RB Holloman commits to Hoosiers for 2021

Indiana secured a commitment from Michigan running back David Holloman on Thursday night.

Holloman, a three-star prospect from Auburn Hills, also had offers from West Virginia, Nebraska, Maryland, Iowa State, and Central Michigan, among others.

The 5-foot-11, 190-pounder is IU’s first running back commit for the 2021 class. He is the program’s sixth verbal commitment overall and the Hoosiers’ first since defensive back Larry Smith on April 10.

Holloman rushed for 1,223 yards on 101 carries (12.1 per carry) and 14 touchdowns for Avondale High School as a junior, according to MaxPreps. That’s after posting just 212 yards and two scores as a sophomore.

Holloman’s lead recruiter, according to 247Sports, was IU running backs coach Mike Hart, who, as a Michigan alum, has connections in the state. IU also landed running back/receiver David Ellis from Michigan as part of the 2019 class.

At the 2019 The Opening Regionals combine in Washington D.C, Holloman was clocked running a 40-yard dash in 4.39 seconds.

That speed very much shows up on film. Here is a highlight from Holloman’s junior season:


  1. Really a nice get. Verified 4.39 40 at The Opening. This kid is the type of gamebreaker IU needs on offense.

    1. Just like The Roadrunner, beep beep zoom! No WI LB runs close to 4.39! Great recruit! More to come!

  2. Holloman has speed IU hasn’t had since Coleman and Holloman is even faster. He has broken 4.3 at a camp along with the two sub 4.4s at camps with electronic times.

    t, I would say that it is up to the OL to block Whisky LBs not RBs to run over them. Holloman has the speed to destroy LB angles.

    It is good to have someone with elite speed in the backfield as it makes the defenses job much harder when they can be out ran. I would love to see IU get more players with this type of speed on the roster.

  3. IU has a couple of big thumping backs in Stevie Scott and Sampson James and now a couple of speed guys in Tim Baldwin and Holloman. Again, the best coach IU has may be Mike Hart because nobody recruits better. A lot of quality recruits already in this class.

  4. Good solid recruit for IU football. Solid 3 star at 75 per espn. Game changer? NO

    1. As he develops at IU I think he will be a game changer, YES. Speed like his changes the game whether catching passes out of the backfield or finding a a crease in the line. It seems nothing with IU football pleases you but I and others are happy with the way the team is building.

      1. V13,
        I’m pleased with the incremental recruiting improvements TA continues to achieve. Even though it is early in the recruiting cycle for ’21, and a lot of things can change, I like the continued trajectory IUFB recruiting is on. Currently, the Average Player rating (not talking about the deceptive team ranking) is on track to again be the best in IUFB history. No, it is not at the level of the B1G heavies, but the improving talent level is what IUFB needs to continue to do. This doesn’t happen overnight, but the closer IUFB gets to being consistently at the 3.5 and better Rivals range or close to the .90 range in 247, the more competitive the program will be.

        As for young Holloman, modern college FB is a speed game. You either have it or you don’t. The question for Holloman is, “What will he be able to do with his speed over his college career?”

  5. As he develops at IU I think he will be a game changer, YES. Speed like his changes the game whether catching passes out of the backfield or finding a a crease in the line. It seems nothing with IU football pleases you but I and others are happy with the way the team is building.

    1. To amaze that kind of prediction, you must’ve seen him play on more than a few occasions. Would you give us your Scouting report on him, please?

      1. To make that kind of prediction, you must’ve seen him play on more than a few occasions. Would you give us your scouting report on him, please?

  6. Like everyone else I’ve seen many speed merchants in FB weighing 155-175 lb. But the 1’s that always catch my favor carry FB weight. This guy does. If he can make that juke while exiting the LOS then we may have a weapon the big boys always seem to enjoy. But I also keep in mind this kid is raw and read as much in a couple different places. He’s far from a finished B1G product. But still I consider it really good recruiting.

