Damezi Anderson enters transfer portal

Indiana sophomore Damezi Anderson announced Thursday he has entered the transfer portal.

His post to social media started with the words “Never thought I’d ever do this,” as he went on to thank his teammates, coaches, and IU’s support staff.

“I want to thank everyone who has supported me and followed me through this process, I appreciate it more than anything,” Anderson posted on Instagram. “After some long talks and coming to an agreement as a family, we feel that entering the transfer portal is what’s best for us.”

He ended his post by saying “Love Hoosiers.”

While there seems to be some reluctance for Anderson in leaving IU, a transfer for the 6-foot-7 wing wasn’t all that unexpected. He received limited playing time in his two years wearing cream and crimson.

Anderson amassed 9.6 minutes per game as a freshman in 21 contests, while he averaged 12.3 minutes per outing in three less games as a sophomore. He did not appear in IU’s final seven contests of the 2019-20 season.

For his career, Anderson posted averages of 2.1 points and 1.6 rebounds per game.

Anderson was a prolific scorer during his prep career at South Bend Riley, however. He racked up a county- and school-record 2,210 points. That production helped make him the No. 2-ranked recruit in the state for 2018. He also held offers from Michigan, UConn, and DePaul when he picked Archie Miller’s program.

What was supposed to be Anderson’s best attribute as a prospect, his 3-point shot, never really materialized at IU. If he follows through and transfers, Anderson will finish his IU career as a 23.1-percent shooter from deep (15-of-65).

Anderson missed the final 18 shots of his career, including 14 misses from 3-point range in his last nine games. He last saw the floor on Feb. 16 at Michigan, missing his lone shot attempt in two minutes of action.

With Anderson deciding to look elsewhere for more significant minutes, the Hoosiers now have two scholarship openings for next season. Miller has three incoming freshmen signed, including guards Trey Galloway and Anthony Leal and wing Jordan Geronimo. There remains a strong possibility that 2021 point guard Khristian Lander reclassifies and arrives in Bloomington with the aforementioned 2020 trio.

While this is IU’s first outgoing transfer of the offseason, the Hoosiers had already been exploring potential veteran additions. San Fransisco grad transfer Charles Minlend listed the Hoosiers among his final seven suitors earlier this month. Minlend ultimately committed to Louisville.

As far as roster balance is concerned, Anderson’s transfer does somewhat thin the rising junior class. The original five-person group was ranked 10th in the nation by 247Sports, headlined by one-and-done guard Romeo Langford. With Jake Forrester and Anderson both deciding to transfer, only Rob Phinisee and Jerome Hunter remain from that class.

On the other hand, IU’s rising junior class is reinforced by forward Race Thompson, who reclassified to arrive in 2017 and redshirted that year. Thompson, Phinisee, and Hunter all have an opportunity to play significant roles moving forward.


  1. I’m not at all surprised by this news. In fact, I would have been very surprised if Anderson had not entered the transfer portal.

    I think Anderson made a good decision and both Anderson and IU Basketball will benefit. I don’t believe his improvement would have overtaken the guys ahead of him or kept pace with the better talent Archie is bringing to IU. So his minutes were likely to drop significantly in the next two seasons. I wish Anderson all the best in his future.

  2. It’s a bit strange how far Anderson’s shooting ability and scoring declined once he got to the college game. I mean, it’s not unusual to see a player’s scoring decline from HS to college, but his virtually disappeared!

  3. Many lessons learned right now during this pandemic. Don’t get trapped in sports. Don’t get trapped in service jobs.
    Learn a trade…Learn something “essential.” Maybe become a bricklayer? Maybe you can’t be a ‘lights out’ shooter…? Doesn’t mean you can’t be an essential electrician and be there when the lights actually do go out?

    The world has changed…Forever changed. Adapt. A “Doctor” on the basketball court or a doctorate degree in nose hair plucking from MIT doesn’t mean sh__ anymore. Too much time on a bench? Learn welding…You can weld benches together that will be needed for the unemployment lines.

