2021 center Duncomb commits to IU

Indiana received a verbal commitment from 2021 center Logan Duncomb on Tuesday.

Depending on whether Khristian Lander reclassifies for 2020, this may or may not be the Hoosiers’ second commit for the ’21 class.

The 6-foot-9, 235-pounder from Archbishop Moeller in Cincinnati is ranked as a four-star prospect by 247Sports, as well as the 14th-best player at his position, and the 80th-best prospect nationally.

Duncomb had offers from Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Iowa, Ohio State, Xavier, and Stanford, among others.

Duncomb started to pay more attention to IU once he received his offer from Archie Miller in July, and he felt like what he’s been trained to do at Moeller translated to the Hoosiers’ style.

“How they have bigs run the floor hard, how they play their bigs inside, but also, with some of their bigs, have them come out and shoot and pick and rolls and stuff like that,” Duncomb said. “And how they stress rebounding, especially offensively.”

He took a couple of unofficial visits to IU, but Duncomb had additional inside information on Miller’s program. Moeller grad Michael Shipp joined the Hoosiers as a walk-on last season.

“He really wants to win, and if you’re doing something wrong, he’ll correct you,” Duncomb said. “But (Shipp) says he loves Archie and the rest of the coaching staff.”

Considering the sheer number of guards Miller has brought in thus far, including possibly Lander to go with Anthony Leal and Trey Galloway and wing Jordan Geronimo in the 2020 class, the Hoosiers were in need of some size in coming years.

IU is graduating De’Ron Davis, and Joey Brunk’s final season of eligibility will come in 2020-21. It’s also not certain that the uber-talented Trayce Jackson-Davis will be around for 2021-22.

Duncomb said Archie Miller told him he could have an immediate role with the Hoosiers.

“Just that I can be someone who can make an impact as a freshman, be able to play inside and stretch the floor, too,” Duncomb.

In Moeller’s regular season, Duncomb averaged 13.8 points, 8.7 rebounds, and 1.6 blocks per game as a junior. He converted on 68.6 percent of his shots, as well as 42.9 percent of his 3s in a smaller sample size (3-of-7).

“It’s something that’s been developing over the last level years,” Dumcomb said of his 3-point shot. “The thing about Moeller is they don’t need me to shoot 3s. We have a really good team. .. But it’s something I’ve been working on a lot. It’s something I’m going to continue to get better at.”

As far as his positional role, Duncomb feels he is athletic enough to guard both the five and the four positions. He doesn’t know if he’s set to add more inches to his 6-9 frame, but his last x-ray showed his growth plates are open. So it’s not out of the question.

Moeller finished its season 26-1 and was about to play in Ohio’s “final four” before the season was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Going into the playoffs, Duncomb was the third-leading scorer on his team.

He’s definitely learned to play team basketball.

“I felt like it’s been a positive also, to be with unselfish players who pass the ball. It’s the way to play basketball,” Duncomb said. “It just helps me to know how to play with other players.”

As you’d expect from a four-star forward, Duncomb displays an ability to score in the post with a variety of moves. He also has the ability to stretch out and hit a jumper. Here’s a highlight from his sophomore season:


  1. I’ll be damned! I’ve been preached to repeatedly Archie Miller can’t recruit B1G level to Bloomington. Must be an anomaly. I’ll be damned.

    1. Indeed. I was told that Archie can’t recruit and can’t coach. Yet, he kinda does both. Really well. The more the dust settles around this season and seeing what he had to work with, it’s amazing that this year’s team was even a tourney team.

      Also, remember, he also can’t teach free throw shooting either. Just watched the ’76 championship game on YouTube last night. Quinn Buckner, one of the best Indiana PGs of all time, shot 47% from the stripe in the ’75-’76 season. Bob Knight must have been just learning to teach free throw shooting then or something.

      1. Tourney worthy….?

        Losing three out of the last four of the regular season.
        Choking away a gut-testing and very winnable game at Illinois (remember how Chet used to say Illinois and Underwood were going to be chopped liver?)
        Getting bitch-slapped by Purdue twice. Losing to Purdue and Wisconsin on our home floor as part of the end-of-season slide.
        Finishing two games below .500 in the conference.

        I think Archie is a sizable upgrade from Tommy Peach Cobbler, but it would have been an embarrassment to the candy stripes to get an NCAA bid. We were a bubble team….Appropriate because down the stretch we were taking a bubble bath against Boilers and Badgers who wanted it more.

      2. I’m not really tied into the basketball program, but I like AM quite a bit. That said, how does “really well” fit with him so far?

  2. Can we get some more information on Logan’s game? 247 Sports #80 but Rivals #142. Which is it? 6’8 or 6’9? Which is it? Is he still growing? Can he hit the 3? Can he put the ball on the deck and drive to the rim? Can he gain strength and conditioning or is he already B1G ready? What is his FT %? He sounds like a really good pick up but the information is sparse. What does this mean for Frust the 6’9 kid from Ft Wayne? Some details are needed!