  7. Holloman is a raw talent but as the old saying goes speed kills and he has elite speed. How will that translate to the B1G, we will see. One thing that doesn’t change is really fast players continue to be really fast players. Holloman has RB size to go with his speed and IU has depth at RB to let him develop into a B1G back. I will enjoy watching him develop over the next couple of years to see if he can be another Coleman for IU.

    1. It’s time for this week’s edition of ‘Mystery Blockquote’:

      I told my coaches that we needed football players that ran track not track athletes that tried to play football – they didn’t work out very well in most cases.

      It’s hilarious how narratives change…

      IU Football Apology is the only thing ever in high gear. It’s a 100 yard dash we forever win. The only thing running faster is the hurdling of every changing narrative. The race we always win is the one that comes with a pair of rose-colored glasses at the finish line. Beating up on any of the top tier teams from our conference?
      When do we win that track meet? Ever? Speed kills…..? So does time. Time kills. Waiting 50 years for a major top bowl game killed a lot of fans from believing anything said about the next great coach…or next great recruit. We’re the fastest crawling baby in the world going against a BigTen Carl Lewis.

      1. H4H, I am not changing the narrative because Holloman has played football that ran track not a track athlete that tried to play football. Getting a football player that has great speed is a very good football player. The difference in the football and track athletes that play football is the attitude they have. Do you see yourself as fast or do you see yourself as a football that likes contact.

        1. I’ll defer to your expertise. You da man.

          Remember Gale Sayers….? “Give me eighteen inches of daylight…That’s all I need.”

          Instincts, pop at the point of attack…and horizontal speed which remains incomparable to this day. That was Sayers.

          Ever watch a surfer explode out of a giant tunnel wave? That was Sayers exploding out of the bodies on the line of scrimmage.

          Let’s talk about running backs, shall we? Let’s talk about gifts most of which are just granted by the football gods.

          Being a football player first and a track athlete/speedster second? Sure, that’s a nice tool set to start. And if you think that’s a better sequential order, that’s fine too.

          But carrying around a nice box of the best made tools doesn’t make you a carpenter.

          We’ll see, V13…As always with IU Football, we’ll see.

  8. I agree with HC & V13,

    Holloman is certainly not a finished product but when you are IUFB that’s always the challenge at this stage of program development. However, the basic natural abilities this young man has are the things you can’t coach up, you either have it or you don’t. What you can coach up is teaching him what to do with those natural abilities. I think we need to enjoy the luxury of having Mike Hart with the program for as long as we can keep him.

    Sooner or later, we are going to lose Coach Hart to HC another program, which is always a great thing for any program. The more coaches TA can put out there having come from his coaching tree, the easier it will be for him to recruit more great coaching talent.

  9. How soon some of us forget about Cole Gest….A running back with speed…the Indiana offense really/rarely took advantage of his speed. The passed offensive cord under Tom Allen like big back that can/could run between the tackles, rarely does the Indiana offense run (running back) sweeps. Rarely does the Indiana offense switch-up to a speed back. If that was the case Ronnie Walker would have stayed also. Ronnie was an excellent receiving back out of the backfield with a burst of speed.

    1. Cole Gest was never a great speed back, nor a great HS RB. He was a tough kid who could blast off quickly but was injured way too much.

  10. Myself. I didn’t say Holloman wasn’t a good solid recruit for IU. I think he is. However, at 3 star 75 per espn hardly represents what I define as a game changer other than demonstrated thru high school level film. So far this recruit has not changed 1 game at IU. Good recruit? Sure. LaLaLaLaLaLa. As many game changers for both, IU men’s football and basketball that have been recruited according to mal nourished and starved IU football and basketball dreamers IU should be winning national championships by the truck loads. I suppose one could make the argument that the Indiana Hoosiers are. That would be garbage truck loads.

