’ regular-season upset courtesy of Christian Watford’s game-winner, the series was on hiatus. That ended with the second round of the 2016 NCAA Tournament at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa.

Big Ten regular-season champ and fifth-seeded IU made the most of the opportunity with a 73-67 win over fourth-seeded UK, and the two have not met since.

The focus was on the point guards, as Kentucky’s Tyler Ulis (27 points, three assists) and Indiana’s Yogi Ferrell (18 points, five rebounds, four assists) went head to head. But it was the supporting cast that pushed the Hoosiers over the top, as Thomas Bryant scored 19 points, Troy Williams 13 and OG Anunoby had seven points to go with strong defense on the likes of Jamal Murray, Isaiah Briscoe and Alex Poythress. That helped IU overcome limited contributions by injured Robert Johnson and Juwan Morgan.

The Hoosiers advanced to a Sweet 16 date with top-seeded North Carolina in Philadelphia, a game they lost, and to this point remains the program’s last NCAA appearance.


  1. I remember the game like it was yesterday. I actually don’t, but maybe somebody does….I do believe that’s Max Bielfeldt in the foreground. He was very important grad transfer out of Michigan. But I remember nothing about the ‘Round of 32’ game.

  2. I remember the KY game kinda in an average way meaning not a lot of details and a good game especially since IU won with game winning shot by Watford. I do remember thinking that I expected it not having to come down to a game winner shot by IU. However, any win against KY is a good day.
    I also remember again not a lot of details but a little better the solid win NC over IU. It illustrated at the time somewhat the difference between where each program was or headed until 2019. Of course North Carolina was aided by Ghost classes by its team/program. So it brings up questions to me: How accurate are national championships or elite sports programs. How many asterisks should be placed beside by all championships and or elites. The reason for asterisks it seems for to many punishments are not even close to being implemented or what it should be. It goes for all including IU if they were or are involved. To me in an ideal world that would mean elite players, coaches and etc would give their opportunity/s to the next man up. This would result in lesser talented players getting opportunities especially players (coaching might be argued regarding talent) replacing more talented players that some say would result in a lesser product on the basketball court or football field. However, I disagree because it depends on how you DEFINE WHAT IS TALENT AND DESIRED SPORTS TEAM OR PROGRAM.

  3. t- I was speaking of the NCAA tournament game (the last win against UK on 3/19/2016). That’s the one in which I don’t have much recollection of game details.

  4. Lol. Without checking the date which was Dec 10, 2011…I mistakenly was referring to the 2011 game as the 2016 game…How time flies! Now, I don’t remember the 2016 game at all. Thanks for the clarification H4H.

  5. 2016 over Kentucky was huge, followed by the larger challenge of UNC.
    I drove to Bloomington from 10 hours away, in time for Yogi and OG and the rest to take down the Wildcats. I think Juwan Morgan had to re-locate his shoulder twice in that game.
    What a fighter, love that guy!
    Leal and the other IU talent need to bring home Banner #6 in the next 4 years.

  6. Anyone want to predict how long it will be before IU makes it back to the Sweet 16 again? I have no idea, but IMO it will take another great point guard like Yogi to get us back there, or beyond, again.

    1. They lack the sort of guard play necessary to even put them in the conversation. We saw that consistently throughout the BT season, and they really don’t have any chance to get into the top half of the conference, let alone anything approaching the S16, until the talent and depth and experience increase quite a bit in the backcourt. He’s not had a roster close to S16 worthy since he arrived and he doesn’t have one for next year.Hope recruiting can upgrade the roster.

      1. I really like our backcourt talent for 20-21 season now the Hero is gone. Obvious improvement through 2nd half of this past season.

    1. Actually H4H, I think Archie had a plan to get to the Sweet 16 last year, and even further this year. Unfortunately, with half the team spending significant parts of last year in the medical ward, that got derailed.

      Know you’re going to ask how, so let’s consider a scenario based on known bits and pieces of information. JM learned to be a tremendous inside player, and RL was extraordinary driving to the basket. We know that DD could be a formidable presence in the paint. Add to these ingredients 3 additional factors we are just now beginning to see. RT is showing us what a powerful addition he would have been if fully healthy the entire year. What we saw of RP before the concussion was a talent on the way to becoming, a serviceable, if not stellar point guard.