  3. Lol. Every recruit that IU men’s both, basketball and football are all big level potential all world players. Again, Lol. This is a good solid recruit. Higher level but need more bigs than just this one.

    1. …’need more bigs than just this one’…
      Has to absolutely be the most profound statement ever stated by anyone in the world.

  4. Needs to recruit guys who can shoot on a consistent basis, 5 threes a game wont cut it if they wanna get out of the middle of the pack in the big 10

    1. The Hoosiers haven’t had a winning record in conference since the 2015 – 16 season. They finished 11th this past season. The middle of the pack would be an improvement.

    2. 5 x 3’s a game, for a 6’9 junior center, on a 26-1 team, where he was the #3 scorer, who shot over 42% on 3’s, would be awesome! Unfortunately he shot only 7 x 3’s all season, but he did make 3 (42.86 %). I assume you are referring to IU as a team last season, not to Logan.

  5. On the bright side, Duncomb (which would have been a great nickname for Gene Keady) does look like he has a very good foundation of skills. Took a look at the YouTube video linked in Blau’s story..Appears he has good feet and a nice touch from 10-15….Hope he beefs up and grows a couple more inches.

    The difficult thing to always tell from videos is the quickness level. Competition in the videos is hard to gauge. Many guys have great skills without great pace and quickness. College ball can become more difficult when the speed becomes so essential….It’s why Trayce-Jackson is still going to need a year or two more of college ball (along with gaining some confidence in a shot beyond 5 feet from the basket).
    \Very few post players have the speed/quickness/explosiveness to truly dominate….Of course, that kid from Duke now playing on the Pelicans had plenty.

  6. I’m happy for those Hoosier BB fans who believe the key to winning Big Ten Championships is to build the team around 3 and 4-star recruits who will stay at IU for four years. Whether Duncomb is the 80th or 142nd best prospect in this class, it’s not likely he’ll leave early for the NBA. But I’m a bit concerned Duncomb may need to be IU’s starting Center as a true freshman. Brunk will be gone and it’s fair to assume TJD will too. It’s a lot to ask of a true freshman to be the starting center for a Big Ten team. Furthermore, I wonder how this news will affect the other Centers in the class of 2021 that Archie has tried to recruit. Will any of them continue to consider IU, or will this news push them to focus on their other offers?

    1. I don’t know…I’m thinkin’ (that’s your cue, thinkaboutit), Race Thompson and Jerome Hunter will be Final Four talents by their senior years. Along with Lander…and whatever complementary pieces Archie discovers? I’m thinkin’ he is building a very solid roster….along with maturing talented bunch which will have a certain amount of stability without too many, often disappointing, one-and-done’s.

      I think we’ll also see much more chemistry on the floor once Archie has teams composed entirely of his own recruiting efforts.

      1. Couldn’t have said it any better than you H4H,
        I do like the idea of going with the guys who will be here 3-4 years. The one-and-dones look great in the press releases but they don’t win many championships these days. Nice to have one or two around to press the issue but the core has to be 3-4 year guys.

        Here’s another little tidbit, Duncomb may come with added benefits. It appears he is quite good friends with Trey Kaufman. Would certainly be a interesting development if CAM could pull in both.

  7. In relative terms, this may be even more valuable news for the future of IU Men’s Basketball:

    “Sebastien Scott has accepted a preferred walk on offer from IU. As a senior, the 6’2″ Scott averaged more than 20 points per game while shooting above 50 percent from both two and three-point range.”

    They say he’s a good FT shooter too.

  8. Was any of KY, Kansas, Duke, NC, Zags, Baylor and a few others on his short list. Solid recruit if this is lower end of recruiting class. If it’s the norm IU men’s basketball will play for the middle of conference championship and may even win it.

  9. Get it clear, ALL Crean apologists…We’re not shooting for the banners gracing Mackey (e.g. the Purdue standard of all historical greatness residing in a handful of ‘BigTen Championships’).

    The minimum ‘standard’ for IU Basketball should be a return to Conference Midwest Elite of March Madness (a.k.a. the ELEVEN teams from the Midwest who have been relevant to the tune of a collective 28 Elite Eights and 17 Final Fours over the last decade).

    Nobody would care about Knight (nor would he be hated by the Establishment for a few character digressions) had he been as irrelevant as Keady and Purdue during our heyday. What is the BigTen if nothing can be proved in March? It’s sort of like how our football programs can rarely prove much beyond conference titles.
    The national stage separates great programs and great coaches from those living careers in notable irrelevancy.