  11. And of course does this particular recruit end up at running back or somehow switches to defense and return specialist? Or ends up in today’s world signs or later in his career a transfer?
    Speaking of difference makers…Arnold Mickens. Played at IU one year. Then, transferred to Butler. There, Mickens was a giant game changer. Why? Because at Butler he was always the fastest man on the field. Two time All American setting 18 division 1-AA season and career records. Mickens final season he was ranked 3rd in rushing behind Barry Sanders and Marcus Allen.

  12. Tevin Coleman was an 86 and Whop Phylor was an 82 and Jordan Howard was a 78. This kid ranks just under 85 by 247 sports. I don’t know if that ranking tells you anything but a legitimate sub 4.4 forty says he is going to be fast in college. And the cuts he makes shows he isn’t just fast running north and south. Whether he can be a force at the college level still is an open question. But this kid has a lot of tools in his tool box.


    I just like the fact there are eight ‘O’s in that headline. Outside of ‘RB,’ there is at least one ‘O’ in each jump. I notice the little things. SEC SUCKS!

  14. Pat, I’d like to buy a vowel…Can I have an O?

    Vanna, do we have any Os?


    (Vanna’s arm cramps up)

    I’d like to solve the puzzle. IN HOLLOWED DONUTS TO DOORMATS NOT COLD!?

  15. Just out of curiosity,

    Saw a tweet from Holloman, I believe in response to a question regarding his speed. He indicated that he had been officially clocked at 4.2 twice. Would love verification of that and it brings up another question. Has IUFB ever had anyone with that level of speed?

    One other little concern, IUFB has received his commitment but it is a long way to the December signing date. Do we think we can hold him? He has another year, assuming there is a 2020 HS season, for his stock to possibly rise.

    1. It seems like Marcus Thigpen or Ray Fisher had 4.3 speed… somebody had a 4.3 at one point in the last 20 yrs. Can’t remember which one. Sorry, but I’m sure we had 1 guy with that number.

  16. I noted signing aspect in my previous post and such concern over 3 star at 75 per espn. Sure he has some good offers but nothing elite. So if he does eventually sign somewhere else?? Will that be the IU football excuse for not winning a big ten football championship?? Lol. Dreaming and imaginations as usual. Next thing on here he will be able to fly or at least be called the “roadrunner.”

    1. t,
      It sounds like you have relapsed into another case of westlafayetitis.

  17. Our former coach loved his running backs….

    Hopefully, Wilson doesn’t ruin this for us. Is IU the ‘castaway’ of college football programs?
    How far out into the galaxy is a Rose Bowl? Will we ever get off this island?
    It’s your call

  18. O.k….So I finally actually watched the clip of his junior season varsity highlights provided above.
    Gotta say, I was very impressed. Don’t know the competition level, but this kid has major afterburners. But in addition to the afterburners, he appears to have another great asset; he’s patient at the point of attack. H

    This may be the best running back in our history. Doesn’t look that raw to me. Patience at the point of attack is instinct and vision. Sometimes guys use their speed to a disadvantage at point of attack. He does not.

    He’s only going to get stronger and more seasoned in the next 18 months.

    thinkaboutit may be right…The biggest challenge may be to keep his commitment. This kid has gifts.

  19. This young man has great speed, but the one thing I am concerned about, and it is common with most high school running backs, and that is he runs high. He hits the LOS in an upright position instead of actually lowering his shoulders. That won’t fly at the college level as he will be offering up too much of a target. It’s okay to run like Usain Bolt once you’re out in the open field, but when you’re coming through the line staying low with your shoulderpads parallel to the LOS is better. Payton and Sanders weren’t the biggest backs, but they stayed low and didn’t make themselves easy targets.

  20. I trust Mike Hart. He knows a good running back when he sees one and he knows how to coach them up to be effective Big Ten running-backs. Hart is an excellent recruiter and an excellent developer of talent. I just hope this kid remains committed to IU and does not get poached by MI or MSU.

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