IU women add 2020 PG Moore-McNeil

The Indiana women’s basketball team picked up its third commitment of the week on Friday when 2020 point guard Chloe Moore-McNeil made her pledge to the Hoosiers.

The 6-foot Moore-McNeil is a two-time Class A Tennessee Miss Basketball from Greenfield, where she averaged 20.8 points, 5.2 rebounds and 4.0 assists per game as a senior. The Yellow Jackets were 34-0 and in the state semifinals for the third straight year when the season was suspended. She has scored 2,598 career points to go with over 500 rebounds, 500 assists and 400 steals, winning the 2018 state title.

“Smooth. That’s the word that’s used a lot (to describe her game),” said her stepfather, Tory McNeil. “It doesn’t look like she’s playing hard, but she’s been doing dribbling drills since could stand up. She’s efficient. She doesn’t have to take 20 shots to score 25 points. Shoots 80 percent on free throws, 41 percent from 3, 65 percent from the field. She’s efficient and her basketball IQ — she sees the floor better than most kids.”

Moore-McNeil wound up choosing Indiana over Cincinnati, but her recruitment took a detour after her sophomore year. The unexpected death of her mother, Corenda, on her 16th birthday left her motivated to play basketball but not to stray far from home in order to do so.

“She wanted to wait to make sure she was OK with leaving home,” McNeil said. “Her mom passed away, so being young her initial reaction was, “Dad, I’m going to stay close to home, make sure my (three) sisters are OK.’ I told her, ‘We’ll be fine wherever you go.'”

Initially, that appeared to be Murray State, Tennessee Tech or Southeast Missouri State, all within roughly two hours of home. Eventually, Moore-McNeil rediscovered her joy and sense of adventure.

“You could see the difference in her this year,” McNeil said. “After her mom passed, she dedicated her junior year to her. It was a grind, because she was set on winning Miss Basketball. Her mom was playing college ball when we met and she had told Chloe, ‘This is your year,’ so Chloe wanted to fulfill that. this year she had more fun, had a smile on her face and still managed to win Miss Basketball again.”

While Moore-McNeil battled through life’s difficult circumstances, Indiana was always right there with a watchful eye.

IU assistant coach Rhet Wierzba first took note when McNeil, who is an assistant coach with the Lady Silver Foxes AAU team, sent out a highlight video of his daughter between eighth and ninth grade.

Within 10 minutes of seeing the tape, Wierzba was in contact and has remained so ever since. IU was on hand when Greenfield won the state championship in 2018, and Wierzba often texted his congratulations when Moore-McNeil would hit another milestone or have a big game.

The Hoosiers were scheduled to watch McNeil-Moore in the state semifinals on March 13, but the tournament was suspended the night of March 12, the same day the NCAA Tournament was canceled.

An official visit to Bloomington, a trip of four and a half hours, was supposed to follow, but it turned into a virtual visit instead. During a Zoom video meeting on Monday, Indiana officially made Moore-McNeil an offer, which she accepted within 24 hours.

Next up is an official signing ceremony, complete with social distancing, outside the Greenfield gym on Wednesday. It’s a gym inside of which hangs a No. 22 jersey, the number Moore-McNeil’s mom and aunt both wore, and her No. 12 will soon join them in the rafters.


  1. This is a good mid major recruit that T.Moren and staff will try to develop into a good big ten caliber player. T. Moren continues to create possibilities for IU Ladies because this is not a highly rated big time caliber player. I height listed at 5’10.” However, currently if she is 6’0” that’s great for IU Ladies. The question will this player be driven to be really really good and play a lot for IU Ladies or eventually because of difficulties competing at high enough level causing her to transfer. If T. Moren could make this a really successful player that would be a great credit to her and staff. It just seems T. Moren should be more easily getting the higher level high school recruits. However, T. Moren along with staff have demonstrated excellence for the IU Ladies basketball program.

  2. Her stats really jump out at you. I have no idea about what their class system is in Tennessee but, If Class A is their smallest class…so what? Doesn’t mean she is a “Mid-Major” player? Seems to have really exceptional size for a point guard whether she is 5′ 10″ or 6″? Point guard seems to all of a sudden be an emphasis in Bloomington. Again adding more depth at the guard position can’t be all bad. Scoring almost 2, 600 points in her career is quite impressive! There has certainly been a lot of recruiting activity this past week. Go Hoosiers!!

