1. Jeremy excellently notes “Wisconsin turns it up, and Indiana doesn’t match it.”

    This is the definition of a TEAM playing a bunch of individuals.

    And why is Wisconsin a TEAM, and why is Indiana a bunch of individuals?

    Anyone can easily see by Micah Potter’s exhortations coming in to the Wisconsin huddle and being supported by his teammates, and anyone can watch ANY Hoosier coming in to the huddle and being “show” supported by the other individuals on the team.

    The problem this entire year is that we don’t have a TEAM. Other Big Ten teams have formed a TEAM (but not Nebraska, they are hopelessly outmatched and have an even worse Coach).

    PENN STATE is most definitely a TEAM and I predict some real problems on Thursday.

    It will be fascinating to watch!

    1. Do you really think Hoiberg is a bad coach? Come clean so I can store your answer for the next few years & beat you over the head with it. Look what he did as a player & what he did. Look what he did cocking Iowa St. & what’s happened there since. So he couldn’t cut it in the NBA….same as Bielien. Think he’s a bad coach too?

      Your judgement of coaching is grossly impaired.

      1. ‘Cocking’ … wth? … ‘coaching’ God knows what caused that to autocorrect but it’s certainly not my moral habits

  2. So much for an asinine reporter bringing them together….Flush another one of my bogus theories.

    Dear “critical thinkers” of Scoop, is the cause of no team….?

    A. Holdovers (Green, Davis, Smith) causing dysfunctional habits (a.k.a. Crean Cooties).
    B. Archie Miller was a quick and safe choice. He’s ‘Ernie’ of Sesame Street and out of his league.
    C. Abandonment (20+ years ago) of Indiana’s single h.s. tournament and a legendary statewide tournament culminating with ONE winner/survivor. Indiana U. now recruits local untested softies with little moxie/grit/fortitude/refined skills because most have been pacified by “trophies for all.”
    D. Injuries, injuries..and more injuries. Last season’s injuries essentially pushing back what should be more seasoned sophomores to freshmen.
    E. Watering down of the old Hall. Sky boxes, i-Phones, internet, gaming, online gambling, social media and an aging fan base incapable of sustaining passionate cheering in the “new and improved” Skjodt Hall.
    F. Reunions and bronze statues. Coaches and recruits feel they’ve already made it to the top once they arrive in Bloomington surrounded by the BigTen’s crown jewels.
    G. Soft scheduling in the non-conference.
    H. None of the above. You’re as soft as the pacified rest because you make too many excuses.
    I. All of the above except ‘B.’
    J. A only.
    K. None of the above…and Kelvin Sampson.
    L. None of the above except B …and Kelvin Sampson …and 9 years of scary clapping clown we hired to teach basketball to kids already pacified and scared of their own shadow.
    M. THE NBA and its severe adverse effects upon the young mind more consumed with greed and cash..and their own name in a headline or on a top mock draft.
    N. All of the above except I, J, K and L.
    O. Bob Knight just set too high of a standard. Any “team” that would appear anything near a Bob Knight team is simply unrealistic.
    P. Everything of the above except anything that states None of the Above.

  3. I only went with ‘H’ because it’s shared by Harvard, Hillbillies, Hoosiers, Hysteria, Hurryin’ and Herpes.

    The rest of you critical thinkers, B-ball Einsteins, former coaches, friends of Price who never get moderated, ghost class takers, SEC lovers, sissies behind cute screen names, jock wannabees, faux entrepreneurs, jousters not jesters, fat slobs living off inheritances, kings, queens, done-all’s and seen all’s and generally, humble servants of Scoop…..have at it.

  4. Awww H4H,
    Now you just a funnin ain’t ya!!

    I believe you hit all the conventional rationale for your question. However, it could be far more complicated than your suggested answers or something very simple.

    That’s a long-winded way of saying, it beats me. At the end of the day all any of us can do is speculate.

  5. Sort of funnin’….but that is just about every excuse used by various commenters on this site (outside of a couple for funnin’…Jesters gotta jest).

    At the end of the day, my speculation is we just don’t have enough players who are natural scorers. “Shooting” is still different than scoring (though some higher percentages would certainly help).

    Point guard is a very massive issue. Hopefully Lander will help that situation immensely.

    The bigs are not very good beyond a few feet from the basket (which has been point out numerous times and not on my list).

    I also believe Archie did fold to the pressures of the job a bit. He has to get tougher and he has to make guys accountable to get respect. He’ll walk away a very wealthy man (as they all do) either way, but when you see guy giggling in huddles when losing on their home court, there is something amiss. It’s certainly not a “banner”…or “blue blood” …or Indiana Hoosier culture. I’ve never been
    a fan of coaches who are trying to win popularity contests with their players.

    Oops…I was long-winded again.

    Have a good one, Joe SEC.

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