Hendershot returns to Hoosiers in ‘modified way’

Indiana tight end Peyton Hendershot has returned to team activities in a “modified way” following a previous suspension, IU coach Tom Allen said in a teleconference Wednesday.

Hendershot, a rising redshirt junior, was charged in February with four misdemeanors — domestic battery, criminal trespass, criminal conversion, and criminal mischief — following an incident with an ex-girlfriend. According to court records, Hendershot has a pretrial conference scheduled for May 6.

Allen said Hendershot has recently been involved with team and positional meetings.

“For the rest of the spring here, once we got into this mode, (he) has been involved with some position meetings and team meetings. We brought him back in a modified way, back with our team,” Allen said. “He’s been involved with that. We continue to monitor the situation as he works through some things we don’t have any control over.”

The 6-foot-4, 255-pound tight end was coming off of a breakout 2019 campaign where he set the program’s yardage and receptions records for a tight end, hauling in 52 passes for 622 yards and four touchdowns. He was a third-team All-Big Ten selection.

But on Feb. 23, Hendershot was arrested by Bloomington police after allegedly entering the apartment of the victim without permission, accusing the woman of infidelity. He reportedly took her cell phone from her to look at calls and texts. When she tried to retrieve the phone, Hendershot “grabbed her by the neck and shoved her against the wall,” according to police.

Hendershot then threw her phone into the kitchen as he left the apartment, breaking the screen, police said.

Following his arrest, Hendershot was suspended from all team activities. At the start of spring camp in March, Hendershot was not with the team. Hendershot was previously scheduled to be limited in spring practices, regardless, because of an offseason shoulder surgery.

Allen indicated there is a process ongoing with the university to determine if Hendershot returns to the team more fully.

“He is at this point being brought back in a modified way with the team and being able to be a part of helping him get his rehab in and getting his body right and moving forward,” Allen said. “Definitely progress, but we continue to work through the process with that with the school.”


  1. Agree 100%. ever how it turns out or what the ultimate consequences may or may not be…. that the court and IU will determine or is this situation just going thru the motions and playing itself out. (and any relevant law suits may or may not happen). Several including this blog thought 100% he should be gone immediately from 0 time it happened and 0% no tolerance (whatever that is). (I wander if a pure 100% 0? tolerance policy has ever been 100% implemented anywhere? Because nothing on earth is perfect. Yes, heads get messed up especially in relationships probably on both sides. However, no matter how thin you slice a pancake it will always have 2 sides until it is no longer a pancake.
    Yes, people get seriously injured both, physically and mentally and there is even death in relationships. Such is the risk from nearest to 0% to the nearest 100% in any relationship.

  2. I don’t know what actually happened, so I’m not going to offer an opinion about whether this is appropriate or not. But if it is proven that Hendershot put his hands on this women with any degree of violence, then I don’t want to see him in an Indiana uniform ever again. However, if the charges first published were embellished by a women who was angry, or if the only thing he did was break her phone, then he should get a second chance. No man should ever use violence against a women unless it is an extreme and rare case of self defense.

  3. I agree with PO about which story is correct. IU has plenty of athletic TEs so the decision is what is best for Hendershot. He needs to make a change on how he handles disagree with a ex-gf and the punishment should be about that. If he used physical against her then it needs to be about what is best for the team along with Hendershot. What I have heard from people with some inside info is Hendershot will still be on the team and miss games in the coming season. I will have to wait and see what is true.

  4. “Hendershot “grabbed her by the neck and shoved her against the wall,” according to police.”

    If that is proven to be true, he should be off the team and kicked out of IU. Breaking the phone is no big deal. Grabbing a women by the neck and shoving her against a wall is assault and, if true, should cost Hendershot some jail time, his place on the team and the loss of his scholarship. Sorry, but I have zero tolerance for men who get violent with women, regardless of the provocation.

    Someone needs to sit the boy down and explain to him that there are a lot of good looking young women out there and that being a big, young, good looking varsity athlete provides him the opportunity to meet lots of them. But none of them, no matter how attractive, are worth going to jail, kicked off the team or ruining your future over.