  10. My above post was referring to Duncomb.
    Scott is a good pick up as preferred walk on.
    However, neither and that includes Duncomb is not even on espn player profile.

    1. Is ESPN (the ACC cheerleader) still in business? #80 247 Sports to #142 Rivals seems closer to the truth.

      1. BP I concur completely. ESPN is so disorganized but swelled up with themselves it’s no wonder they use initials for their name. Otherwise they could never list them in the proper order. Phonies right down to the ground.

  11. Just saw that Haarms is in the transfer portal at Purdue. Painter said he didn’t see it coming. Could be interesting where he ends up.

  12. If Harrms was to come to IU he could be the only player in history to beat both, IU and Purdue from each school.

  13. Archie has recruited Centers Kepnang and Everett along with Duncomb. According to 247 Sports, they were the 23rd and 24th ranked players in the class of 2021. Assuming neither will sign with IU now that Duncomb has committed, that leaves a handful of undecided (as of yesterday) Centers available via the transfer portal. Those are Van Komen from Utah, Hamilton from Temple, Thomas from LSU and Gak from FL. All were rated as 3-star players coming our of HS. I assume Harrms will not transfer from Purdue to IU.

    If Lander reclassifies, there are no scholarships left for 2020. But if Lander stays in the Class of 2021, IU could take one of these centers via transfer and provide Duncomb some help during his freshman season. It will be interesting to see if another big man joins IU.

    1. Clarification: I don’t mean IU would win conference championship. I meant IU could possibly be champs of the middle of the pack in big ten. In other words finishing around 4, 5, or 6th place in big ten.
      As far as this recruit or any other it doesn’t matter because if IU men’s basketball are going to be really high level IU men’s basketball needs star status big men forward and wing as in high 4 star and solid 5 star….The one’s that go to top 1 to 10 schools in the country (there are probably a couple that go elsewhere for whatever reason) to go with recruits in this particular blog for class of 2021. More than one here and there is needed. (Separated by a year or two and turning them over) because then IU ends up with an average area big ten basketball team.

      1. Clearly know where you are coming from and there is never any doubt what you mean.

    2. Take what you can get now! Get Lander in Candy-stripes for 2020-2021! Then see if there are any roster changes at IU for transfer centers. I would love to get Harrms!

  14. The reason I mentioned Haarms and if IU beat Purdue…Haarms could be state of Indiana Folklore. Things that politicians/State Governors (Indiana) are made of.

  15. Guys, while you’re getting your groove on over the Purdue center in the transfer portal-potty, please note his name is spelled with the double ‘a’. Think of a double roll of Charmin difficult to get your hands on right now.


    This has been a public service announcement brought to you by …..

  16. The Haarms fiasco would be humorous entertainment since not much else entertaining is going on with IU men’s basketball.

  17. Just read that Archie has made an offer to another Center, from Dayton OH, for the class of 2022. While that’s great news, IU is still going to be thin at Center in 2021 unless Archie get’s a Graduate transfer.

    Do any of you know if any of the 2020 recruits can play the center position when Duncomb needs a break, fouls out or is dinged up?

  18. Tijan Jobe, Bawa Muniru, Peter Jurkin, Guy-Marc Michele, Jeremiah April, Tim Priller and Hanner Perea are all still available.
    But I remain concerned that Archie will carelessly get himself in a scholly crunch position and we won’t be able to offer any of them.

    Guys, just a few questions:
    Isn’t it marvelous to actually have a coach who just doesn’t fill the bench because it’s there?
    Or, here is one better. Isn’t marvelous to have a coach who won’t over-sign and thus limit his opportunities if a very talented player (or potential transfer) becomes available late in a recruiting cycle?
    Ever hear of the concept of quality over quantity?
    Would you rather play small ball with seasoned forwards and bigger highly skilled/rebounding guards (if we do get thin at traditional ‘monsters’ in the middle) ….or play with a backup ‘Center’ who has no business in Division One basketball?

    Sadly, we would have fared better with walk-on’s than most those listed in the first paragraph (and that list doesn’t even include those ‘bigs’ kicked off the team who never matured as Hoosiers and were never available to explore full potential…e.g. Holt, Davis). But there were never any roster spots to even take a late find…or walk-on.

    Be thankful that Archie just doesn’t fill a roster like he’s stuffing the washing machine at the hometown laundromat. I mean, where was the concern when our benches were so weak ?

    Let’s also keep in mind how rare it is for a coach to not push guys off a team from another regime. Archie honored the scholarships and spots on a roster for those he inherited not of his own recruiting designs. Does anyone account for the disruption that causes and how that limited Archie’s opportunities to fill his roster with 4-year role players/back-ups early on his taking of the job? Maybe that backup ‘Center’ is not on the team right now because Archie honored the spots for all of the ‘holdovers’ …?

    Lot of questions there…Feel free to address any.

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