  4. No surprise after watching D.A. play against Carmel in Indiana High School tournament on tv. 3 point shooting as advertised was never D. A. strong suit. Just crowd him and play a little defense his high school team and he pretty much dominated and D.A. didn’t look to good especially at major college level. So it left his game lacking on major league level. D.A. is an Indiana State Sycamore level player. And what’s wrong with that? Larry Bird, Duane Kleuh, played there along with Carl Nicks and 8 or 9 others who played in NBA. Jack Odum and more than 30 Indiana State basketball players have played overseas.

    1. I don’t know if I’d close the book on him yet…His athletic skills blow most away who come out of Carmel. This ain’t Brett Finkelmeier …This is a kid with size plus very strong defensive and rebounding skills.
      But somebody needs to get his jump shot form corrected in a hurry. Indiana should have corrected it. His release is far too low. He got away with it in high school….

      Take some form lessons from the world’s best street baller.

  5. Should read: South Bend and D.A. pretty much got dominated by Carmel. D.A. did not look like a good major league conference player.

  6. Like everyone else, I’m not surprised to see DA make this move. Really had hoped the effort he was putting in would pay off for him. Great kid, exceptionally hard worker, hopefully will find the right fit elsewhere. Wish him nothing but the best.

  7. I would look at Valpo…or the Loyola Ramblers.
    He’d likely get significant playing time, get actual help with his shooting form(fundamentals highly stressed at both schools) and have just as good of a shot at making March Madness than wasting two more years on Indiana’s bench.

  8. Good landing spots could be Mizzou, K-St., Iowa St., Pitt, maybe Marquette, Butler types. He’ll land on his feet cause Coach Miller will give him a good endorsement.

  9. Just a wondering . . .

    With DA deciding to play elsewhere, another spot has opened up. We know that KL is trying to reclassify for this year, but wondering about something else. Am I remembering right when I seem to recall Duncomb expressing an interest in reclassifying to this year if KL couldn’t get it done? If so, things could get really interesting as I can think of a lot of very good reasons for him to come in a year early.

      1. Exactly BD!

        No, he won’t be ready to contribute much this year but Imagine what an extra year of practicing against the likes of TJD, JB, and RT would do to expedite his development. Going to lose JB after this next year for sure and good chance of TJD moving on to the nba which will leave IUBB very inexperienced in the post. Give Duncomb a year of preparation and he will be in a much better position to contribute the following year and thereafter. That is, assuming I am remember correctly about him being able to reclassify.

        1. Very true, though the price for that “luxury” is that his eligibility clock starts a year earlier than originally forecast.

  10. With the transfer of DA, Archie has got to be looking to sign a Center from a JC or a grad transfer. IU needs another big man for next season, and perhaps for the next two seasons. It would be a lot to ask of Duncomb to carry such a big load in 2021/2022 as a true freshman in the Big Ten.

    1. Po,
      I think a lot of it will depend on what Duncomb wants to do. If I’m remembering correctly, CAM spent a significant amount of time pursuing this young man. If he wants to come in this year, you have him locked in now. If next year, a lot of things can happen between now and the next signing period. Right now all Duncomb has done is to commit to IUBB, not a done deal until he has signed.

  11. So you guys have no hope in a ‘breakout’ year for Joey Brunk? No hope in him finally taking my advice, donning the headband, and morphing into the next Bill Walton? Could he be working on a nice little hook shot during pandemic hibernation?
    Never underestimate the heart and desire of Brunk. He was beginning to transform his body….There was an expected amount of inconsistency that comes with that process. But Joey’s footwork was noticeably better. His shot suffered but my guess is that is the last phase to join the party of transformation. Next season, his game may just possibly function in unison with all of that transformation and work.

    Don’t give up on ‘The Brunk.’ Paired with much improved TJD and, hopefully, more polished Justin Smith, things on the inside may be stronger than some act.

  12. think, I believe Duncomb is young for his HS class. He may still be 16, or just turned 17. I’m not sure it’s in his or IU’s best interest to have him arrive on campus a year early. Big men take often take longer to develop physically. In order to be effective in the Big Ten, Duncomb’s going to need to get bigger and stronger. So if I were Archie, I’d be looking for some temporary help, someone who can back-up Brunk next season and then share time with Duncomb when he’s a freshman.

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