  5. If the accusations are true, I have nothing for these sort of thugs. There is no partial innocence in grabbing a woman by the throat and pushing her against a wall. That doesn’t get a second chance in my world.
    If he did that to my kid, there would be much of him that would be “modified.”
    Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t recall anything from him or Allen completely denying that act. Let it play out in the hearing. All deserve their day in court…But we’ve seen enough of this sh__ in football. We’ve seen video tapes in elevators and restaurants of beyond violent behavior against women. Even with video tape evidence, many attempt to turn the other way or express opinions of “second chances.” NOPE. A violent assault should mean you are done with football….(add child abuse to that as well).

    Just seems to me like we are becoming desensitized to things that should never fall into such numbness. Many try to categorize something violent as a “minor” assault…..They rarely even comment about how the perpetrator should get major counseling (even in the cases of assaults where the evidence is overwhelming). Rarely are there comments of empathy for the the assaulted…or concerns that such an individual could require years of therapy beyond actual protection.

    I hope every bit of the accusation is false. I would certainly hope no one would ever invent such an accusation….because of jealousy.

  6. Police report vs reality/Truth. And if “according to police” is true then why is process taking place?

    1. The police report was based on the statement of the victim. Not saying there might not be a path back for PH, but this is pretty lenient treatment based on the circumstances.

  7. Everyone accused of a crime is entitled to due process and has the right to defend themselves. It would not be the first time a highly upset/angry/emotional person who felt they had been wronged embellished a story to the police. So he’s innocent until proven guilty.

    But if he’s found guilty of doing that, it’s assault and Hendershot’s got to be punished with more than a slap on the wrist. Men who use violence against women tend to be repeat offenders, so the punishment must be strong enough so that a) he’s made an example of for his male contemporaries, and b) he will conclude that losing his temper and directing violence toward another women is never going to be worth the penalty he’ll pay.

  8. I don’t want Hendershot back if he did any physical things to her. There is a big difference in what is said in a police report and what happened as many of us have seen in the past. Often when people cool down they often change their story. If that is the case in this case, it makes sense that the inside talk is Hendershot will be back this next season after sitting out several games.

  9. And it can often be far worse an assault than what’s reported….There could also be very violent verbal threats that will never be reported. Why aren’t they reported? Duh….The alleged perpetrator is often out on the streets for months after a report.
    These aren’t easy decisions for anyone facing domestic violence…The pandemic is also bringing much of that to light. There can be those who have been subjected to varying levels of domestic abuse for years…and it remains unreported due to various fears. There is a survival mode to all of it. A report not being filed…or one that is carefully under-reported could also mean the victim may fear even worse retaliation.

    Have you ever had your life threatened after a brutal physical act …or an act of severe intimidation? It’s sort of amazing that even 20% would go reported. A police report can be “embellished” by the victim…In other words, lessened of the actual threats because of the actual ongoing fear. I’m sure it’s real comforting to have your life threatened (e.g. “you go to the police and I’ll kill you.”) knowing the months it may take to get justice and get the assaulter behind bars. Enter the innocent, Orenthal James Simpson.

  10. When’s the last time someone committing a domestic assault turned themselves in? How often does someone with severe temper issues actually seek therapy/counseling on their own?
    How many dozens of times do you believe it possible for someone to be subjected to severely threatening language, intimidation and physical assaults before the individual will go to the police?
    The stage domestic violence gets to a police report is more often a latter stage. And those who can actually get to that stage are probably the lucky ones who have a support system. We should stop portraying this as if it’s some sort of 50/50 thing. It takes a ton of guts to go the police. It takes a ton of guts to not go…as well.
    Survival modes don’t always follow a logical pathway of thought. Some bullies will stop. I’m all for stopping. Sadly, some will return and kill their accusers. You think it’s easy to pick up that phone and call 911?