  3. When you see Mcneil’s stats then see that she isn’t listed in the 2020 top 100 players , something seems amiss, but still the recruiting staff have followed her since between her 8th and 9th grade , then ultimately offer her and she accepts. You just have to trust the recruiting staff as they have seen plenty of tape on her enough to want to bring her into the program, you just hope they are right.

  4. She is exactly like waggoner, could be very successful at a mid major, have to agree with t for once. She could be good at Indiana as well but also I can see her getting lost in the depth chart. Obviously she is kind of a back up plan we had in case we didnt land literally any kids in this class, but if you really want a kid, you usually offer before now. Her hs teammate is going to Tennessee, so I’m sure many high major coaches saw her play and didnt offer for some reason. Her hs stats, athleticism, and small school play all just parallel with waggoner so I will expect the same amount of contribution from moore until I see otherwise.

  5. This recruit played in a system without much competition. She is unproven against really good competition night in and night out though when she did play against a once in a long while good competition Chloe was the best player on the court. In one game she had about 28 points at half time and was said could had 40 because of no competition. Tennessee no interest in her but offered teammate. Chloe Moore-McNeil wanted to stay close to home. Some say she was waiting for offers from Tennessee or KY that never materialized. This is a recruit that did not even play in a summer league that gets recruits noticed and actually left basketball briefly due to unexpected death of her mother. This recruit did not have hardly any major interest but smaller programs. Having said this is what makes T. Moren and IU Ladies basketball coaching staff great…yes great. IU Ladies basketball is still not getting quite the respect from high school players that matches its growth and success.
    So, T. Moren finds players that the big time and even less than big time programs pass on coupled with ND transfers (thanks Muffie and ND and now, GM).
    Enter Chloe Moore-McNeil. The question is does she have the motor to play against the best??? The reason she is given this opportunity T. Moren and IU are recruiting players that have to be grown a lot and developed. (it’s ultimate coaching). Players that play a lot for IU Ladies under T. Moren do develop and get better and T. Moren rides and depends on them as her trademark. If Moore-McNeil can keep her head on straight, be driven by hard work and effort and if the ability is truly there this could be a recruiting steal. Chloe Moore-McNeil interviews pretty well and seems to be humble and stated she was thankful to be going to a place where she could learn from players like Berger and Patberg. She also said that IU Ladies were a great group and felt she would fit in well. She also appreciated that she felt the coaching staff was being honest discussing how hard she would have to work. Moore-McNeil and (Holmes) and other IU Lady players are what player dreams can be made of. It could develop into a very interesting story and this player could become a fan favorite. It’s the kind of recruit that could demonstrate T. Moren greatness along with rest of IU Ladies coaching staff. I think this was done by virtual recruiting and this recruit did not get an opportunity to visit campus.

  6. Steve. The bottom line is IU Ladies are kinda like IU football. They want the best high school players but are not getting them so IU Ladies are trying to find the best they can get. Then, it all falls under a large umbrella of Coaching the players up.

    1. They had one senior, then three transfers with Beeler, Yeaney and Allen. Patberg, Warthen and Penn will graduate next year, so that’s seven open slots. Two filled by Cardano-Hillary and Moore-McNeil for next year, plus the Paige Price commit for ’21, so still four left — make that five for ’21 if Cardano-Hillary plays her one year and is done.

  7. Jeremy– Are you sure Hillary is a Grad Transfer ? According to espn.com IU has not confirmed the eligibility for the 20-21′ season. If she is a grad there would be no question about the upcoming years eligibility.

    1. Well, the grad part can’t be confirmed until she finishes the semester at George Mason and actually graduates. I will try to confirm this if and when she calls me back.

  8. Thanks Jeremy concerning Hillary.

    Concerning Mcneil from those in the know statements have been made about the the intangibles such as seeing the floor better than most and breaking down defenses which may be even more valuable to her teams success than her stats.

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