      The final ingredient is JH. We still are only getting glimpses of what made Archie give him the gold jersey so early in his freshman year. JH was known as a quality shooter who could also drive to the basket as needed. The telltale comment from Archie when awarding JH the gold jersey was, “He made shots.” That tells us all we need to know about Archie’s plan to IUBB back to the Sweet 16 last year.

      A healthy JH consistently stretching the defense with outside shooting would open up the paint for two very dominant players (JM & RL) to literally shred defenses. Stay inside and protect the paint from JM and RL (also not fully healthy most of the year), JH picks you apart from outside. Stretch out the defense and JM & RL rip you apart. It would have been the CAM version of Phil Jackson’s “triangle offense.” I don’t think they would have got beyond the Sweet 16 because neither RL or JH were seasoned enough as freshmen, but do think they would have got to the round of 16.

  7. Sweet 16 is a diversion. It’s Podunker’s way of saying Tom Crean should have never been fired. Next Sweet 16? Don’t care. If Archie only bumps up against such ceilings he will also be a failure. And what’s the point of a Sweet 16 if you look out of your league and get manhandled (as was the case against Syracuse and UNC)? It only shows we were as far from turning real corners as the “all talk, no action” of IU Football.

    Had there been a March Madness, we would have simply lost more ground to all the Midwest (in terms of March Madness success) than the irrelevance proven on the biggest stages during the Crean era.
    Is our new standard of excellence a Sweet 16 appearance (and then getting slapped around at the Sweet 16 like a rag doll?)

    Conference Midwest Elite‘ (2010-19):

    Elite Eights:
    UK 7
    MSU 4
    Louisville 3
    Michigan 3
    Butler 2
    Notre Dame 2
    Ohio State 2
    Wisconsin 2
    Loyola 1
    Purdue 1
    Xavier 1

    Final Fours:
    Kentucky 4
    MSU 3
    Butler 2
    Louisville 2
    Michigan 2
    Wisconsin 2
    Loyola 1
    Ohio State 1

    Goose eggs. Don’t buy into diversions. Don’t allow Archie to have such low goals as Sweet 16 appearances. Let’s talk Mike Davis and Final Fours. There is a recent thread where Jeremy discussed Moye stuffing Carlos Boozer during the marvelous run when a Hoosier team had some guts and made it to a Final Four.

    I was at the regional against #1 Duke ….Best of times.

    Good effort, thinkaboutit. I’ve read all of that before. We lost three of our last four this year. We pushed around a depleted terrible Nebraska team as our last hurrah of the season. Let’s start getting real.

    1. Mike Davis H4H?????
      I thought you said, “Let’s start getting real.” Okay, let’s talk about the fact that Davis went to the championship game with RMK recruits. I know all the old arguments that he was instrumental in the recruiting process but he was recruiting them to play for RMK at Indiana. How well did thinks go after he was no longer recruiting them to play for RMK at Indiana but, rather, Mike Davis at Indiana?

      As for the KS boondoggle, he was known to bend the rules when he came to IU. If he had not been friends with Herbert, he wouldn’t have even been considered. Don’t give me the old tired argument the violations were nothing compared to what has been done. Just because others are doing it doesn’t make it right, it just means we have enforcement problems.

      You won’t get an argument from me regarding the TLC fiasco. What should have been a rise from the ashes went right back to the ashes. If you can’t coach x’s and o’s get an assistant who can. Look at LSU football, Coach O is no better, but he has assistants who can. Biggest problem for TLC was he burnt every bridge to home state talent there was.

      As for the future, give CAM enough time to complete the process, then make a decision. Barring any further problems we should see significant improvements next year and beyond. If not, then it is academic.

      1. Best you look at which Hoosier teams/coaches were winning against Purdue during the last couple decades as well.

        It’s not a lot of fun watching Purdue come into Bloomington and “hose” the Hoosiers. And those aren’t the most talented of teams from West Lafayette-to-have-a-banner having their way with us.

        March Madness results may end up being the least of Archie’s worries. If Purdon’t and Wisconsin keep having celebrations on McCracken (securing BigTen or share of BigTen titles on our floor), patience will run out a lot faster than failure to get to Sweet 16’s.

        We had plenty of talent to win our home games we threw away this year. The trend of losing to Purdue and Wisconsin at Assembly needs to end. As I said, take a look at the records…Examine which coaches had the teams with enough grit (not always the top talent) to not allow such sacrilegious losses on McCracken.