  11. Didn’t we fire a football coach because of accusations (I think the most formal of which came from one player) he was verbally abusive in the locker room? We fired a coach without any real “hearing”….We went solely on the word of Glass and the accuser…Am I missing something? We protected future young men from getting similar treatment (which I believe to be entirely verbal. I don’t think there was ever any evidence that Wilson went against medical personnel advice to put a Hoosier on the field). But we still erred on the side of caution based on one accusation where a parent got involved as well….Please correct me if I’m wrong on any of those details. It was basically an accusation. Wilson was convinced it was best to go his own way. No charges were brought against anyone… No litigation.

    But with a domestic violence accusation where a police report was filed, we’re saying “come to team meetings?”

    1. Harv,
      For the umpteenth time, Wilson did not depart just because of the medical accusations. It was one part of many things that convinced both he and IU that it was time to go separate ways.

      1. Now Jeremy you know . . .

        Once H4H gets something in mind it will take the umpteenth time plus 1, I mean 2, or was that 3 more times for the notion to dissipate? May want to be on the safe side and allow for at least a dozen more times . . . or more!

        PS I’m sure I’ll hear something coming back at me from our beloved Jester! I’d be disappointed if not.

      2. Part of many things?
        Decades of child abuse and molestation akin to what happened at MSU or PSU? Hookers for recruits? Playing guys until collapse in 100 degree temperatures? 15 years of ghost classes and academic fraud…? Payment to recruits verified by FBI wiretaps?

        Or did he have too many beers at the local watering hole? Please, Jeremy, …play your Establishment role. You can do this. I won’t tell.

        1. And, yes, in case you are wondering about the ‘Nuance’ YouTube clip from the mid ’70s ( a real ‘gem’ with only 5272 views), I shall whisper it to you….Finkle is Einhorn, Einhorn is Finkle, and that is a very young Sean Young. Damn, she was gorgeous.

  12. Search Results
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    Apr 23, 2017 – Former Indiana head football coach Kevin Wilson faced accusations he belittled and berated his injured players. Pat Lovell/USA TODAY Sports.

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    Dec 3, 2016 – During news conference announcing Kevin Wilson’s resignation, IU AD discussed an investigation. … hate speech, advocating
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    Kevin Wilson out as Indiana head coach amid concerns over …
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    Dec 1, 2016 – Former Indiana player told ESPN on Thursday that he & at least 5 other IU players interviewed about Wilson’s treatment of players.

    Pretty sure the alleged player abuse/abuses were the “thrust” of just about every news organizations reporting of his resignation/dismissal.

    1. h4h stands by his bias. No matter what.
      KW leaving had to do with image not his program management.

      1. The player treatment issues were the low hanging fruit that Fred Glass could point to without injury or impact to his own judgment. The issues related to Kevin’s personal conduct, which existed throughout his tenure, were also a factor. There would have been great personal embarrassment to both KW and FG had they been publicized, however, so they were not. Both contributed to KW’s departure.

      2. Well, I suppose ESPN …and dozens of other news/sports divisions of newspapers and media organizations, centered on the alleged player mistreatment because it was a deemed to be a peripheral issue.

        I guess you guys are arguing my exact point. There was not much there…and Fred used it because Wilson was simply not a “yes man” coach who would prop up the facade of a culture Glass has never enforced (‘Student Bill of Rights’ being one of the bigger farces).

        And then the irony…..Wilson made to be an example (and ESPN does love their examples when the name ‘Indiana’ is on the jersey). Enter the ‘preachy’ coaches who quote scripture …while we protect the innocent until proven guilty of an ‘alleged’ throat-choker and a player with a police report behind his name; a player allowed to still come to team meetings.
        And there resides the hypocrisy always present in Fred and his traveling circus of hypocrisy wrought in his ideologies/pledges of an Indiana holier than thou. Not to mention, Crean had more getting into trouble (drinking and drugs) than any coached roster preceding him. He leaves Indiana with an intact image of a perfect human being unscathed.

