Jorie Allen to transfer from IU women

The IU women’s basketball team will only have one Indiana Miss Basketball on the roster in 2019-20.

The Hoosiers announced on Sunday that Bedford’s Jorie Allen, the state’s 2019 Miss Basketball, will transfer, leaving only 2015 Miss Basketball Ali Patberg.

Allen played in all 32 games for IU as a freshman, averaging 1.9 points and 1.8 rebounds in 11.0 minutes per game.

“I appreciate the opportunity that Coach Moren and staff have given me, but I believe it is in my best interest to pursue other athletic and academic opportunities,” Allen said via text message. ” I wish the IU staff nothing but the best, I wish my former teammates all the success in the world and I would like to thank the fans for all the support they’ve shown me this past season.”

Allen averaged 18.1 points and 8.0 rebounds per game in her senior year at Bedford North Lawrence en route to being named a second-team All-USA Today selection. She was rated the No. 52 prospect nationally by ESPN Hoopgurlz.

Allen is the second member of last year’s Indiana All-Star team to leave the program, joining Warren Central point guard Shaila Beeler, who it was announced on Jan. 31 would transfer. Fellow All-Star Hannah Noveroske remains with the program.

“Jorie and I have spoken and we agree that it’s in her best interest to leave Indiana,” IU coach Teri Moren said in a release. “We wish her much success moving forward and thank her for her contributions to our program.”

Less than two weeks ago, Moren expressed optimism for what Allen could do while acknowledging that there was some disappointment in the amount of playing time.

“I think Jorie was a terrific teammate, and she did have some frustration in wanting to play more minutes, but I love that,” Moren told The Herald-Times. “I want our kids to want to play, to have an impact. It was difficult for her to play and log the type of minutes she wanted. To get the minutes she did as a freshman, there are McDonald’s All-Americans who don’t get the minutes she got as a freshman.

“I hope there are many parts to Jorie’s game that continue to improve. She’s a stretch four, so her outside shooting has to be better. It’s not just about shooting but it comes back to who can you guard, so she has to work on her footwork, her mobility, her versatility. She has to improve over the summer, but you look at a Grace Berger and the transformation she made (last summer).”


  1. IU Ladies don’t really need anymore transfers as they need to keep depth. Still high level players needed. JA would have a rough way to go for the Lady Hoosiers especially if Patterson comes along. Where was T. A. Suppose to play her including next year unless she improved quite a bit? Gulbe, Norvorski (need to keep her), Holmes, Patterson, Waggoner, Penn, Berger, Patberg, Wilson, Warthen, and a new newcomer or two. J.A. Was playing for a pretty high level team. T. Moren is right J.A. has a lot of development to do. Last year (though Miss basketball) she just wasn’t quite good enough. So instead of working on her game to see if she can get good enough she decides to transfer and it seems T.A. doesn’t disagree. The question is what will the 2021 Lady Hoosiers class look like? Plus does IU Ladies (unless another lost player) need an additional player this year?
    T. Moren mentioned earlier that Lady Hoosiers can wait or be more selective now to recruit players that fit into the type of high level players that will be dedicated and put in extra work for themselves and team.

    1. t,
      I think you’re mostly on point, however, I think they could use another ballhandler and post depth for next year with Patterson still a bit of an unknown. Also, the ’21 recruiting class is pivotal. Two players with IU offers have committed elsewhere in the past 24 hours — Meg Newman of Indianapolis North Central to Arizona State and Shyanne Sellers of Ohio to Maryland. Hoosiers have got to hit on some of these high-level targets.

  2. Breaks my heart.
    Jorie played so very hard when on the court.
    I hope she can find success wherever she goes.
    Sad day for all involved I would think.

  3. This is apart of college basketball like it or not, players are going to leave for whatever reason PT it is what it is not a really big deal to me wish them good luck and move on the sky isn’t falling

  4. I hate to see this as I love having girls from our state on the roster. I really thought that coach Moren short changed Allen on playing time. Yes, she does need to improve in several areas but, the one thing you could never take away from her was her determination and hustle. One thing that was very good about Allen was her physicality when on the floor! I think at times she was her own worst enemy by not taking shots when she had them available? Jeremy makes a good point in what the availability of Patterson would effect Allen next year. I certainly hope she does well wherever she goes. Go Hoosiers!!

  5. Why are IU both men and now women have so much trouble hitting (actually signing) the very best coming out of Indiana High Schools. Though I have questioned this before…How good is Indiana girls high school basketball compared to other places??? I say this because IU Ladies have grown success over the last few years. J.A. and S.B. both Indiana but neither were what you call the best at college level though J.A. may have developed enough to be competent in junior or senior year but she is just not that good on really high level.
    T. Moren and staff continue to have to be creative in recruiting. Yes, 2021 is a very pivotal year in recruiting for Lady Hoosiers to continue high level of play. IU Ladies have improved and trying to hang on to high level of play but are simply not a powerhouse staple. IU Ladies are still trying to get there.

    1. Jeremy.
      Besides Paige Price do you know who is now being recruited for 2021? Any thoughts on Price? Video shows she is coordinated, can run, and athletic but her competition looked like they couldn’t guard a chair.