        When Davis took down Coach K at a regional semifinal in 2002 (after the Hoosiers had fallen as much as 17 points down), Duke had plenty of talent. It was Davis’s halftime adjustments which proved superior. Oh, and the infamous foul against the 3-pt shot made by Williams was not committed by Coverdale (as called by Don Fischer). It was on Fife. Fife had some angels on his side when Williams failed to convert the 4-pt play…and Moye stuffed Boozer on the put-back.

        Been a long time since Hoosiers had some angels on our side….We have sure had plenty of “decimated and then rising from the ashes” and “Hoosiers rising”…and “resurrections”…and “witch hunts”…and tweets to Billy Graham and Joyce Meyer… but not too many angels.

        I miss teams with grit and guts. I miss Indiana teams who don’t have players laughing on the bench at the end of embarrassing losses on our home floor. I think the angels stay away when you take such loves for team and candy stripes for granted.

        To conclude: Archie has much bigger problems than talent disparities or X’s and O’s challenges…or injuries. You must also have angels on your side.

        1. I challenge you to find any Sampson or Davis team where guys were laughing on the bench after embarrassingly bad losses to rivals on our HOME FLOOR. I challenge you to find any footage of players laughing on a Sampson bench (anywhere he’s coached) near the conclusion of tournament losses (be it NCAA or NIT).

          Claim they cheated (jaywalked compared to ghost classes, paying recruits, hookers for recruits) …or claim they had inherited talent….or claim they were inept in X’s and O’s. Try to have the argument every which way but sideways…It’s all good. Indiana is getting built for excuses more than accomplishments.
          But one thing you won’t claim is to find Hoosiers laughing, smiling and smirking on the bench during losses until the last couple seasons.

          Tell me why we have Hoosiers so entitled? Tell me why we have some Hoosiers so distant from defending the undaunted spirit we always believed first and foremost indicative of Indiana Basketball? It seems like taking a game seriously is a pretty damn low bar to jump over….If you can’t jump that bar, then you have no business asking for NCAA bids or talking of deserving an invitation to play some more basketball.

  8. If Lander is able to play next season, and his father seems to be confident he will, I believe IU has a chance to get back to the Sweet 16 in March of 2021. IMO, IU’s best chance for the next few years is next year. After next season, we lose Brunk to graduation and we probably lose TJD to the NBA, not to mention some other significant contributors. And without Brunk and TJD, we won’t have the horsepower in the paint to go very far, no matter how good our guards are. I’m confident Archie will recruit another big guy to replace Brunk, but the majority of bigs coming out of HS take a couple of years to develop. Unless Archie gets another transfer or signs a big from Europe (his brother has done that several times at AZ), I think Brunk’s last year of eligibility gives IU the best chance of getting to the Sweet 16 that it’s going to have for the next three years.

  9. Not top 10 in the Big 10 to top 16 in the country? I wouldn’t bet more than you can afford to lose on that proposition.

  10. BD, I didn’t say I’d bet on IU making it to the Sweet 16 next year, I’m just saying that IMO, IU’s best chance to get back there will be next season, while we still have Brunk and TJD and what should be our best point guard since Yogi.

    If you’re one of those people who believes that IU will be better next year because two Crean-recruited seniors are graduating (“addition by subtraction”), and will be replaced by a good shooting guard (AL) and a great point guard (lander), then there is reason for optimism about how far next year’s roster can go. I see next season as a window of opportunity that will close once Brunk and TJD move on.

    We should be a better shooting team next season, from both 3-point range and the FT line (can’t get much worse). And as TJD gets bigger and stronger, he should be even more effective in the paint. If Brunk stays healthy and Lander is as good as advertised, I see us having a chance. Beyond the 2020/2021 season, unless Archie finds a big man whose “plug and play” ready, it might take a few more years before that window opens again.

  11. I agree that next year is our best chance at a S16, but that’s because we’re buying 3 lottery tickets in 2021 versus one each in 2022 or 2023. In other words, we’re some distance away in any of the next few years based on the likely rosters, but next year is probably the “best” of the 3. Way too many holes in the roster and on the bench.

  12. According to The Dailey Hoosier’s IU BB Recruiting Board, there are four Centers in the Class of 2021 that IU has made offers to. IMO, IU has a good chance of signing only one of them. Of course, there is the potential that Archie will go after a JC Transfer or try to find a big guy overseas. But my guess is that it takes years to develop the relationships and networks necessary to successfully sign players from overseas.

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