        Lastly, Indiana….? Indiana worried about image? We’ll see how many championships that brings you. We’ll see how much expertise that brings you, as well. You know what I think of when an organization(or office of govt) starts spewing “culture” or “image” concerns? It means if you disagree with the ‘king’…or the ‘authority’, it’s the kiss of death. Much like our POTUS….It’s always about image. It’s never about open debate…open information….balance in ideologies…expertise….healthy dissent. It’s ‘zero tolerance’ for disagreement. It’s zero tolerance for anyone perceived lower down the rung to look you equally in the eye…or question you.

        Yes, everyone Glass keeps is a holier than thou ‘yes men’….All the rest of the culture BS…and image BS is a complete charade. And the hypocrisy shines through right now as Glass “modifies” in a situation of domestic abuse …Let the facts play out? Nothing to do with it. It’s how it will be sold as he protects the “image” of a ‘yes man’ coach who kisses the toes and aligns with the ideologies of a hypocrite AD.

        1. So, I guess we’re all conceding OSU just looks the other way? They look the other way with Zach Smith…? They look the other way with Kevin Wilson?
          Are we also willing to concede PSU looks the other way? UNC looks the other way with 15 years of ghost classes? Indiana looked the other way with Bob Knight? ….but now he’s a hero?

          But here Indiana now stands. We stand as example for every ESPN special of men who jaywalk (Kelvin) or fart (Kevin) in the wrong direction…while true abusers and the truly corrupt are left to preach their holier than thou sermons and rot out the institutions from within in the most stellar of hypocritical fashion?

          Question…So if you’re the least unhappy with Indiana being the example for wearing the shorts inside out, then why overreact to it? Or, are you happy with Indiana being the example for such minor sh__ in relation to all the other horrible misdeeds left unchecked or barely given penalty/slaps on wrists?
          Whether we win or lose, we’re going to be the example. We’re little ol’ Indiana. We’re the wholesome Midwest. We’re the hicks for French Licks. Why not embrace the target on our back courtesy of the Establishment? Why not do as the rest? Why not win at any cost to a reputation always deemed to be flawed and hypocritical anyway?
          What allows PSU (child abuse), MSU (child abuse), UNC (corruption in education), Louisville (hookers and payments for recruits), Arizona (FBI tapes identifying for payments to recruits) , UCLA (during days of Wooden)…the eventual opportunity to walk away unscathed in truly horrible examples of ‘turning the other way’ to protect winning at any cost?

          And we get dragged to the gallows (allow ourselves to embrace the sacrifice….or take one on the chin for the guy on the cross) for deeds that are so minor compared everything left free to sin in the world of ESPN, NCAA, NBA…etc, etc, etc?
          We have to worry about OUR image? At nearly every corner and every turn within the collegiate sporting world exists an orgy in a pit of sin and corruption containing child molesters, con men, mafia agents of payments for recruits….and we send away great coaches for touching a frat rat on an elbow (of course, 20 years later we bring him back when he’s without his complete mental faculties and we thank him for allowing his image to be fully tarnished by the ‘national hypocrites’ …It’s o.k. We can still glorify him with his droopy lower lip and for being another sacrifice…Praise God!)…or take to the Salem witch trials someone who talked to rough or uncivilized in a locker room….or made too many 3-way calls to recruits?

          This is why we slide…This is why we will forever lose in years post-Knight. We have allowed our name to be the sacrifice. We play the holier-than-thou game to the Establishment’s devilish delight while the rest of sport gets forgiven for their far more grotesque sins.

          And the longer all of you buy into the hypocrisy, the more you’ll just witness empty talk from coaches more concerned with protecting the hypocrisy while living as puppets on strings to our own spineless AD’s and the rest of the untarnished Establishment virgins in their white wedding dresses.

          1. Your multi paragraph recipe contains a teaspoon of fact and a couple gallons of Baking Soda. That’s why it doesn’t sit up well at all.

          2. Says the Establishment defender of UNC’s institutionalized academic corruption….My facts are many and they’re just fine.
            Most of you blowhard geniuses can’t face the hypocrisy you perpetuate as Indiana continues to falsely prop itself up to a standard no one else lives by …or is held accountable.
            And your AD’s sell the holier-than-thou garbage and just keep playing the Establishment game.
            You’ll learn in a century…. Keep listening to that perfect Establishment world (like the guy who can’t stop bragging about the stellar SEC on here). And that tight end? He’s just so damn important to protect and give his day in court. Heaven forbid we make a wrong judgment there….while colleges with decades of molesting and hideous documented abuses to their names just keep getting a pass.

