Fiacable commits to Hoosiers for 2021

Indiana now has four verbal commits for 2021.

All four are from Indiana.

Bishop Dwenger offensive lineman Vinny Fiacable continued Tom Allen’s run on in-state prospects Monday with his announcement on Twitter. Fiacable, a two-star prospect, according to 247Sports, is considered the No. 25 prospect in the state.

The 6-foot-4, 290-pounder is a former teammate of current midyear enrollee Luke Wiginton. His family also has a legacy at IU. His father, Steve, lettered for IU in 1990. His older brothers, Steve and Michael, both played for the Hoosiers.

Michael was a quarterback, earning Academic All-Big Ten honors in 2018. The younger Steve was also an o-lineman. There is also another Fiacable brother, Nick, who has been a student assistant at IU.

The youngest Fiacable had offers from Ball State, Cincinnati, Columbia, and Eastern Michigan. He received his offer from IU just five days ago.

IU has verbal commitments from two defensive ends, Elkhart’s Rodney McGraw and Valparaiso’s Cooper Jones, as well as Bloomington North tight end Aaron Steinfeldt.

Here are Fiacable’s highlights from his junior season at Dwenger:


  1. Fiacable has good size and good feet but will be a bit of a project coming to IU. One thing I can guess based on his family, he will be a hard worker and get the most out of his ability. I hope he blossoms into a great Guard as many have before that were highly rated.

    IU is on a roll with commitments right now and I hope it continues with some special players coming up.

  2. Is there still going to be talk if putting college athletes on payroll?
    Is there going to be a movement to put all this nonsense into perspective.

    1. There’s NEVER been legitimate talk about putting college kids on payroll. The legislation that passed in California says that college athletes are allowed to be compensated for sales of their likeness. In other words, billion dollar corporations would be able to share a sliver of the compensation they make for apparel sales, like their jerseys and shoes. In short, the entire underground/black market of college athletics would come above ground and we could stop the charade of catching “cheaters”. Every college program is doing it. It was done under Knight. Michael Lewis was driving a brand new Ford Navigator around campus his senior year. I wonder where that came from.

      As someone who is such a fan of ranting on the rich with regularity, I would think changing the rules that allow poor black kids in the ghetto to make a few bucks that are directly attributed to them would be welcome. The only ones paying out in this scenario are Adidas, Nike, UA, etc. But it wouldn’t be like it was in 1976 anymore, so I see why your brain is stuck.

      1. Poor black kids in the ghetto…? Like the guys living out of cars that Kelvin recruited. They weren’t driving Navigators….Crean did one better and bought them their very own buses. All Crean apologists, please stop with the defending the kid from the ‘ghetto’ malarkey.

        Hard to believe Knight would even buy Michael Lewis a Hot Wheel….A Navigator for a kid who barely averaged 10 points per game by the time of his senior season? Wasn’t he known as the ‘Casper from Jasper’ because he’d disappear like a ghost in big games?

  3. Obviously Vinny has good size for a young man his age. But I suspect that after a year of IU’s S&C program, he is going to exchange 20 pounds of belly fat for 30 pounds of muscle.

    As for his two-star rating, we have to trust the IU Coaching staff’s judgement about his upside potential. This is the type of kid that Wisconsin transforms into All Conference O-linemen and top draft picks.

    1. VF is viewed by the staff as a longer term project who will need several years in the program. They’ve not been able to get traction with other OL guys in the state so hopefully this proves to be someone who can help them on a few years.

    2. Vinny is rated a 3 star on some sites and Rivals is reevaluating him based on what they saw at regional camps this winter and spring. One member of Rivals is sure they are going upgrade his rating.

      I am convinced he will work hard and no matter his rating he will improve dramatically at IU. As PO pointed out, Wisconsin develops these types of OL players every year.

      1. He’s not the kind of kid Wisconsin develops, V. I’m afraid you don’t understand how they recruit or what they look for in linemen.

        1. Since I had a OL playing guard that Wisconsin recruited hard when I coached in Ft. Wayne maybe I know more than you are aware. I talked to their coaches extensively and listen to their philosophy at the time. I also had a big time guard in Indy that Power 5 schools were after yet Wisconsin wasn’t interested and I know it was his length at 6’8″ 315 that didn’t match what they wanted but many schools did. He went on to start four years at BC getting drafted by the Cowboys.

          When people have different ideas it isn’t necessary to denigrate their knowledge or experience. In the future if you continue this trait I will just ignore the comments and not respond as it does really add anything to the sites conversations.

  4. v I don’t know the Fiacable family but living in No. Indiana and staying cognizant of HS sports I have been well aware of them for many years. Agree completely with your thoughts of them. Have always understood they are soldiers for the brand of the Crimson and Cream FB. No doubt they are a performing positive to which is helping Coach Allen and Co. recruit the state’s D1 talent.

  5. As IU football develops 2 and 3 stars into 3 and 4 stars respectfully… Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State, Wisconsin develop their 3 and 4 stars into 4 and 5 stars respectfully.

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