  6. That only 3 transfers this season i think we are doing great!! I guess we need to be more honest with recruits because it seems like what they expect and what they get dont always seem to line up. And allen hesitated shooting often, I’m sure it had to do with her being told not to shoot so much when they were in practice. Yeaney rushed back because she was under the impression that she was going to get to play alot this past season, and idk why anyone would have given her that expectation, coming off a very serious injury. Why didnt we redshirt bendu? Beeler was told there were alot of point guard minutes to be had during recruiting, but anyone that has actually watched iu knows that moren gets big ideas about changing the lineup un the offseason, then she sticks to the same thing she was doing before, leaving chanel wilson getting 5 mpg and beeler didnt even sweat one droplet on the court this season. Do you think that possibility of no playing time freshman year was discussed with her during the recruiting process? I doubt it. So maybe if we can communicate better during recruiting this can slow down the steady exodus of players from the program. I am not holding my breath!

  7. Of course genius idea of moren to have no commits on the next 2 classes…because if you dont have signees….they cant transfer! Ha

    1. Wow, look its hoosier***041931…
      Hasn’t posted anything in the women’s section for months, but shows up when there is something to say to bad mouth the team about.
      Beeler didn’t play because she wasn’t cleared medically. So it wouldn’t matter what she was told during recruiting about minutes.
      We had no recruits for this season because we did not have scholarship spots open prior to Beeler, Bendu, and Allen transferring.
      Only 13 scholarship positions allowed on a team, and guess how many scholarship players we had?
      Hard to recruit for a spot you do not have.

      1. 13?? I dont know who told you that the scholarship limit was 13. Guess again!

        1. My mistake. The website I looked at said 13, and I didn’t read far enough in to see that it talked about the men’s team.

          Wonder if you will admit to your mistake about Beeler?

          1. Mistake about beeler? Moren made a comment at some point that beeler “couldn’t get into good enough shape to play” which I would be inclined to believe, except that I remember not so long ago when we got a medical exemption on a player who suddenly was cleared to play again shortly after she left iu. Magically healed

    1. Purdue seems content with versyp! I guess…they haven’t fired her after several seasons of talented rosters playing sub-mediocre. just glad she isnt here anymore. Was hoping they would fire her this year so maybe rashaya k from marion would reopen her recruitment

  8. Sorry to hear about Allen leaving , she did and can play physical , but the one thing I noticed is she wasnt quick enough to defend as players constantly beat her to the rim. Its sad to lose an indiana player let along miss basketball, I wish her all the best and it seems with the new rule most likely being put in place wont have to sit out a year.

  9. Well Hoosierfan041931, I looked it up and yes, Division one basketball teams are only allowed 13 scholarships! So, As usual you are misinformed! Know your facts sir. And yes bvance, it is funny you never hear from “our friend” until someone decides to transfer for whatever reason? He makes it sounds like it is an epidemic here at IU although it is a fact that over 1,000 players transfer every year! Good grief! We hear nothing from “our friend” when we are winning 24 games and are nationally ranked? And like what has been stated by some, this transfer is not a program altering situation! She showed this year that she was a very below average player and I mean NO disrespect to her, just call them like I see them. go Hoosiers!

    1. t,
      I saw what you did with Price. No doubt there’s talent but may take time to adjust to the level of competition. It’s hard to say with foreign players. My best sleuthing suggests Arizona’s Madison Conner, a 5-11 guard, is a top target, likely one of the in-home visits IU had out west before the season was canceled. Kiki Iriafen from California is top-10 national recruit IU has targeted, maybe another one of those West Coast visits, but that’s a guess. I could throw another 20 names at you, including at least six in the ESPN Hoopgurlz top 50, that Indiana has offered, but again, it’s hard to find concrete info on women’s recruiting outside of social media posts.

      The men’s scholarship limit is 13, women’s basketball is 15.

  10. Jeremy, what’s the justification for women’s BB having 15 scholarships per team? One would imagine that in relative terms, the higher number of scholarships contributes to more women transferring. Less chance to play = more likely to transfer.

    16 or so years ago, when my daughter played college soccer, a women’s college soccer coach told me that at the time, 70% of all female D-1 college soccer players were done playing college soccer after two seasons. He said the need to focus on academics and their injuries were the two primary reasons female college soccer players “retired” before completing their eligibility. I also suggested two other factors contributed to that statistic. First, a lot of young women use soccer to get accepted into schools they would not otherwise get into, and secondly, since only a few female soccer players get full scholarships, that was a major factor. My daughter played two years and quit due to serious back injuries.

  11. Thanks Jeremy. A couple Westerners that’s good and take em. Kiki though a long shot would almost make a great class by herself. If Price has tough positive attitude she does look like she could be taught to play defense.
    As far as transfers Ohio State had a couple high level to transfer.

  12. Yes the terps also had their big 6’5″ girl join the tranfer portal. I think thats only the beginning of transfers before this next season gets underway and hopefully it will at some point.

  13. “Play me or trade me baby.”
    Many of today’s transfers are hard for me to understand.
    This whole transfer business seems a bit unseemly to me, but I’d better get used to it, as it’s the new normal.
    Not sure how much “student” there is in today’s “student-athlete.”
    And, I’m not sure that’s all the kid’s fault.

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