          3. H4H . . .
            You can do better than that! I put out quality sarcasm in seconding JP calling your hand on the KW dismissal theory . . . “(like the guy who can’t stop bragging about the stellar SEC on here). ” You must have been having an off day yesterday. Besides that, as they say, “It ain’t bragging if you can back it up.”

            I think BD called the KW issue about as close as we are going to get it. There was probably something else going on between KW and IU that neither side wanted to make public, so the stated issue was put out there for public consumption. This is what it appears that both sides wanted, and both sides seem to be quite satisfied with the outcome. KW got a great gig at OSU and IUFB seems to be moving on just as well without him.

            Whether or not, KW could have done greater things at IU is a question we will never know the answer to. However, if TA can keep IUFB on the same upward trajectory it is on now, the whole KW episode will be an interesting footnote to history.

            Establishment world? Really? Neither one of us belong, but if I’m a part, then you would have to be leading it.

          4. WARNING: SPECULATION TO FOLLOW. Unlike the rest of you, I do not have a locker inside any IU Sports facility….nor am I a fly on the wall. Have you seen “Thy Fly” (orig or remake?)…Fun flicks. Don’t get caught in a ‘portal’ with a fly.

            I think the main problem with keeping Wilson (as was the case with just about every other coach who appears to not be an ass kisser) , is we just don’t like strong-willed men at IU. We like choirboys who sing slogans…preach on Twitter, blame villains, blame injuries and “LEO” us to death.
            I think we wear diapers since the days of Bobby. It’s called an overreaction to the harsh labels blown completely out of proportion by “insiders” SEC sucks who have lifetime job security and the by the media Establishment.
            The only “breakthrough” we ever do is when the Depends finally give way to the saturation of empty waste and give way …or breakthrough.

            Final Note: “SEC sucks” was inserted above just to make sure the very few readers and fans of H4H are still fans…even when yours truly is having an off day. All jesting aside, I think I nailed the chronic issues with Indiana University’s 2 major sports programs . Let me also offer one final opinion…t has always recognized the overkill and oversell surrounding the overpaid blowhards heading up our men’s programs . He is correct in identifying Women’s Basketball as our only current major sport. In my book, “Major” means relevancy and not making excuses. Teri Moren has more leadership qualities than anyone we’ve seen in our men’s choirboy programs for a very long time.
            (a) We did not play men’s basketball to a level to deserve an NCAA bid last season. We shouldn’t act as if we deserved such a bid.
            (b) Football results were questionable at best. The selling of Penix is nothing other than selling…(as is always the case with our ‘all talk, no action’ men’s programs).

            Lastly, I always wondered if someone who brags about the SEC has a lot of SEC fans as friends as well? I wonder what they’d think of their SEC brother spending so much time on IU Football? I guess it’s human nature….If too much beauty surrounds, we soon must seek the grotesque, the horrific…or the train wrecks. We delight in what motivates man into dysfunctional behavior and into perversions of vicious cycles of sacrificing so much time without the smell of green grass and wildflowers. I speculate that some may even fester in the delight to join in the muck…(even though they claim we know better..or have experienced far better pleasures in life while they temporarily invite themselves into the lowest denominator of existence. There is only so much ‘Sound of Music’ or SEC Football any perfect existence can endure. There is a point when you just must flip the channel …IU Football becomes their ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’….Don’t be fooled. (SEC Sucks) Human nature is human nature. The latter becomes more addictive than the former. ..though you make it clear that you’re still married to Julie Andrews.

          5. Sort of begs the question….Does IU Football’s limited popularity rely more on its completely inexplicable decades of dysfunction more than it ever could with an average amount of success?
            Never forget that the ‘Freak Show’ was always one of the most popular attractions during the carnival heyday. When times were tough, people didn’t flock to camp sites and national parks. There is a very astute marketing advantage to capitalize off of the hideous and dysfunctional….along with the occasional ‘snake oil’ salesmen, too. It functions to ‘normalize’ people and make them believe life could certainly be worse. Even ‘Tiger Kings’ had their day (around the 4:00 mark)…along with ‘The Smallest Grown Ups on Earth!,’ of course.

          6. Actually H4H,

            You might be surprised at the respect IUFB is beginning to gain in SEC country. Saban certainly gave out a glowing report of the S&C staff he pilfered from IUFB in comments made earlier this week. As for TA, he is a known quantity in SEC country as are the assistants he is accumulating on staff and there is a healthy amount of respect for them. Not in the way you might think of as a threat to SEC dominance but rather, as IUFB possibly heading the right way to at least compete in the B1G. As for general respect for the B1G, there is not much and it is a difficult road for a B1G native to travel. Especially when they put a record number of first rounders into the nfl and LSU puts more in alone than the B1G.

          7. It wouldn’t surprise me that Allen is thought of highly in the South (ideologies and his constant assertions of his strong Christian beliefs atop his fabulous football resume). Other than having competitive football, southern Indiana has become the South (including Bloomington). It’s a far different campus these days. The aura about the place has changed immensely than when this NW Indiana/Chicago commuter/sports fan ventured down to the hills of liberation and liberal studies in search of a unifying place for diversity, hippies and braless trends of the ’70s.
            I don’t hold out a lot of hope that it will ever return/recover to those days. Back then, we actually hired basketball coaches with brains.
            It’s basically Kentucky meets Tennessee now…with some international students floating about the science programs. Maybe still some appeal to the NY frat rats…
            Yes, the South came to IU…They just didn’t bring a football along. Could also explain why our hoops suffers so much. Crean really didn’t stop recruiting Indiana. He stopped appealing to the top players from Chicago and northern tier of bordering states. We lost solid kids in those sectors to Michigan, ND, MSU, etc.
            And it also somewhat explains why the only ‘Southern Comfort’ Crean could locate was Georgia. Sure, more southern influence might eventually bring winning football to IU.
            Might as well call Bloomington as now simply another arm of the forever ‘Red State’….but it’s nothing of the IU that once sort of functioned outside the ideologies and influences once kept at bay in a quest for diversity and actually giving athletes an education to go along with the bragging rights of titles.

  13. Another discussion that was driven off the rails. And there is now IU Sports news that is much more timely and interesting to discuss (i.e., Anderson enters transfer portal).

  14. Then, IU Ladies basketball coach referring to freshman Grace Waggoner accidentally getting her tooth knocked out in practice and apologized afterwards for missing practice. This parallels to all the punishment that Tyra Buss took over her 4 years. Gotta love T. Moren and the IU Ladies basketball Hoosiers.

  15. think, while I agree with your point above, I noticed that there were 15 players from SEC schools drafted in the first round yesterday. That’s an all time record for any conference. There will probably be between 8 to 12 more SEC players drafted in the second round today. And that assures that SEC schools will continue to sign the best talent in the country for many years to come.

    The next most impressive factoid from the draft was that three of the top draft picks were at one time on the same Ohio State team (in 2017). You think OSU coaches will be mentioning that to their recruiting targets this spring?

    If college FB continues to be dominated by a handful of dominant teams (Alabama, Clemson, OSU, OK) I can see a time when there will be increased pressure to reduce the number of FB scholarships teams can have. It has been done before in an attempt to “spread the wealth” and increase parity. Because right now, the “rich” programs are getting richer and college FB is at risk experiencing a decline in fan interest. If the same handful of schools continue to play for the national championship every year, college FB becomes stale and boring.

    The other issue is that the majority of players selected in the first two rounds of this draft will leave school after only three years/seasons in college. I can’t blame the players for pursuing the NFL money and taking care of their families, but it’s turning the concept of “student athlete” into a really bad joke.

    1. Student athlete….?….in the South? Just refer to them as campus athletes.
      There is no ‘student athlete’ in most dominant sports programs (especially football).. Big time college football is a slot machine in a casino.
      You show up and pull the lever…..and for a very few some dollar signs show up. Get rich quick…but it can come at a very high cost. The cost is devaluing learning and putting your future potential to love/learn/live after football is over at a very high risk (traumatic brain injury). The learning in the ‘now’ is devalued…along with the health of the mind long after football is over. All of that sacrifice ….for a dollar bill and some trophies. I think I’ll stick with walking into a smoke-filled casino. Better odds and less risk….and I don’t have someone blowing preachy nonsense into my ear 24/7..

      1. H4H,
        You think there is any difference in the term “student athlete,” in power schools of the B1G, ACC, B12, or P12? The only difference in reality, no matter what the paperwork may say is that there just happens to be a much larger talent pool to draw from in the south than there is elsewhere, especially in terms of football. As for vocations with the high risk of traumatic injury try law enforcement or the military for a whole lot higher risk and for much less pay or respect.

        Think the isolation is starting to get to you H4H. Getting a harsher edge than the fun loving sarcastic Jester we know and love.

  16. It is estimated that more than ten million people experience domestic violence in the U.S. each year. The ten states with the highest rate of females murdered by males were, as of 2010, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, Hawaii, Arizona, Georgia. (courtesy: Wikipedia)

    1. That’s nice H4H, if you want to cherry pick your numbers,

      Not to belittle any death, but murder is murder regardless the statistical classification. Care to compare the combined total murders in those states to say, Chicago, or Detroit, or maybe NYC and/or LA?

      1. Yes, there would be no comparisons with sheer “numbers” of deaths when talking of huge population centers (especially those with extreme poverty)…
        The Wikipedia reference I posted was talking about “rate” which is based on a percentage of population.
        The states listed had the highest “rates” of domestic violence. Keeping such areas in lockdown could have far more dire consequences than the odds of dying from Covid-19. I thought that’s what you’ve sort of been arguing…? The ‘don’t make the cure worse than the disease’ sort of arguments. Domestic violence numbers going way up is not a favorable cure….(I’m not sure if gun violence operates within those same sorts of changed environmental factors). Gang/gun violence centers more on ‘owning’ a sector of a neighborhood/street. Domestic violence centers around subjugation and ‘owning’ a person within four walls.

        1. Agreed H4H,

          However, I do think that the longer we keep the population locked up the greater the risk for terrible unintended consequences. Even worse, if the economy does not rebound quickly we could see unimaginable adverse side effects directly affecting the health and well-being of the populace.

          1. tai so correct. Read the other day someone stated we should remain cowering in place until a vaccine is available. What stupidity. There’ll be nothing to go back to if that indeed is the path of action. Good to see we have enough boldness that doesn’t look to be the direction we are gonna allow to happen.

          2. HC,
            I think part of the problem is we do not have enough people still living who remember just how terrible the reality of Great Depression really was with first hand knowledge. If we cannot get back running quickly we may find ourselves unable to avoid facing the realities
            our (in my case) parents, grandparents, or even great-grandparents, faced during that terrible time.

          3. America will be as strong and tough as Steve Downing in his final season at IU. Covid-19 is making all the headlines. Some very bad calls are being made. But it shall never define us.
            When the stakes are highest, America rises to the occasion and rebounds like no other. We walk through the battle smoke of cannon fire and we gather to hold the lines together again.
            We march on with our heads high and our determination unbroken.

  17. Interesting on how many of those states listed above which dominate domestic violence murders are some of the same states pushing hard and fast for reopening their economies for business. Risking the catching of this deadly virus is still far better than being murdered ..or confined with an abuser. Maybe there shouldn’t be so much criticism of these places trying to open up the streets…?
    We haven’t approached this pandemic with the surgical needed approach…First and foremost protecting the most vulnerable (elderly, poor, compromised health and those already with economic hardship…or living in circumstances where they have already been in constant turmoil and danger).
    Conducting the draft in the study of your mansion is far different than being confined with a $$$ broke abuser.

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